Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scythe Kozuti: a cooler for HTPC

Scythe has just unveiled the Kozuti, a cooling system, low-profile for processors on Socket AM2 and LGA 775/115x/1366 / 3. Showing dimensions of only 110 x 103 x 40 mm and weighs 250 grams, this cooler is of type Top-Flow, that is to say that the fan 80 mm PWM (operating at speeds between 800 and 3300 revolutions per minute) is placed under the aluminum radiator.

The latter is crossed by three copper heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter. The noise is about them between 8.2 dB (A) (sic) and 32.5 dB (A). The manufacturer finally announces a suggested list price of 22.90 euros, excluding taxes. It remains to see the performance of this cooler ...

Snapdragon compatible with the 'Russian GPS'

The Qualcomm Snapdragon, widely used in smartphones and Windows Android Phone, is compatible with Glonass, the location system used in Russia. Glonass, which started in 1982, is a competitor to America's GPS system and offers the same possibilities: a location on the ground with an accuracy of few meters (5-8 feet with Glonass, 2-9 meters GPS).

The advantage is that GLONASS covers Russia and the accuracy is better than GPS in northern latitudes. The MSM7x30 Qualcomm (one of several models Snapdragon) is the first to offer compatibility and more Glonass GPS compatibility, but other manufacturer's chips should also receive this compatibility in the future.

3G and 4G: Towards the end of the unlimited

Last week we explained why - ultimately - the applications will replace the "mobile web". Today, let's analyze why the offers "unlimited" are set to disappear and how - unfortunately - offers multi-speed should be proposed to term. For now, the offers so-called "unlimited" does not really already are.

For an operator, an offer is unlimited in time - we may well use the line all the time - but the speed varies. Typically, operators indicate caps (a limit) beyond which the speed is limited. In some MVNO (virtual operators), access to 3G + (HSxPA) is not offered, only the 3G standard - 384 kilobits per second - is proposed.

EVGA introduces Superclock, its first CPU cooler air

EVGA has introduced its first air cooler processors, the EVGA Superclock, based on the popular design Swiftech Polaris 120. The EVGA Superclock uses almost the same materials as the Polaris 120 but with heatpipes and fins painted in black, apart from the fan glows red. Like the original, the main ones is to sink a base where their 5 heatpipes make direct contact with the processor.

The heatpipes that are located in the central part of the base are those who receive the largest portion of heat from the processor, and it is these that directly spread the heat to the aluminum sheets that are located where there is greater flow Fan air. The sink is ventilated by a 120mm fan with red LEDs that rotate between 750 to 2500 RPM, pushing air flow up to 84 CFM.

Superclock CPU, the first heatsink EVGA

EVGA, well-known brand of video cards and motherboards, has expanded its range of products for Personal Computers by presenting a heat sink dedicated to high-end CPU market. The heat sink is called Superclock CPU and is actually a "custom rebrand" the Polaris 120, a few months ago from Swiftech. Between the two companies in California there is a very strong working relationship, remember that Swiftech provides Waterblocks for the EVGA Hydro Copper-series video cards, and with this move, the home of Brea has to give more visibility to an absolutely valid in view the air-cooling and that has nothing to envy to the most noble competition.

LCD TV with LED technology: Samsung UE40D6500

The 100-centimeter screen (40 inches) of UE40D6500 Samsung is equipped with LED technology, the LEDs sit on the screen edges (edge-LED). The of the display is 1920x1080. The refresh rate is Samsung with 400 Hertz, which it is based on computed between images only "real" 100 hertz is. In the case of receiver plug / -C/-S, the latter two also receive HD programming.

A cable tuner is of course one of the party. (Not included) With shutter glasses, the viewer on the Samsung to see films in 3D. Experience shows that it does better in 3D leaked material than TV shows, which bring the TV from 2D to 3D umrechnet.Über a network jack or the built-in wireless receiver for Internet applications on the screen.

Market: Sony: billion-exposure data and, worst natural disaster

Hard times for the electronics giant, Sony Consequences by his own admission cost around 1.5 billion euros. The natural disaster damaged or destroyed several Sony factories in the northeast of Japan. And the burden on the fund. For weeks, the online platforms PSN, PSO and Qriocity were completely or partially from the net.

Observers estimate the damage caused to around 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. The loss of revenue would still be a small problem - when compared with a loss of reputation. The game companies are suffering from the shutdown. Capcom's Christian Svensson, Vice President Sun recently about a possible loss of millions.

The LCD 27 "touch exists, use it?

The manufacture of touch screens large problem. The touch technology is most effective (projected capacitive screen) is ubiquitous on smartphones, but hardly applicable to slabs 24 inches or more. The company Perceptive Pixel, however, found a way to make a touch screen 27 ". Of the large slabs, the transistors that drive the LCD generates interference to the sensors.

To reduce interference, it is necessary to remove the supporting glass layer touch transistors, which then creates reflections and parallax phenomenon very problematic for a touchscreen. Perceptive Pixel has resolved these shortcomings with an optical link. This material has a refractive index very close to the glass, it minimizes the refraction of light passing through the glass layer and hence the parallax.

Reveal trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Activision has released the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the eighth chapter of the known number of FPS out of war on 8 November on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The trailer shows part of the locations where the events will be set and some scripted sequences. 3 Modern Warfare will be developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games for both single player and multiplayer that Raven Software.

Ballmer confirms the release of Windows 8 in 2012

Microsoft, for the mouth of its CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed rumors that the release of Windows 8 spoke in 2012. At the Intel Developer Forum, Japanese, Ballmer said: "next generation of Windows systems Was coming out in 2012." The trade name of the new Windows operating system should be just between 8 and there will certainly be a novelty more attention to the devices of all sizes, such as systems and slate tablet.

Toshiba tablet brakes on Windows 7 and Chromebook

According to Digitimes reported, Toshiba had decided to abandon development of a tablet based on Windows 7 and a notebook Chromebook. During the month of June, but Toshiba will announce the new tablet-based Android Thrive 3.0 and NVIDIA Tegra platform with two 10.1-inch panel. The tablet with Windows 7 was shown for the first time by Toshiba at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early 2011: we do not know what caused the change in strategy which could result in a delayed release or even the complete elimination of the products to be submitted.

AMD Bulldozer Llano and here is the price list

Among the information about the new AMD Bulldozer and Llano, those prices are certainly the most anticipated. As we all know AMD approccerà the market for desktop PC processors with two lines indicated by the trade names A-Series (APU Llano) and FX-series (Zambezi). The APU Llano rival Intel processors are similar to Sandy Bridge and integrate the same day up to 4 CPU cores, a GPU with a maximum of 400 stream processors, memory controller and PCI-Express switch.

Ready for the first beta of Firefox 5

Mozilla has released the first beta of Firefox 5.0. The browser, available since last March in version 4.0 is following a strong rise in the early stages of development that Mozilla has put in place to keep up with competitors like Google Chrome and Opera. The main new features of Firefox 5 include the ever improving performance and extensive support for new standard HTML and CSS.

Tom's Guide: alternative browsers for iPhone

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware just upload a folder devoted to alternative browsers for iPhone. Opera Mini Browser to Flash via Sphere or SkyFire, discover a dozen sailors who will be happy to replace Safari on the Apple smartphone ...

TDJ: Corsair SP 2500, 550 CM Silencio

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the SP2500 Corsair, a kit audio 2.1 of a total capacity reaching 232 watts RMS, no less. Each satellite has 56 W RMS, with 16 to 30 mm tweeter and then 40 for the medium of 70 mm. The remote is on his side with a small screen, with an additional input and even a mini-USB connector allowing a possible update.

Verdict? For their part, our colleagues at the Counter of the Hardware has launched a test Silencio Cooler Master 550. Showing the dimensions of 505 x 416 x 210 mm and weighing 9.2 kg on the scale, this case has three 5.25 inch bays format as well as seven locations 3.5 inches. Adapter 2.5 "to 3.5" can accommodate two SSD is also supplied with Silencio 550 ...

The Cloud can also save lives

Funny adventure for this browser does his amateur hello to its smartphone and location-based services for BING. Like most major services in the cloud ", location services online like Bing Maps and Google Maps are part of everyday life and profoundly affect our use of mobility. They account for a large share in the success of smartphones (most mobile applications are in fact simply the aggregation of services in the cloud).

WiMAX: state of play in France

ARCEP has published a "report card" of the deployment of WiMAX in France. This radio technology that works between 3.4 and 3.6 GHz has long been seen as a potential 4G technology, but it is ultimately the evolution of mobile networks that will take that role. ARCEP started giving permissions in 2006 and currently (January 2011) there are 19 entities that have a license to work on this type of frequency.

Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012

"While we expect the next generation of Windows, due out next year, many other things will come." That Steve Ballmer himself, PD G Microsoft, was speaking yesterday during a forum for developers, according to the transcript of his speech published on the website of the publisher. For the first time Microsoft has confirmed the year of release of its next operating system and uses the term Windows 8 in public.

Two new AMD FirePro

AMD has announced the arrival on the professional market with two new FirePro cards, the V7900 and V5900. Compatible with DirectX 11 API, OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.1, both cards support CrossFire technology Pro, and Eyefinity PowerTune. The FirePro V7900 features a GPU clocked at 725 MHz Barts and features of 1280 Stream Processors functional.

The side of the V5900, the GPU is clocked more than 600 MHz and only 512 stream processors are available. Side-board memory, there are 2 GB of GDDR5 memory (running at 1250 MHz on the FirePro V7900 and V5900 on 500 MHz) on a 256-bit bus. The TDP of 150W reached V7900, cons just 75W for his little sister.

Kingston: A 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10

Kingston has added a new model of memory card in its catalog. With a capacity of 32 GB microSDHC card that is certified Class 10, which indicates a minimum flow sustained 10 MB / s write. Lifetime warranty (10 years in our countries), this microSDHC card alone is available (at a rate of 153 dollars) or comes with an SD adapter (154 dollars) or bundled with an SD adapter and a mini-player USB (157 dollars).

CoolerMaster Silent 550: New housing now available.

Cooler Master announces Silent new box called 550, a box designed for those seeking minimal noise in your system. Silent Running. The new Silencio 550 stands out for the little noise that occurs when the box is on. Internally insulated with foam insulation on both sides eliminates the noise produced by the slight reverberations of the fans in addition to the clicks and hum of hard drives.

Combine all this with a solid steel frame, legs stickers and two quiet fans Cooler Master. It contains everything you need. The Silent 550 has a spacious interior, intuitive and clean. Three hard drive bays 5.25 ", seven 3.5" and 2.5 ", within a set of solid steel cage easily removable hard drive allows more enthusiastic mix and match multiple hard drives for flexibility and maximum disk space.

Ramsan-70: An SSD PCIe 900 MB

The manufacturer TMS (Texas Memory Systems) has unveiled a new model of SSD for the professional market: the Ramsan-70 PCI-Express. As its name suggests, the SSD uses a PCI-Express 8x here. With a maximum capacity of 900 usable GB (450 GB on the card, and an additional 450 GB on a daughter card), the Ramsan-70 uses NAND flash memory chips in 32nm SLC engraved by Toshiba and carries two controllers based on Power of the PC 7.

Playstation 3: Sony: HD PSP editions of classics planned

Sony plans to publish new editions of classics and PSP for the Playstation 3. The manufacturer polished the ports with a higher and a 3D mode to a shine. Another treat is the import of game saves from your handheld to the stationary console. You are not starting from zero, if you have already played the appropriate title on your PSP.

First came "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - HD Vers": In addition to these functions supports the primeval beasts hunt from Capcom on the PS3 program Adhoc Party. Using the software, you latched in multiplayer games one - an essential part of the "Monster Hunter" series. The title appears first in Japan.

Quick test: Browser: Firefox 5: Download and tempo-check the beta version

After the phase-Aurora is now the first beta version of Firefox 5 ready for download. Mozilla has already published a number of ideas for new items and changes in design. Of these, however, still nothing to see, believe the beta version before all under the hood. Also new is the division into channels: Who is in the beta channel of Mozilla gets automatically in future new beta versions of Firefox 5th Although Mozilla has built no new features in the pre-release version, but the speed of the beta already exceeds the final Firefox 4 - including some of the final competition of the Firefox browser is already running from the rank of 5.