Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zalman ZM-F4: 135mm to ventilate

Zalman has announced a new model of fan housings, the ZM-F4. With a diameter of 135 mm, however, is consistent with fan sites for fans of 120 mm, much more common than those for models of 135 mm. It operates at a speed - adjustable - between 900 and 1300 revolutions per minute for noise not exceeding 26 dB (A).

The lifetime announced it reached about 50,000 hours. The manufacturer has not yet announced pricing or availability date.

A bulb wireless speaker for iPod

Sometimes we see the arrival of products bizarre improbable chimeras between several functions. And the Luminor from Scott is a product of this type. This is an LED Wi-Fi Speaker for iPod. Explain. The Luminor consists of two things: a bulb and a docking station. The bulb actually combines a loudspeaker 20 W and 85 white LEDs, all powered by an E27, fairly standard.

Wi-Fi connected to a docking station, it illuminates your interior and playing music. The dock, which can controller 8 devices, offers a socket "dock" for Apple devices (iPhone, iPod), USB input and a memory card reader to play MP3 files and a line input jack (analog) to stream music from any compatible device.

E30103A Exceleram DDR3-1600 CL6 6 GB kit, in-depth analysis.

Although some people already want to bury the LGA1366 platform, it still enjoys very good health as evidenced by the recent introduction by Intel of several new models for it. It is for this platform for which memory is addressed which today we present analysis, the Exceleram E30103A DDR3-1600 CL6 kit 6 GB.

We hope you enjoy it. E30103A Exceleram Analysis DDR3-1600 CL6 kit 6 GB.

Invasion of Sandy Bridge Mobile, Lenovo

The catalog of the manufacturer Lenovo expands and welcomes six new models of ThinkPad notebook computers equipped with Sandy Bridge processor mobile: T420, T420 and L420 (14 inches), and T520, L520 and W520 (15.6 inches). Equipped with a Core i3, i5 and i7 depending on version, these notebooks use integrated graphics processor or an additional graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD) as an option.

The storage is assigned to a standard hard drive or SSD, while the resolution of the screen can be, optionally, with 1366 x 768 or 1600 x 900 pixels for 14 inch models. The 15.6-inch versions are also available in 1920 x 1080 pixels. Gigabit Ethernet controllers and 802.11n WiFi are also included.

Premium service in the U.S.: Amazon launches free online video store

Who's users of Amazon Prime, pays $ 80 annually - and will receive all orders excluding shipping and within 48 hours. The prime customers is now also a part of the "Amazon Instant" video library. It normally provides access to more than 90,000 films, and the free channel at least a little over 5,000.

For the reception you need a PC, a TV with Internet connection or a TV set-top box or an Internet-enabled Blu-ray player. Waiting to start the free-flat with films like "Syriana," "Chariots of Fire 'and children's shows, and selected TV series.

Sapphire at CeBIT 6950 with the Flex and Fusion platforms

Sapphire will be presented at CeBIT in Hannover with many innovations, among them the Hong Kong manufacturer pioneered the Flex version of the video card Radeon HD 6950 and the new Fusion platform E350M1W Pure White. The first will introduce support for three configurations Eyefinity DVI display on a HD 6900 GPU family without having to buy separate adapters active, while the second will be one of the premier Fusion based on complete and compact mini-ITX motherboard and dual-APU Fusion core E350 (Zacate).

SP1 Windows 7 for all

As promised, and after initially made available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has released the final version of SP1 for Windows 7 (and Windows Server 2008 R2). Compatible with both 32 and 64 bit operating system, this service pack includes updates previously distributed via Windows Update since the release of the OS.

He brings so little improvement but on the other hand allows to update the system at once. Needless to say that SP1 is reserved for people with a genuine version of Windows 7 ... Anyway, for those who wish, SP1 Windows 7 can be downloaded here.

NaCl: native code in Chrome

Google offers a new way to run applications in Chrome (browser) and potentially in Chrome OS: Native Client. Proposed as the NaCl, the SDK compatible with Chrome 10 in its beta version allows to run applications built with languages lows (and powerful) as C or C + +, without going through high-level languages like Javascript.

In practice, Google reinvents say Microsoft's ActiveX. NaCl is quite limited, applications running in a reserved memory area, without access to the system (principle of the sandbox) and through APIs to communicate with the browser. The idea is to allow applications to heavy computations on the CPU without using javascript (slow) and even - eventually - to access the graphics card, the sound card, etc..

Enthusiast Corsair TX Series V2: new power line

Enthusiast Series Corsair TX V2 is the successor to the award winning power Enthusiast TX Series, which has won dozens of awards across the globe. V2 TX sources offer better energy efficiency, thanks to its 80Plus Bronze certification and comply with the directive of the European Energy Commision Related Product (ERP).

Improved energy efficiency results in lower noise than original TX, and a new design of AC-DC converter that provides better voltage regulation, which wastes less energy and makes less noise. Keeps the features of its predecessor, such as Japanese capacitors, enthusiast grade performance and a modular cable system to suit very high PC boxes and installations with multiple graphics cards.

20 accessories video game Unusual

Here are 20 unique game accessories: some are already on sale, others will be sold during the year, and some have already been lost. However, none of these accessories will not leave you indifferent.

Windows 8, the beta might be released in September

Microsoft is working on Windows 8 is beyond question. At the moment, however, are not yet clear the stages of issuing the new version of the operating system. The news appeared on the net indicate that Windows 8 might be released next year on your various devices, including mobile, in order to be able to compete with IOS and Android.

According to a roadmap published on ZDNet, the beta version of Windows 8 might be available as early as next September, perhaps at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, scheduled the very same month. At the moment it is unclear what will be the innovations that will be introduced to Windows 8.

Music from the web: Pure Flow: Digital and Internet Radio

It also provides the one flow to the access or music files from your computer or network storage, has presets for 30 digital radio stations, ten FM stations and an unlimited number of Internet radio stations. To connect an external audio player to a 3.5-millimeter jack is installed. Thanks timer function with two alarm sounds, the Pure One flow is also suitable as a radio alarm clock.

And with the timer is a handy add detail for use in the kitchen. The compact internet radio (dimensions: 15x21x8 inches) are available for 129.99 Euro. Find the right battery for operation without mains However, you must buy extra. Cost: 49.99 euros.

Role-playing game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Dragon Age 2 demo released

As game developers Bioware is reported, from 22 February 2011 a playable trial version of "Dragon Age 2" for the PC and the Xbox 360 for download. The PS3 version is sufficient for the company in brief. In the hour-long set the course of the game developers is an example from the basis of two sections from the full game: You play the start of the adventure and then switch to an order to which you encounter in the full version at a later date.

Super Talent SSD in PCIe and mini-PCIe

The manufacturer Super Talent has unveiled the CoreStore MV and MP models of SSD for notebooks, netbooks, computers, all-in-one "as well as embedded systems. Respectively in PCI Express and Mini-PCIe, the CoreStpre MV and MP are using a Marvell controller 88NV9143. Capacities range from 16 GB to 128 GB, but only models of 64 GB of memory and less benefit SLC SSD others before himself "satisfied" MLC NAND flash memory.

Access to online content: DX241H: Surf Station Monitor by Acer

By Acer as "Surf Station" designated monitor has a 24 inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (full HD). The reaction time is the manufacturer of two milliseconds. Are built-in stereo speakers, an HDMI input, one VGA port, audio ports and a memory card reader. Special features: The Acer DX241H has a network jack.

About this, connect the device to your DSL modem or home network and thus ensure the connection to the Internet - no PC required. Via USB simply slot now on keyboard and mouse. Now, turn on the monitor will open the pre-installed browser "Google Chrome", which allows you to retrieve Web content.

App social network booming breakup Notifier: Facebook When the friend freely?

This checks the status of relationships that can be set as a Facebook member in his profile. After installation, you select the people you want to follow their status. Changes he may send you a mail Notifier Breakup. Behind the Notifier puts the Yale graduate Dan Loewenherz. One day the young man sat with his sister's fiance.

Together, they searched on Facebook for the perfect man, but unfortunately, all candidates already married, engaged or living in a relationship. Thus came the idea Loewenherz, the notification system for the lone woman to be developed. According to IT-blog "" needed, the programmer only four hours.

Media Review: Command & Conquer series reboot in progress

With "Command & Conquer 4 - Tiberian Twilight" returned Publisher Electronic Arts (EA), the popular strategy game series to a inglorious end. A completely new game principle deter series fans from as alike. Despite this experience will continue EA's strategy game series continues. But to link instead of directly to the predecessor, the U.S.

group is planning a reboot of the Games Series. As the reported EA entrusted the newly founded development studio Victory Games to work on a new "Command & Conquer". Head of the company, the Creator of the "Heroes of Might and Magic" is - strategy game series, Jon Van Caneghem. Further details on the EA game was not yet known.

PC accessories: SyncMaster T27A950: 3D-Monitor TV / DVD Combi by Samsung

The T27A950 has an LED-backlit 27-inch screen, the (1920x1080 pixels) supports. For playback of 3D movies is included with the device has a shutter glasses. Thanks to convert the "2D to 3D" function of the 2D T27A950 into three-dimensional material. This is done according to the manufacturer in real-time and working with, photos, HD video and PC games.

External disk, connect via USB. On board is a TV tuner, making the SyncMaster to the flat screen TV. Access to the Internet is in TV mode via "Samsung Smart Stroke" is possible. The Samsung is T27A950 end of March 2011 for 799 euros.

HDTV on PC: Mini-satellite receiver from Hauppauge

With its compact dimensions (9x7, 6x2, 5 cm), the mini-receiver is also suitable for space-saving applications in the notebook. When connected to a stationary or mobile satellite system, it feeds through a USB connection, the signal of all free to air HDTV programs in your PC. The supplied software "WinTV v7 HD supports time-delayed television (" timeshift "), video programming and recording text messages via electronic program guide (" EPG ").

Mushkin slows the travel of the SSD to 25nm, too many problems

While OCZ and Corsair today announced the immediate transition to NAND flash memory chips for SSDs built with 25nm technology, to replace those products with the current 34nm process, Mushkin has decided to wait. The Denver company has now confirmed that the transition to 25nm brings more disadvantages than advantages.

The problems of interaction between the new chip to 25nm NAND flash controllers and the current force manufacturers to reduce the effective storage capacity and above the lower number of cycles of write / erase per cell durability and reliability of eroding SSDs . Mushkin has chosen to pursue a policy of complete transparency for the consumer and this will continue to only offer SSDs with 34nm chip while awaiting the resolution of problems at 25nm.

Action Game: Medal of Honor 2: Spin off series in the works

On 14 Kidnapped in October 2010 "Medal of Honor" the players into the year 2001: march After the attacks on the World Trade Center gamers with the U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan. As a member of the special unit Tier 1 sabotaged the player and the enemy obtained information vital to the war. Despite great ambitions missed the title to jump to the top genre significantly.

The developers will obviously create Danger Close to the second attempt. The company is looking for talented people in a public work on a new first-person shooter. Since manufacturers Electronic Arts has already hinted to bring another episode of "Medal of Honor" in the trade, is the project appears to be an offshoot of another shooter series.

Motorola Xoom: February 24 in the U.S. $ 800

The official launch of the Motorola Xoom has provided the United States for the next February 24: The popular chain of retail stores Best Buy has already received the first deliveries. The photo, taken from Engadget, shows the tablet boxed in a package on which stands the logo of Carrier Verizon. The Motorola Xoom, saw for the first time at CES 2011, uses the Google Android OS 3.0, 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1280x800 and NVIDIA Tegra platform 2.

2011 MacBook Pro, Apple endowed them with technology Light Peak?

After the rumors in recent days, indicating the number of new MacBook Pro next to its official launch today, has spread a new rumor about the technological equipment for new Apple laptops could boast. Some U.S. sources put forth the hypothesis that the new MacBook Pro could have the interconnect technology, "Light Peak", developed by Intel and introduced a few years ago.

At present the information in this respect are still pretty nebulous. Intel made the same in the past had confirmed that the new technology would be implemented in upcoming products in the first half of 2011, only to specify how the connections affected by "Peak Light" would, however, were built in copper and fiber optic as expected in its origin.

TDJ: Cideko Air Keyboard, NZXT Phantom

Our fellow GinjFo recently posted a review of NZXT Phantom, offbeat look at a box showing the dimensions of 222 x 540 x 623 mm and weighs 11 kg. With five bays at 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches 7 slots, this case has a mounting system that requires no tools. Three 120 mm fans and a 200 mm are also present.

Verdict? For its part, our fellow HomeMedia just released a test Cideko Air keyboard, compact wireless keyboard (150 x 90 mm) but thick (3.3 cm) that can also control the mouse with its motion sensor integrated 3D . In other words, the inclination of the keyboard moves the mouse pointer in that direction ...

GeForce GTX 590 East at PAX 2011?

According to the latest rumors, Nvidia could show the public the first video card based on two family GTX GPU-500 East at the PAX 2011. The event will be held from 11 to 13 March in Boston (Massachusetts) and this year provides for the presence of all the partners of the Californian: Asus, EVGA, Galaxy, Gigabyte, MSI, Palit, PNY and Zotac.

Pending official confirmation or denial, we report the speculation so far emerged about the possible specifications of the GeForce 1024 GTX 590:2 x GF110 SPs (2 x 512 SPs) 3072 MB GDDR5 (2 x 1536 MB) 2 x 384-bit GPU SPs @ @ 600 ~ 700MHz 1200 ~ 1400MHz Mem @ 4000MHz 2 x 3 x 8-pin PCIe DVI + 1 miniDP

OCZ SSD first manufacturer to make the transition to NAND Flash 2Xnm

OCZ Technology has officially announced that it is the first SSD manufacturer who has successfully completed the transition to storage solutions based on NAND Flash 2Xnm, with the aim of reducing production costs of SSDs. "OCZ is constantly exploring new ways not only to advance the design of the SSD, but also to make its technology more affordable, while maintaining high performance standards and safety." Said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology.

The roadmap unveiled Windows 8

A roadmap for Windows 8 has just made its appearance on the Internet. It seems to point towards commercialization in 2012. The road map speaks only milestones to be met in developing the operating system. According to the document, Microsoft is expected to complete the second milestone (Milestone 2 or M2) tomorrow and work on the third scheduled to begin next week.

M2 has asked for five months and it seems that M3 is the same. Specifically, if Microsoft meets its traditions, this means he finished in July for a first beta available at the Community Technology Preview to be held in September 2011. Unless an unexpected problem, Microsoft will release two beta, a release candidate and offer its new operating system RTM in mid-2012.

Cebit 2011 in honor of the ticket

From 1 to 5 March 2011 in Hannover, the new edition of CeBIT, the most important European event dedicated to the Information Communication Technology. This year, to respond more effectively to the needs of operators, CeBIT will organize an event of "matchmaking onsite (www-cebit-matchmaking. org) and is structured into 4 thematic platforms specializing CeBIT pro (companies), CeBIT gov ( public administration), CeBIT life (consumers) and CeBIT lab (research and development).

Silicon Power introduces the series of SSD V2 Velox

Taiwan's Silicon Power has announced a new family of solid state disks characterized by the use of a SATA controller and interface SandForce 6Gbps. The series, called Velox V2, adopt the classic 2.5-inch format and has peak performance in reading and writing respectively in 285MB and 275MB per second per second.

Systems are integrated AES-128 encryption and error correction ECC, along with support functions TRIM and garbage collection. Silicon Power promises a "maintenance of performance levels over time" of 5 years through the use of tecnoogia SandForce DuraClass. V2 Records Velox use MLC memory type and are available in denominations of 40GB, 60GB, 120GB and 240GB - with 3 year warranty and mounting bracket bay 3.5-inch bundles.

The CPU z196 IBM reached the 5.2 GHz

IBM has represented his z196 processor at 5.2 GHz, but says the megahertz race will not last much longer. This is not the first time that IBM refers to this chip (see "The fastest CPU in the world"). It is nevertheless surprising that Big Blue comes out this model year sold in a conference as serious as the ISSCCPour recall, the chip provides a gain of 18% while maintaining the same consumption of 260 W compared to running at z10 4.4 GHz.

LG presents the new 3D plasma HDTV PZ250

LG introduces new models of Plasma TV Full HD 3D 50PZ250 and 60PZ250 indicated by the names of the panel with a diagonal measurement of 50 and 60 inches respectively. This range provides a Full HD 1080p resolution, support for video streams with 3D conversion technology, 2D - 3D, refresh rate of 600 Hz energy-saving technology.

Chassis Frame Razor has a very thin and includes a USB connection to read media and 3 HDMI sockets. Price and availability are being developed.

The supercomputer to come Chinese PFLOPS 300

China has presented a paper at the International Solid State Circuits Conference detailing its next major supercomputer with a capacity of 300 PFLOPS. The system is about 500 PFLOP more powerful than the Tianhe-1A that references in this area today (see "The first supercomputer in the world is Chinese).

Made by Dawning who released Nebulae, the second fastest supercomputer in the world as ranked by June 2010, the new model will carry 3000-3B Godson processors. So a break with the deep architectural Tianhe-1A based on Intel and NVIDIA. Planned for the summer, there is a strong message to China that wants to show she does not need American technology.

The SDK for Windows KINECTS formalized

Microsoft has officially announced he would propose the SDK for Windows KINECTS allowing academics and enthusiasts to exploit the capabilities of its system. A paid version will arrive later. The SDK can be downloaded free indeed. It will be online in the spring. Microsoft will also license for those who wish to market their projects.

The rumors claimed that the KINECTS officially arrived on the PC seem confirmed. The SDK provides access to audio technology used by the camera and its sensors and interfaces. Microsoft talks about the community that was built around KINECTS and projects the camera operators. The firm then changed his tone.

Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Dead Space 2: Time is

In political science the more than controversial thesis on the development of the country to democratic structures compared to other European countries. In the age rating of video games such a special way, however, is unquestionable - as the current controversy about the horror game "Dead Space 2" shows.

It demonstrated both the European standard PEGI (Pan European Game Information) and the German entertainment software self-control (PC) agreement with the original age classification of the title: The game of Electronic Arts is only for adults. In order for the Wii came to an assessment that shares the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs and not the reason for a so-called appeal proceeding.