Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The NAS My Book To Live Version 3

The manufacturer Western Digital has announced the launch of a new model of My Book Live. Boasting a storage capacity of 3 TB, this NAS is therefore join models of 1TB and 2TB already available. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface, the My Book Live displays a weight of 1.09 kg on the scale. It features a built-in media server and is compatible DLNA.

It is also comes with automatic backup software SmartWare WD. Three year warranty, Version 3 To Live On My Book Western Digital is displayed at a rate of 218.26 dollars.

The Intel X79 chipset detailed

The new Intel chipset for high and extreme ranges, the X79, and appears on the horizon, according to a slide to which it mates. com. cn had access, we can know the details of this chipset for future processors E. Sandy Bridge As expected according to the policy of Intel, the new X79 chipset brings another change of socket, LGA2011.

This chipset is known to replace X58 on top of the scale of Intel, so that the plates that will incorporate a high price, as happened with the X58 at the time. The most important change is the reorganization of the chipset, now more like the P55 or P67, having spent the PCIe controller chipset to the processor (in the X58 chipset could be found in the north bridge, while the P55 and P67 are located directly on the processor.) Another important change with respect to the X58 X79 is the communication between chipset and processor, Intel leaves the QPI in favor of DMI (as in P55 and P67).

Corsair DDR3 to 2000MHz range Vengeance

Corsair has announced the new DDR3 memory modules in the series featuring Vengeance clocked more thrust. We move from the previous to the new 1600MHz clock of 2000 MHz with timings of 10-10-10-27 and obtained vDIMM of 1.5v. Forms are available in triple-channel kits with a total capacity of 6GB (3x2GB) and 12GB (3x4GB) kits, or in dual-channel 4GB (2x2GB).

The cooling system is the characteristic cooling Vengeance heatspreaders with the block / aluminum heatsinks. Availability is planned for next week but the Californian manufacturer has not yet announced prices for the different kits.

Battlefield 3, the third part of the video-game Fault Line

The third film of the mini-series Fault Line Battlefield 3, titled "Get That Cut Wire" opens with the sergeant Black committed to defuse a homemade bomb. Suddenly triggered a melee combat with the terrorist who made the bomb. The video ends by showing a gun battle on a large scale in the streets occupied by the rebels.

EA appointment by April 17 for the extended version of this video, the duration of 12 minutes, with an amazing final scene.

The best burner

Bluray discs hold up to 50 gigabytes (two layers) of data and are therefore suitable for storing high-definition movies (HD, Full-HD). The competition format to BluRay - HD-DVD - could not prevail, Bluray is thus established as the successor of the DVD. These internal standard multi-burner for CDs and DVDs are suitable for upgrading older computers that only have an EIDE interface for connection of (optical) drives.

Role-playing game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Mass Effect 2: The arrival is available for download

The "Mass Effect 2" expansion, "The Arrival" is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for download. The add-on costs € 6.99 in the Playstation Store. PC and Xbox 360 owners pay 560 Bioware or Microsoft Points. "The arrival" sends you on a bet on the outskirts of the galaxy: An undercover agent disappears in batarian sector.

Previously she was a Reaper invasion on the track. Shepard is on its way to find the missing and to find out what is behind the conspiracy steckt.28. January 2010 360th for PC and Xbox

Crysis 2 will never receive a DirectX 11 patch?

The release of Crysis 2 for PC was accompanied by some rumors of a future patch to make the game compatible with DirectX 11. But an answer on the official forum of Crytek unfortunately indicates that when there is no news coming. A user has requested and received light on the elusive patch in response: "No patch Was ever confirmed".

Unless new developments, have to content yourself version of DirectX 9!

QNAP Introduces Turbo NAS TS-II Pro x59

QNAP has introduced its new product family business x59 Pro Turbo NAS TS-II solutions characterized by an Intel Atom Dual Core 1.8 GHz, USB 3.0 ports, support for 6Gb / s SATA hard drives DDR3 memory expandable up to 3GB. These solutions are the first ones that allow you to expand the memory easily through the slot easily accessible by novice users.

They are part of this series models 4, 5 and 6 bay TS-459, TS-559 and TS-659 Pro II, which are offered with the new firmware 3.4.1 preinstalled which introduces significant enhancements such as cloud backup Real-time and the new function RTRR (real-time remote replication) to backup and data replication between primary and secondary storage server.

Free Music: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 38: MP3 Album for free

The popular "Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape is entering the next round. Currently, there are legal MP3 collection in the 38th Edition, titled "Orchid Blast". Again, a complete album with drive suitable land free of charge at dubbing. So that you can burn the songs from a professional-looking CD, there is an envelope to print for free.

Google tries again with a tablet

According to a report that appeared in Mobile-review, Google is working with LG to create and start selling a new tablet under the brand Nexus Tablet. The company in Mountain View, therefore, would not retry the road after the happy adventure in the smartphone sector. The likely tablet will have the Android operating system 3.0 (Honeycomb) and will probably be based on a platform very similar to the next G-LG Slate.

Football game for PC and consoles: version is for Windows Mobile 7: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

The "PES" version for Windows Mobile 7 provides two ways to control the game. Either you control your kicker on or use the long-standing control of the "Pro Evolution Soccer 'series. Then, the track-pad and buttons on the screen dar. The "PES 2011" spin-off a selection of the most important football clubs in Europe including: The participants of the Uefa Champions League and Champions League run on the original team.

War of the mobile phone giant Nokia puts in patent dispute with Apple

To go there now by 46 patents, Nokia announced. Apple infringed Nokia patents in almost all of its iPhone mobile phones, iPods, iPad tablets and Mac computers, is the sharpest criticism yet of the mobile phone manufacturer. The new ITC complaint includes seven patents, which involve, among other things, according to Nokia to data synchronization, the use of Bluetooth accessories, and call quality.

USB 3.0 graphics cards arrive

Graphics cards USB 3.0, DisplayLink technology arrive. Sunix it comes out the first card, expected to be more efficient than standard versions, with USB 2.0. Indeed, the performance is very dependent on the bandwidth: with USB 2.0 cards, the flow is more complicated to animate, the more compression is stronger and the processor is stressed.

With USB 3.0, as the bandwidth is greater, the card will compress the images less and less processor load. Remember that the cards work by sending DisplayLink screen that changed items (and therefore movement): the office will pose never problems, there is little movement out of the mouse, while a video or a game, let alone full-screen, is problematic.

Antec HCP-1200: Now with two world records.

Antec is pleased to announce that recently set two new world records in scores of programs 3DMark06 and 3DMark 03 with its power supply Antec HCP-1200 supplied to four graphics cards with a consumption of up to 1700 watts. The score obtained in the 3DMark06 record has been of 48,096 points using a configuration of four graphics cards in CrossFire HD5870 Raredon four tracks, while the figure for the 3DMark 03 has been of 233,433 points, with a four-way SLI graphics cards GeForce GTX580 using four rails, all powered by the great Antec HCP-1200 and in the hands of Nick Shih, currently the most important expert acceleration of the world.

History Vault automatic backup of Windows 8

Windows 8 has entered a new phase: an alpha version was made available to large customers through Microsoft Connect. Since leaks are proliferating. The latest shows a feature whose appearance will probably smile users of Mac OS X: History Vault, an automatic backup system. Seizure published by cnbeta.

com (the cons) does not give many details on the operation of History Vault, but grows still find two modes of operation. If no external drive or network volume is connected, History Vault make backups of your "important files". If an external volume is accessible, History Vault will back up the entire internal drive.

A small ISP WoW instead of P2P

Interesting misadventure in Canada in recent months, ISPs Internet filtering to limit the effects of P2P, but sometimes there are collateral damage. The reason is simple: the country is sparsely populated and the lines are significantly less profitable than in a densely populated country. Specifically, the flow of data has a cost, that cost the ISP can (will) not affect the services that consume bandwidth, which implies to curb users.

SSD USB 3.0 "shock"

Transcend offers a new amazing product: a shockproof SSD. The SSD is a SSD18C3 external interfaces with USB 3.0, which is installed in a housing intended to withstand shocks. It is an amazing new in the sense that SSDs contain no mechanical parts and therefore resistant to the basic shock and vibration nuisance.

If Transcend SSD had placed in a shell of metal or plastic classic, the result would have been the same. For the rest, the company said that the DSS can achieve 260 MB / s read once interfaced with USB 3.0 and it is obviously compatible with USB 2.0. Not stated capacity, or price. But when we know the SSD market, we know that capacity is necessarily limited to a maximum of 512 GB and the price very high.

Internet Explorer 9 increases autonomy

In reading the latest study published by Microsoft to promote IE9, one can not help but smile thinking back to the advertisements of Intel Pentium 4 with accelerated Internet. According to Microsoft, in fact, Internet Explorer 9 can extend the range of a laptop. This contention is not out of nowhere Microsoft was careful to make a detailed study.

The company has used a sophisticated test bench capable of giving individual consumption of each component, and even that of separating the "uncore" processor. Incidentally, we would love to have access to such material to the editor. With this great tool, Microsoft has measured the energy consumption of a laptop on Intel Calpella in 5 distinct scenarios: off browser, browser open on a blank page (about: blank) browser open to 'one of biggest news sites in the world ", and browser open on Galactic and Fisher tests.

Nokia against Apple hounds

Nokia recently put a new complaint in court saying that Apple violates 7 patents over bringing the total to 46 disputed technology. This news comes shortly after the opinion of a judge of the ITC (the U.S. responsible for regulating international trade) which clearly felt that Cupertino had not violated the Finnish technology, but no legal decision does will be taken before the summer Patents added focus on the creation of multitasking systems, data synchronization, positioning, and even the use of Bluetooth accessories.

Kingston SSDNow V100: Updated to fix the memory problem BIO

Kingston discover a problem with your disks SSDNow V100, the data show that a small percentage of them has a memory error and fail BIO startup. The problem encountered by Kingston can cause a disk failure, from the brand say they only found a small percentage of units, but urgently recommends that you apply the update program for disk V100, to prevent possible errors.

Kingston recommends that you back up all data to avoid possible losses before applying the update, which can be downloaded completely free from the link below. V100 firmware update can also contact the customer service on the number: 902 February 20, 1951. The Part Numebers affected are as follows.

The Radeon HD 6790 from Sapphire is unveiled

Expected for April 5 next year, but already present in the new Catalyst 4.11 drivers Preview AMD, the Radeon HD 6790 starts to emerge on the canvas. Some pictures of the future model of Sapphire and come to be published. It reveals a graphics card using a priori a cooling dual-slot owner and equipped with DVI (x2), HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2.

An embedded graphics chipset Barts THE clocked at 840 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a 256-bit bus, the Radeon HD 6790 has two power connectors PCI-Express 6-pin and a TDP of 150 watts . CrossFireX compatible, this graphics card has unfortunately not yet the price ...

The Xen hypervisor goes into version 4.1

After 11 months of development and nearly 1900 amendments, the Xen hypervisor is now available in final version 4.1. Xen is a free software as a reminder of (para) virtualization to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine, each guest OS with access to host resources. Supports configurations with more than 255 processors - organized into "pools" - and memory pages 1 GB / 2 MB, this new version also has a scheduler next generation (credit2) improving performance with low overhead operations latency operations such as audio or network.

22 strangest keyboards

There is a wide choice of keyboard on the market, between 20 and 20 000 euros. Here is a selection of what has been done more recently in the original material. Their motto? Please or displease, but not indifferent!

Chrome OS come out in June

Google is preparing the launch of the first OS for netbooks Chrome June Chromium OS versions may also be downloaded from the publisher's site and installed on any machine. Acer and Samsung should be the first out of compatible models, followed by Sony. Inaugurating the machines operating system should be priced between $ 250 and $ 600 depending on configuration.

3G options will be at the rendezvous. Chrome OS systems will have a technical service further than those who board the free version. The latest security updates and optimizations should first be published on Chrome OS before deployment Chromium OS.