Sunday, May 15, 2011

No USB dongle for wireless mouse HP

The manufacturer HP has unveiled its Wireless Mobile Mouse, a wireless mouse to operate without requiring a USB adapter, provided that the PC when it has to be connected to a WiFi controller. For it is indeed a WiFi connection that uses the mouse to "dialogue" with the computer. Ambidextrous, the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse boasts a range of up to 10 meters.

It has five programmable buttons, a wheel 4-way and a laser sensor with a resolution of 1600 DPI. Its battery displays for its autonomy up to 9 months. Expected for the month of June, this mouse WiFi should be offered at a price of 50 dollars. Remains whether reliability will be at the rendezvous ...

Silverstone is available from the box and formats ML-03 Slim

Silverstone already has its new slim box format, it is the model ML-03 which is chiefly aimed at computer games, Don has two USB3.0 ports on the front with good cooling capacity. The new cajaML03 is ideal for use in computer games because if small size, 105mm high, 340mm deep and 400mm wide, all under the 3kg weight it offers.

Despite its size, the new ML-03 can hold up to three hard drives 3.5 "or five HDD / SSD 2.5", by designing the covers of the discs that allow mounting of any size without adapters. In the cooling section, the ML-03 has four 80mm fans so that users will have a very quiet with low power components.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560: New card on May 17

Nvidia confirmed the launch of a new graphics card for the May 17, the GTX 560. Here we show the specifications and 2 models are already available. Three and a half months after the launch of the GTX 560 Ti, Nvidia announced the release of her younger sister, the GTX 560. Its performance puts it between the GTX 460 and GTX 560 Ti, no wonder when you consider your specifications, structurally as a GTX 460 (Core GF104) but with frequency Ti GTX 560 (Core GF114, GF104 evolution): - GTX 460: 336 shaders, 56 texture filtering units, 256bit memory bus, 1GB GDDR5, frequencies 675, 1350 and 3600MHz (core, shader and memory).

The Sunday Quiz (S02E07)

And here's season 2 of our quizzes Sunday, after 10 episodes in Season 1. The goal is to try to guess what is the image (yes, nothing changes). You have 24 hours to find the right answer, and another shot - easier - will then be posted on the Facebook page of Tom's Hardware. At the end of the season, we offer a small gift.

The scale? 2 points for the first who answers correctly in comments, 1 point for others. Important point is to avoid "spoilers" place your response between the following tags. [# Ffffff] Your answer [/ # ffffff]. The answer is written in white, which will avoid seeing the responses of other competitors "unintentionally." The comments give an answer without being placed in these tags will be ignored.

Gigabyte presents its new Z68 series motherboards with MSAT

Gigabyte announced a new series of motherboards equipped with the Z68 Intel Express chipset includes the MSAT system and the role Touch Bios. Features GigaByte Series Z68. This new series includes the revolutionary feature that permitenavegar Bios Touch through the Bios to change the system configuration, can be a very cumbersome task for users unfamiliar with the function keys without using the mouse.