Monday, August 1, 2011

The sale of the Galaxy Tab blocked in Australia

Victory emblematic of Apple on Samsung Australia: Galaxy bars the sale of Tab 10.1 of Korea is currently blocked. Australian Justice has indeed agreed to a request from Apple that wanted to prevent its rival from selling its shelf, arguing that it violates 10 patents for the iPad. Samsung is obviously a major setback.

The case is not closed, the judge has scheduled a hearing next August 29 to decide whether a trial should take place. Australia is not the only country where Apple increased the iron against Samsung, the decision of the court in Sydney could spread. In the case where justice ultimately reject the arguments of Apple, Samsung would receive an unspecified amount of damages.

Foxconn replace its workers with robots

Terry Gou, founder and director of Foxconn, has admitted that its factories would use one million robots in three years. It now has only 10 000 robots and is expected to have 300,000 by the end of next year. It is a rapid expansion that could be an answer to the problems encountered with the foundry employees.

Foxconn recently made headlines because of a significant number of employees committing suicide because, according to some testimonies, poor working conditions.

Up to 500 U.S. dollars for error: Facebook pays bug finders reward

Up to 500 U.S. dollars Facebook users for security vulnerabilities found in the largest social merit. With this measure, which comes into force immediately, Facebook wants to offer its users more security and better data protection. The focus is on scripting and remote code error-malware: They represent the greatest risk and allow users to spy about data.

All interested parties have to sign a confidentiality agreement, may be published on the errors found after the expiry of a period. During this time, Facebook fixes the vulnerability. The rewards are there only for gaps in pure Facebook pages, games such as (by Facebook) is not included.

AMD gains market share

The last time we broached the subject of market shares of AMD and Intel, we were based on a study that looked iSuppli Intel winner (what a surprise!) And rising. Boom! A new study by Mercury Research said today that AMD has instead taken market share from Intel with the success of Fusion APU. An important difference between the two studies is that of iSuppli covers the entire microprocessor market, while that of Mercury Research is limited to x86 compatible CPUs.

Google buys patents from IBM processors

Google admitted last Friday that bought 1 030 IBM patents to protect themselves against the complaints of some of its competitors. The acquired technologies are very diverse. They focus on the manufacturing and architecture of memory and processors, production of servers and routers, optimizing search engines, relational databases and object-oriented programming.

The amount of the acquisition is unknown. A Google spokesman tried to downplay the situation by explaining that "as a significant number of high-tech companies, at times we acquire the patents that are relevant to our business" , according to comments reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Arctic Cooling introduces Accelero L2 Plus

Arctic Cooling now has a new cooler for graphics cards called Accelero L2 Plus, with dimensions of 119 x 94 x 51 mm and weighs 250 grams. The Accelero L2 Plus is a simple but effective graphics card mononuclear sink made of aluminum. It uses a 92mm OWN controlled with a swivel range between 900rpm and 2000RPM with an airflow of 27 CFM and a noise of 0.4 dBA.

Diablo 3: auction house instead of Ebay

The rumors were circulating on the Internet for some time, now it is officially: "Diablo 3" has an item shop: In the so-called auction house players act with objects and the internal monetary gold. Who wants real money and sends it to the virtual goods table. Blizzard does not interfere with their own offerings in the trade, but earned through fees incurred in the transactions.

So that the manufacturer responds to informal traders who operated in the previous one profitable shadow economy. Who in "Diablo 2" captured weapons or items sold on Ebay was around, so not only earn good money, but also risked trouble with Blizzard. Thousands of players accounts locked or deleted, the company in recent years because of such violations of the Terms of Service.

Google optimizes its search engine for the tablet

Late last week Google has confirmed the arrival in the next few days a version optimized for the tablet of the pages of its search engine. All Apple iPad tablet and those Android-based (since version 3.1), will see a results page more streamlined, simplified and with larger elements and touch-friendly.

In addition, the search page will have images of elements with large and fast-loading support to scroll continuously. The optimized version for the tablet will work both vertically and horizontally and will be available in 36 languages. Tablet will not be supported with Android and the Android 3.0 2.x

Asus Eee formalizes Pad Slider

Asus, which has a small success with the Eee Pad Turn, has announced the Slider. Fairly close to the first, she swapped the keyboard for a detachable keyboard that slides under the shelf, hence the name. Android 3.1 (Asus promises an updated version 3.2), the tablet is animated - as often - a Tegra chip 2.

It was always an IPS screen (pledge of wide viewing angle), a USB port, a mini HDMI output and a microSD card reader. The screen is "Gorilla Glass" and Asus has included two cameras on the device: one with a 5-megapixel sensor and the other with a 1.2 megapixel sensor. Both models are expected in September, with 16 and 32 GB of memory, and a 3G version is in principle in 2012.

Nintendo cuts to, including that of President

Nintendo is going through a difficult period because of the sales below expectations, Nintendo 3DS. A few days ago, the Japanese manufacturer has announced a price cut for the console with the intention of improving the situation of sales and other, a form of reduced wages of employees to reduce operating costs.

In addition to workers, even the president of Nintendo, Satori Iwata, has accepted a diminution of his salary rising from 1.2 million pounds a year to 600,000 pounds. Other employees who hold executive positions, however, experienced a cut of 30 percent. Iwata said in a statement: "For fixed cuts in salaries, I'm taking a fifty percent cut, other representative directors are taking a 30 percent cut, and other execs are taking a 20 percent cut."

Adobe Edge: HTML5 support without killing Flash

Adobe has just released the first beta version of Edge, a new tool for creating web animations based entirely on standards, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 in mind. The death of Flash? Not yet. According to Adobe, Flash is much more powerful and provides the ability to create real applications such as games.

"But some things that were originally made in Flash, we now see them made in HTML5 and JavaScript" analyzes Paul Gubbay vice president engineering, design and Adobe. Edge Flash and will therefore be complementary for many years to come. Edge is able to import an HTML document to add an animated content without disturbing the existing layout.