Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Patent dispute: Playstation 3: Import ban for Europe!

The import of the Sony games console to Europe, first stop for ten days. In a court in The Hague issued a preliminary injunction. Now there are ten thousands laid devices in the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on the customs, such as the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported. The devices should not be first transported to their European destination countries.

Sony and LG to throw each other of patent infringement. LG convened in The Hague to the European Patent Office filed a complaint against the Playstation 3 LG accuses Sony of infringing several patents in the PS3 the Blu-ray technology. A ten day long halt in supplies would be the Playstation 3 does not completely disappear from the market, with individual stores for a lack of supply could lead to additional constraints.

Galaxy Tab Samsung 8.9 inch too?

Samsung expected to unveil a new model referred to as tablet Galaxy Tab 8.9. The solution, as suggested by the same name, will position itself between the Galaxy Tab Galaxy 7-inch and 10.1 Tab 10.1 inch through a 8.9-inch diagonal screen. At the moment we do not have further official information but it is not difficult to imagine that the new model will use the tablet operating system Android 3.0 and NVIDIA Tegra platform 2.

Create your custom RAM kit with Exceleram

Exceleram has announced that from today you can customize the kits of memory, choosing the color and want to put the heatsink. "Since we now offer custom kits Exceleram memory. All customers have their own desires and preferences, and we are listening and responding to these desires now more than ever.

The user can make the memory kit of your dreams by selecting the memory, the heat sink (heatsinks may even be different within the same kit), color and packaging, as anyone would like to do when buying a car, for example " Torsten said Düker .- CEO Exceleram. There are many new colors that are in the process.

CeBIT 2011: TP-Link: Power-saving Powerline Adapter

Unlike conventional power adapters cause the instrument not the used socket. The plug contact on the back of the TL-PA251 provides access to the grid for other electrical devices. The adapter is not in operation on the intelligent power saving from him - TP-Link promises energy savings of 75 percent compared to other power adapters.

With the TL-PA251 to reach speeds up to 200 megabits per second. The range of the adapter: a maximum of 300 meters. An integrated line filter suppresses interference signals, which can result from electrical devices in the environment. Encrypt the data stream by pressing the designated button on the side.

CeBIT 2011: Stylistic Q550: Business Tablet PC from Fujitsu

The Microsoft operating system according to the manufacturer brings the advantage that the Q550 is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of a company. To install, for example, existing software licenses (such as "Microsoft Office") on the Tablet PC. This in operational use are no additional costs for program acquisitions.

The device is a ten-inch display with 1280x800 resolution and has an "Atom" processor from Intel (also comes in netbooks used) The graphic is implemented by the integrated GMA 600 chipset, also from Intel. The internal SSD memory has depending on the version 30 or 62 and is expandable with SD and SDHC cards.

CeBIT 2011: Flyer HTC: Android Tablet with HTC Sense

The components of the HTC flyer stuck in an aluminum unibody enclosure (seamless milled from a block). The tablet computer weighs only 420 grams - compared with the iPad (680 grams) a lightweight. The seven-inch touch screen has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. For the 1.5 GHz speed ensures fast Qualcomm processor.

32 gigabytes of memory are installed and can be via a microSD card to extend another 32 gigabyte. For video telephony is a 1.3-megapixel Webcam is available. Photos you shoot with the integrated rear five-megapixel camera and LED flash and face detection. Facilities include HSPA +, WLAN-n, a GPS module and a Flash-enabled browser.

Disk Check: Software Tip of the Day: Ashampoo HDD Control

The application provides detailed information on your hard drive (such as serial number, memory, firmware, and temperature). A fully automatic defragmentation and a benchmark function are on board. Ashampoo HDD Control removes temporary files and redundant backup, Internet tracks, including the history list of your browser, the software also eliminated.

Memory Kingston HyperX T1 Black, up to 24GB in triple-channel

Kingston has announced the new HyperX DDR3 memory kits designed to work with T1 Black Intel Core i7 Socket LGA-1366 X58 platform. Specifically, the manufacturer stresses the American ideal in combination with the top of the range Core i7 CPU-990X and the prestigious platform of Gigabyte G1-Killer. In the 24GB variant (signed KHX1600C9D3T1BK6/24GX) T1 Black HyperX kit uses 6 4GB modules, but is also available with a total capacity of 12GB (KHX1600C9D3T1BK3/12GX, 3 4GB modules) and 6GB (KHX1600C9D3T1BK3/6GX, 3 modules 2GB).

[CeBIT] ASUS REX3 Black Edition: beautiful, expensive and equipped

Asus showed at CeBIT the latest evolution of the Rampage Extreme III, end enthusiast motherboard based on X58 chipset and dedicated to fans of gaming & overclocking. This is the Black Edition, a solution which is characterized as the name points out visually for a black color of the PCB and components.

The first thing to note is the presence of an additional PCIe card, called the Thunderbolt, which integrates both the Xonar sound chip that the processor E2100 Bigfoot Networks (LAN who does not want to use the external LAN controller can always use the Ethernet port on-board Intel , ed.) On the back, near the peripheral I / O, you have inserted a mini-card Bluetooth + WiFi 802.11n.

[CeBIT] ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI GTX580 in search of the ultimate

During the day today officially opens its doors on CeBIT 2011, this edition will feature many new and important announcements. Just the Hannover Fair is now the setting for an exciting challenge: that between Asus, Gigabyte and MSI in the field of "single-GPU video card more powerful than the planet." Asus opens the dance with the GTX580 MATRIX Platinum, a solution developed by the project starting GTX580 Direct-II and filled with new features designed specifically for enthusiasts to overclock.

A passive PSU "80Plus Gold 500W

FSP Group (Fotron), naturally present at CeBIT in Hanover, has not forgotten to make some pretty interesting news. Indeed, we discover the booth manufacturer of power supplies certified 80Plus Platinum and a Gold 80Plus model "only", but entirely passive (and therefore silent). With a power of 500W, the AT-500FL - that's his name - has a single +12 V rail power connectors and four PCI-Express.

TDJ: A-Data SSD S599

Our fellow Cowcotland just put online a test of A-Data S599, a 2.5-inch SSD embedding a controller SandForce SF-1222 and using NAND flash memory chips etched into 34 nm MLC (Intel / Micron ). With a 3 Gbps SATA interface, the S599 is theoretically capable of reaching speeds of around 280 MB / s sequential read and 270 MB / s write.


HIS 6870 IceQ Turbo X X, the fastest on the market HD6870

HIS today announced the most powerful video card based on the core Barts XT. We refer to X HIS 6870 IceQ Turbo X, a model that differs from AMD's HD 6870 reference to the use of a cooling system more efficient and clock frequencies particularly daring. The GPU has been increased from 900MHz to 975MHz, while the GDDR5 video memory (@ 1GB 256-bit) has increased from 4200MHz to 4600MHz.

Heat dissipation is assigned to the system IceQ X: dual-slot cooling fan center set in a generous 92mm aluminum radiator crossed by four nickel-plated copper heatpipes. According to the manufacturer in Hong Kong this solution lowers the temperature of 15 ° C and the noise level of 15 dBA compared to the stock heatsink.

OCZ unveils new SSD Vertex Vertex 3 and 3 Pro with SATA 3 interface

OCZ has unveiled its new generation of high performance SSD, SATA 3 Vertex family III, a product line that will meet the needs of both regular users and companies. Using the speed of 6 Gbps SATA III interface, this new series provides twice the speed of its predecessor. Vertex 3 is the first solution using the new processor SSD SandForce SF-2200, and raises the performance graph to 550MB / s read and 500MB / s write, with transfer rates of up to 60,000 IOPS (4K random write .) This maximizes speed performance significantly, and improves the gaming experience, multimedia, and generally speeds up the entire system.

AOC e2795Vh: a 27 "MVA

The manufacturer AOC has announced the launch of the e2795Vh, a 27-inch LCD enjoying a MVA and a system of LED backlighting. Offering a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this screen also displays a response time of 5 ms, viewing angles horizontally and vertically reaching 178 ° and a peak brightness of 300 cd / m².

A 4-port USB hub and speakers are integrated, and DVI and HDMI are available. Expected for the month of April, has not yet e2795Vh price.

AMD sulks the Thunderbolt

Advanced Micro Devices said that it saw no future in the bus Thunderbolt announced last week that Apple and Intel. It should be understood that the firm does not count in its chipsets incorporate any time soon. AMD has not participated in the development of this standard. It could still buy a license.

That is what we have already made many hard drive manufacturers including Seagate, which was also outside the project (see "Thunderbolt: hard drives in Nikon SLR) The company said however that the reasons for rejection are technological. He believes the Thunderbolt does not gain enough to justify its adoption and it reduces the bandwidth offered to the screens since the DisplayPort 1.2 can handle 17 Gb / s.

Giving a boost to the fiber optic

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated the first optical fiber in the world with a heart of zinc selenite, a semiconductor material. Scientists were able to demonstrate that such fiber could transmit a greater wavelength and had better quality photonic a conventional model. Specifically, the crystal structure of this compound can be a signal that can have a wavelength of 15 microns.

The 10 nm Intel Will he EUV?

Intel announced it had begun to define the rules of its 10 nm lithography and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) were late. According to his schedule, Intel will market the end of 2013 14 nm and 10 nm two years later. It is at this stage that the firm has abandoned immersion lithography using a laser wavelength of 193 nm to go to the EUV.

Intel hopes that within four years, the technology has matured enough to provide attractive returns without incurring exorbitant costs too. Intel explained that the sine qua non for the EUV is 10 nm is used as scanners ready for mass production of wafers available either for the second half of 2012.

LG Optimus 2X soon in Europe

The new products we found at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas, they begin to slowly even to peep into our markets. It 's the case, for example, the smartphone LG Optimus 2X NVIDIA Tegra platform based on two dual-core, which should arrive in Europe by the end of March. The LG 2X Optimus provides enough power to record and view video streams 1080p Full HD and has a 4-inch screen, 8GB of internal memory and DLNA connectivity.

Confiscated the PS3 in Europe

The European customs services were ordered to confiscate all imported PS3 for 10 days in response to legal proceedings brought against Sony by LG. LG says that Sony violates some of its patents Blu-ray and it uses its technology in the drives from the console. European judges have sided with the Korean who had seized the judge.

For now, the decision has so far no impact on sales of console. Stocks can meet about two to three weeks and nobody asked anticipates a surge in sales. Tens of thousands of consoles have been confiscated. The proceedings before the European Patent Office will now determine whether the import ban is maintained consoles or suspended after the initial period.

CUDA 4.0 celebrates the parallelism

On this first day of CeBIT, NIVIDA announced the release of a new version of its CUDA development tools optimizing parallel applications. The firm has tried to make it easier for developers to take advantage of highly parallel architecture of GPUs. The avowed aim is to encourage more publishers to go out versions of GPGPU applications.

To achieve his ends, NVIDIA initially worked on the communication between graphics processors to optimize applications running on servers or workstations by combining several. He then designed a virtual unified addressing system that gathers system memory and GPU in a single address space.

CeBIT 2011: Motorola Atrix 4G: Android smartphone becomes a Netbook

A dual-core processor, each with a gigahertz clock drives the Motorola Atrix 4G. comes as the operating system "Android 2.2" is used. Apps, download via the Android Market on the smartphone. The display is four inches tall, the resolution is 960x540 pixels. It carries a gigabyte of work and a massive 16 gigabytes of memory (the memory card to expand by up to 32 gigabytes), WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth.

Action game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Silent Hill - Down Pour: New pictures from the ghost town

The virtual town of Silent Hill has a long tradition. Which is only partially goes: The deserted village is regularly since 1999, while setting of video-game hits, but what happens there, screams - Viewed purely human - not to continue. Always the protagonist did in the ghost town of a bad trip between reality and delusion - not always with happy endings.

But publisher Konami knows no mercy and lead them the next victim to Silent Hill: convict Murphy Pendleton is released during a prisoner transport accident and finds himself back in misty forests near the horror domicile. Whether this is a nicer fate than jail a few years, you learn in the fall of 2011, when "Silent Hill - Down Pour" comes to PS3 and Xbox 360 in trade.

Action game for PS3 and Xbox 360: LA Noire: Images from the Virtual Adventure

Los Angeles in 1947: In the city of angels do not govern the heavenly hosts, but unscrupulous criminals. As an aspiring police officer, you are fighting on the streets for law and order. In clarifying the role of Cole Phelps, a highly decorated war veterans, crime on you. The cases in the game are based on real criminal cases at that time.

Especially important: accurate investigation and the interrogation of suspects. Developed for this purpose, the responsible game developer Team Bondi own technology to detect body movements and facial expressions: Motion Scan. The method makes it possible for the developers to detect lies using body language and facial expressions.