Thursday, July 14, 2011

MSI GT780R: New gamer laptop now available

MSI has announced its new laptop called MSI GT780R gamer, comes with the Intel Core i7 2630QM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M GDDR5 with 1.5Gb of memory, 6GB DDR3 memory and 1TB of capacity with two 500GB hard drives in RAID0. The new MSI GT780R ranks as one of the most powerful notebooks for gamers on the market, this model features a 17.3-inch screen with full HD resolution and LED backlight.

Besides hardware and comes loaded with quad-core processor Intel Core i7 2630QM, a GeForce GTX 560M with 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory and supports DirectX 11, 6GB DDR3-1333Mhz RAM expandable to 16GB and 1TB of storage consisting of two 500GB hard drives configured in RAID0 to 7,200 RPM. With the collaboration between MSI and SteelSeries has designed the new keyboard incorporates MSI GT780R, as news has a pretty good resistance, and the Windows key has been moved to the right.

One million ARM CPU to simulate the brain

British researchers from the University of Southampton, Cambridge and Sheffield working on the project Spinnaker (Spiking Neural Network architecture and network architecture of neurons spiked in French) which is to bring together a million ARM processors in a node that will be used to simulate 1% of the human brain and better understand the functions of its various regions.

Each chip in the heart of this system contains 18 ARM processors. The architecture was designed by the University of Manchester is also one of the major players in the project. The first copies were delivered and tested. Scientists hope the machine will test the assumptions of psychologists and neurologists, to develop new cures and better understand the processing of information by the brain.

IFA 2011: Preview trends and highlights

The Internet functions of plasma and gain speed, range and ease of use - Smart TV is the keyword. Based on smartphones is the term used for features such as Internet video stores for movies and music, news, apps, games and small guide to sports, household, fashion. Regardless of the vendor-specific tailored applications increasingly offer TV via browser for free access to Internet sites.

At the IFA preview showed among other things, Samsung and Toshiba, its app-filled TV screens. In the 3D technique is raging battle of the systems: The complicated shutter technique - expensive glasses, but full HDTV resolution (1920x1080 pixels) - must be a case of the growing number of 3D TV with polarization resist technique.

Convergence, the watchword of Microsoft

The President of the division of Microsoft phones, Andy Lees, said the company is working to create a unified ecosystem can embrace all its products, PCs, smartphones and gaming platforms: "We Are Bringing together all the devices into a unified economic system, "Lees said during a conference. "If the core of the device Itself is possible to be common across phones, PCs, TVs and other things, there will be a single eco-system to bring them together.

AMD Radeon HD6990M: The fastest graphics card for laptops

AMD has launched its new Radeon graphics card HD6990M call, which becomes the most powerful laptop on the market today. A few days ago we announced the arrival of the fastest graphics card on the market, the GeForce GTX 580M, AMD now does the same and put on the table the Radeon HD6990. According to AMD this chart is up to 25% higher than the GTX 580M and 17% higher than the graphic that replaces the HD6970M.

Cables mini-DisplayPort/HDMI prohibited

Originally used exclusively by Apple, the mini-DisplayPort connector is now a large number of AMD graphics cards and notebooks Dell, Toshiba, HP or Lenovo. The number of screens with native port is identical necking, it is mostly through a mini-DP to DVI or HDMI. But now the promoter of the consortium has ruled that HDMI cables adaper mini-DP to HDMI is illegal.

Remember that the HDMI is a standard charge (unlike the DisplayPort): Each company wishing to use this interface must pay a license to HDMI Licensing LLC, which has power of life and death on the standard, its variations and related products. HDMI Licensing LLC has informed the cable manufacturers with a mini-DP port male on one side and a male HDMI port on the other that their products were incompatible with the license HDMI.

GlacialTech introduces its A360 series and Igloo coolers for AMD A360CU

GlacialTech announced two new Igloo coolers series called A360 and A360CU processors up to 100W TDP of AMD. They are compatible with FM1 socket, AM2, AM2 + and AM3 and incorporate a simple design based on four flow zones that help cool the components near the processor. These sinks are quite simple but present an alternative to the ones we sold with processors BOX versions, the A360 and A360CU are made of aluminum alloy with a copper base to increase its effectiveness.

From LG's first 3D monitor that works without glasses

LG Electronics has announced the first 3D monitor that works without glasses and uses a special eye-tracking technique to guarantee optimal stereoscopic views from any angle of view. D2000 20-inch model is designed to play optimally 2D and 3D video games, movies and photos, and finds its ideal location as a product of entertainment.

Park Si-hwan, Vice President of Monitor LG Home Entertainment Company said: "With a full line-up of 3D TVs, laptops, projectors and smart phones, LG Electronics is by far and away the industry leader in all things 3D. LG's Always Been That position has 3D and will function without glasses must Eventually.

Google Maps shows current traffic information

To activate the new feature, open and select from the options menu on the right, select "Traffic". Google then displays a current traffic forecasts. Colors indicate the speed at which traffic moves forward: Red / Black signaled "Stop & Go", red for slow-moving traffic, yellow indicates a high volume of traffic, green means free rides.

Who "Google Maps Navigation" uses his phone to receive, simultaneously forwarding recommendations. The traffic information are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Japan.

Soon the shelves Tegra 2 overclocked?

Currently, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC operates at 1 GHz in the tablets, but that could change: the chip supports actually be overclocked to 1.5 GHz without too many problems with programs like SetCPU. And some NVIDIA partners have understood the value of the thing: it is rumored that some manufacturers who already overclockent graphics cards in the factory (we think MSI, for example) could provide Tegra 2 tablets under overclocked from the purchase.