Thursday, August 11, 2011

Security Updates: Microsoft patching 22 vulnerabilities in Window

Microsoft fixes 22 vulnerabilities in Windows versions of Internet Explorer (version 6 to 9), Visio and Visual Studio. Two of the 13 updates the rating will be "critical", nine are "important" and two are considered "moderate." Important: Internet Explorer, pointed, before the update on gross gaps - often you surf with the Microsoft browser, you will make the update as soon as possible.

The updates Microsoft has usually on the second Tuesday of the month (ie on 9 August 2011) on the Windows Update feature available to own - this is done automatically with an active Internet connection and a corresponding preference.

HTC EVO 3D now available

The HTC EVO 3D is equipped with a 1.2 gigahertz strong Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor. In addition to HTC Sense are 3D menus and an enhanced, active screen lock integrated, which enables direct access to some features such as email, instant messaging or social networks. With the "HTC Watch" To access pay movies.

How the active lock screen and HTC Watch work in detail, refer to the .3 D effects to pictures and videos are thanks to a 10.9 centimeter (4.3 inch) screen with QHD resolution (540x960 pixels) without additional glasses visible. The dual camera phones to take 2D and 3D with two of five megapixels, a side-mounted switch to change the shooting mode.

Nvidia graphics card brings to the Cloud

Nvidia's new strategy combines under the name "Project Monterey" together: in future mobile devices serve only as a receiver, run the graphical applications over a Nvidia "Tegra" chips. The calculation of the display is outsourced to the cloud. Replaces one from online servers outside of the device the process that usually comes at the cost of the power of an internal ("GPU").

Nvidia aims for each unit from the laptop to the smartphone until a response rate that is indistinguishable from a conventional configuration of graphic chip with GPU. As a further line of development Nvidia introduced innovations in the field of "Maximus" technique. It is already used on laptops and adjusts depending on the requirement to switch between internal and external graphics unit.

Seagate has sold over 1 million Momentus Hybrid Solid State XT

Seagate has already sold its solid state device one millionth hybrid since the launch of Momentus XT in spring 2010. Leading manufacturers of computers, including Alienware, ASUS, Dell, Sony and Toshiba now offer laptops that include this type of hard drives, as they have speeds that compete with the SSD, but with greater capacity and lower prices.

The Momentus hybrid solid state drive XT is an album that runs at 7200 rpm and has up to 500GB capacity. His start is 50% faster than traditional disks at 5400 rpm and is a reference in the portable gaming benchmarks. Adaptive Technology Seagate is the key to the speed of these devices, optimizing their performance by moving the most used information in its internal memory of 4GB for a starter and access to frequently used applications faster.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 is scheduled for October

The makers of smartphones would try to move the output terminals of the first Ice Cream Sandwich for the month of October to enjoy the holiday season to boost their sales and to overshadow the iPhone 5. The BGR site would have this information to a source close to the development of the operating system.

This date seems logical then that Android needs to strike hard at the end of the year. Ice Cream Sandwich is an important step for Google, while the firm is at a pivotal time in the history of their favorite operating system. Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is officially available since December 2010 and the source code was published shortly after his inauguration.

RIM Announces New BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry OS 7

The "Blackberry 9850 Torch" has, in contrast to the "Torch 9860" do not have the support of shared European GSM wireless standard. It will therefore not be available on the European market. The Blackberry 9860 Torch serve you - not typical RIM - only about 3.7 (9.4 centimeters wide, high-resolution (800x480 pixels) touch-screen operation for the liquid provides a 1.2 GHz speed with 768 megabytes of RAM in the device itself..

Intel invests $ 300 million in Ultrabook

Intel Capital, the investment arm of the founder, announced the creation of an investment fund dedicated to Ultrabook. With its $ 300 million, this fund will go to the capital of companies' developing hardware and software technologies to improve the way people interact with Ultrabooks, to make possible a full day of battery operation, to allow physical designs and innovative storage capacity increased.