Friday, June 3, 2011

The APU AMD Fusion won the "Best Choice" at Computex 2011

AMD has been awarded the top honor in the category "Computer & System" held at Computex Taipei 2011, thanks to AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Units). This award was presented by the Taipei Computer Associaton, the cornerstone of the IT industry in Taiwan and assessed by a panel of representatives from government, academia, analysts and developers, media, editors in chief and industry experts computer.

IT conference AllThingsD: Nokia: cooperation with Microsoft is right

The world's largest software maker Nokia will allow the use of Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system more freedom than other partners such as HTC and Samsung that also use the Google Android operating system for its smartphones, so Elop. The first devices running Windows Mobile 7 of Nokia are still expected this year.

Despite the strategic change on the Microsoft system provides the manager of Nokia's previously used Nokia's Symbian platform "not fallen apart. Symbian is better than the stripped down "Android" versions that are on mobile phones for emerging markets such as India to find Elop said in an interview.

The novelty Noctua at Computex 2011

As usual Noctua at Computex has led a large fleet of new air-cooling in the field: Fans' Focused Flow 120mm. These fans for heat sinks or radiators of liquid systems capable of accurately directing the flow of air. At the base of operation there is a similar technology - but not identical - to that used by the SilverStone fans Air Penetrator, with a particular grid-shaped paddle shaped "located at the bottom that serves to channel the air expulsion.

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7, 4-way SLI / CFx Socket AM3 +

Gigabyte has officially unveiled the motherboard GA-990FXA-UD7. As mentioned in our news is a mainboard-end enthusiast, based chipset 990FX for AMD socket AM3 and AM3 +, which implements some choices specific techniques: such as support to all the powerful configuration multi-GPUs from nVidia and AMD (talking about the 4-way SLI and Quad-CrossfireX).

This support is provided by 6-slot PCI Express generazine second in the combined 42 PCIe lanes are divided (32 of which were devoted to their 4-way SLI / CFx). "GIGABYTE is thrilled at the opportunity to bring to market an Entirely New Series of high-performance AMD enthusiast motherboards That will excite PC gamers everywhere.

CPU cooler Swirl: Spire will try again with a cylinder

Taking advantage of the stage provided by the Computex 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan, Spire has officially introduced the Swirl CPU cooler that uses a vertical cylinder design along with 3 copper heat pipes of 8mm loops based on copper also to give vent to hot spirits of processors 130W ~ 150W. Heat pipes and cooling fins of the swirl are welded and protected with a thin layer of nickel which also prevents oxidation over time.

Computex 2011: AMD series chipset and platform 9 tablet

While waiting for the arrival of Llano and Bulldozer, AMD officially Series chipsets to support processor-9 "Zambezi" on 8-core (Bulldozer) for the implementation of desktop platforms, "Scorpius" which also include a discrete graphics card AMD Radeon HD6000 series as a guarantee of HD entertainment and gaming experience optimal multitasking extreme tweaking and overclocking.

We have already spoken in recent days of the first motherboards using these chipsets and are equipped with socket AM3 + (AM3 backwards compatible). The market will soon see solutions ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, ECS, Foxconn Technology GIGABYTE Technology, Jetway, and MSI. At Computex 2011, AMD has also introduced the new HD 2011 Tablet platform whose centerpiece is the APU AMD Fusion Z series, which offers high performance graphics and support for HTML 5, Adobe Flash 10.2 and an external monitor for Tablet-based Microsoft Windows.

Four cores and 3D X-Fi (re) launched

In marketing, currently, there are two things: the proliferation of cores as a selling point, and 3D. Creative has understood and therefore proposes the "Sound Core3D, a new chip. Finally, "new" is a big word: the announced specifications are exactly the same as the chip X-Fi cards, trips ... 2005. When Creative Technology Announces' Quartet DSP as an innovation is an innovation of six years ago, news releases and testing of the X-Fi already spoke of this technology.

The game on Cloud arrives in Europe

OnLive, the service of video games on the cloud, has announced on his website that he was going to kick off a UK site on June 7, the day of the opening of E3. The games will be available this fall. So far, the platform was reserved for the United States. This announcement means qu'OnLive begins to deploy its servers in Europe and a French release is not far off.

The company will announce its international strategy in the video game trade show. In June 2010, OnLive kicked-off its U.S. service that allows you to play PC games on the cloud. As we report (see "was tested by gaming Onlive cloud"), the service is intended primarily for small configurations that do not have material resources to run the latest titles.

MSI 990FXA-GD80 and 990FXA-GD6: New AMD motherboards

MSI announces new motherboards models and 990FXA 990FXA-GD80-GD65, with support for processors AM3 + native eight-core AMD. The high-end motherboard 990FXA-GD80 is equipped with two MSI exceptional technological approaches such as the Military Component Certification Class II MIL-STD-810G and OC Genie II technology.

Military Class II components provide stability and supreme quality. To offer consumers the most stable motherboards and the best quality, MSI presents the Military Class II: A metal such as tantalum as the core of Hi-c CAP, Solid cap with a lifespan of more than 10 years, and also SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) can increase by 30% the power supply, equipping the MSI 990FXA-GD80 with components that have passed laboratory tests and have received third party certification standard military MIL-STD-810G.

1 million accounts hacked Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures servers were hacked using a simple SQL injection, according LulzSec, a group of hackers claiming the attack and released on the Internet the personal information of more than one million users. According to the message they posted on Pastebin "SonyPictures. com was conquered by a very simple SQL injection vulnerabilities one of the most primitive and basic.

From a simple injection, we ALL (sic) gained. " "The worst is that every bit of data that we took were not encrypted. Sony stores over one million (sic) passwords of its customers in a text file, which means that it is simply a matter of taking it. Shame and a lack of security: they (the employees SonyPictures.

HP wants to sell licenses webOS

Leo Apotheker, PD G HP, said during an interview at the conference D9: All Things D that the company planned to sell licenses to other manufacturers WebOS so they can also use the operating system. The firm then changed its attitude and open to the idea of offering webOS on other platforms. TouchPad Tablet webOS HP has made an appearance at Computex.

All terminals webOS the show belonged to HP. When asked our colleagues to Engadget who asked if HP is willing to sell a license webOS HTC, Mr. Apotheker responded in the affirmative. According to VentureBeat, he said webOS run on other systems than HP. It is unclear however how Palo Alto company is currently negotiating.

The thin mini-ITX Intel Mini-ITX thins

Intel took the opportunity at Computex to formalize its thin mini-ITX format motherboard designed for desktop PCs All-in-one PCs and lounge, as the site of the smelter. It has the same dimensions as the classic mini-ITX, 170 mm long by 170 mm wide. The inputs and outputs are still a maximum height of 25 mm, 44 mm against the old standard.

It appears for now that only the Intel booth at Computex has thin mini-ITX boards. It also showed all systems-in-one with the new motherboard. According to the features highlighted by the founder, the processor must not have a TDP over 65W, the card must also support the SODIMM, a mini PCI-Express port and external power.