Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Precision PS06 SilverStone here soon

The manufacturer's catalog SilverStone grew with the arrival of a new model Mid Tower Case, Precision PS06. Showing the dimensions of 210 x 525 x 520 mm Weight 9.05 kg up on the scale, the PS06 should make its appearance on European soil since 19 May. With five bays in the 5.25-inch format, this box has a screwless mounting system, removable filter and a bay to accommodate the HDD - and SSD - 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches .

Lite-On introduces its external Blu-Ray recorder.

Lite-On already has in its catalog with the new Blu-Ray recorder eHBU212 external, USB 3.0 connection provides speeds up to 12x. The eHBU212 is a fast external Blu-ray recorder that can store high resolution pictures, HD video sharing, backup personal data storage, downloads and much hard disk space.

Using the USB 3.0 standard, a large buffer and an ultra fast recording at 12x, has created a unit capable of burning Blu-ray high capacity using the shortest possible time. With a storage capacity up to 50GB on a Blu-ray Disc (25GB per layer) the eHBU212 plugs into any USB port and can store an average equivalent to 10 DVDs or 77 CDs on a single Blu-ray.

Infinite CoolerMaster EVO and NotePal LapAir already available.

CoolerMaster is already available on the market two new notebook coolers, these are models and NotePal Infinite LapAir EVO. Infinite EVO refrigerator has two cooling fans for laptop, can be adjustable to adjust the cooling needs. If design "U" Sape "improves cooling by up to 20%, all without making little noise, which is appreciated when working with a laptop.

Composition of upper-class executives and professionals. The Infinite EVO is a premium product designed with the functionality and appearance in mind. Features an ergonomic design to create a more comfortable typing and viewing to help increase productivity for extended use. The finish is quite elegant, with a surface of aluminum powder sand giving a touch of quality and elegance.

[Techno-engineering] A kiss Wireless

The nerds have a tragic life that corrodes from within. Rejected the world because of their knowledge and misunderstood a primary and uneducated society, scientists at a Japanese university have decided to take matters into their hands, or rather, to make things by hand and put them in their mouths. They built a machine reproducing the movements of the tongue just insert it into his mouth to communicate the feeling of a languid kiss.