Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple: Is the slow end for the iPod?

On the preliminary information presented to Apple. In addition to seeing many new features, there was also a small detail: The feature from which you access the music player is not iPod, but quite simply "music". This alone is no indication that Apple's iPod is no longer on the medium term is as a standalone device.

However, users found in the (is now available) information on the iPad 3 and a new iPhone - from an iPod is there not more talk. Ten years ago, Apple released the first iPod on the market and immediately became a bestseller. ; In the first quarter of 2011 at seven percent (compared to the fourth quarter of 2010) and in direct comparison with the first quarter of 2010 by 14 percent.

Digital Camera: Sony SLT-A35

Sony introduces a successor to the SLT models, and A33. The newcomer is called SLT-A35 and is home to the "APS-C HD Exmor" CMOS sensor. The latter allows effective from 16.2. The exposure time ranges from 1/4000th to 30 seconds - ideal for sports photography, so Sony. Thanks to Full HD support, take on video with 1920x1080 pixels.

The SLT-A35 stores the clips in AVCHD format. On the three-inch display your shots are directly viewable. Toll: The programmable control unit is suitable for up to 14 functions. Without flash creates a full battery charge up to 480 shots. The SLT-A35 takes 1.4-times zoom magnification up to seven images per second, the image resolution is only 8.4 megapixels.

Rumor: Samsung wants to take Nokia

Nokia stands with his back to the wall: In the first quarter of 2011 the market share for smartphones broke from 38.8 percent to 24.3 percent. "Android" devices dominate the market, Apple is using his iPhone at eye level. In parallel it is with the stock price down, is currently the papers by Nokia are worth less than five euros and in 2000 the price was still at 60 €.

From this position, a mixture of current business value is at about 17 billion €. Samsung probably has as much money loose in the war chest to make an offer to purchase. Nokia however, would in such a case to help protect investors hope - which in turn is dependent on a resounding success of the new Nokia smartphones with the operating system "Windows Mobile 7".

New gameplay trailer for SHADOWGUN iPad 2 and Android

Unity Technologies has unveiled the latest gameplay trailer of the new title specifically designed to run on SHADOWGUN iPad 2, tablets, and smartphones. SHADOWGUN able to run at a frame rate of 60 fps on Apple iPad tablet 2 and 4 30 fps on the iPhone, 3g iPhone, iPad, and other devices based on Android platform NVIDIA Tegra.

SHADOWGUN is a third-person game developed by Games Madfinger that demonstrates the power of next-generation mobile graphics combined with tactical combat on touchscreen devices.

E3 2011: AMD FX 8-core seen in the light

Although AMD has not announced the FX series CPU Zambezi is confined, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011, to formalize only the brand, some systems based on the platform Scorpius was seen in operation. The company showed, as did almost a year ago, turned on some machines with Bulldozer CPU cores 4 and 8 in addition to the packaging of the final retail versions of the model such as metallic FX Black Edition 8 core and the cardboard template Quad FX -core.

A wireless headset for Xbox 360

Microsoft has just announced the availability of the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Speed. It is a wireless controller in the form of steering to be used with all games of car racing that will also be provided in a bundle with Forza Motorsport 4. The Wheel Speed Wireless uses a motion sensor to handle the steering.

It also has a force feedback function, while both sides are buttons to accelerate and brake pads and ABXY and D. The availability of the Wheel Speed Wireless Controller for Xbox is scheduled for October at a price of $ 60 to the public.

The next FX CPU 8-cores from AMD demo

AMD has used E3 to demonstrate its future Bulldozer "FX" to 8 cores. For the occasion, it is a complete platform that Scorpio was presented with an FX-8000 processor, a motherboard Asus ROG Crosshair Formula V and a Radeon HD 6990. We even had the right to discover boxes of future processors Bulldozer (Bulldozer white cardboard for conventional 4-core, black metal box for the model 8-Core Black Edition).

AMD is investing in video conferencing

AMD has invested an undisclosed sum in Vivu, a company specializing in solutions for desktop videoconferencing. The money comes from the Merger Fund program to fund applications using Fusion architectures of the company comprising a CPU and a GPU on a single die. Information has been formalized by a statement from the manufacturer of processors.

"The investment in AMD Vivu allows us to create an environment where we can shape the future of video collaboration with bold new applications that can be improved by using technology from AMD," says Sudha Valluru , founder and PD G Vivu. The color is clearly announced. This investment will create applications for HD video conferencing platform optimized for green and red.

Microsoft signed a tablet?

Microsoft plans to market a tablet to his name by the end of 2012. She embedded Windows 8 and would be designed in partnership with Texas Instruments and the Taiwanese OEMs. DigiTimes, which reports the rumors, citing sources familiar with the matter. Redmond declined to comment. That information is likely.

The market shelves is one segment that has allowed Apple to become the largest OEM in terms of semiconductor spending. In recent years, Microsoft has increasingly invested in marketing platforms. He had some very big hits, like the Xbox 360 and KINECTS or major failures with the Zune or Kin.

Advanced Dark and Dark Rock Rock Pro: New sinks Be Quiet!

Be Quiet! shows us their new heatsinks called Dark and Dark Rock Rock PRO Advanced, has a sleek design and incorporates the fan Be Quiet! 120mm Silent Wings. Dark Rock Pro Maximum guaranteed cooling and minimum noise via its twin tower structure, comprising seven conductors of heat pipes in three dimensions, and fitted with a layer of oxygen-free copper with two built-in fans, PWM Silent Wings 120mm.

TDJ: DDR3 G. Skill Sniper

Our fellow Cowcotland recently released a test kit manufacturer's Sniper DDR3 G. Skill. Composed of two strips of DDR3 running at 1600 MHz, dual-channel kit of 8 GB support timings of 9-9-9-25 with a voltage of 1.25 V. Memory modules also benefit from heatsinks look at "gamer." Verdict?

Apple is the biggest buyer of semiconductors

A study published by IHS iSuppli said that Apple has become the largest buyer of semiconductors of all OEMs in 2010 and will consolidate its lead this year, passing away before HP was previously head of the standings. The Cupertino company has come off the pack thanks to an ever more impressive iPhone and iPad, according Wenli Ye, an analyst at IHS.

In 2009, Apple had bought for $ 9.7 billion semiconductor (approx. 6.5 billion euros at current exchange rates), against 10.3 million (approx. EUR 7 billion) for HP who was first and Samsung ranked second. Nevertheless, in 2010, the year of the release of the iPad, the firm flew. She bought $ 17.5 billion worth of semiconductors (approx.