Thursday, February 24, 2011

Samsung NC210: still in the Atom 10.1 "

Samsung just announced the arrival of a netbook - yet - with a 10.1-inch screen (1024 x 600 pixels) and a platform based on Atom. Very original, so. NC210 baptized, this model embeds so a dual-core N550 clocked at 1.5GHz, with 1GB of DDR3 memory, a 250GB hard drive and integrated graphics GMA 3150. There are also 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controllers, audio, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0, a memory card reader 4-in-1, two integrated speakers of 1.5 W and a webcam.

Partner Offers: Backup & Recovery 10: Backup full version for free!

With "Backup & Recovery 10" loses its terror, a system crash. The software saves the entire system to a domestic or external drive. You determine whether the backups are performed at regular intervals automatically or manually. If necessary, you burn a recovery CD with which you start your PC in an emergency.

If you give up now with the partners of deal united (including Neckermann, Otto and MyToys) an order with a value of 30 euros to get the full version of "Backup & Recovery 10" in the value of 29.95 € for free. To redeem the offer, you must register at one time and free deal united.

Charger for AA and AAA cells: Eco Battery Charger charges disposable batteries again

The device is clear, according to the supplier of alkaline, NiMH and NiCd disposable batteries, which do not exceed 2700 milliamperes. The Eco Battery Charger activates the chemicals, which are located in the battery and thereby provides the electrical power restored. can also recharge batteries. Microchips to monitor the charging process to prevent overheating and overcharging.

Partner Offers: Oscar Special: PC games from the film business at special prices

When on 27 February 2011, Oscars are awarded, is a winner for sure: you. For Gamesplanet you make offers that you can hardly refuse: Six PC games that are associated with movies, you can purchase up to 50 percent savings. Access on 28 February 2011 the offer ends. The titles include: In the "Game of the Year" edition, the download game four additional cards to play through.

. Save 50 percent on the retail price "Avatar" tops the hit list of the most successful motion picture in film history - and anchored the topic 3D lasting in the minds of the audience. The title is the official game of the movie. Save when you purchase 50 percent compared to the retail price.

Windows 7 Phone: MAJ over Samsung

As you may know, Windows 7 Phone is - as iOS when he was not called iOS - pretty chick feature. And to prepare an update bringing the "copy / paste", Microsoft has proposed a first update on Monday. And the latter, owners of Samsung phones no longer access ... Indeed, some users of the Samsung Omnia 7 have failed to apply this update, the smartphone still stuck on one step in the update.

And since Microsoft does a priori not find the source of the problem, users of Samsung models can not receive the update. Note that as in IOS, and unlike Android, the update is done from a computer. Hopefully Microsoft is causing the problem quickly, which should be possible given the standardization of components in Windows smartphones Phone 7.

Sony VAIO C of all colors

C VAIO series is back at Sony. Based on the Huron River new platform from Intel, these laptops are equipped with a 14-inch screen (1366 x 678 pixels) with LED backlighting and are available in five different colors: white, black, orange, pink or green. Technical side, there is a dual-core processor Core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz, up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory, a hard disk with a maximum capacity of 320 GB, Radeon HD 6470M and a CD burner DVD.

He made his debut today of Intel technology Thunderbolt

Intel today announced the availability of Thunderbolt, a new technology for high-speed connection to PC over a single cable that combines high-speed data transfer and display HD (high definition). Operating at 10 Gbps, the Thunderbolt is technology that can transfer an entire HD movie in less than 30 seconds.

This technology developed by Intel is on the market thanks to a technical collaboration with Apple, and is available for the first time in the new line of MacBook Pro notebook computer vision technology behind the Thunderbolt (formerly known as queuing "Light Peak" ) is to transfer media content faster, easier connections between devices and to create new ways to build and use the PC.

AOC unveils three new LCD monitors LED Series Black Aire

The manufacturer of computer monitors AOC, announced the availability of three new LCD displays that are part of the series Aire Black. The LED panel has a thickness of just 13mm and has a function + Screen Feature that allows you to divide the area of the monitor in four separate functional areas. The three models are available with LED Black Aire 20-inch diagonal (e2043Fk), 22 inches (e2243Fwk) and 23 inches (e2343Fk).

QPAD 5K analyzed in detail

Apple, shareholders rejected a plan for succession

Yesterday was held at the headquarters in Cupertino, the annual meeting of shareholders of Apple. Clearly the event was not involved in Steve Jobs, on temporary leave for health reasons. In place of the historic Apple's CEO, the meeting was chaired by Tim Cook. During the meeting one of the most important themes was that of a possible succession plan for Steve Jobs, when the CEO decides to retire permanently from office management.

Android 2.3, sAMOLED Display: Samsung Nexus S: Google smartphone available from March

A one gigahertz faster "Cortex A8 processor drives the Nexus S, which has 16 gigabytes of data storage. Two cameras are on board: On the back of a five-megapixel model with video recording capability (resolution: 720x480 pixels), auto focus and flash, front a webcam with VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) for video telephony.

Installed are a headphone jack, microphone with background noise filter and a rechargeable battery with up to 6.7 hours of talk time in UMTS mode. The Nexus S take over HSPA connection to the Internet, wireless-n and Bluetooth are available. The built-in NFC chip enables the retrieval of information or the log-in systems by holding the device against a corresponding sensor.

Apple, developer preview of Mac OS X Lion

Apple has released a preview for developers of Mac OS X Lion, adopting some of the best ideas introduced by iPad and supplements on the eighth version of the Mac operating system. Lion has Mission Control, a new feature that gives an overview of everything that happens on the Mac, Launchpad, which gives instant access to all new app for Mac and Multi-Touch gestures.

Lion also includes Mac App Store, a great place to find, install and update automatically the preview of Mac applications Lion is available for members of the program on Mac Developer Program Mac App Store. The final version of Lion it will be available from next summer. Mission Control is a function that combines Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces, and app in full screen in a view of every app and every window open on a Mac with a simple gesture, the desk will zoom to show all open windows grouped by app , thumbnails of the full-screen applications and Dashboard, and with one click you can switch instantly from one point to another Mac with a simple click, Launchpad show all Mac applications in a layout in full screen, by where you can open, sort and organize them into folders.

Thunderbolt: 10 Gbit / s, 10 W, Light Peak

Apple has launched the first devices Light Peak, which is the trade name Thunderbolt. Pending the announcement of Intel tonight, some information is available: Thunderbolt is simplifying a PCI-Express four lines, all in a single cable. The advertised bandwidth is 10 Gbit / s, with a priori 1 GB / s maximum practice, PCI-Express requires.

Thunderbolt is actually using the 4x PCI-Express and DisplayPort protocol encapsulated in the Light Peak, with a Mini DisplayPort jack for connection itself. Technically, so connector is "universal" in the sense that it's PCI-Express which is transported. The standard is available in recent years, it is simple enough to offer adapters to Thunderbolt USB 3.0, Ethernet, FireWire, SATA, or any other technology as the chip controllers accept the PCI Express input.

Symbian interface on Nokia N8

A new user interface for the Symbian operating system should soon be made available to smaprthpone Nokia, according to reported MyNokiaBlog. The information emerging from some pictures taken at a press conference in China where we see the top model on the N8 which runs the new software. The interface will probably be available for all existing devices compatible with Symbian 3 ^ and will include a new homescreen where information on the battery, network signal and will be moved to a small bar at the top to save space.

Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Battlefield 3: Contents of the Limited Edition

The limited edition of "Battlefield 3" is the paid expansion "Back to Karkand" at. This is good, especially old series Friends: The package includes four cards (including Karkand) from the previous "Battlefield 2", polished and adapted to fresh graphics routine called Frostbite 2.0, and their vehicle sets.

In addition to the package are some of the veteran shooting iron from the second part of the shooter series. "Call of Duty 3" also introduces a solo campaign. The request to proceed cooperatively with your friends. For the online mode, the developers promise the return of well-known series of virtues: How to make uncertain about fighter jets in the airspace or pounce on the PC in multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.

Action game for Xbox 360: Gears of War 3: Microsoft calls Release Date

"Gears of War 3" in it's not just against the Locust. Humanity has to grapple with a new threat: the Lambent - a mutated form of the aliens. Up to four players were raised in co-op the campaign of "Gears of War 3". Manufacturer Microsoft now calls the release date for the third part of the Xbox 360 exclusive action saga: On 20 September 2011 is the title of developer Epic Games on the shelves - but not in Germany.

Action game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Dead Space 2: Add-on comes in March

Who played the two "Dead Space" parts to the end of Isaac Clarke's shoulder looks good even in his dreams. For hours you trudge through so closely with the engineering courses that claustrophobic anxiety attack you. And you hang Isaac Clarke is always in the neck with the camera. The first extension to 'Dead Space 2 "provides at least some variation in perspective: In" Severed "look over the shoulder of the" Dead Space - Extraction "protagonists gift Weller, who wants to bring himself and his partner Lexine Murdoch to safety.

Apple Mac OS X speaks Lion

Apple now offers a "Developer Preview" in Mac OS X Lion - it should be noted - not named by a number in the press release: no trace of Mac OS X "10.7". In this new version, available to developers via the Mac App Store, there is a new client for email (Mail 5) which approximates that of the iPad and supports Exchange 2010.

Mac OS X Lion features Time Machine directly into the system to automatically back up your documents and offer different versions of them permanently. The operation looks the same as Time Machine, but on the internal disk: each document is saved automatically launch at the beginning and every hour, with the possibility to go back permanently.

An antenna that receives and transmits both

Researchers at Stanford University have designed an antenna capable of transmitting while receiving another signal, without needing to change frequency and without risk of interference. You can experience it yourself. If you have two wireless microphones and you plug them on the same frequency, you hear nothing.

The signals interfere with the receiver that picks up your voice more. This problem is present everywhere, from cell phones that have a different mode of operation and using an expensive parade. Thus, your Wi-Fi router can not transmit a signal and receive the card network at the same time.

Wikileaks founders under pressure: Court Decides: Julian Assange may be extradited

Julian Assange appeared on 24 February before a British court. In front of the building in London, followers gathered by Assange and showed "free Let Julian Assange and Bradley Manning" banners reading. The U.S. soldier Manning should have Wikileaks leaked secret documents about the war in Iraq and is currently waiting in a military prison in the U.S.

state of Virginia for his trial. The Swedish prosecutor wants the 39-year-old accused of rape Assange to ask two women and has an international arrest warrant sought against him. Assange denied the allegations. The U.S. Department of Justice is currently examining how it can act against Wikileaks and Assange because of the numerous publications on the part of secret documents.

Service Pack 1, all available patches developed for Windows 7

Yesterday, Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. In practice, this new package contains all the patches for Windows 7 that Microsoft developed and released so far. Service Pack 1 also introduces some new features too. The first is the presence in the updating of an updated version of "Remote Desktop Connection", plus a series of enhancements for audio and HDMI for viewing XPS documents.

Action game for Playstation 3: The Last Guardian: Fresh dates for the PS3 exclusive titles

With "Ico" (2001) and "Shadow of the Colossus" (2005) gave Team Ico two critically acclaimed titles for the PlayStation 2. The adventure games showed both exceptional optics and a variety of creative ideas. With "The Last Guardian" (working title: "") werkelt the development studio currently working on a new exclusive title for the Playstation 3 The game is about the friendship between a boy and a large feathered creature.

P and n transistors etched onto plastic

Anis Daami, a French scientist working at the CEA in Grenoble has outlined a method of printing transistors on plastic. This process allows more transistors to burn p-type or n, contrary to the processor and the DRAM in which we talk about our current research: the processor is plastic that employ only p-type transistors Mr.

Daami showed a series of chips on a sheet of plastic 380 x 320 mm etched by laser ablation. Very roughly, it uses a pulsed laser to remove material and burn the desired patterns. The chips were on display channels 20 microns wide, but the scientist says it is possible to increase the sharpness.

Power webcam surveillance camera: Software Tip of the Day: iSpy

The freeware "iSpy" transformed into a Webcam and microphone surveillance. Movement or sound records the program and save it as Flash files. Register the software anything suspicious, you receive an e-mail or SMS. iSpy is network-enabled access to the records is available from multiple PCs.

RAM that is not volatile

One of the historical problems of the RAM is that it is volatile. The basic operation of the memory means in effect it must be supplied to keep the data. If in a classical computer it is not a real problem in the sense that the data is rarely critical, and a power outage - so boring it may be - is not going to lose millions, it's more annoying in servers.

Currently working with inverters and batteries to keep the memory powered up, but there are other solutions. One of them is NVDIMM. This technology makes torque RAM standard (here, the DDR3-1333) with flash memory. The idea of SMART is to protect society - in case of power failure - the data in flash memory.

Exceleram announces the availability of 3 new pieces of the EP-Series

Exceleram has announced the availability of 3 new kits of RAM of the EP-Series range, expanding its product range. "The EP-Series includes memory kits based on speed of 1333 Mhz, but sinks to allow overclockers to have fun with them." Steffen said Eisensten, Product Manager Exceleram. The three new models are the same characteristics: modules of 2 Gb (1x2Gb, 2x2GB and 3 x 2 GB) with CL9 1333MHz speed.

TDJ: Ozone Gaming Backpack

Our fellow Cowcotland just put online a test of Gaming BackPack Ozone, a backpack designed for gamers on the go. Quality of materials, finishes, design or strength of the pack: the Gaming BackPack will he convince the aficionado of LAN-party and single mobile user?

Emerson expands its range of Liebert UPS GXT3

Emerson Network Power has announced the expansion of the range Liebert GXT3. With the availability of solutions from 5 to 10 KVA, the number of double conversion online UPS is enhanced because of new sizes that allow IT managers to increase the computing power contained in increasingly smaller spaces.

Installed in rack or tower configuration, the new Liebert UPS GXT3 have an adjustable LED display that can adapt to every installation mode. They are also equipped with hot swappable internal batteries that provide about 3 minutes of runtime at full load and backup times greater in normal load conditions.

The Light Peak of Apple would be called Thunderbolt

On the eve of the 56th anniversary of Steve Jobs, runaway rumors about new Apple enunciate tomorrow. Two sources, however, released this morning the same information, supported by photos. Can be considered relatively reliable information. According to them, although Apple would introduce its new MacBook Pro a new port at high speed, called Thunderbolt (lightning).

These new MacBooks would be unveiled tomorrow. Incidentally, Intel held a press conference tomorrow also to unveil its technology Light Peak. Thunderbolt would be chosen by the trade name Apple Light Peak, a bit like the Firewire was once the IEEE 1394. The port Thunderbolt take the form of mini DisplayPort port already present on the Apple laptops.

March 2: Apple iPad will unveil two. Novelty for iPhone and MacBook

We are pursuing various items that pose serious doubts on the possibility that Apple will unveil the iPad second on his next event on March 2. The sources suggest that the Cupertino company is experiencing production problems that would take her to decide to upgrade a semi with a device that could be called "iPad 1.5".

The rumors are definitely to be taken with the tongs as a possible upgrade of the iPad is something very complicated since the production of these has now been stopped. In addition, as Apple sets a date for ad usually has the product already for several weeks and is ready to enter the market in real time just as tight.

Sony unveils range of OLED display

The new models of Sony's OLED monitor BVM-E, 25 "and 17", incorporating functions of image processing, developed to provide digital production professionals a practical alternative to CRT monitors in critical evaluation of the images. The new monitor, the BVM-E250 25-inch BVM-E170 and 17 "include a variety of features designed specifically for professional monitoring master.

The BVM-E offer a resolution Full HD OLED panel driver with 10-bit and use a new processing circuit for the professional display developed by Sony. Oled The processor is designed to maximize the performance of a master monitor, with shades of deep black levels and high dynamic range, moving images without blurring, and wide gamut for a natural image reproduction.

Organic processors

Scientists have presented the first processor and DRAM built on organic substrates. The results were announced at the International Solid State Circuits Conference. The microprocessor had a core capable of 8-bit address only six instructions per second. It integrates three programmable registers 3381 and p-type transistors It has 30 pins and consumes 92 W at 10 V.

We not talking about the latest Bulldozers AMD Intel or Sandy Bridge, but we must put things in perspective. At the time Intel was experimenting with silicon processors, the Intel 4004 was a 4-bit CPU with 16 pins including only 2300-type transistors per There was still much more efficient since it could handle 92,000 instructions per second.

Polk Audio Blackstone TL350: 5.0 audiophile audio kit

It will be available from the month of March the new kit TL350 Blackstone Audio Polk Audio 5.0 that the manufacturer had its world premiere at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The system includes the satellites and center channel TL3 TL3c designed to meet the needs of audiophiles by using the best components and a reinforced metal box (eliminates all resonances).

The speakers feature a tweeter "ring radiator" by 1.9 cm Lens Time loaded on the principle that allows a perfect fit with the time-woofer 8 cm. This tweeter is the same as that used in the range Polk Audio LSi and LCi and provides a cutoff frequency very high, amounting to about 30 kHz.

Action game for PC, PS3, Xbox 360: Red Faction - Armageddon: Appointment Update

Destructive orgy with tradition: Since 2002, players travel in the "Red Faction" titles to Mars and place it with powerful weapons in ruins. The demolierbare environment is the hallmark of the series. The proven concept remains true to the fourth branch. With some restrictions. Compared to the previous Red Faction - Guerilla "is" Armageddon "on smaller areas, which deal with them in your battles.