Monday, February 14, 2011

Intel at MWC: MeeGo, Medfield, modems, etc..

Intel's presence at MWC in Barcelona is an opportunity for the giant to present many innovations without any being treated as a major. We retain the early production of Medfield Atom, a very strong mobilization around MeeGo and the first 3G LTE Modem Intel. With the virtual abandonment of MeeGo by Nokia, Intel became the main proponent of the Tablet OS for smartphone and open source.

MeeGo officially entered into Alpha stage (it was previously pre-Alpha). There is still much work before the system becomes a real competitor iOS, Android, WP7 et al. Intel is quite secretive about its mobile processors. The Moorestown platform with a flop silent (launched in spring 2010, it has been adopted by any major manufacturer), Medfield carries all the hopes for Intel to break into the market held by ARM.

MacBook Pro in March with Sandy Bridge processors?

The latest rumor spread on the net indicate that Apple would be willing to provide the next product line of MacBook Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. Rumors about the next MacBook Pro is now chasing since last summer, but nothing has yet to materialize. Clearly, if the hypothesis above found a real confirmation, could be a factor very positive about the technological innovations of the Apple product.

Mobile World Congress 2011: Windows Mobile 7: What does the new version?

One of the most important changes: Soon the browser "Internet Explorer 9" in a special part of Windows Mobile version Phone 7 He will put everything that has gone before in terms of smartphone browser in the shadows, inter alia, the surfing speed. In addition, the integrated Microsoft messaging service Twitter.

It is then - like Facebook - accessible through the so-called People Hub. The update Windows-phone users able to edit Office documents online and save on a web server: an improved version of "SkyDrive" is available. At last, Windows Mobile 7 is fully multi-tasking features, which is the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously.

ASUS GT 440 graphics card designed to last longer performing at maximum

ASUS launches a spectacular new graphics card, ASUS 440 GT equipped with the Super Alloy Power, which manages to improve performance by 15%, lowering the temperature at 35 ° C and longer life 2.5 times. Its graphics processor manufacturer has accelerated 822MHz-12MHz more than reference design-and model function incorporating features such as Voltage ASUS Tweak allows overclocking by 50%, GPU Guard, which improves the structural strength of the graph, and the exclusive ASUS Dust-proof design, which offers additional protection to the fan from dust, prolonging the life of the card.

Mobile World Congress 2011: Official: Tablet PC Motorola Xoom comes to Germany

The Tablet PC is the top dog iPad some features require. He is equipped with two cameras at the front and back, one of which is shooting in high definition (HD) does. He makes (other than the iPad) the use of the Adobe technology "Flash" for films and animations. The device supports the UMTS mobile phone standard, an update to the next generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) is possible.

The "Android" operating system 3.0 (honeycomb), a touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, an HDMI output and a one-gigahertz processor are also included. The Motorola Tablet PC Xoom is in the second quarter of 2011, including in Germany on the market. The price is not fixed yet., Barberis leaves and growing share of RCS

In a press release issued in the past few hours, Dada. net has confirmed a number of major innovations and changes that the web company will suffer in the near future. First missions are confirmed by CEO Paolo Barberis, Chairman, but also the founder of the group. The basis of this decision there would be differences between the founder of the group, about the strategic vision that should have taken the company in the near future.

Social Networking: Facebook sorted from friends

You may be wondering why you suddenly nothing more from some of your Facebook friends noticed? This could be due to the new filters, Facebook has quietly built a few days ago. That is enabled by default and can not by all status messages. With the filter, the company apparently wants to provide more clarity on the "News" pages.

Which friends will be sorted out unclear. Do not want to be patronized, and always see all messages? Then proceed as follows: From all reports are immediately visible.

12 New Xeon price cuts

Mobile World Congress 2011: Pro Motorola Android smartphone with a keyboard

Like most current smartphones, the Motorola Pro runs on the "Android" operating system (version 2.2) of Google. The processor runs at one gigahertz, two gigabytes of memory are installed (expandable to a maximum of 32 gigabytes). About the hotspot feature, you connect up to five devices via WLAN with the Pro - and so to the Internet.

For text input, a mini-keyboard is below the 3.1-inch displays. The integrated browser supports Flash, has a five-megapixel camera with a LED flash. Price and launch are still open.

Intel launches hexa-core Core i7-990x

Intel has added a new processor model in its catalog: the Core i7-990x. Engraved in 32nm, this model hex-core is clocked at 3.46 GHz, 3.33 GHz cons for the 980X. Extreme Edition model requires, he has an unlocked multiplier. As usual with its high-end models, Intel has set a price prohibitive especially for its Core i7-990x: 999 dollars.

The constructor takes the opportunity to lower the price of two other models in socket LGA 1366, the Core i7-960 and i7-970. The first point is a model for quad-core (8 threads) running at 3.2 GHz with 8 MB of L3 cache. It goes from 562 dollars to 294 dollars. The second is a hexa-core CPU is also clocked at 3.2 GHz and has 12 MB of L3 cache.

Mobile World Congress 2011: Skype Access: Always available via Wi-Fi hotspots

For the partner program has already attracted well-known Skype Wi-Fi hotspot operators around the world, including the providers BT Openzone, Fon, M3 Connect, Row 44 and Tomizone. To start already are more than 500,000 hotspots available, including 500 in airports, 30,000 hotels and in cafes, trains, airplanes, office buildings and convention centers.

The billing for the use of Skype Access is the minute; per minute, 0.05 € charged. Payment is made through your Skype phone credit. All you need is a connection to a compatible hotspot access Skype and the latest version of or.

SanDisk's iNAND to 24nm for embedded

The manufacturer is currently preparing new SanDisk flash memory modules and iNAND iNAND Ultra for the embedded market. Using NAND flash memory chips etched 24 nm MLC (3-bit-per-cell for the iNAND and 2-bit-per-cell for iNAND Ultra), these modules EFD (Embedded Flash Drive) 64 GB most are offered in a relatively compact packaging with dimensions of 11.5 x 13 x 1 mm.

Availability is announced for the third quarter of 2011. If the modules are primarily intended for iNAND smartphones, SanDisk also introduced modules for Tablet Touch Panel ISSD. Available in capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB, these modules in BGA package using MLC NAND memory chips. The exact specifications of these products are unfortunately still unknown.

Crucial's SSD C300 liquid

Crucial informs us of an operation to liquidate stocks of its SSD C300. The manufacturer offers a 10% discount on its 256 GB C300, which lowers its price to € 428.4 or € 1.67 / GB Interestingly, this price is not very far from the other 250 GB SSD market: there are currently Vertex 2 or Corsair F240 less than 450 €.

One could expect better from Crucial: the mark had passed its 256 GB SSD M225 to 366 € the end of 2010. More than the price we particularly note that this promotion will be granted "until stocks" which means that the arrival of SSD C400/M4 will not be long. This new generation will make available for recall rates of 415 MB / s read and 260 MB / s write and a maximum capacity of 512 GB should register their prices in line with the C300, namely $ 425 for the C400/M4 256 GB

Software Piracy: Kill Zone 3 and Crysis 2: pirate appeared on the Internet

Piracy is not just a problem in the Gulf of Yemen, off the coast of Somalia but also in the video game industry. Was so dangerous in the current cases: the games are not yet commercially available, but already on the web. The affected items are the PS3 exclusive Killzone 3 "and by the German developer Crytek originating action game" Crysis 2 ".

This makes "Killzone 3" the first big game from Sony, which is the piracy problem to the victim. So far, the PS3 against software piracy was safe, but with the security code cracked in January 2011, the Spieleklau are now open door. The biggest hurdle here is that the download version of "Kill Zone 3" is about 41 large.

Asus 2 million tablets in 2011

Asus has recently benefited from a conference for investors to submit its sales targets for touch pads. The manufacturer hopes to sell 1.5 to 2,000,000 units for the full year 2011, which represent 10% of all sales of tablet PCs (excluding iPad). The manufacturer is expected to launch several new products this year: in addition to the Eee Slate EP121 formalized in January, the Eee EP101 Transformer Pad (10.1 ", 2 Tegra and Android 3.0) should make its appearance in April.

Mobile World Congress 2011 Smartphone Samsung Wave 578

The Samsung Wave 578 features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a VGA webcam, Bluetooth, wireless n, and HSDPA data transmission. Make for good entertainment on a media player (music and video) and an FM radio with RDS station identification. Headphones plug in a 3.5-millimeter jack. The operating system is "Bada 1.1" installed.

They are joined by Apps, including for direct connection to social networks ("social Samsung Hub"). In addition, e-mail program and Messenger is available. Thanks NFC chip to buy tickets as entry or by pre Hold the Phone on an NFC-station. The 100 megabyte internal memory via microSD card to expand by another 16 gigabyte.

Memory modules hybrid: first steps toward standardization

Were moved further steps towards the standardization of memory modules hybrid solutions involving combination of different technologies to create new features that until now could only be achieved through the use of two or more separate components. The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has created a new committee, chaired by PNY Technologies and Cypress Semiconductor, which will deal with the ratification of the new specifications, ensuring it is given space to the standard components and non-proprietary solutions.

Arctic Freezer 13 launches a new Pro

Catalog cooling systems manufacturer Arctic Cooling welcomes a newcomer, the Freezer Pro 13 "2011 version". In tower format, this cooler is for processors on socket LGA 1366, 1156, 1155, 775 and AM3, AM2 +, AM2, 939, 754. Showing the dimensions of 134 x 96 x 159 mm and weighs 902 grams, this cooler is made of an aluminum radiator connected to a copper base by four heat pipes of 8mm copper also, and two PWM fans.

A new line of Radeon 6000!

We knew the Radeon 6000 and Radeon 6000M for notebooks. These graphics cards still exist in another form for AMD: the Radeon 6000A. These cards are intended for PC all-in-one, who hide all their components in their screen, a design popularized by the iMac. The manufacturers of these components usually use PC laptops given the low volume available to dissipate heat.

The new Radeon 6000A are probably very close to the Radeon 6000M, but AMD does not provide any technical feature. The range includes five models, the Radeon HD 6670A, 6650A, 6550A, 6450A and 6350A.

The CEO of Telecom Italy Franco Bernab attaccco Google, Facebook and Apple

In an interview with the Financial Times, Franco Bernabe said that content providers must make a contribution to the development of the Internet. According to the CEO of Telecom Italy and Chairman of the GSMA (Association of mobile operators), content providers like Google, Facebook and Apple can not continue to take advantage of free internet lines, but should begin to give a financial contribution.

Mobile World Congress 2011 LG V900 Optimus Pad: Tablet PC with Android 3.0

The display of the Optimus pad measures 22.6 inches and offers a resolution of 1280x768 pixels. The processor is a "Tegra 2" from Nvidia (dual core) are used. Videos reflects the unit in high definition. Feature: On the back are installed two cameras that produce 3D photos. An HDMI interface transfers images and movies without any loss on flat screen TV, with suitable TV sets even in 3D.

Via HMDI is viewing on HDTVs in Full HD resolution possible. Apps and games you download from the "Tegra Zone" on the Tablet PC. Parallel is available as a download the Android Market platform. The LG V900 Optimus pad comes in the course of April 2011 in the trade, price: 999 €.

3 Tt Toughpower power supplies Grand certified 80 Plus Gold

Thermaltake has introduced the first 3 power belonging to the new family Toughpower Grand. We're talking about units developed specifically for the enthusiast end systems with multi-GPUs configurations, characterized by power, efficiency and quiet operation, combined with an aggressive design. Available models: 850W, 1050W and 1200W of power - with a modular design - these are certified PSU 80 Plus Gold (efficiency 87, 90 and 87% with loads of 20, 50 and 100%), and using a special PCB with a triple quantity of copper (3oz) to facilitate heat dissipation.

A USB key is protected by password

The manufacturer Super Talent has unveiled a new USB named DataGuardian. Available in capacities of 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB, USB 2.0 is the ability to protect data entrusted to it. A small program stored in the firmware of the key, automatically launched when it is inserted into a computer, loads in effect asking the password required to access the data.

This operating principle can also inactivate a hypothetical malware that would be configured to start when the key is connected to a PC. SuperTalent has unfortunately not yet given the prices of different versions of the DataGuardian.

Mobile World Congress 2011: LG presents 3D-P920 Smartphone Optimus 3D

The 3D effect is created by a special, 10.9 inch wide LCD touch screen. 3D photos and videos you create using the two cameras, each having a resolution of five megapixels. Speed provides for a dual-core processor ("Omap4"). Pictures and movies transfer via the HDMI 1.4 interface to flat panel TVs and PC monitors.

The involvement of the smartphone works in home networks via DLNA. Eight gigabytes of data storage and the operating system "Android 2.2" (upgrade to 2.3 is planned) are on board. The LG P920 Optimus 3D comes early in the second quarter of 2011 on the German market. It costs 599 euros.

AMD confident in the 32 nm

According to sources, AMD could by the second quarter of 2012 ending the production of Athlon and Phenom "desktop" current 45 nm (or more) to focus exclusively on his bulldozer, Brazos and Llano. The manufacturer hopes effect on that date, its CPU production will comprise 20% of Bulldozer processors (32nm SOI), 10% of processors for the platform FT1 (Brazos, 40 nm Bulk) and 70% of CPU Platform FM1 (Llano, 32nm SOI).

Display Acer GN245HQ, space technology, Nvidia 3-D Vision

Acer has presented GN245HQ display. This is one of the first 3D Full-HD monitor that can fully exploit the technology with NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision 3D connectivity HDMI or DVI-DL. The rear-panel LED lighting has a diagonal of 23.5-inches and supports 1080p resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. 1000000:1 dynamic contrast is, while the response time is equal to 2ms.

Ideal for gaming and for professional 3D applications, the Acer GN245HQ also incorporates an IR emitter that allows the 'simultaneous use of several pairs of 3D glasses (the official nVidia are included, ed.) Not only 3D but also energy saving (-68% compared to a traditional LCD display) with minimal design and clean lines are the characteristics of this product.

Mobile World Congress 2011: Nokia: Windows Mobile billion by using Microsoft

Among other things, with Elop said in his talk that Nokia received from Microsoft a billion support to develop smart phones with the operating system "Windows Phone". At the same time defended the rejection of the top manager of Google ("Android" operating system) as a partner. Had chosen Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers for the Android platform, the result would be a "duopoly" was from Apple and Google in the mobile market, he said.

Qualcomm Unveils SoC quad-core 2.5 GHz

The high-end smartphones are now adopting mass dual-core processors clocked at over one gigahertz. The evolution will not stop there: Qualcomm has unveiled at MWC a Snapdragon quad-core 2.5 GHz. Krait, this is the code name for the new Snapdragon heart who will lead the next generation of processors Qualcomm.

Details of the enhancements in this new architecture are not yet known, but we hope to learn more by visiting the Qualcomm booth at MWC. It was designed for etching at 28 nm. With each heart that can reach 2.5 GHz Krait, while offering a limited consumption. Qualcomm decline in the number of SoC architecture: a single-core MSM8930, MSM8960 dual-core and a spearhead, the APQ8064 quad-core.

OCZ ZX Series: new range of high-power performance

OCZ has launched the new series of power supplies ZX Series, which it hopes to answer the demand for energy-efficient solutions and consumption. The ZX has been designed to meet the most demanding needs for performance and efficiency. Also features a modular design for a 100% accurate customization that meets the requirements of any high performance system.

"The new OCZ ZX series provides exceptional performance and efficiency at all levels, as well as design 100% modular cable that allows the user to fully customize their system using only the cables you need." Charlie said McMenomey, PSU Product Manager for OCZ Technology. "The fully modular design makes installation as simple as possible, and also helps improve air flow in boxes of high-performance components.

TDJ: Zotac GTX 570 AMP!, ZBOX AD03 More

Our fellow Cowcotland just released a test ZBOX Blu-ray AD03 More Zotac, mini PC based on AMD's Fusion platform. There is therefore an APU E-350, M1 chipset with SB800 southbridge one, a Radeon HD 6310 integrated processor, 2 GB DDR3-1333, a 250 GB hard drive, DVI and HDMI outputs and 7.1 audio controller, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Verdict? For its part, our fellow Revioo recently launched a test of the Zotac GeForce GTX 570 AMP!, A GeForce GTX 570 receiving light factory overclocking. The graphics chipset is indeed clocked at 780 MHz (1560 MHz for the shaders), while the memory runs at 1000 MHz. For comparison, a GTX 570 features a conventional GPU at 732 MHz (1464 MHz for the shaders) and GDDR5 memory at 950 MHz ...

PA, Telecom Italy Consip the race for mobile services

Telecom Italy has won the tender launched by Consip for the activation of an agreement on custody of mobile services for government, getting the best score to be technically and economically. The convention, which will last 24 months, possibly extended by a further 12 months, has a total estimated value of approximately EUR 230 million and is targeted to approximately 19 000 beneficiaries entities, including central and local.

Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung presented at its conference at the Mobile World Congress, the new Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet-based Android 3.0 10.1-inch screen and 16:9 widescreen resolution of 1280x800 pixels. Featuring dual-core processor Tegra 1GHz and rear camera 8Mpixel, you can record video in 1080p Full HD video support and ensure through the front camera to 2Mpixel.

The new tablet is made with a well-established style with black bezel, rounded corners and an aluminum frame. The thickness is quite pronounced (almost 11mm), as shown by the guys at Mobile. net in their video-preview that you can find below, on the contrary the weight of 600 grams is more content, for example, that the iPad.

ARM - who does what: IT / OMAP4 (7)

After OMAP3, go to OMAP4. This new generation of SoC also comes from Texas Instrument and is beginning to be integrated into devices such as RIM's playbook. The OMAP4 is an evolution of the OMAP3 with a new core for the CPU, a new GPU, a new video decoder and the same DSP as in OMAP3. So we have a Cortex A9, and a PowerVR SGX540 IVA3.

The password OMAP4 Cortex Cortex A8 to A9, with two cores, but a similar frequency: between 720 MHz and 1 GHz. The Cortex A9 is based on the ARMv7 instruction set and provides a short pipeline (8 stages) and management instructions OoO (Out of Order), which makes it more powerful than the Cortex A8 used in OMAP3.

Canon Pixma MX885, multifunction for small offices with double-sided

Canon Pixma MX885 multifunction presents the new, high productivity solution for home and office, it also offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet for easy networking. The new unit uses dye-based inks (dye) to produce photos of exceptional quality with 1 pl ink droplets and a maximum print resolution of 9,600 dpi, but it also has a pigment black ink for crisp, sharp text .

When printing documents, the PIXMA MX885 achieves a good speed ISO ESAT about 12.5 ipm in mono and 9.3 ipm in color, and can produce a 10x15cm borderless photo printing with quality photolab in about 20 seconds. The new model also features a fully integrated high-speed ADF with duplex function, which ensures great rapidity of scanning, copying or faxing of double-sided documents comprising multiple pages.

F-Secure, the new show at MWC Protection Service for Mobile

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (14-17 February) will present the F-Secure security services targeted to next-generation mobile operators, including the new version of F-Secure Protection Service for Mobile (PSM 7) that enables operators to offer a complete solution with built-in parental control on mobile devices of their customers.

The PSM of F-Secure services allow operators to offer end users a service that makes it safer than ever, Internet browsing, social networking and financial transactions by mobile sites by automatically identifying and protecting children from harmful content online inappropriate and dangerous.

Increase the capacity of a multimedia box

New Intel Atom netbook and nettop arriving at end of year

Intel will be able to offer a viable alternative to the current AMD Brazos, according to an internal document revealed only towards the end of this year when they get the new Atom CPU that will realize the Cedarview platforms Cedar Trail Netbook and nettop. The new solutions for ultra low-cost computer giant's Santa Clara introduce several innovations in terms of features and performance improvements in order to compete on equal terms with the excellent platform of rival AMD.

Xperia: the Pro Play, Snapdragon

First day at MWC first press conference. Sony Ericsson is that we were, for a presentation of four Xperia smartphones. The firm said the Xperia brand was selling well, with 10 million units in 2010. Let's start with the spearhead of the mark, even if not the most technologically advanced. Xperia play, it's the phone that makes PlayStation.

Android 2.3, this phone is powered by a Qualcomm chip at 1 GHz, a MSM8255. This SoC combines an ARM core with a GPU Adreno 205, good enough. The phone has (only) 400 MB of internal memory but a microSD 8GB is delivered. A 5-megapixel sensor, Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi are present, and 4-inch screen offers an unusual definition, 854 x 480.

Preview: Racing game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Need for Speed - Shift 2 Unleashed: test drive at night

Dull roar like impatient predators approaching cars in the heavy pace of the start line. Seconds later, a sea of cars going to a metallic shriek. The race-inspired test editor at Electronic Arts in Munich, a first round of "Shift 2 Unleashed" - and believe his eyes. For he sees almost nothing. The famous race course, "Road America is shrouded in deep black, hardly a corner entry can be seen in time.

Arctic Freezer 13 PRO, tower heatsink that cools everything

The only drawback to a heatsink tower (tower) with respect to a classical solution is due to the horizontal position of the fan that cools the motherboard components that are located near the processor socket. Arctic has solved this "problem" with the Freezer 13 Pro heatsink. This is an evolution of the freezer 13 to which was added a special system called Cross-Blow.

The system consists of a mini-turbine fan 50 mm diameter (700 - 2700 RPM), positioned above the base, which generates a stream of air at 360 ° entrusting the Northbridge heatsinks, the MOSFET power circuitry and system memory. Compared with the previous model also increases the overall size (134 x 96 x 159 mm), together with the weight (1.05Kg), and changes the main cooling fan that goes from 92mm to 120mm in diameter (300 to 1350 RPM).