Thursday, April 21, 2011

Galaxy: five screens on a GTX 560 Ti

The Galaxy manufacturer recently unveiled two new graphics cards that can simultaneously support a number of LCD screens. The GTX 560 Ti Display5 can be connected to up to five screens via its DVI (x1), DisplayPort (x1) and mini-HDMI (x4). The card also supports resolutions up to 5040 x 1050 pixels (or 1680 x 1050 pixels on each screen) mode triple screen handsets, and up to 5760 x 900 pixel mode quad screen.

Intel plans to unveil 3-class-E Sandy Bridge processors

Failing that Intel officially declare the details on which processors Sandy Bridge-E, thanks to a leaked slide we can see the thoughts of the company for its new top-end platform, the socket 2011 (X79 chipset). In the slide above we can see the 3 kinds of processors that Intel intends to establish, 1 for the Extreme range and 2 for the Premium range: - Extreme: Top of the range, with 6 cores at 3.3 GHz, 15MB L3 cache and fully unlocked to overclock.

"The" and "The" Game Boy?

Existential issue if any, which starts a huge debate on our Twitter account in the comments and news on our 22 years of Game Boy: they say "the" or "the" Game Boy. Use in Europe is to say "Game Boy", in reference to the fact that this is a console. In fact, communication of Nintendo and manuals for various models speak well of the Game Boy, a male.

What is your opinion? Come chat with us on the Twitter account of Tom's Hardware @ tomshardware_fr.

Mini SSD MSAT in Netlist

Netlist the manufacturer has unveiled two new tiny SSD, the MSAT MSAT Mini Slim. Equipped, as their name suggests, a connector MSAT 3 Gbps, these SSDs are destined for servers and network devices, and the world of data storage. These DSSs as the case of MLC NAND flash memory or SLC and boarded 64 MB of cache.

The MSAT Mini SSD is available in capacities ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB for performance up to 120 MB / s read and 48MB / s write. For its part, the MSAT Slim exists in capacities up to 128GB, while the maximum flows reach 240 MB / s read and 190MB / s write. The date of availability and price of these SSDs are not yet known.

Mass Effect 3: Getting information to the role play

With information and details about "Mass Effect 3" developer BioWare is held back until now. The Spanish game magazine wants to know the first details about the game. Translations of the article - including the official - suggest that Shepard learns new fighting techniques. Sun engineers seem to have the opportunity to build gun turrets.

In addition, a new class for the savior of the world talk to their skills primarily aimed at heavy melee attacks. In general, to the fighting in "Mass Effect 3" dynamic feel and about ten to 15 percent quicker. In addition, according to the magazine can destroy enemy armor or use weaknesses in the enemy's armor.

Action game for Playstation 3: God of War 4: reunion with Kratos?

He has his family on the conscience, for the destruction of Atlantis, responsible and sealed the decline of the Greek gods clan. What is left for Kratos to do? The answer to this question, Sony seems to deliver in September 2012 - as the website reported, citing the gaming magazine PSM3. Accordingly, Sony Santa Monica potters to "God of War 4".

Sapphire launches Xtreme version of its Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5830

Sapphire has sought to keep alive their Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5830 Xtreme with this version, which although lower yields than the 6850 for example, have a much more attractive. These two graphs using the Cypress chipset 40nm known and have 256 bit memory interface, CrossFireX support and have DVI, HDMI and Display Port.

The Radeon HD 5850 has 1440 stream processors, the GPU runs at 725 Mhz and memory (1 Gb GDDR5) to 4000MHz effective. On the other side of her younger sister, the 1120 has HD 5830 Stream Processors, the GPU operates at a frequency of 800 MHz and 4000 MHz memory also effective. Since both graphs can be found in Spanish stores at prices affordable and attractive, which will surely make your sales skyrocket.

Privacy policy debate obscures the cheers: Thank iPhone: Apple makes six billion profit

Mac computer, the Tablet PC iPad and especially the iPhone sale is dazzling, and even the Your old iPod music player can still find millions of fans. "We are running at full steam," said company founder and CEO Steve Jobs. For privacy practices are expressed but not the Apple CEO. Background: Experts have found that Apple mobile devices to record location data of their users, without notice to you thereof.

GPS Module logs every step o Apple iPhone: How to turn off the data snooping

As the IT Blog "" logs, stands for iPhones, with a "Jailbreak" are unlocked, the app "ready for download. It runs in the background and permanently deletes all GPS data that the iPhone hidden in the file "consolidated. db stores. With a jailbreak you put the iPhone into maintenance mode. The installation allows any apps through bypassing the identification of the iPhone in the App Store.

Unlocking pulls the immediate loss of any warranty claims against Apple for themselves. And mobile phone viruses floodgates are open. However, the smartphone can in most cases by a reset put back to normal.

TI produces a small chip to the wireless recharging

Texas Instruments has designed a new chip for charging wireless receiver characterized by very contained dimensions. The model bq51013 measures just 3mm on its longest side and is able to provide a power of 5W for inductive charging smartphones, MP3 players and other mobile devices. The chip is compatible with the systems that support the standard power Qi, offers a maximum efficiency of 93 percent and causes the device to recharge as fast as a conventional charger wire.

Of 19 nm NAND flash from Toshiba

While Intel and Micron have just opened a plant in Singapore for the manufacture of 25 nm NAND on the waters of 300 mm, and Intel recently announced its etching technology NAND flash memory in 20 nm Here we learned that Toshiba is already in the process of developing NAND flash memory chips etched into 19 nm.

Thus, if the first 20 nm chips in IM Flash Technogologies should leave the plants in the second half of 2011, the first copies of NAND flash memory chips 2-bit MLC 64 GB (8 GB) in 19-nm Toshiba should be available by the end of the month, with mass production expected in the third quarter of this year.

New GPU Server Asus

Asus has announced the ECS4000 server, a 2U server designed for fans of GPGPU. Based on an Intel platform, it supports LGA1366 processors (two connectors) and supports 144 GB of RAM maximum, with 18 locations DDR3. But the server is especially interesting in one respect: its expansion slots. Indeed, it combines the PCI-Express Chipset Intel 5520 with nForce 200 chips, which can offer a number of PCI-Express 16x record: there are nine connectors.

Some details on the chipsets Panther Point

So we are gradually approaching the launch date of future Ivy Bridge Intel processors (well, he'll still have to wait even until 2012), the first information on the chipsets that will accompany these Panther Point CPU begin to appear on the canvas. Three chipsets and should be born in a first step, H77, Z75 and Z77.

The first segment is for the Mainstream, currently occupied by the chipset H67. The other two will replace the P67 chipset and Z78 Performance in the segment. Differences in the Z75 and Z77 are not yet known, but it is known, however, already that these three chipsets provide support Panther Point 4-port USB 3.0 and support the three video outputs of the chips Ivy Bridge.

G. Skill Launches DDR3 Memory Kit-2300 Mhz for Sandy Bridge

G. Skill has announced the launch of the 8GB kit (2x4Gb) DDR3 fastest in the world, operating at 2300 MHz CL9 with only 1.65V voltage. This memory kit will join the award-winning Ripjaws-X and will be available soon through authorized distributors G. Skill. As more and requires more memory capacity, G.

Skill and research and development department are dedicated to continually develop products faster and more efficient based on sticks of 4GB capacity. Following the wonderful achievement of DDR3 1900Mhz and DDR3 2200 Mhz, G. Skill has once again step forward to achieve reach the 2300 Mhz memory in a kit based on 4Gb sticks.

The Radeon HD 6770 and 6750 on the AMD website

The Radeon HD 6770 and 6750 recently made their appearance on the AMD website. It would seem to be a leak of the Chinese site, the page does not mention U.S. still those cards that should arrive soon. The page gives very little detail. We just know that the Radeon HD 6770 has an etched chip in 40 nm and incorporating 800 stream processors, 40 texture units and 16 ROPs.

Rumors speak of a Radeon HD 5770 class, which is quite possible since the old chip has exactly the same characteristics. He'll have to wait to know the operating frequency of the new card to see if anything changes. Similarly, the AMD website provides only a few characteristics of the Radeon HD 6750.

Verbatim: An SSD of 128 GB USB 3.0

The manufacturer Verbatim has announced the launch of three external SSD in its Store 'n' Go Equipped with a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, the SSD of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB have an aluminum hull. They embark chip MLC NAND flash memory organized on 8 channels, the controller used is not specified by Verbatim. Performance-wise, the 32GB model is capable of reaching speeds of around 150 MB / s read and 60MB / s write.

Intel and Micron in Singapore for NAND

Intel and Micron have just opened a factory in Singapore for the manufacture of 25 nm NAND on the waters of 300 mm. It will be managed by the joint venture IM Flash Singapore. The plant represents an investment of $ 3 billion. It is expected to employ 1,200 workers when it reaches full capacity by the end of the year.

This is one of the first plants of its kind in the Lion City and its Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, spoke during the opening ceremony to welcome the new jobs it represents. 6 employees of the plant out of 10 Singaporeans. The plant has released its first water a month earlier than expected and the first results are very positive.

Sony ends the PSPGo

Sony has announced that it had ceased production of PSPGo. Those wishing to buy one will have to rely on stocks in shops and the latest models that have not yet been delivered to dealers. The PSP, which was demarcated by the absence of a UMD slot, debuted in 2009. It simply does not have the desired success.

The lack of UMD slot and no viable alternative and its high price ended up being right of the public who turned to the PSP-3000 or other platforms. This decision is the result of a renewal of the catalog of the firm who works on the NGP (see "PSP 2" NGP "announced"), the PSP generation whose output has been postponed (see "Shelf Playstation and NGP delayed; Sony goes to confession), but that will probably be appearing at E3 in June.

The revolution will have to wait streaming

A study shows that the NDP Blu-ray and DVD media are choices for consumers who prefer to streaming media such widely. The study is limited to the United States, but appears to reflect a trend that is found everywhere. 78% of the money spent by households for watching movies at home is going to buy Blu-ray or DVD and only 15% is allocated to streaming.

Contrary to what the signs gave the impression a few years ago (see "Samsung and Netflix: the end of Blu-ray?"), The revolution will take time streaming and disks still have a bright future ahead of them. Although it is still largely dominated by DVD, Blu-ray is still relevant for several reasons.

Back on the digital divide French

The Strategic Analysis Centre has released its report on the digital divide in France and provides some recommendations to help the less connected to join the digital world. According to the report there are three major gaps that require "a strong and sustained political action and broad information campaigns." The first is generational with only 16.9% of those over age 75 with a home computer and 15% of them being connected to the Internet.

A GT 520 TurboCache Gigabyte

Formalized recently by NVIDIA, GeForce GT 520 has already appeared in the catalog of Gigabyte. The manufacturer has launched two versions of this graphics card: a "classic" (GV-N520OC-1GI), and a model TurboCache (GV-N520TC-1GI). Featuring a slightly overclocked graphics chipset GF119 (830 MHz) and has 48 stream processors running at 1660 MHz, these two cards use DDR3 memory clocked at 900 MHz on a 64-bit bus.

AOC is 30 million screens in 2012

In 2010, the manufacturer AOC has passed 16 million LCD screens, a performance rather honorable. But for AOC is far from satisfactory. The manufacturer hopes to sell 24 million because of displays this year and not less than 30 million in 2012. Installed on Asian and African markets, and to a lesser extent in Europe, even AOC hopes to lead the overall market for LCD monitors by 2013.

Historically focused on the LCD display market entry level, the manufacturer has already begun to diversify its activities by offering models - still relatively affordable - equipped with MVA or IPS panels, but also by launching its first touch pad . The competitors had better take ...

iPad and Japan are on the lips of Apple

Apple announced its financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended March 26 and took the opportunity to explain the long-term impact that should have the Japanese earthquake last month. Again, the company beat its own record with a turnover of 24.67 billion dollars (approx. 17 billion) and earnings of $ 5.99 billion (about 4 billion euros), +83% and +28% respectively over the same period last year.

What is the best graphics card for midrange?

This computer will be in the car: Reading the test graphics cards to 600 € but it buys model at 100 €, good enough to play on a screen of 22 ". In this highly competitive niche, the market was upset recently by the successive outputs of Ti 550 GeForce and Radeon HD 6790. So now, what's the best graphics card for midrange? response in our test.