Monday, March 7, 2011

Court ruling: Sony PS3 against hackers: A triumph for the group

According to a Sony replaced the legal permission, the connection data from various online accounts by Hotz view. These include the Web page, the YouTube account, and the Twitter account of the US-American. This Sony may identify users who have viewed the instructions to crack the console. The reason Sony wants to prove that Hotz details PS3 Hack and distributed to customers in part come from California.

Havok on Android: the physics of the Xperia Play

The Havok physics engine will be focused on Android 2.3 to be compatible with the platform Xperial Play. The editor will also change the development tools to adapt to the operating system. Sony Ericsson has shown some examples of what is possible with the competitor of NVIDIA PhysX. If the engine should be available for all platforms Android 2.3, the announcement was made in partnership with phone maker that has been put forward that its smartphone was long dubbed the PlayStation Phone.

Nokia abandons a bit more Qt

Nokia is to sell the commercial license of Qt to a company called Digia has swallowed part of the Finnish workforce. Qt is available under two licenses. The first one is free (LGPL) and is the second fee. Aimed at professionals, it is synonymous with service and technology for this environment. Its promotion and management previously provided by Nokia.

However, by the end of March, the vesting of the latter license by Digia means that Nokia dropped a little more of this framework. The community worried about the future of Qt after the announcement of Nokia Phone Windows 7 and the fact that the next operating system Finnish abandon. Nokia says it will continue to participate in its development.

An iPhone for network administrators

For network administrators who want to work in mobility, there is now a solution for some cases: the cable Redpark. It actually allows you to connect a device iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) to a Cisco device via a dock connector. The cable - sold $ 69 - offers connectivity "dock" on one side and an RJ45 on the other.

It does not connect to ports "console" of Cisco equipment to do maintenance on the aircraft of the mark, it is not an Ethernet connector. In addition to cable, an application iOS is necessary, "Get console. The latter, sold € 8, lets you connect devices to the mark-mode terminal and perform maintenance on the devices.

G. Skill Introduces New SSD SATA 3 and memories Gaming Series

G. Skill has exhibited at the CeBIT 2011 held in Hannover its new SATA II SSD 6Gbps Phoenix, her new memoir Gaming Sniper unique design, and a series of ultrafast memory products, including DDR3 2300MHz CL7 kits. G. Skill Phoenix II: Quality SandForce, 6Gbps SATA performance. G. Skill has announced that its new SSD Phoenix II will use the latest drivers SandForce SF-2000, and the latest Micron 25nm NAND flash chips.

NVM Express standardize SSD PCIe?

With the arrival of new models whose performance SSDs come dangerously close to the theoretical limit of SATA 6 Gbps, it becomes urgent for the IT industry to develop a new standard. A working group, called Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMHCI) Work Group and comprising 70 companies such as Cadence, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, IDT, Intel, Marvell, Micron, Microsoft, NVELO, Oracle, Cot, PLX, Samsung, SanDisk, SandForce, STEC or Violin Memory has been established some time ago to study the possibility of using the PCI-Express interface standard for SSDs.

Western Digital buys Hitachi GST

Western Digital has announced the acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Hitachi's subsidiary specializing in the manufacture of hard disks. The American manufacturer will put nearly $ 4.3 billion on the table to finalize the transaction, including 3.5 billion in cash and $ 750 million in shares (or 25 million shares at 30.01 dollars).

Ultimately, Hitachi should hold almost 10% of the capital of Western Digital, while two representatives from Hitachi will sit on the board of WDC. The transaction, already approved by the boards of both companies must still be approved by regulatory authorities. The purchase, expected to be finalized during the third quarter of 2011, will enable Western Digital to confirm its position as world leader in the HDD market.

Thunderbolt: Back on the implementation

Interesting finding in the new MacBook Pro, how is implemented Thunderbolt, Intel's technology currently used only by Apple. As we explained, Thunderbolt can carry data over a cable with a throughput of 10 Gbit / s. In its current implementation, two types of flows are used: DisplayPort 1.2 and PCI-Express, with 4 rows at a standard 1.1, which in theory can reach the 10 gigabit per second technology.

TDJ: Silverstone case FT03B

Our fellow Cowcotland just upload a test case SilverStone Fortress FT03B a model while high, showing the dimensions of 235 x 487 x 284 mm with a weight of 6.7 kg. With a 5.25 inch bay in "slim" and two internal 3.5-inch format and location of a "hot-swap 3.5", this box comes with three 120mm fans . Two USB 3.0 connectors are available, but SilverStone has however forgotten the FireWire and eSATA.

The 450 mm wafers are unloved in Europe

European players of the semiconductor were gathered at a symposium on technology in development. A debate on the value of investing in 450 mm wafers has greatly divided the members present. The big names were present. NXP, STMicroelectronics and even Globalfoundries who have factories in Ireland and Germany.

Remember, the 450 mm wafers are expected to increase yields and lower production costs to produce more chips at once. The problem is that this technology now costs very expensive. In addition to obtaining wafers that are more difficult to produce, requires expensive new equipment (see "Miniaturization of transistors and larger wafers: understanding technological issues") Many actors believe therefore that Europe does not to invest taxpayer money in research and development of an engraving on this type of wafer.

The LapDock Motorola has been hacked

The LapDock Motorola, an innovative product, but loses interest because of its price ($ 500 + subscription required), has been hacked and removed. As expected, the docking station is somewhat complex: a keyboard, a screen, a huge battery, a touchpad and minimalist motherboard, which is used primarily to replicate the output of the phone.

The rest is actually administered directly into the phone, via its Tegra SoC 2, and the dedicated system that is used when the LapDock is connected is stored in the phone. And since the system - based on Linux with a Firefox 3.6 - is stored in the phone, developers have tried to unlock this software alternative, and they succeeded.

Sparkle prepare a single-slot GTX 570

At the recent CeBIT Sparkle GeForce GTX 570 has set a custom cooling system with a single slot, made a complicated web of mini-heatsink and internal dissipation of vapor-chamber technology. It is not a simple exercise in style that made by Taiwanese manufacturer as the processing power of the core GF110 combined with a sound card with lateral dimensions such content is ideal for assembly systems compact GPU Computing with 6-7 cards on one motherboard.

More visitors and business transactions: CeBIT draws positive conclusions

With a strong final show day, the world's largest computer trade show has managed this year, a small but important shift. Thanks to the influx of traditionally well-attended on Saturday to end a busy week of the fair had 5,000 visitors over the previous year in the balance of the organizers. A total of about 339 000 visitors came from 90 countries on the fairgrounds.

With over 4,200 companies from around the world this time also took a good 50 more exhibitors than last year. The high-tech industry association Bitkom sees the German and international IT business after several difficult years, also on the up again.

Details on the beta of Gear of War 3

IGN has released new details about Gear of War 3. The opening of the first multiplayer beta test is scheduled for April 25 and will last until May 15 (remember that the game is exclusive to Xbox 360). Those who have bought a version of Epic Edition Bulletstorm (the most recent game weblog Epic) can access the beta GW3 one week in advance.

Will have 4 new maps (Thrashball, Checkout, Trenches and Old Town) and 3 new competitive mode (Execution, Warzone and Team Deathmatch). Users who access the beta unlock some goals of his career (or medals) that can be retained in the final game to be released on September 20. These are: Beta Tester Medal, Thrashball Cole, Retro Gold-Plated Lancer, Hammerburst Flaming, Flaming Lancer, Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun Gnasher Shotgun and Flaming.

App for iPhone, iPod touch / Category: Games: Fantastic 4 Pinball: Hip-Hop Arcade

The Fanta 4 Pinball (79 cent) is among the high-tech pinball machines with 3D view, which mitzoomt the perspective of the steel ball. Structurally, kept rather simple, the table has several ball traps, targets and a folding ramp. In the background is a track of the Fantastic Four, the firing of certain goals more songs are unlocked.

The genre typically fairly simple operation of the Flippers Fanta-4-singer Smudo explains himself by voice output. The Fantastic 4 is maintained in spite of the elaborate Pinball 3D engine pretty simple. It convinced the behavior of the ball, but the graphics are in older iPhones like to halt the inappropriate time.

Fighting game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Mortal Kombat: announced a Trial

The ninth "Mortal Kombat" part will appear in April 2011. A first glimpse of the game is the middle of March. Featuring: The fighters Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Johnny Cage, departing from the map The Pit and the Living Forest against each other. Warner Bros. released the first scan version on PS3 on 15 March 2011.

Playstation-plus subscribers have come a week earlier in the enjoyment of an ordinary brawl. But not in this country. As usual, Sony does not publish the ex-18-content in the German Playstation Store. When will Xbox 360 owners (the Germans) in the enjoyment of the demo is coming, not yet.

Codec Pack: Software Tip of the Day: Windows 7 Codec Pack

With the free "Windows 7 Codec Pack you get all the current codecs that you need for playing audio and video files. Will contain the package DivX, XviD, ffdshow, Flash Video Splitter, AC3 Filter, SPDIF, Lame MP3, Haali Media Splitter, MP4 Splitter Source, Source MPEG Splitter, RealMedia Source Splitter, VSFilter and CDXA Reader.

You have the choice between a complete and a custom installation.

Malicious programs for mobile devices: After Android attack: Google deletes malicious Apps

The downloaded apps are being deleted from the mobile phones, such as Google said. Affected users also would get an automatic software loaded onto their smartphones, aiming to remove all traces of spying Apps. According to reports from security software specialists there were in the Android Market, users download the Android software on their smartphones, over 50 programs for smartphones, which tried to make mature personal data.

Transcend SSD Enhanced USB 3.0

The manufacturer Transcend has unveiled the SSD18C3 an external SSD "enhanced" with a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Available in capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB SSD that shows the dimensions of 98.7 x 65.7 x 17.45 mm and weighs only 70 grams. He has a shock-proof shell made of silicone and displays data transfer rates rather interesting (USB 3.0), the order of 260 MB / s sequential read and 200MB / s write.

Plextor 500 GB external USB 3.0

The manufacturer Plextor should launch by the end of the PX-PH500U3, an external hard drive 2.5-inch format, with a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and displaying a storage capacity of 500 GB Relatively light, with Weighing only 162 grams on the scale, the PX-PH500U3 has an aluminum hull. It comes with software for PC Clone EX FNet to save and restore data.

Guaranteed for one year, this external hard disk should be displayed at a lower rate at EUR 100. Finally, note that a 750 GB version (PX-PH750U3) is expected for the month of April at a price of 135 euros.

Corsair announces the availability of RAM kits Cerulean Blue Vengeance

Corsair has announced the availability of the new version of its award-winning blue Vengeance series DDR3 memory. Vengeance DDR3 are optimized to provide the best level of overclocking and better compatibility with an attractive price. Modules original Vengeance, launched in November 2010, were equipped with sink, black anodized aluminum.

The new modules offer a framerate identical to the originals, but with cerulean blue heatsinks that combines perfectly with the base plate of the second generation of Intel from manufacturers such as Asus, MSI or Gigabyte. This blue color is also shared by the series Gaming Corsair power supplies, allowing users to keep a tune in the colors of your system.

The real cost of high-end 3D cards

What graphics card surcharge middle or high-end generates your electricity bill? That's what we wanted to know with much greater precision than usual by testing a wide range of graphics cards, and different usage patterns realistic.