Monday, March 14, 2011

In the coming Wi-Fi version of the Flash Xoom and 10.2 in beta

The next March 27 Motorola should enter the market only version of Wi-Fi tablet Xoom, at least according to a leaflet escaped the American retail chain Staples. The price is 600 dollars, similar to that of rival 32GB iPad 2. Compared to the model currently available in the States, the Xoom Wi-Fi only lose the connection but 3G is offered at less than 200 dollars.

This factor should make the device much more competitive, aided by the fact that it is not only the exclusive carrier Verizon. In addition was also made available a beta version of Flash that runs on OS 10.2 Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0 ensuring the Xoom can also provide access to sites built with this technology.

Damaged plants, power failure: Japan-Tsunami: Sony & Co. provide a production

Sony had to stop production at eight plants. When it is to be resumed, leaving open the technology group. Also, the camera maker Canon temporarily closed some of his works. Toshiba currently rests at the production of flat panel displays. Also a branch in northern Japan chip factory of the Group no longer works.

Production from Panasonic are also affected by the tsunami. In order to help those affected in the disaster areas and to support the rescue operations, the Group has donated 300 million yen (about 2.65 million euros) and 10,000 radios, 10,000 lights and 500,000 batteries. The car maker Toyota Motor announced halt production until at least 16 March in all its Japanese factories.

Lifetime of DSS we spent 400 TB (6)

Our DSS is still alive, and we wrote more than 400 TB (415 TB on the morning of March 14). As a reminder, we conduct a small experiment since December 20, 2010: write loop on a DSS to know what happens when the cells reach their limits. For testing, we write to sequential files of 1 GB, played on a Velociraptor.

DSS test is a Falcon in G. Skill, a model-based controllers and memory Indilinx Samsung 43 nm. MLC memory of this model is theoretically capable of 10,000 write cycles, while newer models use either the memory or 3x nm memory in 25 nm, respectively, which are limited to 5000 and 3000 cycles.

Pentium G840: a dual-core 2.8 GHz

A few weeks ago, Intel has successfully launched its second generation Core processors, the Sandy Bridge. In addition to the Core 2xxx-i3, i5 and i7-2xxx-2xxx launched so far, the chipmaker is also expected to propose Celeron and Pentium based on this architecture. A screenshot of CPU-z on the Pentium G840 has just made its appearance.

Clocked at 2.8 GHz but without HyperThreading, dual-core processor is equipped with 3 MB L3 cache. It features a graphics chipset running at 850 MHz (1.1 GHz Turbo mode), supports the SSE instructions 4. x and VT-x and a TDP of 65 watts. A low-power model, the G620T is also provided with a graphics core clocked at only 650 MHz and a TDP reduced to 35W.

Cooling of the GTX 590 GTX 295 reminiscent of revB

Emerging online images and the characteristics of the cooling system that will take on nVidia GeForce GTX 590. With a design similar to the GeForce GXT 295 rev. B (the first dual-GPU card to single PCB created by nVidia) the cooling is to use two independent heatsinks with a central fan that blows fresh air.

But this time instead of radiators with two heatpipes are the most efficient type of vapor-chamber heat sinks. Nvidia states that the top cover, which was responsible for conveying the air to the radiators, is easily removed for cleaning. The video memory chips on the front, the SLI bridge and the components of the VRM area, are surmounted by a metal plate shaped, while the rear zone are cooled by a backplate.

Test: MP3 players: Apple iPod nano (4th generation)

Apple's iPod touch in the 4th Generation of 7.2 millimeters remarkably lower than its predecessor at 8.5 millimeters. Player moves in the width of 58.9 millimeters, also a new record for a compact. The case has - other than that - to continue the flattering hand, silver on the edges thinning back. Yet it is also just as prone to fingerprints.

Solution to a problem concerning the fast smearing housing waiting at Apple are still in vain. The display has the suffix "retina (retina), has a resolution of 960x640 and is similar to the fourth screen of the iPhone The presentation is detailed and sharp. As usual, four buttons adorn the body, the body of the controller is made using the touch-sensitive display.

G. Skill Announces DDR3 kits Sniper

G. Skill presented the new kits of DDR3 memory Sniper dedicated to fans of gaming and modding. The kits are available in dual and triple channel configurations with 4GB modules which differ in maximum clock frequency for which they are certified. The total capacity is 8 or 16GB dual-channel and for those 12 or 24GB for those triple-channel.

The frequency range from 1333MHz to 1866MHz with 9/9/9/24 timings of the modules that go from basic to 9/10/9/28 of high performance modules. To underline the presence of some kits ULW (Ultra Low-voltage) requiring a supply voltage of only 1.25V. The heatspreaders used to dissipate heat from memory chips are made of aluminum with an aggressive design and are available in two colors: metallic pitch-black and army green.

New smartphone from Samsung: European market launch of the Galaxy Pro is coming up

Superficially similar to the Galaxy Pro Blackberry smartphones from the manufacturer "Research in Motion (RIM). As Android comes in version 2.2 is used. It is still unclear whether Samsung enhances the phone in the near future with the newer version 2.3. So far, the safe facts about the device are clear: The operation on the 2.8-inch display (about seven inches) is supported by the Samsung technology "TouchWiz", the processor speed amounts to 800 megahertz and three-megapixel camera is provided with an auto focus.

On sale the first motherboard compatible with CPU Zambezi

The site Akiba PC Hotline reports that Japanese territory is available on the first motherboard compatible with the AMD FX-series Socket AM3 +. It dell'ASRocK 890GM Pro3 R2.0, the mainboard manufacturer in Taiwan has developed combining the AM3 + CPUs in the next 8, 6, 4 core AMD, known Zambezi code and architecture-based Bulldozer, with the combo + southbridge chipset 890GX + SB850.

It 'important to stress that this is a hybrid between an old chipset and a new socket, because together with the Zambezi CPU AMD will offer the new 900 series chipset. Recall that the AM3 socket AM3 + differs from the presence of an additional pin, this excludes the compatibility of motherboards with socket AM3 processors Zambezi but not the ability to mount a processor on a motherboard socket AM3 socket AM3 +.

ArcFinity: 1404 TB of storage

SGI, best known for its 3D workstations for its storage servers, offers a new range of servers, ArcFinity. The solution offers between 176 and 1404 TB TB of storage via a server-based Xeon 56xx from Intel. The system uses NFS for storage and an internal system achieves high performance using what the company calls a "primary disk cache." This is actually an ensemble of fast disk that is used as cache and the system will then move the data to the storage space conventional slower.

AMD's FX-8000 Bulldozer face Sandy Bridge Core i7

While the processors are not expected Bulldozer before this summer, the first models to be launched in June, information about the future range of AMD CPUs continue to flow. You learn a little more and on four models of the eight Black Edition processors Bulldozer "Zambezi" which should, initially, to appear.

Engraved in 32nm SOI, these processors use a socket AM3 +. Octo-core versions (FX-8000), Hexa-core (FX-6000) and quad-core (FX-4000) are planned for 95 or 125W TDP of the models. All these processors carry a DDR3 memory controller, but lack of any integrated graphics core. The four Black Edition models benefit from the passage of the turbo manufacturer's Core.

MSI GE620 GR620 and Sandy Bridge inside

The manufacturer MSI has added two new notebook models "Sandy Bridge" in its catalog, GE620 and GR620. The first is for the players while the second is more multimedia oriented. Equipped with a 15.6-inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and benefiting from a system with backlight LEDs, these two models take on board DDR3 memory, hard drive 320 GB 500 GB or 640 GB depending on version and a DVD (or Blu-ray).

Nintendo 3Ds: 4:10 p.m. screen in 800 x 240?

Nintendo 3Ds is not officially distributed in France, but copies are already circulating, especially in our writing since the NDA has been dropped last week. Returning for a moment on the technology used by Nintendo to create the 3D effect. The higher screen resolution is announced at 800 x 240 pixels in 2D, and 400 x 240 pixels in 3D.

Yet when we look at the screen, it is clear that it has a 16:10 aspect ratio that matches the definition Announced 3D. A resolution of 800 x 240 pixels would give a more elongated screen twice. So? A little exercise macro later, the answer is obvious: the slab 3D uses rectangular pixels, exactly twice as high as ends.

Up to 109 Tbps on a fiber optic

Japanese researchers have managed to exceed the limit of 100 Tb / s optical fiber by changing the modulator. They have crossed a limit that was thought physically unbreakable. In 2001, scientists have reached 100 Tbps on a fiber optic and decreed that it was the physical limit on this support. The diameter of a fiber is only 9 m, but the energy density is extremely important.

The signal transmitted in the form of photons is damaged by high temperatures and high power at the fiber core. The researchers therefore concluded that these limitations prevented transmission over 100 Tb / s. Japanese scholars of the National Institute of Information Technology and communication have nonetheless managed to achieve 109 Tb / s and says it will be possible to exceed the old limit of more than 1000 times.

NPM: twice as powerful as the iPad 2

Potaburuentateinmento the NGP, the next handheld console from Sony - its name means Next Generation Portable - will be powerful for a handheld console, we know. But the release of the iPad 2 foreshadows what Sony might be able to do. Indeed, if the iPad 2 uses a CPU ARM Cortex A9 type with two cores and a PowerVR chip SGX543MP2 for the graphics, the NGP has a CPU with four cores Cortex A9 and a PowerVR chip SGX543MP4 for 3D, which proposes So four cores instead of two.

Devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan: Google releases pictures

Google responded to the worldwide coverage of the natural disaster in Japan. On the Internet, the company shows satellite pictures that show the full extent of the destruction. The recordings are available as photo gallery on Picasa Web for retrieval. In parallel, Google made available a file that allows you to embed the photos in "Google Earth" and so arrange the places shown there better.

Overclocking the GTX 560 series for you by PNY

At PAX East 2011 PNY has announced the availability of a new end video card performance based on the GeForce GTX 560 Ti with clock frequencies higher than those indicated by the specific nVidia. We talk about the PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX 560 OC2 Ti, card factory overclocked to 900/1800/4200MHz (GPU / SPs / Mem) against the 822/1644/4000 MHz version of the reference.

The cooling system used is identical to that of the solution you reference GTX 560, but the manufacturer has acted in Parsippany Calibrate the fan speed according to the new clock. We remind you that the GeForce GTX 560 is based on 40nm core GF114 built, integrating CUDA 384 Cores and is equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 video memory with a communication bus 256-bit wide.

ASUS Series K: a perfect balance between design and mobile performance

ASUS has introduced the new K series of laptops, which has the processing power of second generation of Intel (Huron River) and dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT500 Series. This choice of components ensures a faster experience in multitasking, multimedia and gaming. The benefits of this new notebook series are complemented with a design that combines elegance and comfort.

Finished in brown and silver aluminum gives it a fresh and modern, while incorporating technology ASUS IceCool, maintaining the temperature of the palm rest below the body to give the user a comfortable environment while using . Improved performance and multitasking autonomy processors Intel 2nd generation (Huron River) into the new K Series are great improvements in performance multitasking and graphics capabilities.

iPad 2: Components and Performance

iFixit has disassembled the iPad and initial benchmarks show that Xoom is far behind in terms of performance. A5 processor Apple is very interesting. It costs $ 10 more expensive to manufacture than a similar model Tegra 2, according to a study TechInsights UBM. It is wider than the A4 has a new 512 MB memory (see "iPad 2: 512 MB of RAM and CPU S5L8940).

Placing on the market for the first time, the LPDDR2 Samsung is etched into 46 nm. However, researchers have shown that some A5 used a similar memory from Elpida. This confirms the willingness on the part of Apple to not depend on only one manufacturer. Also displays its new slate are produced by three different foundries.

The Cube: the dream of the PC made passive?

The iPad 2 is in high demand and jailbroken

The launch of the iPad 2 seems to be a success with stock-outs, 70% of new consumers and a jailbreak. The U.S. site of the firm at the apple now talking about a period of three to four weeks. Apple Stores are the New World out of stock since Friday after designing long queues and many customers left empty handed.

A new wave of delivery is expected on Monday. Stockouts were nevertheless emphasized by the fact that Russian and Chinese retailers have hired several persons to do line up at an Apple Store and they buy as much as possible iPad. They were then sent by air and sold at exorbitant prices.