Monday, June 13, 2011

You know everything about Zii, video

At Computex, ZiiLabs presented the ZMS-20, a SoC (System on a Chip, chip all-in-one) for the tablets Android Honeycomb. And a 7-minute video shows the chip in action, in bars 7 and 10 inches of references as well as an SDK. The ZSM-20 is the third ARM chip "officially" able to run Honeycomb and it seems quite interesting: two cores Cortex A9 at 1.5 GHz with NEON (SIMD ARM), a video chip consists of 48 computing processors at 200 MHz, the decompression of 1080p support hardware acceleration of Android, a fast memory interface (DDR 1066 MHz), support for HDMI and - partnership with Creative forces, integration Technology X-Fi.

G. Skill Introduces New SSD SATA3 and high-density DDR3

G. Skill has presented at the Computex 2011, the new additions to its portfolio: the Phoenix II Pro SSD SATA 3 interface 6Gbps SandForce chip based on SF-2281 and various kits of DDR3 performance with massive capacities. The 16GB memory kit's fastest Intel platform designed Z68/P67 G. Memories RipjawsX Skill DDR3 2300MHz CL9-11-6-28 (4x4Gb) 1.65V provide maximum speed and capacity so far for Sandy Bridge Intel platform.

128GB USB 3.0 up from Sharkoon

The spread of USB 3.0 has reinvigorated the market for compact external storage devices. The major manufacturers have submitted their families of high-end USB sticks bearing the new high-performance interconnect. The German Sharkoon has recently announced the arrival of new models Flexi-Drive Ultimate 3.0.

It is expensive and exclusive products that can store volumes of data similar to that of modern SSD. Available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB USB sticks these support a rate of about 200MB per second for both reading and writing and integrate NAND flash memory chip-type MLC protected in a sleek black aluminum box with a hood.

Tablet PC: AMD APU Z-series of choices for Intel Pine Trail

Acer has recently sent orders for 80,000 Z-series APU AMD to build as many tablet PCs running Windows 7. APU Series Z are essentially based on the same design of Fusion "Zacate" but show a lower TDP and better quality of circuits such that it is also suitable for use in enterprise and industrial environments.

Acer has chosen, in particular, the model Z-01 AMD, a chip that combines two core x86-64 operating at a frequency of 1 GHz with a GPU AMD Radeon HD 6250 DirectX 11 compatible and DDR3 memory controller. The TDP is the total of only 5.9 W while the production process remains the now aged 40 nm TSMC.

CPU Heatsink hybrid PCCooler

At Computex Taipei 2011 the famous Chinese brand PCCooler showed off a new heatsink for the CPU and features a design that works very original. We refer to the system OC3 W120, hybrid cooling solution that combines a tower air cooler with a waterblock liquid cooling system. The tower heatsink consists of an aluminum radiator and 5 nickel plated copper heatpipes, a 120mm fan in charge of dissipating the heat dissipation between the fins.

Control up to 12 fans with regulators Scythe Kaze Q

Scythe has updated the range of Kaze fan controllers with new models of the Q. This is regulators Q8 and Q12, both with an aluminum frame made of high-precision machining (CNC). The first deals with a bay 3.5 "and allows you to control up to eight fans in the classic range of use from 5 to 12V, while the second part of a 5.25" bay "and supports up to 12 fans at once.

This adjustment is done by knob / potentiometer on the activation of the fan is indicated by a blue LED lighting.

No Core i8 for Sandy Bridge-E

The E-Sandy Bridge will be part of the Core i7 processor family. Despite the new chipset, Socket LGA 2011 and the new architecture, Intel has not seen fit to create a new family of processors Core i8 and i9. Xbit Labs is reporting of news after having received, he said, internal documents. With each new architecture, the same rumor resurfaced.

Intel could create a new product line to mark the break. In 2009, some thought that would Gulftown Core i9. In 2011, Sandy Bridge-E are again the subject of similar noises. Nevertheless, Intel's decision to call the Core i7 is normal and beneficial. Intel is often criticized for its complexity provides a nomenclature using too broad and confusing.

The Llano Desktop AMD unveiled at large

A roadmap of Llano which should arrive this week comes from leaking into the net. It is the site that relates DonanimHaber list of five models for desktop computers. These are all quad core processors, with the exception of the A4-3400 which only includes two cores. This leakage therefore confirms the information that we report last March in our current "The characteristics of AMD Llano.

It provides the operating frequencies and integrated graphics chips, but omits prices. The Llano is the first desktop processors from AMD's Fusion project. For the record, Fusion has been announced in the ATI acquisition in 2006. Earlier this year, AMD had marketed the Ontario Zacate for netbooks, formalizing the first fruits of this union.

The end of Minitel in 2011? Not in 2012

We saw a few days ago a report on an alarming major television: the network of France Telecom Transpac is advertised as having to close in September 2011, with no real solution to replace him. As Transpac is used especially for Minitel, unused, this news has obviously raised a "fuss." Yet ... it is false.

In fact, Transpac will be closed in June 2012 and not in September 2011. The closure in 2011 was actually announced via a press release in January 2010 but was postponed to June 2012, a little later, still France Telecom announces unduly. The conditions of use of Télétel - used for Minitel network - are quite clear on this point: the version of May 2011 indicates a permanent closing June 30, 2012 while opening new services will be available until February 29 2012.

HardZone launches its YouTube channel

HardZone already has its own channel on the popular Internet video website YouTube, where you will find the most interesting videos of the tests that we will publish on your web site Hardware HardZone Spanish. Beginning today that HardZone already on Youtube under the name HardZoneES so you can see and hear videos that we offer in our analysis or tutorials.

Due to technical problems could not be exclusively offering demonstration videos on the analysis of the mouse ROCCAT Kova Plus, so since today everything HardZone team. is hoped that this new initiative is to your liking as much as they are still our analysis, no more waiting we leave with our first video demonstration of Kova Roccat Plus.

Asus UX21: Sandisk SSD or SSD A-DATA?

Fun: Last week, we reported that A-DATA was selected by Asus to equip the UX21 with an SSD-based SandForce. However, SanDisk also announced equip the UX21 with SSD by a priori design house. In fact, SanDisk announced that it is the U100, the successor to the P4, which will be used in the UX21. This SSD SATA 6 Gbit / s is announced with speeds of 450 MB / s read and 340 MB / s write.

Sandisk announced a low power consumption, but does not indicate the number of IOPS that SSD can reach, the traditional weak point of the controllers of the firm. The fact that two manufacturers - with two different SSD - Announce equip the same machine is amazing, but not incomprehensible: Asus is a big company and work with two partners to the same component is a common practice in the industry.

Microsoft wants Android applications and iOS

Microsoft has released a version of the API mapping tool that facilitates the porting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Phone to Windows 7. A Tool for Mapping API 4.2 iOS already exists. The avowed aim is to give developers who are familiar with competing platforms a way to get to more easily program for Windows Phone 7.

It takes an API known about Android or iOS and look what is the equivalent on the framework Silverlight /. NET. It is primarily a means to promote the porting of applications. This is the first time to our knowledge, a major publisher of mobile operating system out such a tool. The version for iOS arrived last April.