Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roadmap: The Ivy Bridge Intel released in April 2012

Sweclockers our colleagues got their hands on what looks like a roadmap of Intel built in week 13 is the end of March. It details the planning of testing and launch of the processors Ivy Bridge. One hand it confirms once again the launch window of March-April 2012. The launch of the architecture (which is a tick at Intel, an improved model and a previous architecture, by Sandy Bridge) would be with quad processors, the dual-core next few weeks.

Thermaltake presents the final liquid cooling system, Level 10 GT LCS

Thermaltake continues its tradition as the cooling liquid, releasing a variant of its famous Level 10 GT box which includes a complete water cooling system. Adding Thermaltake BigWater BigWater A80 or 760 Plus has launched this special edition GT-called Level 10 LCS. LCS GT Level 10 - The new standard liquid cooling box Thermaltake, famed for being lñider manufacturer in the PC cooling market, has created the LCS Level 10 GT, a version of its famous Level 10 GT box but specialized in refrigeration liquid.

MSI presents its new laptop GE620DX

MSI already has its new laptop called GE620DX, has a Core i7 quad core 2630QM main feature. In addition to mounting a Core i7 2630QM, the new MSI GE620DX also incorporates a Nvidia GT555M with 2GB of memory and support for DirectX 11, PhysX, and Optimus. The screen is 15.6 inches in size at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with LED backlighting.

You can also ride a maximum of 8GB of DDR3 RAM. As for their storage capacity from 300GB will, 500GB and 750GB 5,400 rpm hard drives and 7,200 RPM. A party has a webcam with 720p resolution, USB 3.0 and HDMI output.

Steve Jobs liquid as Uncle Sam: Apple richer than U.S. government

The U.S. newspaper reports that Apple currently has more money than the government of the United States of America. While Republicans and Democrats are embroiled in conflicts that manages its land to the state bankruptcy: should the two governing parties can not agree by then to an increase in the debt ceiling.

On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury announced that the country was still 73.8 billion U.S. dollars available has been reached, until the bankruptcy. has according to its cash reserves over the amount of 75.9 billion U.S. dollars: That would be two billion more. Actually, these numbers are obviously not directly comparable because they quantify different issues.

IBM creates a laboratory for the cloud

IBM has announced that it would create a Services Innovation Lab (SIL), a laboratory comprising two hundred experts of the company focus on developing solutions for testing and maintenance, among others, the clouds of company. The SIL is an extension of the division that is responsible for research and development of software and services.

IBM is clear that the primary purpose of its new lab will be to create software that will be resold to its customers. Specifically, the SIL will work to develop new services and cloud systems to easily move information and systems of a society in such infrastructure. IBM will also work to develop a dashboard to facilitate monitoring and network management.

Android 3.2 from August 2 sull'Asus Eee Transformer Pad

ASUS has just announced that within days will be provided the expected update of the Google Android operating system to version 3.2 for the Eee Pad Transformer. The update will be free, mode FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) for all samples already on the market, while the new version of Android will be pre-installed on devices next marketing.

Among the major differences from previous versions, two are of particular interest to users of the tablet ASUS Smart Zoom, which lets you view full screen the more than 250 000 applications already available and developed natively for the full and Android smartphone support multitouch capabilities of the touch pad integrated into the docking station, which can then be used in exactly the same way as the pad.

ASUS Series ProArte PA238Q, new high quality IPS monitor

ASUS has just released a new monitor, IPS PA238Q, designed to delight the needs of graphic designers and other professionals who need exceptional image quality. It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, playing 100% of the RGB color space and is factory calibrated to ensure an overall accuracy of color.

The PA238Q comes with the unique Virtual Scale QuickFit program makes it possible to display images and documents in real size. It has a strong base that allows very precise adjustment of the position of the screen and a 90 degree turn to see images vertically. Includes HDMI port, DisplayPort, DVI-D and multiple USB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012: Konami announces launch date

The preparation enters its final phase, the makers of wind still from the last transfer. Konami now airs in a press release the start date: The soccer simulation, "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" appears on 29 September 2011 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 So goes "PES" one day before rival "FIFA" at the start of what promises more explosive.

Konami and the competitor is well prepared for the duel. Screw the developers in many areas of the game mechanics and cars, larger changes, like the show in "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012".

The full 2.5-inch RAID at OWC

OWC manufacturer has added a number of models of mini external drives "RAID" in its range Mercury Elite Pro Dual. Displaying the dimensions of 144 x 154 x 28 mm, these compact external storage solutions boarded two hard drives - SSD or two - to 2.5-inches. Five new models are thus emerging: a version comprising two 640 GB hard drives of 320 GB (5400 rpm, 16MB cache) proposed at 159.99 dollars, a 1 TB version (two HDD 500 GB, 5400 rpm per minute, 16 MB cache) to 189.99 dollars, a version with two 240 GB SSD Mercury Electra 120 GB 6G (519.99 dollars), a 480 GB version (two 240 GB SSD, 1049.99 dollars) and finally a 960 GB version (two 480 GB SSD) appears to 1919.99 dollars.

3DS: dates for Super Mario Land and Mario Kart 7 3D

In August 2011 lowers the price of the Nintendo handhelds 3DS by about one-third and is the first time in its history, one one. With this step, we wanted to bring his pockets console among the people, then by selling new Win retract. It is now clear that Nintendo's Mario Star plumber should provide funds for ringing: The Japanese group, announces "Super Mario 3D Land" for November and "Mario Kart 7" for December 2011.

Mega-Zoom Camera: Olympus SP-810UZ with 36x zoom

The well-equipped digital camera provides a maximum of 14. The video resolution is 1.280x720 pixels (720p), so can adorn themselves with the predicate's definition. The display of the SP-810UZ has a diagonal line of three inches (7.6 centimeters) and has 230,000 pixels - swivel is not. The 810UZ has 36-times optical zoom and a focal length of 24-864 mm.

On board an SD card slot (SDHC compatible and SDXC) is. The Olympus has an HDMI interface to bring your photos to a flat-screen TVs. Via USB port, you can recharge the camera. A flash is built into the camera body. The SP-810UZ is equipped with several automatic functions: Sun-exist with a face detection and Shadow Adjustment a pet identification.