Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mobile Phone News: Samsung slider phone C3750

This is a quad-band phone that lets you make calls abroad without any problems. The nearly 90-ounce phone has a 2.4 inch screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels, an FM radio, Bluetooth, a media player and a 3.2-megapixel camera. The 37-megabyte internal memory rather puny sized drill via microSD card up to another 16 gigabytes.

On board are headphone jack and speakerphone. Outstanding features can not account for. Thus, the cell phone into the great number of unspectacular entry-level mobile phones, which are primarily for voice communication, because of the lack of UMTS connection is however hard to Internet-ready.

Exclusive: MSI N580GTX-specific Lightning Xtreme Edition

Just this morning we showed you the first pictures of MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition. Now we have also the technical specifications of the card that the manufacturer will debut at Computex in Taipei next expected later this month. Specifications: Marketing Name: N580GTX Lightning Xtreme EditionModel Name: V256GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580Codename: GF110CUDA Cores: 512 UnitsCore Clock: 832 MHzShader Clock: Clock MHzMemory 1747: 4200 MHzMemory Size: 3GB GDDR5Memory Bus: 384 bitsOutput: DisplayPort to HDMI / DVI * 2TDP: 260 WCard Dimension: 305x127x45mm The card uses a heat sink with the dust removal technology to maintain performance at peak cooling, then provides the Smart Temp Sensor technology that dynamically changes color from blue to white fans to indicate the operating temperatures.

HTC Puccini: Getting info on the new Android-Tablet PC

According to IT-blog "911HTC" has the HTC Puccini a ten-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. The built-Qualcomm processor runs at 1.5 gigahertz. The operating system is at least optimized for Tablet PCs "Android 3.0 installed; 911HTC assumes that the Puccini already replaced with Android 3.0.1.

First images of the user interface suggests that in addition to finger operation, the pen input "HTC Scribe" is possible. Further technical details of the launch and pricing are not yet known.

Dual Image Stabilization, five-fold zoom lens: Digital Camera Samsung ST93

The 17.5 mm slim camera has an image sensor with 16 megapixel resolution, a lens with five times optical zoom and 26-millimeter wide angle. For sharp and detailed images, according to Samsung provides the combined optical and digital image stabilizer. Numerous modes decrease the photographer annoying adjustments.

There is also a function for shooting panoramic images and the possibility of video in HD quality (720p) record. The Samsung ST93 is available from June 2011.

New system Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 with 16-megapixel chip

Panasonic introduces the new G3 and highlights the model in the third generation. According to the manufacturer the image quality and the operation of the compact camera is now better and more intuitive. Integrated in the casing is a 7.5 inch wide and tilting and rotating touch screen display. Advantage: a finger movement can browse through the photo album and magnify the images.

The Lumix DMC-G3 has a 16-megapixel resolution and records video in. The transfer of photos or videos to the TV is possible via the HDMI interface. If the video recordings made in turbulent environments, an integrated windscreen ensures low noise. The Panasonic G3 stands in contrast to the previous model G2 by a more compact design and now has the size of 115.2 x 83.6 x 46.7 mm.

The Sabertooth 990FX Asus Photo Gallery

Some pictures of the future Sabertooth 990FX Asus just made their appearance on the canvas. Intended for future AM3 processors Bulldozer +, this motherboard is based, as its name suggests on a chipset AMD 990FX. There is therefore a power stage 8 +2 phase, four PCI-Express x16 CrossFire but SLI compatible, four DDR3-2000 connectors, four USB 3.0 ports, eight SATA ports (including 6 SATA 6 Gbps) FireWire and eSATA connectors and controllers 7.1 audio and Gigabit Ethernet.

Invasion of GeForce GTX 560

Just officially by NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX 560 is already present in the catalog of many graphics card manufacturers. Gigabyte, Asus, PoV, Sparkle and Club 3D have announced their own models, sometimes classical, sometimes equipped with a cooling system owner or have a factory overclocking. Leadtek launches and two models: the WinFast GTX 560 which includes the frequencies of the reference model (ie 810 MHz for the GPU, 1620 MHz shader and 1002 MHz for the GDDR5 memory) and the WinFast GTX 560 OC pushing the GPU 850 MHz and shaders at 1700 MHz and has a cooler with two fans.

ROCCAT Kulo, new headphones with Virtual 7.1 sound card

The German manufacturer headset Roccat Gaming Introduces New USB Virtual 7.1 Kulo, the second version of its predecessors, Kulo Stereo, and presents as a novelty the inclusion of a USB 7.1 sound card. These new ultralight Kulo have a coupling to the ears ultralight, according to the microphone automatically mute (only raising the micro), and provides a vibrant sound with independently adjustable levels when used in conjunction with the USB 7.1 sound card included so you can listen to how they approach the enemies behind you.

A Barebone All-in-One Atom at Gigabyte

A few weeks ago, Gigabyte announced the launch of a barebones all-in-One based on a platform LGA 1155, the GB-AEBN. Today the manufacturer unveiled another Barebone All-in-One based this time on an Atom platform: GB-ACBN. Showing the dimensions of 460 x 350 x 42 mm, this all-in-One has a screen of 18.5 inches and features a dual-core Atom processor clocked at 1.8 GHz D525.

There are also two connectors DDR3-800, located 2.5 inches, a memory card reader 4-in-one and two USB 2.0 ports. 5.1 audio controller, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth complete the package. Gigabyte has unfortunately not yet provided pricing or availability date for this GB-ACBN. Given the characteristics of this AiO however, should be offered at an affordable price instead.

NVIDIA Tesla M2090: GPGPU CUDA with 512 Cores

The GeForce GTX 560 is not the only product that recently appeared in the catalog of NVIDIA. The manufacturer has indeed launched the Tesla M2090, a board dedicated to GPGPU. Based on a chipset with 512 CUDA cores and 6 GB of shipping GDDR5 memory, the M2090 can achieve a computing power of 665 GFLOPs double-precision, and until 1331 GFLOPs in single precision.

Memory bandwidth achieved for its 177 GB / s. Aimed at the professional market HPC (High Performance Computing), this card has not yet GPGPU price, but you can logically expect that it is up to the performance of the M2090 ...

The European Commission focuses on the Cloud

What is the best strategy for developing cloud computing in Europe? To determine this, the European Commission launches public consultation until the end of August. Cloud computing raises many questions regarding resiliency services, data protection, legal and technical responsibilities, or environment.

To answer this question and define common frameworks, the European Commission launched until August 31 a public consultation, including developers and users of the Cloud. "The purpose of this survey is to obtain formal advice on the needs, challenges and opportunities for using and providing IT services in the cloud (cloud)," said the European Commission through the voice of Neelie Kroes, vice President of the Commission responsible for digital strategy.

Arowana makes SSDs Indilinx 5x Faster

OCZ Indilinx owner since the beginning of the year, announced a breakthrough technology. Flash Translation Layer Arowana named, it would multiply by 5 performance SSD controller Indilinx. This technology could be added to the firmware of the controllers Indilinx existing and future. It will be a priori limited to OCZ but given "immediately" to all of cliens Indilinx.

Arowana improve performance in sequential write and random access via a technology HyperQueuing. It would also increase the lifespan of flash memory with INXtend. Finally, Ndurance improves the management of wear, the support of TRIM and functionality Garbarg Collector "companies" and make them compatible controllers with flash memory in 25 nm.

Intel Medfield smartphones launched in 2012

Intel did not just show PowerPoint presentations yesterday during its investor conference. Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president of architecture group, proudly waved a prototype smartphone Medfield shipping the Atom processor. This machine however will not be available until early 2012. Intel also wanted to show that consuming as little as Atom chips ARM competitors.

As you can see from the chart cons, according to Intel, the various tasks in Medfield is in the lower range of "competing chips" - we imagine the latest ARM dual core or quad-core. Stress however that this chart is based on estimates of consumption of Medfield. In addition, Medfield will be engraved in 32nm while the ARM competitors are etched in 40 or 45 nm.

Motherboards Llano (FM1) in ECS

While the Llano AMD should not make its appearance until a few weeks, ECS has already published the characteristics of three motherboards with chipset FM1 and intended to accommodate these future processors. These three models are of course based on a chipset Hudson D3. ATX format, the A75F-A Black Deluxe has four DDR3 slots, one PCI-Exrepss 16 and five SATA ports Gbps.

There is also an eSATA port, a 7.1 audio controller, four USB 3.0 ports and VGA, DVI and HDMI. For their part, the A75F and A75F-M-M2 Micro-ATX format. They have two (for A75F-M2) or four DDR3 slots, one PCI-Express 16x ports and six SATA 6 Gbps. Four USB 3.0 connectors are available, as well as audio controller (5.1 for A75F-M2, 7.1 for the F-A75M) and VGA, DVI (one option on the A75F-M2) and HDMI.

SSDs Lyndonville (710) Intel in July

If the V-X25, X18-M and X25-M a few weeks ago left their room for Intel 310 (Soda Creek) and Intel 510 (Elmcrest) Catalogue of Intel, the X25-E have their side not yet been replaced by upscale and still use the 5x nm SLC memory. However, Intel will launch during the third quarter of the 710 Series, or Lyndonville.

This SSD uses a SATA 3 Gbps (only) and replace the SLC flash memory by EMLC. Whereas in 2.5 inches, the Intel 710 should be available starting next July in capacities of 100, 200 or 300 GB, 400 GB but not as the previous rumors of hope left. The manufacturer should also start in July and 1.8 inch versions of the Intel 320, with capacities of 80GB, 160GB or 300GB Alas, the prices of these SSDs are not yet known.

TDJ: MSI GT 680R, Fractal Design Core 3000

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the GT 680R MSI, a laptop with a 15.6-inch screen and based on a mobile platform Sandy Bridge. We thus find a Core i7 QM 2720 clocked at 2.3 GHz, 16 GB of DDR3 memory (little excuse), two Intel SSD X25-M mounted 120 GB RAID 0, accompanied by a GTX 460M 1.5 GB memory and Blu-ray/DVD player.

Verdict? For his part, Brother 59 Hardware has just put online a test of the Core 3000 from Fractal Design, a medium size box to turn with a steel chassis and a facade combining steel and plastic ...

Samsung Introduces New Monochrome Laser Printer ML-5510 and ML-6510.

Samsung expands its catalog of monochrome laser printers with the launch of the ML-5510 and ML-6510. Samsung has designed this printer thinking of working groups of medium and large sizes, usually have an average monthly print volume of 10,000 pages and find a device to raise a productive, economic, versatile and easy to use for office .

Among its key features are its high quality printing, technology, prevention of traffic jams, the ECO button direct printing and ecological drivers capable paper handling, professional quality, thereby improving productivity. These teams are the first monochrome laser printer in A4 format have 700 MHz processors, offer high productivity and print speeds of 52 and 62 ppm respectively, and printing capability for high volume tasks, such as colorful graphics and images.

The DaaS puts the desktop into the cloud

The Future of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) goes there by the Cloud? It suggests that the primary providers like Desktone and the emergence of new tools announced yesterday by Citrix. We knew the PaaS, SaaS and IaaS ... here comes the DaaS: Desktop As A Service. For years, different players on the Net trying to offer virtual desktops in the form of business services through Web offers purely like myGoya, GlideOS, iCube, DesktopTwo, OOdesk or G.

The GTX 560 Ti with 2 GB of memory

While the GeForce GTX 560 reference embarks Ti 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, the manufacturer Point of View (or more accurately his "team" TGT) announced the launch of two GTX 560 Ti with 2 GB of memory and overclocked factory: the GeForce GTX and Ultra 560Ti 2GB Charged Charged. The model "Charged" So embeds graphics chipset running at 860 MHz (the 384 CUDA cores running on their side to 1721 MHz) and 2 GB of memory running at 1002 MHz.