Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung SSD marketing in Spain of its 470 series

Samsung announces the availability in Spain of its series of SSDs 470, SATA2 and connectivity features a 64GB and 128GB capacities. Series 470, Samsung SSD technology also include Samsung Storage Technology allows for a superior performance in multitasking environments without their benefits are reduced with use.

These SSDs reach maximum read speeds of 250 MB / s Write 220 MB / s. MAX presents the integrated controller of three cores and 256 MB of DDR2 RAM gives better performance, making response time and agility in multitasking environments increase significantly. Thus, it can run applications that manage large volumes of data or play drastically reducing waiting times and, in general, perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Scythe announces the launch of its new front Kama Panel 3

Scythe has announced the third version of its popular Kama Panel Multifunction panel, which presents new and exciting features to enhance the user's daily life. Kama Panel 3 combines 4 of the most popular functions for use in a single 5.25 "bay. These 4 functions include card reader, mobile rack, a rehobús 2 fans and a panel input / output for advanced connectivity.

The integrated card reader supports most popular memory cards such as MicroSD / MicroSDHC, Memory Stick Micro SD, Memory Stick and Multimedia Card. Using the adapter can be purchased separately, users can also use MiniSD / miniSDHC, RS-MMC, MMC-micro. The connection to the PC is accomplished using a USB 2.0 connector that is provided along with the Scythe Kama Panel 3.

AllThingsD IT Conference: Microsoft presents the first version of Windows 8

"With this system, we take the biggest change since Windows 95," said Steven Sinofsky Windows manager at the technology conference in Los Angeles. The look of Windows 8 is very similar to the interface of "Windows Mobile 7", the operating system for smartphones. Microsoft waived the usual start button for calling the programs menu, introduced with Windows 95.

Moreover, at the bottom lack the so-called system tray to see the other icons of open applications and documents. Programs for the new interface is written using Web technologies (HTML and JavaScript). This includes the Windows Phone 7 known "Live tiles" representing the updated content from the web such as weather information or status reports from locally installed programs constantly.

Attack from China: Hacker attack on Gmail

Again, it seems an attack on Google in China to have been: are unknown, according to the Internet Group's accounts in hundreds of his e-mail service "Gmail" penetrated. The victim therefore includes high-ranking U.S. government officials, Chinese dissidents, journalists, military officers and officials from Asia, mainly from South Korea.

The attacker would have to surreptitiously with a trick of the passwords and then probably spying on the e-mail traffic. Google did not notice the attack and prevented. The injured have been informed and their accounts were backed up. In addition, Google has informed the authorities.

Windows 8 running on ARM devices and Tablet

During Computex 2011, Microsoft showed its future operating system in a working version both on tablets, that ARM devices on traditional notebooks. According to what was stated by Anandtech, Windows 8 was running on three platforms with ARM processor Qualcomm Snapdragon single-core 1.2 GHz, TI OMAP 4430 dual-core processors and NVIDIA Kal-El quad-core.

The same interface is also fully integrated and usable on both the tablet that also work on laptops where the same application, even if only as a result of porting the ARM platform. The improvements introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 will not be exhausted by the support extended outside of x86 systems but also introduce the Internet Explorer browser 10 completely revised with support for scrolling, panning and tabs with a snapshot of the page.

Protogon: a new file system for Windows 8

Builds a fugitive on the Internet shows that Windows 8 will have a new file system called Protogon. It is a revelation of an article in ITWorld dedicated to hidden features in the operating system. This discovery raises a myriad of questions still unanswered. Protogon replace NTFS there or will there a filesystem that will be offered as an option? Is there a completely different file system or an update of NTFS? Rafael Rivera, Within Windows blog, whose comments are reported by ZDnet, says Protogon has elements from the world of databases, such as transactions, cursors, tables or rows.

Corsair announces new additions to its line of liquid cooling Hydro

Corsair has announced the release of two new additions to the range Hydro Series liquid cooling, the Corsair Series Hydro H80 and H100. The Hydro H80 and H100 Series feature the latest technology and maximum dissipation performance with simple installation and maintenance free. Both include a unit of dissipation low profile and light weight with a plate of copper contact technology based on micro-channels that we saw in the H60.

TDJ: Enermax Modu 87 + 700W ErP Lot6

Our fellow GinjFo recently posted a review of Food Modu 87 + ErP Lot 6700 Watt Enermax manufacturer, a model certified 80 PLUS Gold and displaying a maximum power of 700 watts. This file is also an opportunity for our colleague to explain in detail ErP Directive (Energy Related Products Directive 2005/32/EC) ...

The interface of Windows 8 unveiled

Steven Sinofsky, director of the Windows and Windows Live, and Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft vice president and manager of the Windows experience, unveiled the Windows interface 8. They participated in the conference D9: All Things D. The publisher has also released a video, available at the bottom of this news item, summarizing the demonstration given to journalists from The Wall Street Journal.

Tom's Hardware: Wii 2 that hides the Project Cafe?

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware recently put online a feature on the "Project Cafe" from Nintendo. Behind the code name hides the console next to the famous manufacturer. Here is a compilation of the latest news and rumors that have walked on the Internet about this console ...