Friday, February 25, 2011

Manage the demand for transistor is not easily

TSMC to increase its production capacity by 19% this year to meet a demand that flies. The semiconductor market goes through a crazy period. TSMC, which produces the equivalent of 11.3 million wafers of 200 mm per year, is in a difficult position but customers are demanding more and more components for the tablets and smarpthones.

This trend is found among all Asian smelters. The turnover of the Taiwanese factories grew by 39% between 2009 and 2010 and 2011 should confirm this trend. Specifically UMC has also increased production capacity, but Intel is already drawing the whistle. Indeed, as has happened with the NAND three years ago.

Ratings and download: online storage and data comparison: Dropbox: Easy to start in the Cloud

For data backup takes you less and less to traditional media such as CD, DVD, USB stick or external hard drive. As part of a global network wins the convenient storage of frequently used files on the Internet is increasingly important. Especially if you work on multiple PCs or travel a lot, is the continuous retrieval of files, an invaluable advantage.

So get into the cloud - the cloud - not just your data synchronized, but widely available on the Internet does. The Web service provides for this purpose, two gigabytes of online storage for free. If you need more space chooses the paid packages with 50 or 100 gigabytes. Use as a backup medium exhausted the possible applications of drop box but not for long.

Mobile companion: NC210: Samsung netbook with 15 hours battery life

Samsung claims to be optimized power consumption and, thanks to the three-cell battery for up to ten hours of continuous operation. With the optional six-cell battery even 15 hours are possible. For computing power provides the Intel dual-core "Atom N550" with 1.5 GHz. Him a work and 250 gigabytes of disk space available to the side.

Three USB ports, card reader and webcam are on board. The "PC to Phone" feature connects the NC210 via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Prima: The 10.1-inch display is reflective and readable even in direct sunlight. The Samsung NC210 will be available soon.

After the PS3 Hack: Playstation 3: Sony is gearing up for pirate-hunting

Sony has increasingly nervous: In parallel with the French against hacker George Hotz (Geohot) upgrade to the Japanese, their anti-piracy team. According to a console manufacturer is currently looking for new employees with experience in copy protection. The advertisement disappeared just hours after the announcement out of the net.

As early as February 2011 at Sony, users who take advantage of the vulnerability to permanently ban them from the Playstation Network.

Virtu: software to switch between GPUs Sandy Bridge in a dedicated graphics card

A few weeks after unveiling its technology Virtu, LucidLogix society - who also designed the chip Hydra - just put at the disposal of the motherboard manufacturers a Release Candidate software. The operating principle of Virtu is simple, at least on paper: use the GPU Sandy Bridge and a dedicated graphics card simultaneously.

Just like what NVIDIA offers its technology Optimus solution LucidLogix will choose which graphics card use and enable the IGP or dedicated card as required (office, 3D calculations, ...). The only equipment needed is the presence of a video output on the motherboard. MSI should logically be one of the first manufacturers to offer Virtu with its motherboards, the manufacturer has already at its catalog a number of models equipped with a chip Hydra.

First impression: Browser: Google Chrome 10: High speeds and uniform design

Google unifies the menu of your browser: Go to the options that open up as a separate tab, rather than being an additional window. Via buttons on the left to display a submenu of privacy or advanced options. The hotline is available on request on its own addresses, such as the initial setting. Since you were able to get the graphics card in your PC in a roundabout way to help, work, version 9, the more comfortable.

Android Nexus 2.3.3 for S and One

The Nexus and Nexus One S, two telephones Google are finally upgrading to 2.3.3 Android, the latest version for smartphones in the 2.4 and the pending merger of the smartphones and tablets (eventually). And if you do not want to wait for the update "OTA" (Over The Air) should happen in the coming days, it is possible to update the phone manually with - needless to say it - a final and official.

Intel ThunderboltT: the data connection for fast PC market

Intel has announced the launch of its technology Thunderbolt, a new high-speed connection for computers that allows us to combine high-speed transfer of data and graphics in high definition (HD) in a single cable. With a capacity of 10 Gbps., Thunderbolt technology can transfer a HD film in less than 30 seconds.

This solution, developed by Intel hit the market through technical collaboration with Apple, and will be available first in the new range of MacBook Pro laptops from Apple. The perspective that has been created Thunderbolt (so far received the code name "Light Peak") is to transfer digital media more quickly, simplify connections between devices and encourage new and exciting ways to design and use computers.

EXX900: 80Plus of Platinum from Enermax

Enermax should enjoy the CeBIT in Hanover next week to unveil the EXX900, the first feed manufacturer to receive certification 80Plus Platinum. Modular power supply that is actually capable of achieving an efficiency of 91.08% to 20% load, 92.51% at half load and 90.12% at full load. With a power of 900 watts, has four EXX900 +12 V rails It will unfortunately have to wait a little longer to get the price and availability date of this toy ...

WLED screens from AOC affordable

AOC has announced the launch in the U.S. in the first instance, three new models of LCD backlight LED's e2043Fk (20 inches), e2243Fwk (22 inches) and e2343Fk (23 inches). Relatively thin, with a thickness not exceeding 12.7 mm, this LCD display a dynamic contrast ratio of 50 million: 1 and a response time of 5 ms.

They have a single DVI input and are quite energy efficient (0.1 W standby, 15 to 34W max operating). Displayed at an MSRP of $ 129, respectively, $ 149 and $ 179, these three screens are unfortunately still no date of availability for our country.

Motorola Xoom 4G: it will return the tablet

The tablet of Motorola, Xoom, a tablet is compatible with the standard "4G" LTE or almost ... Indeed, it will not be compatible with its output (within a few days) and it will take about three months before to connect to Verizon's LTE network: therefore we expect the update to the month of May. More troubling, the first information indicates that the tablet will not directly compatible with a LTE and record updating software but also hardware is required.

3D maps: light movement of the plane on the Radeon

Once is not custom developments regarding the prices of graphics cards for 3 weeks is easy to summarize: NVIDIA nothing has changed to 6 € on almost the entire range, while a fine drop Widespread blowing on the latest range AMD. Apart from the Radeon HD 5870, which had already lost and remaining at the end of life, the other Radeon receive a discount of between 4% (Radeon HD 6850) and 8% (Radeon HD 6950 and 6870).

Powerline plug: Devolo adapter does USB devices into the network

The adapter turns any electrical outlet in the house a USB port, and extends a conventional USB device is a network functionality. The design is simple: Once you have the printer or via a USB cable extender connected to the USB, the device is ready to use and accessible from any PC in the electricity network involved.

The encryption of the data stream is done by pressing a button on the adapter. When configuring the adapter helps the included Windows software "dLAN cockpit, Mac and Linux versions are coming soon. Retail cost of the extender 89,90 Euro. As a "starter kit" in combination with a "mini dLAN 200 AV" adapter is available for 129.90 Euro.

Racing game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Test Drive Unlimited 2: First add-on for free

Smooth online play - for many "Test Drive Unlimited 2 player is a dream in the first weeks after launch. One is to change that: An improvement of the multi-player mode, removing the bugs and repair of the reservoir levels - these are the most important changes. While PC gamers already receive the update automatically through the download platform Steam, the console version will appear in late February or early March.

Express Mouse: a mouse tart

In September, shortly after the release of the Touch Arc Mouse, rumors of an entry-level model coming. Under the code name "Metro" is waiting for a mouse to 20 € in March 2011. We're almost there and the rumor a reality: Microsoft announces "Express Mouse". This wired mouse input range is very colorful, a cable is fixed so atypical - left mouse - and especially a sensor Blue Track, capable of running on virtually any surface, glass office is still persona non grata.

Connect with Cloud, Google takes on Office-quot; cloud-quot;

Google introduced a service based on cloud systems in the form of plug-in for Microsoft Office: This is Google's Cloud Connect for MS Office. All those who have a Google account can download the plugin, so you can sync all your documents so the programs of the package OfficeWord, Excel and PowerPoint and save them into the cloud storage offered by Google.

Once you do this, users worldwide can work in parallel on the documents. For example, you can change the contents of a Word document from Rome, while other people from New York will be able to change the formatting and make revisions of the same file. All this allows you to work more effective and productive, reducing distances.

Mac OS X Leo does not support fully the TRIM

Mac OS X Leo, in its beta, is partly responsible TRIM, even after Windows 7 and Linux. Why partially? Because if the first returns from the SSD market by Apple in some of its machines (MacBook Air in the example) take good care of the order in question, one of our sources sent us a screenshot showing that TRIM n is not in the game with other models.

Indeed, a Crucial M225, Indilinx based controller, is not considered compatible with Mac OS X TRIM while its firmware is good and it works in Windows 7. Two possible reasons: Apple has decided to keep the TRIM in her lap by not turning on its SSD or Apple should do tests to validate each controller and check that everything works well.

Backup Software Tip of the Day: Steganos Backup 2011

Using Steganos Backup 2011 "back up important data against loss due to hardware defects or software problems. The program does this automatically when required at regular intervals. During the backup process, you continue to work as usual on the PC. The created backups are encrypted and so not through a third party cost.

To consume as little disk space, you take off your backups in compressed state. This version is 30 days without restrictions.

Intel, the new bet is called Thunderbolt

Intel launched yesterday Thunderbolt technology that allows high-resolution images and data to travel along at speeds of over 10 gigabytes. At this speed an HD movie can be transferred in less than 30 seconds. This same technology has been developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple and is currently already available on the new MacBook Pro technology Thunderbolt, formerly known as "Light Peak", uses two types of protocols: PCI Express and DisplayPort, where the first relates to data transfer, while the second display.

Eurocom launches world's first notebook with Intel Core i7 Extreme-990x

Eurocom Corporation has announced the launch of its netbook Panther 2.0, equipped with high-performance processor Intel Core i7 Extreme 990x. The addition of Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 990x to the long list of options given Eurocom processor allows the user to choose the best processor to configure a single system.

The Intel Core i7 990x comes factory unlocked and operates at a speed of 3.46GHz (3.73GHz with Turbo Boost). "The i7-990x gives our customers a powerful option with this unlocked processor for peak performance," said Mark Bialic, president of Eurocom. "Customers can set up a team of features never achieved so far with this Intel i7 990x with a AMD Radeon or NVIDIA HD6970M 485m, in configurations of one or two graphics cards, an experience never seen before in a notebook." Features Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition-990x: - Speed 3.46 GHz (3.73 Ghz with Turbo Boost enabled) - 6 cores and 12 threads of processing.

Apple, here's what 'that will' presented at the event on March 2

According to the Engadget site, probably Apple, announced yesterday during the event on 2 March, will offer a preview of the next version of the operating system to the public illustrarà iOS 5 and the expansion of its service offering Cloud . Obviously, however, focus of the event will be the presentation of the much iPad 2, even if the presentation of iOS 5 could tarnish a bit 'with great fanfare the arrival of the new Apple tablet.

Apple Announces New MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt

Apple has just announced a new series of MacBook Pro laptops all based on the Intel platform Sandy Bridge with Core and Core i7 i5 and technology with Thunderbolt, or Intel on Peak Light Mini DisplayPort interface can also be configured with AMD's discrete graphics card Radeon. Thunderbolt technology provides a chip that acts as a switch to route data traffic into and out ensure a perfect two-way communication between the outside world of peripherals and the internal PCI Express bus at speeds up to 10Gbps.

Thunderbolt: hard drives for Nikon SLR

The first devices Thunderbolt begin to appear. There are obviously hard, but rumors say that we could see the protocol on many other devices. LaCie announced it will update its line of external hard drives Little Big Disk. The first models Thunderbolt should arrive later this year. The company has officially refused to give a more precise date.

Behind the curtains, she nevertheless speaks of summer, or mid-September. They have the advantage of being completely bus-powered and carry two Intel SSD 510. Seagate and Western Digital have also made announcements to mark their support for this technology. It was expected to press him, because he supported the LightPeak, now known as the Thunderbolt, from the start alongside Intel and Apple.

An All-in-One Sandy Bridge 24 "Sony

Sony has unveiled a new computer model All-in-One, the VAIO L This includes a mobile platform Sandy Bridge (Huron River) and touch screen 24-inch diagonal Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and enjoying a LED backlight. We thus find the screen behind a Core i7-2630QM 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, a DVD (or Blu-ray) and a GeForce GT 540M .

Supervisors WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0 are also present, as well as an HD webcam. Two integrated speakers of 5.5 W, two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI output complete the package. Comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, the VAIO L should make its appearance on the European market as early as March.

iFixit opens the MacBook Pro

The latest 15-inch MacBook Pro that was announced yesterday just been boned by iFixit who took the opportunity to give an overview of the chips that make up the machine. The first thing you notice is the absence of screws pentalobulaires which are intended to discourage or prevent the opening of the machine by the user.

Found on the iPhone, iPad and the latest MacBook Air (see "new screws" evil "of the iPhone). The reason is simple, unlike the above products, Apple believes that consumers can change the RAM and hard drive of their MacBook Pro. For more information on the new configurations, we invite you to read our news "Apple's new MacBook Pro.

Flash Player 10.1 for Toshiba Folio 100

Toshiba has announced the availability of a software update for the Toshiba Folio 100 and the smartbook AC100 by which introduces support Adobe Flash Player plugin to 10.1. Holders of the tablet and the smartbook can download the update straight from the Toshiba Service Station in the device as shown in the instructions found at this address.

The Toshiba tablet Folio 100 has a screen 10.1 "with resolution of 1024x600 pixels, the Android OS platform 2.2 and NVIDIA Tegra 2. Thanks to Toshiba's Market Place, Folio 100 allows you to download many applications optimized for screen 10.1 "and organized in categories that include communications, games, travel & maps, business & finance, e-books, utilities and many other .

The 20 nm will not be the expected revolution

The founders will also use the dual ground and a laser wavelength of 193 mm. To better understand these terms, please read our dossier "Miniaturization of transistors and larger wafers: understanding technology issues." Intel is the only one not giving details on the architecture of its 20 nm transistors.

The smelter used to stay silent. It enjoys a technological edge that allows him comfortable going it alone.