Friday, May 6, 2011

Internet company launches pilot project: Google Business Photos: Soon interiors of shops

Who wants to make as the owner of a shop or a company in the Internet community a glimpse into his office, a Google photographer. Then comes over and make recordings, which the search engine company then integrated in its referral service "Google Places". Whether the images appear later in Google Maps or Street View is not known.

As with Street View persons be redacted before release. Uploading your photos is the way not possible, so Google wants to prevent any such manipulation. Currently the service is available worldwide in 31 cities, including the U.S., Britain and France.

Corsair Builder CX Series V2, PSU-end value 80 + certificates

Corsair has updated line of power supplies Builder CX Series, addressed to the systems of medium-low, with a review of V2 that finally introduces 80 Plus certified and 'this is the only change from the previous generation as the remaining specifications are unchanged : single-circuit on the +12 v rail with PCF and active cooling system for low-noise 120mm fan.

There are always three models available with power 430W (CX430V2), 500W (CX500V2) and 600W (CX600V2).

DS Superclocked EVGA GTX 580 with custom heat sink

EVGA submitted directly on its website a new version of video card based on GeForce GTX 580. The card is characterized by slightly higher operating frequencies than those specifically recommended by nVidia and adopt a custom cooling system. Instead of the vapor-chamber heat sink with fan turbine are an aluminum radiator that covers the entire PCB in combination with one set of copper heatpipes and surmounted by two axial fans.

Initial information about the performance of AMD Bulldozer

The website Donamim Haber has published some slides taken from internal presentations from AMD, which emerge from the first performance considerations and the list of models of the new series of processors that the company is preparing to announce. Within the year, AMD should therefore announce new E-series processor, A-series and FX-series, respectively, for groups of users to entry level, mainstream and enthusiast.

MSI GX780 gaming notebook features the new

MSI GX780 gaming notebook unveiled the new 17.3-inch Intel Core-based second-generation quad-core CPU and graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 555m. The GX780 is also characterized by a keyboard designed for gamers in collaboration with STEELSERIES. This is not only stronger, but also provides a functional layout of the keys to the game sessions: the Windows key, for example, has been moved to the right side of the keyboard, the Ctrl and Alt keys are wider and all keys are LED backlit with five different ways and you can run 10 commands simultaneously, allowing you to quickly achieve various actions at the same time.

€ 17 PC with 1080p HDMI output, which could be better?

What to do with 17 €? Build a tiny personal microcomputer course! It has achieved the feat David Braben, developer of games for the British studio Frontier Developments. And that looks like it was created: The Raspberry Pi is no bigger a USB drive and also uses a USB port for its power and its connection with peripherals.

It has at its other end a HDMI port for display. Her little heart is an ARM architecture v11 SoC clocked at 700 MHz, type of processor that can still be found in a smartphone Nokia N8 example. The integrated GPU supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and a dedicated circuit allows decoding 1080p High Profile video stream at 30 frames per second.

Asus Launches DirectCue HD6770 and HD6750 graphics.

Asus announces new HD graphics and HD6770 DirectCue Formula 6750, equipped with the exclusive Super Alloy Power technology, which increases to 15% performance and extends the life up to 2.5 times compared to traditional designs. The HD 6750 has an indoor Formula aerodynamics and specially treated surfaces to minimize the temperature by 13% compared to the reference design, thanks to these technologies, both panels offer a new level of realism for games and multimedia content.

OCZ: revenues up thanks to SSDs

OCZ has recently published its results for the last quarter of its fiscal year 2011, which ended last February 28. Revenues reached $ 64.6 million, representing an increase of almost 100% in one year. Sales of SSD alone represent a turnover of 58.2 million. In this quarter, however, the manufacturer saves a loss of $ 9.3 million, or $ 0.27 per share.

For the full fiscal year 2011, OCZ shows income of 190.1 million, up 32%. The loss reached 30 million, against $ 13.5 million at an earlier. For the current fiscal year, the manufacturer hopes to finally achieve a turnover of between 300 and 330 million.

Team Group: SDXC a 64 GB to 40 Mb / s

Team Group has unveiled new memory cards and SDHC SDXC intended, according to the manufacturer for photographers. According to specifications UHS-I, these memory cards are capable of reaching speeds of about 15MB / s write and 40MB / s read. They can also operate at temperatures between 0 ° C and 60 ° C.

This new range of memory cards consists of models SDHC 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB and a 64 GB card SDXC The manufacturer has unfortunately not yet indicated the price and availability date for these cards.

Tom's Hardware: 20 mods consoles madness

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware just published a feature on the best console mods. Wii's transportable to the NES in a NES cartridge through the drive Xbox 360 or PlayStation Lego, discover a selection of 20 mods madness ...

Where performance is mentioned again Bulldozer

Donanimhaber our colleagues have published what would be a new abstract of a presentation made by AMD. It shows a comparison of the performance of future processors Bulldozer FX with Intel Core and Phenom II X6 current. The graph is very vague but we can guess a difference of about 30% between a bulldozer FX 8-core (frequency unknown) and a Phenom II W6 1100T on PC Mark Vantage and about 40% in 3D Mark Vantage profile performance (same graphics card).

LGA1366 and X58 for SX58H7 Pro Shuttle

Shuttle has announced the launch of SX58H7 Pro, a mini PC barebones based on an X58 motherboard and therefore intended to accommodate on a Core i7 Socket LGA 1366. Showing the dimensions of 326 x 208 x 189 mm, barebone XPC has the cooling system ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) of the manufacturer. Two PCI-Express 16x are available, the Pro is SX58H7 SLI and CrossFireX.

There are also four connectors DDR3-1600 (for up to 16 GB of memory), four SATA ports (two in 6 Gbps SATA) ports, two USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet controllers (x2) and 7.1 audio. A power of 500 watts is finally integrated into the barebone. Already available in Europe, the SX58H7 Pro is available at a suggested retail price of 444 euros.

VIA Nano released their X2 E

VIA has just introduced its new Nano processor dual core low power Nano X2 E, which is destined for the embedded market. This 64-bit x86 processor will be available in versions ranging from 1.2 GHz to 1.6 GHz. It will be engraved in 40nm, has an architecture out-of-order and a module for the virtualization of operating systems and other accelerated AES encryption of data.

The die measures 11 mm x 6 mm and the package measures 21 mm x 21 mm and requires a Socket NanoBGA2. Copies of tests have already been delivered and VIA are talking about marketing for the quarter. In short, this new Nano-E X2 is identical to its big brother, the X2 Nano, released in January (see "VIA Nano formalizes its X2 dual-core).

TDJ: WD My Passport USB 3.0, 4 keypads

Our fellow 59 Hardware has just put online a comparison of four tests comprising keyboards, namely BlackWidow Ultimate Razer, Razer Anansi Enermax Aurora Multimedia Revoltec Lite Touch K102. Ergonomics, design, responsiveness, accuracy or ease of use: what is the best keyboard? For his part, Brother Home Media recently posted a review of the My Passport Essential from Western Digital, external hard drive 2.5-inch format, with a USB 3.0 ...

CM Storm Sentinel Advance, complete analysis

Today we bring you analysis of the mouse top end of the branch Gamer Cooler Master, the CM Storm Sentinel Advance (Zero G), whose sensor double of 5,600 dpi laser will leave nothing out of reach. We hope you enjoy it. CM analysis Sentinel Storm Advance (Zero G).

5.0 iOS bring updates wireless

5 iOS inaugurate updates the operating system directly from the telephone network operator, allowing those who wish not to connect their phones to iTunes to get the latest updates. However, Apple should get the approval of operators to use their network in this way, which will not be an easy task. It will necessarily reduce the size of updates that run today around 600 MB and represent the entire operating system.