Friday, August 19, 2011

Solar-K750 keyboard from Logitech now available for Macs

The design of the keyboard is oriented with its flat profile to the lines of the Apple device, though it gave. A custom layout with all the special keys saves users the Mac to get used to a different function assignment. Several discreetly housed solar cells provide power supply and battery charging.

Additional batteries are not necessary. At full charge level according to the manufacturer, the keyboard is usable up to three months in total darkness. A long-term test-mastered copy of the daily routine between heavy use in low light and kept in darkness without complaint, without even going to the reserves.

A small utility displays the load on the keyboard brightness on the PC monitor. Turn the light on, the pointer snaps up in real time. The app monitors the battery level and alerts the user if there is insufficient light. The wireless connection to the computer via a USB mini-receiver that is small enough to permanently remain in the USB socket.

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