Thursday, July 28, 2011

Western Digital updates its series of Velociraptor hard drives

Western Digital has announced the launch of two new series of his famous Velociraptor SATA interface which will have 3 (6Gbps). Like previous versions, it will be a hard disk 2.5 "built in" IcePack "3.5". These two new units (serial numbers and WD3000HLHX WD1500HLHX) run at 10,000 revolutions per minute and have a latency of just 3ms.

They feature a 32MB cache MTBF 1.4 million hours and an average speed of 126Mb/s. They have a 5 year warranty.

Logitech loses his head

Logitech has entered the first quarter of its fiscal year 2012 (which corresponds to the second quarter of calendar year 2011) on a sales decline of 4% and a net loss of $ 30 million. This poor record has claimed its place in the CEO Gerald P. Quindlen who is temporarily replaced by President Guerrino De Luca until the group finds a new CEO.

Logitech's sales reached only $ 480 million in the first quarter of 2012 against 479 million the previous year. Given the favorable exchange rate, these figures actually show a decrease of 4%. Operating income is negative (- $ 34 million) but takes into account an anticipated price drop box Logitech Revue / Google TV $ 249 to $ 99.

Strategy game for PC Age of Empires Online: Microsoft announces additional content

The cult game "Age of Empires" published in August 2011 in stripped down form as a free online game. Pared means that there are only two cultures at the beginning to choose from - the Greeks and the Egyptians. At the start then the additional "defense of Crete" with a few extras. Manufacturer Microsoft now announces monthly bundle of expansion: By the end of 2011 appear to include two additional civilizations as well as a content package.

Intel 10 nm processors by 2018

Have been disclosed long-term plans of Intel about the names and manufacturing processes for future chips. Continuing to follow the typical strategy of "tick-tock" where a new micro-architecture is used with two consecutive fabrication processes and every manufacturing process is used with two micro-architectures in a row, the manufacturer has put its cards on the table about all the successors of Ivy Bridge.

Soul Calibur 5: The first images to brawl

After mid-May 2011 were leaked information about Namco brawl, the manufacturer now published the first pictures of "Soul Calibur 5". Then a part of the 26 fighters is to see, send the developers in the fight. Even Patroclus, the son of Sophitia makes a good figure in the screenshots. He is the new main character, 19 years old and leads a similar sword like his mother with him.

Also, bonus whipping boys are again one of the party - has arisen, for example, Darth Vader, Spawn or Jedi Yoda decent.

Razer unveils new gaming headset and audio Razer Electra

Razer has announced new games and music headphones Razer Electra, which provide low and very sharp with great convenience to-end flexible and adaptable to your headphones. Will be available from October 2011. Follows the official press release. GET READY FOR AN AUDIO WITH RAZER Electrifying ELECTRARazer enhances the gaming enthusiasts with the Razer headphones Electra video game music on the go, and Carlsbad, California -  Razer ™, the world's leading gaming peripherals for high-end brings thumping bass of your music and audio of the game on the road with the Razer headphones designed to play any sound Electra and notes with incredible depth and balance in a pack versatile and comfortable.

3D video projectors: Acer H5360BD

The image brightness, the manufacturer with 2,500 ANSI lumens of normal operation, according to Acer, the contrast ratio is 3.200:1. And indeed: The picture in the practice test shone bright colors were bright and black back of the projector rather dark. The image resolution of the device is 1280x720 pixels (HD ready).

With a seat pitch of 2.50 meters was not a raster image and to recognize the image looked sharp. This shows once again that already meets the small HD resolution (720p) for a detailed image. Typical DLP projector: In contrast scenes occur colored flashes of light, which bothers some viewers more than others.

Electronic Arts: Dragon Age 2 is no longer available on Steam

If you currently buy "Dragon Age 2," or it wants to get the latest DLC pack, which must rely on to Valve's download platform Steam - where the title has disappeared from the offer; same in June with the action game "Crysis 2" . Both are obviously reactions to our own online distribution platform Origin of Electronic Arts.

The group seems to be serious: According to the company stirred properly, the advertising drum and sold several EA games exclusively via Origin - such as "Call of Duty 3" or "Star Wars - The Old Republic". Some of the tracks appear here in special versions with special bonuses. So far, neither Valve nor EA comment on the situation.