Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MSI GT683, a notebook with NVIDIA GTX560M

MSI has just unveiled the new G-Series notebook that GT683 is equipped with the latest NVIDIA graphics GTX560M with 1.5 GB dedicated memory, processor, next-generation Intel Core i7 and audio quality achieved with Dynaudio speakers and THX TruStudioPRO. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX560M recently announced offers very high performance, enough to make it playable titles last generation even to the native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Computex 2011: LG V300 All-in-one PC with 3D display

Anyone who looks at the design of the LG V300 will instinctively to the "iMac" Apple recalls: In the monitor housing contains all components, an elegant foot provides secure footing join This is a compact keyboard and mouse. Special feature: LG V300 provides the choice of 3D-capable display with touch screen or conventional, both 23 inches tall and with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (full HD).

MSI launches new gaming notebook GT683R-272ES

MSI already has available its new gaming laptop called MSI GT683R-272ES incorporates a powerful Nvidia GeForce graphics processor GTX560M and Core i72630QM Sandy Bridge. The new MSI GT683R-272ES, which is the model for Spain, has an Intel Core i7 2630QM Sandy Bridge, 6GB of DDR3 RAM that can be expandable to 16GB, 1TB of capacity consists of two hard drives in RAID 0 and GTX560M a GeForce graphics.

A hybrid card from Asus LGA 2011/1366

If models of motherboards from different manufacturers and are very often similar, sometimes a model more original than the other makes are emerging. This is the case of the prototype Danshui Bay that Asus has unveiled. This motherboard is based on x79 chipset possess two sockets: LGA 1366 can accommodate a processor Gulftown LGA 2011 and compatible with future processors Sandy Bridge-E.

There is no evidence that the two sockets are used simultaneously ... Few details are currently available on this motherboard, but it should be noted, however, the presence of many SATA connectors and eight DDR3 slots per socket. Remains whether such a concept has a real commercial interest.

MSI PCI-Express 3.0 on a map Z68

Computex is the occasion for MSI to expose his Z68A-GD80 (G3), a special version just for this motherboard based on chipset Z68. The manufacturer indicates in fact that this motherboard "G3" supports PCI-Express 3.0. Z68 chipset being unable, MSI has integrated force this card a PCI-Express 3.0 Additional ...

Apart from this "small detail", the Z68A-GD80 (G3) displays classic features for a motherboard Z68. We thus find three PCI-Express x16, two PCI-Express x1, two PCI slots and four DDR3 slots. Compatible with current Sandy Bridge processors, this motherboard also has USB 3.0 ports, three SATA 6 Gbps ports, four ports SATA 3 Gbps eSATA connector as well as audio controller and Gigabit Ethernet.

The "return" in JMicron SSD?

JMicron, the "star" of the first consumer SSD, is not dead. If JMF602 is infamous for its random write performance very low, which brought the "freezes" the machine from users, and JMF612 JMF616 have been used by some manufacturers - like Kingston - without making waves. And for good reason: Controllers, without being bad, are not the thunders of war.

For 2011 and 2012, the company will offer new controllers, JMF605, JMF606, JMF66x and JMF62x, chip a bit special. The controller is JMF605 entry-compatible SATA 3 Gbit / s and with 4 channels for memory. The expected rates are 160 Mb / s read and 130 MB / s write. The JMF606, its evolution is expected in 2012: still 4 channels, but with a SATA 6 Gbit / s.

Mac OS X Lion would be sold via a Mac App Store

It was easy to imagine, but today is almost confirmed by Apple: the next version of Mac OS X - Lion - the store will be distributed via the integrated software system, the Mac App Store. This is the last beta version of Mac OS 10.6.8 that spills the beans: she says "improve the Mac App Store to prepare [the] Mac to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion." Apple had already made a first nail in the coffin of the installation DVD in delivering Mac OS X on a USB key buyers of MacBook Air.

A newcomer to the Z-Wave

The Z-Wave, a technology widely used in home automation, has a problem: its price. One reason is simple: even if many devices are compatible with this radio technology, there is only one chip supplier, Sigma Designs. But that will change with the arrival of Mitsumi in this market. The interest is twofold: first, a competitor should (perhaps) help to reduce the price of chips and other manufacturers could (finally) take Z-Wave.

PowerColor Radeon HD exposes its 6970 X2

PowerColor advantage of the Computex show a model of Radeon somewhat special: the Radeon HD 6970 X2. Boarding, as its name suggests, two graphics chipsets Cayman clocked at 880 MHz (for a total of 3072 stream processors), this card also has 4 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1375 MHz on a bus 2 x 256-bit .

PCB, relatively long and high, reveals three power connectors PCI-Express 8-pin (this passage raises fears the worst as regards the consumption of the card). Note also the presence of a bridge - probably a smart LucidLogix - between the two graphics chipsets. Two DVI outputs, an HDMI output and two mini DisplayPort are finally present.

Corsair announces special edition of the box blank 600T Graphite

Corsair has announced the availability of the special edition of its white color semitorre 600T Graphite Series. This special issue presents its chassis painted in bright white, with vents, and other units covered with black shades original 600T. The improvements go beyond aesthetics, with a side panel features a shock-absorbing acrylic plastic window that clearly shows the components inside when the box is closed.

An SD card reader floppy interface

You have a machine that only accepts floppy disks, but these are increasingly scarce? The reliability of the 3.5 inch floppy prevents you from working properly on older machines and large that can not be updated? There is a solution. An SD card reader (HC) interfaced to the 34 pin connector for floppy drives.

The device, sold between 80 and 120 €, accepts SDHC cards and has a small integrated display. Used to read and write, it actually emulates two disk drives using image files. It accepts images from many software and compatibility is present for most of the machines of the last century, the Atari ST in the Amstrad CPC through the Amiga or even ...

Computex 2011: Intel introduces Ultrabook, subtle and powerful

Intel's participation at Computex Taipei 2011 was marked by some very interesting news in the mobile sector where Intel Core Atom will be used to introduce a new generation of notebook PCs and mobile devices connected. In particular, Intel has defined a new category of mainstream laptops, thin and light, called Ultrabook that by the end of 2012, could already count for 40% of consumer notebooks.

Computex 2011: Asus UX21 Ultra Thin Ultra Facebook

On the art-fair "Computex" (until June 4 runs in Taiwan), Intel introduced the new notebook class. Books ultra-distinguished thus (up to two inches thin), light weight and slim dimensions of. Nevertheless, the user should not have to do without notebook power. This, Intel is going "Ivy Bridge", the new processor generation that comes next year on the market.

A system based on the Book Ultra-device architecture brought with Asus at Computex. The model "UX21" has yet to take a Ivy-bridge chipset, but with a "Core i7" processor fitted. At its thickest point measures, the Asus Ultra-Book just 1.7 inches - and makes it including the "MacBook Air" by Apple competitors.

Seven-inch tablet is not compatible with Android 3.0

The recent indications that feed the suspicion come from Dell. The computer manufacturer has with the a seven-inch tablet in the portfolio, which focuses on Android 2.2; seemed secure a future update to. Dell now corrected the project and refers to new guidelines from Google. Other manufacturers, such as Acer, with its "Iconia A100" move, the delivery of their equipment on indefinitely.

In industry circles, it means that Google had changed the license terms, may offer seven-inch tablet is too small display size and / or the mobile.

MSI VGA N580GTX formalizes the Lightning Xtreme Edition

At Computex 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan, showed the new MSI N580GTX Lighting Xtreme Edition graphics card, top range solution that provides a number of unique technologies such as the new Propeller Blade with "Smart Sensor Temp" and "Dust Removal Afterburner with and support for "Triple Temp Monitor." The board N580GTX Lighting Xtreme Edition is completely dedicated to fans of extreme overclock.

It not only comes with a massive allocation of graphics memory to 3GB, but includes a cooling fan with two new technologies (Smart Temp Sensor and Dust Removal) system combined with Twin Frozr III. In addition, the Power4 architecture of power and support for the Triple Temp Afterburner tool does is provide greater potential for overclocking.

Lion, 5 and iOS icloud next week

Apple has announced that the company would announce (sic) Mac OS X 10.7 (Leo), IOS 5 and ... icloud next week. If the former is known, with beta circulating in recent months, little has filtered iOS 5. We know no more than what Apple has already said: the management of localization files will be modified with an encryption of information ...

As for icloud, we know of course that is an offer related to music - like Google and Amazon Music CloudPlayer - but the exact details of the offer are not known. Appointment on June 6 on our Twitter account to follow live news.

SSD SandForce in MSAT

The MSAT, mainly driven by a standard Intel Will he finally "take" among manufacturers? Computex can believe with reference designs for SSD-based controllers SandForce. MSAT is the umpteenth variation of the SATA interface, in a very compact physical format. The SSD makes MSAT resume form (and connector) card Mini Card, PCI-Express Internal laptops.

MSAT SSDs are very similar visually maps Wi-Fi laptops, but are incompatible: the Mini Card interface line PCI-Express and USB 2.0 while the MSAT works SATA 3 Gbit / s. Currently, the few machines that accept MSAT MSAT SSD in the slot, but Intel has shown that it is possible to make hybrid connectors, capable of adapting to the card inserted.

Microsoft touch $ 5 on each Android HTC sold

Walter Pritchard, an analyst at Citi cited by Business Insider, has released a report that caused a stir. He claims that Microsoft receives $ 5 for each HTC Android sold because of a settlement agreement in a patent infringement case the opponent in Redmond. Microsoft had confirmed in April 2010 that it had struck a deal with HTC, but the terms were unknown.

Dediu Horace, an analyst for Asymco relied on the report of his colleague to calculate that Microsoft had already received 150 million dollars from HTC Android for smartphones sold. By comparison, Mr. Redmond believes that Dediu receives $ 15 per phone Windows phone sold by the manufacturer and the publisher have pocketed $ 30 million.

Zotax: 3 screens simultaneously on a GTX 560

Zotac manufacturer will soon launch on the market a GeForce GTX 560 a little special because that can simultaneously manage up to three screens. The GeForce GTX 560 Multiview is indeed equipped with two DVI, DisplayPort output and two HDMI outputs. To qualify for the triple-display, however, will require mandatory use both HDMI and one DVI or DisplayPort.

The rest is classic features. We thus find a GPU clocked at 820 MHz, 336 Cores CUDA running at 1640 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1002 MHz on a 256-bit bus. The cooling dual-slot is in turn composed of an aluminum radiator, multiple copper heat pipes and a single 80mm fan. Zotac has sadly not yet indicated the price of the GTX 560 Multiview.

A75 AMD motherboards at Computex

Many motherboard manufacturers have presented their motherboards AMD A75 to accommodate a processor Llano. This architecture was previously reserved for laptops, but AMD will market models for desktop computers. Asus, Gigabyte, Foxconn, MSI and ASRock have shown their models using AMD A75 chipset and Socket FM1.

Foxconn, Gigabyte and MSI have presented their models Micro-ATX. That Foxconn has not been named yet, is that of the Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H and MSI has appointed his A75MA-G55. The first is distinguished by a minimalist approach and may even be too cheap according to our colleagues from VR-Zone.

Tom's Guide: the mad project of Google Labs

Cloud: Colt investigate concerns of CIOs

A European survey conducted by Colt with 500 CIOs shows how they perceive the Cloud and its new challenges. The study by Colt shows that while most companies are still in the early stages of their implementations Cloud (only 16% made a large-scale deployment Cloud), 60% of them think that the Cloud become their primary method operational by 2014.

What is even more interesting is the balance between the five major applications "warnings cloud by these ISD Web hosting (24%), accommodation-mail (23%), accommodation databases (22%), server hosting (22%) and accommodation of storage (20%). But what makes the study especially highlighted as they are the concerns of ITs against the migration of their infrastructure in the Cloud.

MSI reveals a new APU-450 E Merge

MSI's booth at Computex is an opportunity to discover a new X370, PC ultraportable 13 inch of the firm. Featuring the same chassis as the current one, it has a unique processor, an AMD Fusion Zacate E-450. Descendant of the E-350 sold since January, the E-450 is a overclocked version: two hearts x86 Bobcat will rise to 1.65 GHz (1.6 GHz cons) and the GPU Radeon HD 6320 will rise to 600 MHz (492 cons MHz).

TDJ: Revoltec Fight Mouse Elite

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the Revoltec Fight Mouse Elite, a wired USB mouse showing the dimensions of 124 x 78 x 49 mm and weighing up to 130 grams. Boasting a system of weights to weigh down the mouse (up to 30 grams heavier), the Elite Fight Mouse has a laser sensor with a maximum resolution of 5040 DPI.


Asus awarded the "Excellence in Product Design Efficience"

Asus Company is pleased to announce that the prize has been galardonadacon "Efficience Excellence in Product Design" award from the Environmental Protection Agency United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized ASUS for energy optimization technology Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) and the development of a design technique that reduces the number of lamps in the manufacture of their laptops and monitors.

A smartphone integrating two CPUs (Atom + ARM)

Fujitsu gave a press conference last May 26 during which he showed his F-07C, a smartphone integrates an ARM processor from Texas Instrument OMAP which turns NTT Docomo iMode, the OS of the largest Japanese operator, Atom and Moorestown processor capable of supporting an installation of Windows 7 32 bit.

The phone is featured on the site of the operator as the smallest Windows PC 7 in the world. NTT DoCoMo had already made an announcement two weeks ago, but the Computex is an opportunity to show to the international press. The F-07C has a screen of 4 "SVGA resolution of 600 x 1024, a battery life of 370 minutes talk time 3G, 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 1 GB LPDDR400, a No Wi-Fi module and 32 GB eMMC used by the user that Windows 7 would have an endurance of two hours.

The cards are x79 output

Computex has just opened its doors as planned, x79 cards are honored. They will all be available in the last quarter of this year. They are designed to receive the Sandy Bridge E, high-end processors built on Intel's 32 nm architecture that was released earlier this year (see "Intel Core 2000: The test of Sandy Bridge") .

The reference design requires four DDR3 slots and a Socket LGA2011 relatively large with a system of two levers. Each manufacturer then decided to stand out. It should nevertheless bear in mind that the specifications are not yet finalized and that there may be changes before marketing cards.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Football game for PC and consoles: FIFA 12

The classic of the English Premier League: Chelsea against Arsenal. Midfield ace Cesc Fabregas dribbles toward the gate of the blues. Only the defender Branislav Ivanovic is still between the Spaniards and the Pits. Ivanovic is serious: he turns Fabrégas and connected with a hard sliding tackle in two steps starting.

He meets both the ball and the London playmaker. Fabrégas takes off. The impact of the collision pulls his legs back. Hard he hits the turf. The referee whistles and signals the merciless defender Ivanovic's book. Fabrégas curves, meanwhile, still on the ground. Shortly afterwards, he must be replaced.

Zotac GT430 Z68-ITX WiFi now available

Zotac announces new motherboard in Mini-ITX format with the new Intel chipset Z68 also has the distinction of incorporating both the option for integrated graphics processors used in the Sandy Bridge or a dedicated GT430. The new Zotac GT430 Z68-ITX WiFi presents an LGA1155 socket for Intel Sandy Bridge, plus new feature a dedicated graphics card Nvidia GT430 with active cooling and 1GB of memory to accompany the graphic solution employing Sandy Bridge processors, Intel HD2000/HD3000 depending on the type of processor.

Computex 2011. Asus Padfone: Extravagant smartphone tablet combination

By Padfone Asus wants to make the best of both worlds (Smartphone and Tablet PC). And how it works: at first glance looks like a normal Padfone the tablet computer with ten-inch display. But behind a flap on the back hides a full Android smartphone. Take it out of the docking station, use it as a classic mobile phone.

If you are going back to work with the Tablet PC, plug the phone into the cradle - and thus utilize the touch screen, such as playing or watching the video. Practical: the tablet module has several interfaces and loads the text automatically. And about the SIM card of the phone you surf via tablet PC on the Internet.

560M GTX, the new nVidia GPU for gaming on notebooks

Today, NVIDIA officially presented a new family of GPU GTX 500M dedicated specifically to gaming on a notebook platform. We refer to the GeForce GTX 560M, a solution which will debut as an evolution of the GTX to offer in the field of 460m gaming performance even more interesting. We find CUDA 192 Cores combined with a memory bus 192-bit wide again, but the clock frequencies of the GPU and Shaders increased to 775/1550 MHz against the GTX 675/1350MHz 460m.

Digital Camera: Leica V-Lux presented 30 with GPS module

Furthermore, the camera with a 15.1-megapixel sensor (14.1 megapixels effective), a three-inch touch screen display and a GPS module is equipped. The latter stores the geographic coordinates of the location and the local recording time in the Exif picture file. They can be about using Google Maps to a Web slide show put together in time and space.

Finnish mobile phone giant still in a crisis: overhauled Apple Noia smartphone market

28 percent of all smart phones are now used in Germany by Apple, an increase of more than 100 percent over the previous year, reports the news magazine "on Sunday, citing a preliminary analysis of the Association for Consumer Research (GfK). However, can rival Nokia had feathers. the Finns in the first quarter of 2010 still had a market share of 38 percent, they were in March 2010, 24 percent.

Intel SSD MSAT Z68 bundle from Gigabyte

Gigabyte is working on a new idea that requires a motherboard based on Intel Socket LGA1155 Z68 with MSAT combined with a disk slot Intel 311 "Larson Creek" to serve as a cache using the Intel Smart Response technology is available in the format and MSAT. The company has already made available several motherboards with that slot, including model GA-Z68XP-UD3, GA-Z68XP-D3, and D3-Z68AP GA-GA-Z68P-DS3.

In the roadmap of AMD APU there are also models for tablet

In AMD's starting to emerge the first information about a new line of processors designed specifically for tablet PCs. A roadmap reveals that the new Z-series chip to tablet will aim to ensure a very low TDP combined with high performance graphics. The chip, known by the code name of Desna, will be built with x86 architecture and integrate a graphics core with DirectX 11 support for acceleration for Adobe Flash content and streaming of HD video, as well as for common applications like Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Office 10 and Windows 7.

ASRock A75M-ITX mainboard socket FM1 ultimate HTPC?

The now upcoming Computex Taipei will see a large number of motherboards for AMD APU "Llano" socket FM1. The site VR-Zone has a preview of the captured images of a proposal ASRock in our view very interesting. This is the A75M-ITX mainboard, a solution which as the name suggests adopting the Mini-ITX form factor to accommodate the new APU AMD Fusion sent to the family of mid-market.

Recall that these new APU will incorporate a dual-or quad-core CPU and a DX11 GPU with a large number of stream processors. The combination of CPU and GPU faster than the first generation Fusion APU, combined with consumption still content with the new 32nm production process, these solutions also close to the space ITX targeting users who want to assemble a HTPC system in a compact and by 'vast computational power.

X101, the Eee PC ultra $ 200

True to its tradition of Computex Asus flooding the news. In addition Padfone and its ultrathin ultraportables UX, the Taiwanese company has a really attractive netbook Eee PC X101. The X101 brings many advantages: The features are still a little confused (it is the effect Computex, all this pressure) and no availability date was given, but we should know more in the coming days.

990FX (AM3 +): Renewal of AMD and SLI?

The Asus UX21 has a Core i7 in the frame of a MacBook Air

Asus has just introduced the UX21, the first computer to really tackle the new Apple MacBook Air by providing a frame as thin with a more powerful configuration. The choice of processor depends on the configuration. The models use the most powerful mobile Core i7. The manufacturer also speaks of a SSD SATA 6 Gb / s and a recovery time of 2 seconds, thanks to the use of a software house.

Hibernation provides up to seven days. There is also a USB 2.0 and another 3.0, a glass trackpad and Mini DisplayPort. The chassis is all aluminum. It has a maximum thickness of 17 mm, as the laptop, slim apple. Finally, the keys are metal. The UX21 is expected for the month of September and the prices are still unknown.

Padfone Asus wants a phone in a tablet

Asus will introduce a prototype at Computex, which integrates a smartphone within a shelf. This is the Padfone, an even more strange than his name. The official specifications are not filtered and the Taiwanese do not talk about price or availability date. It seems that the Padfone is a precarious stage of its development and the builder wants to first test public reaction.

The padfone is in fact a receptacle for a smartphone with 4.3 "of the brand. The touch pad of 10.1 "uses a priori the processor, memory and GPU of the smartphone, but as advertised by Asus, which we find very amusing and is visible below, the unit would have its own battery and offers a bigger screen.

GeForce GTX 560M: Optimus using

Nvidia today launched a new graphics chip for notebooks, the GeForce GTX 560M. It is a revolution? No, not really. The 560M uses the same GPU as the previous GTX 460M. It has the same number of units, the same memory bandwidth. The only difference is the reference frequency set by Nvidia: 775 MHz (1550 MHz for CUDA cores) cons on the 675 MHz GTX 460M.

These 100 MHz are 14.8% more, the newcomer should provide significantly higher performance. The main interest of this 560M is really in its compatibility with technology from Nvidia Optimus. For the first time, manufacturers will take advantage of this opportunity to offer laptops for gamers also offering autonomy.

AMD does not sell more Fusion

In January, AMD officially launched its first APU Fusion processors including a core x86 and GPU on a single square of silicon. Intended to compete with Intel Atom aging, the Fusion offers low power consumption but also superior performance especially in graphics (for more details, please consult our test AMD Fusion (Brazos): almost 5 years of waiting for what outcome?).

The success of these chips has consistently followed and AMD is now out of stock. According to an official of the firm cited by our colleagues at CNet, the demand far exceeds supply. Result: AMD has been more than 5 million since January of Fusion. Wish the same success in Llano Fusion and Bulldozer.

Nvidia did a demo of Kal-El, aka Tegra 3

In the days before the opening of Computex in Taiwan, Nvidia has posted a technology demonstration of its future Tegra chip 3, aka Kal-El. This video "Glowball" especially emphasizes capacity unpublished Tegra 3, namely the dynamic lighting and physics calculations (here on the fabric). Tegra 3/Kal-El was announced in February with a release date scheduled for August.

His appearance at Computex is logical, pre-production chips to be available several months before sale. According to the roadmap from Nvidia, Kal-El would offer performance greater than 5 times Tegra 2. To do this, Tegra 3 doubles the number of hearts ARM Cortex A9 (four instead of two) and increase by 50% the number of shader GeForce built (12 units instead of 8).

Reveal new FX AMD Bulldozer

In the absence of just a few weeks after AMD filed its new AMD Bulldozer FX (FX 8000, 6000 and 4000 series), it is estimated that by September of this year we already have a new wave of processors. The first models will come as the month of June and will losnucleo AMD FX-8130P, AMD FX-8110 (both with 8 cores), AMD FX-6110 (6 cores) and AMD FX-4110 (4 cores), all they will be based on the core "Zambezi" with 8MB L3 cache, 32nm manufacturing process, technology, and Core 2.0 Turbo unlocked multipliers.

Lady Gaga gives a boost to the Amazon Cloud

By marketing the new album by Lady Gaga at the price of a single, Amazon beats records and imposes its Cloud music when Apple will launch its own. Amazon launched its music Cloud earlier this year and has been seeking to snatch market share to Apple and iTunes. For its part, Apple has signed partnership agreements and is expected to launch his own musical cloud associated with iTunes in the coming weeks or the coming days.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fire: Hewlett-Packard is recalling more laptop batteries

The recall affects laptops that HP has produced between July 2007 and July 2008. Under certain circumstances, the batteries caught fire due to overheating. Hewlett-Packard is asking all customers who have a defective battery, remove it immediately from the notebook and to have them replace the battery at the expense of the manufacturer.

HP has established for this purpose a website that explains the which serial numbers are affected and who to contact to get a replacement.

Corsair launches its new Dominator GT 2.400Mhz

Corsair announced availability of its new kit DDR3 Dominator RAM with a speed GT 2.400Mhz, which put them among the fastest in the market. This new kit of DDR3 RAM component of two modules (2x4GB) that can operate at speeds with latencies 2.400Mhz 9-11-10-30 and a voltage of 1.65v. These new modules include the already successful RAM heatsink + DHX DominatorGT characteristic of the series offer a lifetime warranty but against the price is high, about 500 Dollars.

The Sunday Quiz (S02E09)

And here's season 2 of our quizzes Sunday, after 10 episodes in Season 1. The goal is to try to guess what is the image (yes, nothing changes). You have 24 hours to find the right answer, and another shot - easier - will then be posted on the Facebook page of Tom's Hardware. At the end of the season, we offer a small gift.

The scale? 2 points for the first who answers correctly in comments, 1 point for others. Important point is to avoid "spoilers" place your response between the following tags. [# Ffffff] Your answer [/ # ffffff]. The answer is written in white, which will avoid seeing the responses of other competitors "unintentionally." The comments give an answer without being placed in these tags will be ignored.

Sony renews its portable Vaio S Series

Sony has decided to renew their Vaio S series laptop issues such as improving the resolution or the option of adding dual SSD storage unit. Keeping Sandy Bridge platform, renewed Sony Vaio S series features the option to mount multiple processors from the Core Core i7 i5 to 2620M. The resolution passed in 1366 x 768 pixels to 1600 x 900 pixels, also with this update introduces the option of having two drives in RAID SSD storage.

Intel will eliminate the models 'P' from its lineup of chipset

After that Intel somehow "put a piece" in the case of the P67 chipset with a new revision of it and now burned in the market, decided to bring out a solution with all-new model Z68, things seem to turn towards towards the complete elimination of the models 'P' from the line-up of the chipset. After 2011, the Santa Clara company will no longer produce chipsets series 'P' but will keep the letters 'H' for entry-level solutions, the letters 'Z' for those that provide functionality for overclocking both the CPU for GPU and the letter 'X' for the motherboard chipsets for high-end, with prices in excess of € 200.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Asus launches new high-performance server RS724Q-E6/RS12

Asus already has RS724Q-E6/RS12 new server based on Intel Xeon processors 5500/5600 with 6 and 4 cores. It has a 4-node system in a 2U chassis with 12 DIMM slots per node, and offers a wide range of functionalities. Extreme density calculation using the 4-node configuration in 2U. The server has 4 RS724Q-E6/RS12 independent nodes with interconnection function for hot in a 2U chassis.

Each node is compatible with 6 and 4 processor cores and 12 DIMM slots, which allows installation of up to 96GB of dedicated memory. This server provides a high-density performance in a compact format, with a total of 48 computing cores and 48 DIMM slots. Platinum 80Plus efficiency and intelligent power management.

Begins distributing Corsair Flash Voyager USB family 3.0

Corsair has announced the beginning of the distribution of its new family of USB Flash Voyager USB 3.0 with speeds up to 4 times higher than the previous generation USB 2.0. The new Flash Voyager USB 3.0 models have the super speed USB 3.0 interface, with read speeds up to 4 times higher than the previous generation USB 2.0 devices.

The Flash Voyager family of USB 3.0 products share the same rubberized coating that made the previous generation's favorite of consumers seeking the best performance in a durable. All Flash Voyager USB 3.0 models are shock proof, water resistant and compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. The new family Flash Voyager USB 3.0 are now available through the dealer network of Corsair with a suggested price of $ 19.99 USD for the 8GB version, $ 29.99 USD for the 16GB and $ 69.99 USD for the 32GB version.

The drivers and firmware of the week

Like last week, here is our new heading containing the various drivers and firmware that manufacturers have posted in recent days. Graphics drivers, or network storage, Windows or Linux: everyone will be served! Catalyst 5.11 Hotfix drivers AMD Radeon HD for recent. Fixes problems especially flickering screen in DirectX 9 games Civilization 5, Dead Rising 2, Fallout 3, Mafia 2, NBA 2010, ShenGuiChuanQi, Starcraft 2, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

Asus Crosshair Formula V: photos, info

Some pictures and especially the characteristics of the future of Formula Asus Crosshair V recently made their appearance on the canvas. Taking place in the Republic of Gamers range of manufacturer, this motherboard is based on AMD 990FX chipset (with an SB950 southbridge) and is therefore intended for future processors on Socket AM3 +.

ATX format, this motherboard has a power stage to 10 phases. It has four DDR3 slots, seven 6 Gbps SATA ports and four PCI-Express x16 compatible 3-way SLI and CrossFireX. There are also Gigabit Ethernet controllers, audio 7.1 and USB 3.0. Overclocking enthusiasts will surely appreciate the presence of buttons Power, Reset and Clear CMOS on the PCB and the ROG Connect feature which allows to control and monitor remotely the motherboard.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Order your PC to 1 km away

Matrox has just announced a new "KVM", with a range of ... 1 km. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) are devices that allow the deportation of input devices and output of a computer, when the unit shall be located in places inconvenient. They are widely used in data centers to avoid traveling in the server room in case of trouble.

The Avio is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and uses fiber optics to transmit information. The supported devices are numerous: USB 2.0 (six connectors seen pictures), audio is analog, with the support of a microphone, headphones, a stereo input and stereo output, keyboard and mouse PS / 2 and especially video.

Gigabyte presents its new GTX 560 graphics Overclock Edition

Gigabyte has released a new edition factory overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 award-winning, thanks to its fast GDDR5 memory provides an unparalleled gaming experience to 1080p resolution. It also has innovative patented Gigabyte thermal solution called windforce 2X, with two giant 100mm fan placed in an inclined position and technology heatsink with heatpipes direct contact.

Thanks to this, only generates 31 dBA at maximum speed. The Gigabyte GTX560 overclock Edition also uses the Gigabyte Ultra Durable materials and ensures the best gaming experience. It also features NVIDIA technologies 3D Vision, 3D Surround Vision, SLI, CUDA, PhysX and Microsoft DirectX 11.

Fusion Z, AMD Shelf

Intel, AMD finds himself almost completely excluded from market shelves, not having a processor adapted to its catalog. But as Intel, AMD does not stop there: the former smelter would have developed Fusion Z Desna promising "the ultimate HD shelves. The exact characteristics of these new APU is not yet known but should emerge next week at Computex.

Nevertheless, it is more than likely be it variations at very low current consumption of Fusion. Recall that the Fusion C-50 (dual core, 1.0 GHz) is already in the heart of the Acer Tablet Tab Iconia W500 although it consumes 9 watts (which must be added a few watts of the chipset).

A card for the wireless video on PC

Wizair, a company specializing in UWB chips, will offer a card for laptops. In Mini Card (internal PCI-Express) card is designed to transmit video between a computer and a TV, much like the Intel Widi. The concept is simple: the card will emit data in Ultra-wideband to a receiver connected to a TV. The card has an advantage over Intel's technology: UWB uses its own frequency band (high, hence its name) while the Widi through Wi-Fi and thus tends to saturate the network .

Pay by mobile phone: Google Wallet: Paypal competitor reaches an action

Paypal is also working on a mobile payment system. The eBay subsidiary now suspected two former employees of the secret betrayal. Osama Bedier (marketed the technology to commercial enterprises) and the responsible manager Stephanie Tilenius Google would have passed illegally appropriated and Paypal's trade secrets to Google as well as trading partners, is in the action.

Quick test: Netbook at Aldi Medion Akoya E1228 (MD 98 720)

The Akoya E1228 puts the Intel Atom processor N570, the computational core at 1.66 GHz clock speed running. That's enough for working with office applications and for surfing the Internet, for computationally intensive tasks like video editing or image processing is too slow. Like most of the Akoya E1228 for not graphically complex 3D games are suitable.

In the integrated graphics chip Intel GMA 3150 has no own memory, calculates an average of only four images per second. This action games run smoothly, around 40 frames per second are necessary. The ten-inch screen (25.4 inches) is backlit by LEDs. It has a glossy surface that reflects strong.

1350W of power for the new power supply Enermax maxrate

Enermax has announced the new power supply maxrate specially designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PCs, workstations and servers. In compliance with the stringent standards of power supplies for servers, has six lines of 12V, fully modular design and a total capacity of no less than 1350W. In lieu of using traditional cables, maxrate integrates the technology of transmission of the current Array Copper-Bridge which offers a path four times wider and shorter which guarantees an improvement of up to 3% for output voltage regulation in DC and more stable clean.

Internet Group as the successor to the credit card: Google Wallet: Pay with your mobile phone

Who is in the future at the box office pulls out, not the wallet, but Keeping your smartphone against a small terminal - done. Made possible by the NFC technology and services such as. And how it works: To start (Google is testing the service initially in the U.S. in a field experiment) works for the Internet giant wallet with Citibank.

If you have a credit card of this bank is a special app only the map data. Automatically linked to the smartphone so with the credit card account. When payment is an NFC chip (NFC stands for Near Field Communication) is used. It communicates with the aforementioned POS terminal by radio, transmits the billing information and charge the credit card.

Free fares increases "alicien" of ... 4 cents

Iliad, which recently changed its TOS, takes into account people who are still on offer "Alice" and who have not yet passed on offers Free. Indeed, people who still use a non-unbundled offers in conjunction with AliceBox see the price change. € 29.95 for monthly passes to ... € 29.99, or 4 cents more.

Free recall that subscribers in the same case, that is to say with Freebox grouped in an area, pay for their € 35.98 per month. Another small change for fans of Vanessa Hessler, offers "historical" to make calls to mobile phones lost. The offer of 8.95 € per month for 1 hour and one to 15,95 € per month for 2 hours are replaced by a single solution (interesting): 4 hours for 10 € per month.

The stock prices of SSD: buy a classic SandForce

In our new point on the price of SSDs, we changed our entire product range. We decided to restrict the products to a single capacity: 120 GB (or 128 GB depending on the brand). The reason is simple: it is sufficient capacity for many people and the average price is correct. This type of DSS is perfect for a mid-range machine.

Models of 256 GB and more are still too expensive for most buyers and SSD of 64 GB and less limited interest in technology allowing only install the OS and some programs. Moreover, they distort the comparison, with a higher price per GB because of the unavoidable costs (controller, etc..).

Gigabyte motherboard comes with an Intel SSD

GA-Z68XP-UD3-ISSD has just made its appearance on the Gigabyte website. She has the distinction of having a port MSAT and be supplied with a 311 Intel SSD 20 GB storage media This was designed to take advantage of the founder of Smart Response, a technology that provides a link to a DSS hard disk to improve performance (see "Larsen Creek: SSD" cache "Intel").

This motherboard upscale is the first to offer this kind of bundle. Gigabyte is the first manufacturer to have announced motherboards Z68 MSAT shipping port. There were four so far, Z68XP-UD3, Z68XP-D3-D3 and Z68AP Z68P-DS3 (see "Gigabyte card with Z68 port MSAT). GA-Z68XP-UD3-ISSD added to the list today.

Faced with ARM and Fusion, break the price of Intel Atom

Having enjoyed an almost exclusive market of netbooks, Intel Atom processors bear the brunt of competition from AMD platform Brazos. Worse, the netbook market is itself attacked by the emergence of the tablets for which the Atom is inadequate. Intel deign thus lowering the price of these future processors Atom Cedarview, up to 50%.

The current Atom Pineview M-N400, N500 are traded between $ 64 and $ 86 per thousand units. Future Cedarview N2600 and N2800-M (whose characteristics are unknown but should emulate those of D2500 and D2700 Atom) would be sold respectively $ 42 and $ 47. This decrease is expected to enable manufacturers to launch netbooks between $ 199 and $ 299.

Ivy Bridge delayed until April 2012

What looks like a roadmap genuine Intel published on a Chinese forum shows that the next generation of processors Ivy Bridge happen that the market in March-April 2012. This information is consistent ave what our colleagues Fudzilla announced shortly before. The launch of Ivy Bridge was waiting until now for the first quarter of 2012, Intel had become accustomed to formalize its new range at CES.

What will be done on Windows "Mango" Phone?

Microsoft has unveiled its future platform widely Windows Phone "Mango", but the physical characteristics of the second generation of Windows expected in the autumn Phone remain mysterious. It is currently only sure of one thing: they possess a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It is the executive vice president of Qualcomm, which states: "Qualcomm is excited about the idea to market a new generation of Windows phone equipped exclusively with the second generation of processors Qualcom Snapdragon.

Pioneer shows a screen that floated images

Pioneer has introduced its screen Floating Vision (vision floating in French, Ed) which gives the illusion that the image that displays floating in the air, according Diginfo. tv. The Japanese presented his system at the Embedded Systems Expo. It uses an LCD panel placed behind a "3D optical," said a representative translated by our colleagues in the video below.

Pioneer has also added infrared sensors to detect the user's hands, which allows you to interact with the image. The goal is to create the illusion of a diorama. The manufacturer presents this as an alternative to stereoscopic 3D displays. There is no need glasses, and Pioneer says the pitch is higher.

Lian Li PC-P80N, PC-PC-Z70 and Z60, new aluminum cases available now

Lian Li has launched three new all-aluminum boxes, the PC-semitorre supertorres Z60 and Z70 and PC-PC-P80N, the latter inspired by the classic Lian Li PC-P80 Armorsuit, launched in 2008. The three funds have all the standard features of Lian Li, such as installation without tools for hard drives, optical drives, power supply and PCI cards, washable dust filter in all the fans, anti-vibration mounting kits, holes for routing cables, USB 3.0 drivers, fans, holes with rubber liquid cooling system, etc.

Freebox Revolution: gamepad, finally

Cloud: Citrix preaches his vision of "personal cloud"

During his lecture in San Francisco Citrix Synergy, Citrix has developed its vision of "Cloud People" in which users have access to their data, their contacts and applications from any device. Today, "work" and "privacy" intersect at all times of day, anywhere. It "works" at home and consult their professional emails on smartphones personal.

And it is not unusual to consult his or her Facebook Personal IM from his office. Similarly smartphones and other tablets purchased individually introduced into the walls of the enterprise. That is what is called "consumerization of IT." She led companies to offer more flexibility to their employees to work anywhere from any device.

YouTube manages the NVIDIA 3D Vision

YouTube has released a 3D stereoscopic movie player compatible with HTML 5 and Firefox Vision 3D NVIDIA, according to a statement posted on the website of the manufacturer of graphics cards. YouTube has released a 3D stereoscopic movie player compatible with HTML 5 and Firefox Vision 3D NVIDIA, according to a statement posted on the website of the manufacturer of graphics cards.

Owners of a GeForce compatible drivers 275 or older can use their glasses to view certain videos fillings. NVIDIA has released a web page with examples. NVIDIA's announcement is part of a larger event for Google. The editor supports officially stereoscopy after two years of testing alpha and finally he has to deploy its large-scale system.

Philips 273P3L: a 27 inch that will detect

Philips has added a new model of LCD monitor to its catalog: the Brilliance 273P3L. With a TN FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) by 27 inches diagonally, this screen has a backlight LED technology but also PowerSensor the manufacturer. This adjusts the brightness according to what is displayed on the screen and decrease the brightness, and therefore energy consumption, if nobody is in front of the LCD.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The new 3D monitor from AOC e2352Phz

AOC has just announced the new 3D monitor e2352Phz with a 23-inch screen with LED backlight technology and Full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The display also includes a high-brightness, equal to 300 cd / m², so that even in view mode stereoscopic images are clear and well contrasted. In addition, the response time of just 5 ms, all'e2352Phz allows fluid to make even the most action-packed scenes while the high-resolution content can be transmitted to the screen thanks to the HDMI HDCP compliant.

Mini-Projectors: Acer C112 Pico Projector for your pocket

Via micro-USB port to connect netbook, laptop, Smartphone & Co. with the projector. Videos and pictures of the C112 projected thanks to "Acer format smart" technology without waiting period. The sound output from built-in speakers. The mini-projector creates a maximum resolution of 1280x800, the native resolution is the manufacturer of 854x480 pixels.

DLP and LED technology promises high image quality. Holds in the lithium-ion battery for two hours. A cooling period eliminates the C112 Pico. The black housing of the projector measures 137x91, 5 mm (such as text size). The control buttons are located on the top.

Buffalo SSD 256 GB SATA III

The Buffalo manufacturer has unveiled a new model of SSD 2.5-inch format: the SSD-N256S/MC400. With a capacity of 256 GB, it features a SATA 6 Gbps, gets 256 MB of cache and uses NAND flash memory chips MLC. The controller used is unknown, however. Supporting NCQ and the TRIM command, the SSD is as Buffalo capable of reaching speeds of around 405 MB / s read and 223 MB / s sequential write.

The random access performance have not yet been reported. Expected shortly in Japan, this SSD should be offered at a price of 72,200 yen, equivalent to 620 euros HT (3.5-inch adapter included).

Roccat Kone Plus, in-depth analysis

Today we present the analysis of mouse flagship ROCCAT German brand, which specializes in designing and manufacturing peripherals for the high-end gaming, the ROCCAT Kone [+]. As always, we hope you enjoy it. Analysis of ROCCAT Kone [+]

Toshiba laptop and HP multi-function device

The Toshiba Satellite 14W-C660 is a 15.6 - Notebook (39.6 centimeters). The display offers a 1366x768 pixels and is of LED backlighting. The dual-core processor (Intel Pentium P6200) estimates of 2.13 GHz. The graphics chip (500 MHz) overclocked to 667 MHz if necessary. The RAM (DDR3) is three gigabytes, the drive is 320 gigabytes.

With Wireless you can surf wirelessly. Only two USB 2.0 ports are tight. For the lithium-ion battery, the manufacturer promises a period of up to four and a half hours. The Toshiba Satellite C660-14W with 2.3 kg comparatively easy. The Toshiba Satellite 14W-C660 is an affordable entry-level notebook.

Very aggressive pricing for the Intel Atom Cedar Trail

Intel has decided to implement a very aggressive strategy on the prices of CPU Cedar Trail expectations for the month of September, at least according to what was stated by a source close to the world of netbooks and recovery from DigiTimes. Cedar Trail is a platform designed for netbook systems built using 32nm CPU.

The prices of the processors will vary in a range between 42 and $ 47, down by 30-50% compared to the prices of the current Atom CPU and N4xx N5xx providing prices of between 64 and 86 dollars. The intense competition that comes from the tablet systems clearly is generating benefits for the consumer who can then have access to more powerful systems netbook but lower cost.

Samsung PL 120/170: Cameras with dual display

For the double-sided control have the cameras on the back of a 7.6-inch screen and a small front-auxiliary display with a diagonal measurement of 3.8 centimeters. To see the subject even if you are in front of the camera. Practical: The self-timer mode can be a countdown display switch to the screen.

Facebook plans to enter into the music business

Facebook will do a cooperation with the streaming service. It appears that the negotiations are well advanced, insiders believe the service will start within the next two weeks. According to Forbes, a Spotify icon appear on Facebook and can therefore offer access to music library.

The whole thing started in the U.S., whether the service also to the German Facebook offered, is questionable. Reason: Spotify (from Sweden) is on us not because of high royalty-fee available. Spotify, the integration is successful, it would be a further step to make Facebook from a pure social network into a comprehensive entertainment platform.

A 480 GB SSD for the MacBook Air

The manufacturer Mach Xtreme Technology has announced the launch of a new range of SSDs in low-profile format: MX-Katana. Compatible with MacBook Air 2010 Apple (but alas not with previous models), these SSDs are available in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB Equipped with a SATA 3 Gbps, they use the MLC NAND flash memory.

Performance-wise, the manufacturer proudly announces that its SSDs are able to achieve 275 MB / s read and 225 MB / s sequential write, while reading / writing random 4K peak at 20,000 IOPS. Guaranteed for two years, the MX-Katana SSD should be presented at Computex. It remains to know the price ...

Revealed the novelty of Mango, the update for Windows Phone

Microsoft has just officially announced the update for its Mango Phone Windows operating system through which 500 new features will be added. In addition, the company said the new partnership with Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE over the availability of new language locales. Microsoft hopes in this way to conquer new markets currently dominated by Apple smartphone with IOS and Google Android.

Among the new features planned for Windows phones are a complete integration of text messages, a better browsing experience, better integration of friends on social networking with the contacts on your phone, options for sending mass messages and local search to book cinema or restaurants.

Mozilla does not like WebPI Google

The WebPI, a compression format for images offered by Google, do not like. Unlike WebM - for its video - the WebPI is indeed under fire from critics and the person in charge of the integration of image formats in Firefox does not seem ready to integrate WebPI. The compressed images WebPI actually use the same technique as for the keyframes in a video stream WebM.

Remember that modern codecs use some images "complete" key frames, and other images are computed with respect to the latter. The WebPI has the advantage of producing images that take up less space than the same images in JPEG but there are some constraints. The first is that the technique used by Google to compare the quality of WebPI and JPEG is flawed, "quality" is indeed better for software testing, but the perception of users is not.

Microsoft denies the remarks of Ballmer

Microsoft has sent a communiqué to InfoWorld to contradict the words of Steve Ballmer on Windows 8. The editor speaks of a "misrepresentation" and says waiting for "the next generation of machines Windows 7 to be available sometime in the next budget year (in 2012, Ed). To date, we (Microsoft, Ed) have not yet officially announced the schedule and the name of the next version of Windows.

" In our current "Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012, we review the verbatim official conference given by Steve Ballmer in Tokyo. The text is also still available on the publisher's site where you can see that Steve Ballmer confirms the code name for Windows 8 used in the builds and the year of release for 2012 that was implied by documents that have filtered through the Internet and the Microsoft tradition of often waiting three years before releasing a new operating system.

A Google data center cooled seawater

Google released a video on YouTube showing the cooling system of its data center in Finland EUR 200 million located in Hamina. It has the particularity of using sea water The building was abandoned as a paper search engine has been converted. The pipes supplying water in the sea was thus already laid.

He simply used a small submarine to ensure they were not blocked. The result is impressive because Google did not need to install an air conditioning and in addition to preserving the environment, significant cost savings. This is the first time to our knowledge, a data center is cooled with seawater According to the story of Google, seawater is pumped from the Gulf of Finland.

The Accelero Xtreme Arctic moves to "Plus II"

The manufacturer has unveiled its Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus II, a cooling system for graphics cards (Radeon HD 2900XT to HD 6970, and GeForce 7800GT to GTX 580). Showing the dimensions of 288 x 103 x 50 mm and weighs 900 grams on the scale, this cooler is made of an aluminum radiator crossed by five copper heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, the whole being surmounted by three PWM fans 92 mm (operating at a speed between 900 and 2000 revolutions per minute).

64 GB microSDXC from Kingmax

The manufacturer Kingmax Technology is currently preparing the launch of a map showing microSDXC highest capacity of 64 GB Respecting the SD specifications 3.0, this card is Class 6 certified, which guarantees a minimum rate supported by 6 MB / s write. Lifetime warranty, this card boasts of features microSDXC error correction (ECC) and wear leveling.

Kingmax has unfortunately not yet indicated the price or exact availability date of this card to 64 GB

TDJ: Cooler Master 550 Silencio

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Cooler Master Silencio 550. Showing the dimensions of 415 x 505 x 210 mm and weighing 9.2 kg on the scale, this case has two bays in the format 5.25 inch and 3.5 inch seven locations. Adapter 2.5 "to 3.5" SSD can accommodate two and two 120 mm fans are otherwise supplied with Silencio 550.