Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No security without Service Pack 2. Support for Windows Vista is running out!

Microsoft products for home use are usually five years of support (except for XP and 2014) and thus entitled to free updates. These include Windows Vista Home, Home Premium and Ultimate. So after support for these versions on 12 April 2012. By then, most individuals with Vista are therefore forced to Windows 7 or Windows XP to upgrade until the new comes on the market.

Microsoft supports your version of Windows, but only to those times when you have the current Service Pack installed. Once a new service pack is available, you have two years, to record this before the Support for the previous SP-ends. Use Windows Vista even with SP1 is running, your support on 13 From July 2011, because from then there are only updates for Windows Vista and SP2.

NEC memory to replace flash and RAM

The battle for the future memory rages between NEC and the dance with the "CAM", alias Content Addressable Memory. The Japanese company with promises that this memory will be possible to replace the conventional RAM and flash memory. The operation is based on MRAM (Magnetic RAM) with a "magnetic wall" that moves and can set the data area, as shown in the chart.

Memory is indeed as fast as RAM with an access time of 5 nanoseconds - flash memory is around a millisecond - but is able to keep the information without being replenished, such as flash memory. The chips currently produced are only 16 kilobits and etched in 90 nm, which is far from current standards, but they could eventually replace flash memory and RAM, which would provide computers able to start immediately.

EFI-X bootloader ultimate announced?

The EFI-X, this USB key for emulating an EFI "the modern equivalent of the BIOS - and install Mac OS X on standard PC, evolves. As a reminder, this is a USB stick containing open-source tools (like Chameleon) in a home package. The new version of EFI-X, version 3.0, should be faster and easier to manage in case of problems, but especially the next model will be interesting.

Indeed, the EFI-X will switch to internal and USB will be replaced by PCI-Express, even if in practice the USB versions also work in a tower via connectors "headers" internally. Big advantage of the PCI-Express, it would be possible - depending ASEM - to pass completely over the BIOS or EFI original machine, and then pass only the EFI-X.

MSI N580GTX Lightning, the most detailed analysis

We present the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of one of the most powerful graphics card market and specially prepared for overclocking on it, the MSI N580GTX Lightning. As always, we hope you enjoy it. Analysis of MSI N580GTX Lightning

New to the Apple smartphone: Report: Development of the iPhone 5 almost completed

As the IT Blog "reports that Apple distributed prototype of the fifth-generation smartphone to senior managers, selected developers and testers. Whether the iPhone to 5 completely new model is, or "just" a bored-iPhone 4 is not known. Probably Apple upgraded its next smartphone but with the "A5" processor, which is already in the iPad 2 is used.

In addition, insiders expect to see include an improved camera, more memory and possibly to prepare for "Near Field Communication (NFC). As part of the Developer Conference "(took place in early June in San Francisco), Steve Jobs presented already", the next version of the operating system that comes in the iPhone to use promised, and that the program will appear in the autumn - in parallel with high probability 5 with the iPhone (or iPhone 4s).

Fable - The Journey: New information from the series creator

"Fable - The Journey" - before the press conference, the title already haunted by the network. Fans of the series hoping for a new offshoot series and the creator of role-playing saga Peter Molyneux it did not take to announce the title in person at the stage of the Microsoft press conference. It was followed by a "Fable" type safe Render Trailer, full of atmosphere, located in the known world Albion - a good sign.

EVGA GTX 560 dedicated to Duke Nukem Forever

EVGA has celebrated the arrival of Duke Nukem Forever on the European and North America with the launch of a special edition of the video card GeForce GTX 560. The bundle dell'EVGA Geforce GTX 560 - Duke's Fully Loaded Package includes, in addition to the copy of the game and the GTX 560 card personalized with stickers, an art book with the story and the legend of Duke Nukem Forever, and a custom mousepad a buckle with the official logo.

New HP Pavilion notebook with APU and ProBook AMD A-series

HP has updated its notebook range with new models equipped with AMD A-series, not yet officially available. The American manufacturer has unveiled its new Pavilion notebook and Pavilion dv g with screens from 14 inches (dv4, g4), 15.6 inches (dv6, g6) and 17.3 inches (dv7, g7), as well as some of the series ProBook APU with all AMD Llano to replace the older Athlon, Athlon and Turion to ensure performance even in double compartment integrated graphics.

AMD launches mobile Llano, the second "Fusion"

After Brazzos (AMD "E"), the company announced Llano, its new platform that uses a chip "Fusion". AMD's new line "A" will come to replace the Athlon Xx II in mid range, with some interesting graphics. A test is scheduled on Tom's Hardware a few days, but we will present here the different chips. As with its Intel Atom or AMD Sandy Bridge and E, A is the AMD Unified: it has a northbridge, a processor and a graphics card in the same chip.

Xbox 360: towards a new chip Fusion

Microsoft should offer a new Xbox 360 Slim, with a new chip to replace the chipset, CPU and GPU. This chip SoC (System on a Chip, All-in-one) will allow Microsoft to cut costs and consumption of its console. Note that a year ago that this rumor and nothing concrete has been presented at the time. This is not the first time inside the console is changing: the first version of the console using a platform "Xenon" combining a 90 nm GPU and a 90nm CPU, the second (Zephyr) adds HDMI The third (Falcon) passed the 65 nm CPU and GPU then Opus 90 nm (for the VAS) proposed a 65 nm CPU and GPU 90 nm.

Repeats the Netgear Wi-Fi 11n

Netgear offers a device that will appeal to people who have large areas to cover in Wi-Fi: A repeater can work on Wi-Fi 802.11n. The WN3000RP is indeed a rather compact terminal that can extend a Wi-Fi securely and - according to Netgear - simple. The unit plugs into a socket and extends your wireless network seamlessly, with the added ability to plug a device into the Ethernet device, which can act as bridge.

PlayStation Vita memory cards owners

At E3, Sony revealed its PlayStation Vita, who will succeed the PSP, but rather little about the storage at the console. And obviously, these are cards based flash memory to be used. Pictures taken at E3 shows maps physically close enough Memory Stick M2 (Micro) and micro SD but still different: Sony seems to yield to his old demons and use maps in a proprietary format.

Capacities are shown in the average 4 to 32 GB cards in question are expected to store data such as movies or games downloaded and course backups. Sony also announced at the first announcement of the console, the games are stored on memory cards with an interesting twist: a portion of the map will be reserved for backups and DLC (Downloaded Content) while the part containing the game is read only.

Ausser begin making monthly drawings of components.

From AUSSA we communicate this new initiative we hope you enjoy it. As many of you know, always with the idea to improve and be competitive at the moment AUSSA offer to Forero HardZone ADSLZONE and offer in terms of labor in our performances. This bid is quantitative and therefore not accessible to all our productions.

In this regard, we believe that this new initiative can benefit many more customers. Never forgetting the identity and how they are delivering good results, such as being one of the most competitive online stores in terms of domestic prices, without compromising one iota the quality of our service and our performances, as well as our RMA policy.

SandForce defective chips in the wild?

If SSDs are the best way to increase the performance of a computer, they are also criticized for their reliability. And after the performance issues (on JMicron models) or updates to some models that are transforming the SSD "brick" (Intel, Crucial), here SandForce defective chips. Indeed, it seems that a (small) part of SF-2281 SandForce chips on the market is problematic and causes blue screens in Windows.

Lian-Li Unveils its PC cases and PC-C60-6

The manufacturer Lian-Li has announced the launch of two new cameras: The C60-PC and PC-6. The first is a model living room (HTPC / Desktop) available in two colors (black or silver) while the second is only available in black, is a model for the medium format back. Both cases are all aluminum. Showing the dimensions of 445 x 182 x 410 mm Weight 4.1 kg on the scale, the PC-C60 has two bays in the format 5.25 inch, 3.5-inch six locations (via removable racks) and three 2.5 "sites.

X79 chipset for Socket LGA2011 and LGA1366?

Intel is preparing to release an x79 chipset for Socket LGA 1366, more than expected for Sandy Bridge processors who requests a Socket LGA 2011, according to Xbit Labs, which claims to have been in the hands of internal documents from Intel abundant in this direction. Specifically, Intel will launch two motherboards x79 Extreme Board.

The DX79TO would be known by the codename Thorsby, with embedded Socket LGA 1366 which is primarily intended to accommodate the processor Extreme Edition compatible, that is to say, the Core i7-965 and I975 architecture from Bloomfield engraved 45 nm. The answer to DX79SI codenamed Siler and should welcome Sandy Bridge-E, which are expected by the end of the year.

Presents its case CoolerMaster CM-690 Dominator II Advanced white

CoolerMaster change the "look" of their case known as Dominator CM-690II Advanced from black to white, keeping all its functions and characteristics that place it as one of the best boxes Mid-Tower formats. SECC steel fabricated the CoolerMaster CM-690 Dominator II adavanced white appears as an interesting option for those seeking a different color than the usual black.

Is capable of installing up to three graphics cards using a special restraint system, also includes up to seven expansion slots in addition to the option of mounting a cooling liquid through two holes in the back with the option of placing the radiator both at the top and bottom, provided that their actions do not exceed 120x240mm.

Cloud: Cloud HP also wants his music

After Amazon, Google and Apple, it's time for HP to work on a cloud service storage and streaming of music. A service to support its future devices WebOS. According to Billboard magazine, the American manufacturer HP have also begun discussions with major record labels to launch its own musical cloud.

The company wants to create its own effect service broadcasting music and even videos that could be fitted as standard and its future smartphones tablets under WebOS. While competing service from Amazon, Google and Apple are still nascent, HP seems to feel that it is still time to propose its own storage facility on the Cloud with music streaming on any device.

Apple pays Nokia to halt trial

A press release from Nokia says Apple has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and royalties on sales of certain of its products during a secret. In exchange, the companies will drop all legal proceedings they had begun. In short, Nokia will also benefit from sales of the iPhone and iPad. In 2009, Nokia decided to make a complaint against Apple, saying that the iPhone violated ten of its patents.

The first power supply 500 Watt 80 Plus Platinum passive

Century Japan will be the first to commercialize the first power supply 500 W in the world certified 80 Plus Platinum fanless, according AkihabaraNews. This is the SF-500P14FG made by Super Flower. It will be sold at 200 € in Japan initially, Century does not provide that out of 50 copies at launch. It should also sell more next August.

80 Plus Platinum label certifies that the performance of the power supply does not fall below 90% to 20% load, 94% to 50% load and 91% to 100%., Which is great. We meet more often 80 Plus Gold certification, which requires a minimum return of 88%. The Super Flower design was announced last February.

Google and Facebook should change servers

Google and Facebook should make an update to their servers at the end of the year to coincide with the release of AMD's Interlagos and Romley, the new Sandy Bridge to server using an Intel Socket LGA 2011. According to DigiTimes, that would have received the information from manufacturers of servers, this phenomenon should create a wave of renewal of machinery and related products, such as storage devices or network devices.