Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Apple is behind the Intel Ultrabook

Greg Welch, Project Director Ultrabook, responded to questions from the Wall Street Journal about the investment of Intel in Ultrabook and admitted that Apple was partly responsible for the efforts of the founder. Mr. Welch said at the outset that the success of the iPad and MacBook Air are primarily responsible for $ 300 million provided by the Intel project Ultrabook.

The other information, more interesting in our opinion, is that Apple has given an ultimatum to Intel in him saying that if the founder could not break the consumption of its chips, it would look elsewhere. Welch says that Intel was then attached to meet the expectations of Cupertino and would have revised its roadmap to deliver processors Sandy Bridge.

LCD TV with LED technology: Panasonic TX-L37EW30

The Panasonic TX-L37EW30 makes the television picture at 1920x1080 pixels (full HD), which he distributed at a screen size of 94 centimeters (37 inches). The TV is seven and a half inches deep, saving space in your TV area. Thanks to LED technology, the device also comes with little power: Is the TV turned on, it consumes 63rd In standby mode the current consumption is 0.3 watts.

That of the Panasonic TX-L37EW30 is 100 hertz. The TV has four HDMI connections and scart socket. Furthermore, Panasonic offers the possibility to connect your PC or the device itself to go on the Internet: A socket for the cable network is back on TV. In addition, you can buy a wireless flash drive that lets you wirelessly browse the Internet.

FIFA Street: New football game from Electronic Arts

Electronic Art brings the ball back on the road. On the Gamescom 2011 in Cologne was the publisher of the work on "FIFA Street" is known. In contrast to previous satellites of the "FIFA Street" series sets the new football game not on excessive acrobatics, but on a realistic simulation of street football.

Nevertheless, daring tricks and dribbles are, according to Electronic Arts not be neglected: Over 50 never before seen tricks and a new system for ball control, the developers for "Fifa Street" promise. They prove their superiority on the round in various modes of direct duels man against man to classic five-on-five tournaments.

Tablet PC: Dell Latitude XT3: Tablet Notebook

End of 2007, Dell introduced its first with the multitouch-enabled "convertible tablet" on a tablet notebook PC. Followed in 2009 and now with the Latitude of the XT3, the third generation in this design. Compared to the earlier series of XT3 has a larger HD display with a screen diagonal of 13.3 (33.78 centimeters).

The monitor features a wide viewing angle, the operation in both the laptop as well as to allow the tablet mode. Optional for the XT3, a display is available, which is particularly suitable for working outdoors and in sunlight. The XT3 is working with Intel-Core-i processors. The customer can choose the version i3, i5 and i7.

iPad 3 with retinal display in 2012?

As the website says, get the three manufacturers of the iPad-3 displays Sharp, LG and Samsung, currently still too low a yield in the complicated production of the monster with 2.048x1.536 pixels. Even the lighting of the new 9.7-inch panels, the producers obviously still problems, especially since Apple's specifications regarding battery life, size and quality are very demanding.

The alleged plans for Apple's launch date later this year is therefore probably died. According to Digitimes, was the successor of the first presented in March iPad 2 originate in the autumn on the market: in the third quarter of 2011 in an edition of up to two million in the fourth quarter with up to six million units.

Microsoft opens Windows Building 8 Blog

Picking the right recipe inaugurated for Windows 7, Microsoft this morning opened a blog dedicated to the development of Windows 8, Windows Building 8. According to the note of introduction written by Steven Sinofsky, this blog is intended to open a dialogue between developers and users of Windows "that will test the pre-release of Windows over the next eight months." Windows 8 will introduce a new interface optimized for the tablets, which Microsoft unveiled in early June.

Gamescom 2011: Sony lowers price of PS3 and PSP

Sony lowers the price of its consoles. On the Gamescom press conference, Andrew House - outgoing president of Sony Europe - announced that the Playstation 3 from August 17 2011 is available for 249 €. Also the portable console Playstation Portable (PSP) Sony reduced in price. From Autumn the revised version of the handheld will cost only 99 €.

However, the best model is no more wireless functionality. When the new PSP comes exactly to the market, Sony was not yet known.

Grid10: New Tablet Fusion Garage

Fusion Garage starts a new tablet-test: Once registered any major successes, the manufacturer announced on the Grid10 now. The device appears in mid-September in the U.S.. The core of the tablet is a dual core with 2 Tegra chip and 1.2 gigahertz. Furthermore the on 512th It has 16 gigabytes of memory and a microSD card slot, 27.4 x17, 4x1, 4 centimeters tall, weighs 690 grams and has a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches (25.65 centimeters).