Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Acer to work on a tablet with Google Android

Acer has decided to reinforce its already substantial team Iconia tablet based on Android and Windows 7, with a new model that will arrive in the fourth quarter. The manufacturer is working on a tablet slider with ARM processor, 10-inch display and operating system Google Android "Ice Cream Sandwich." The year 2011 is extremely important for Acer, which must somehow stop the decline in sales of netbook and tablet and support the new policy of greater dedication to high-end products.

An external box "open" SATA 6Gbps

SilverStone recently introduced to the market's SD01, an "external box open" hard drive, we should rather call it "hard drive pad." Compatible with SATA and SAS formats 3.5 and 2.5 inches, the SD01 is equipped with dual SAS interfaces-lane and eSATA 6 Gbps. The +12 V supply is in turn provided by a single cable Molex / outlet owner.

First data of the new AMD graphics 7000

Gradually they get to know the data on the next generation of AMD graphics cards, this is the series that may be called AMD 7000. If you continue the current nomenclature would be called models 79xx, 78xx for the high end, and 76xx 77XX for the midrange and the rest for the low end. As expected the first new GPU manufactured at 28 nanometers, although not yet know what will.

By filtering the internal names are known: Also leaked internal names of the developments: 'Tahiti: The high end would be equivalent to the current Cayman AMD. -New Zealand: Model supposedly more powerful and will consist of two GPU Tahiti. Would be used in 7990. - Lombok: It would be the dedicated midrange GPU, quite possibly the 76xx and 77XX.

A new HP TouchPad for August

HP is about to launch a new tablet in August, when he sold the first version there are only a few days in the United States. The new model will sport a glossy white frame, 64 GB of storage space and a dual core processor Snapdragon faster running at 1.5 GHz. The model now has an ARM chip running at 1.2 GHz and 16 GB or 32 GB of memory, depending on the variations.

The new model will also be compatible 4G. The differences are not very important. It's all the same TouchPad more upscale. We can assume that the shortages have prevented from delivering adequate supplies at the launch of the tablet, which would explain an output shifted to the next TouchPad.

Cisco will help China to monitor its citizens

Cisco will be a major partner of the Chinese government in creating a video surveillance system composed of 500,000 cameras in the city of Chongqing. The official purpose of this program called Peaceful Chongqing is to fight crime, but the associations for the protection of human rights argue that this is an easier way to track and arrest political dissidents, according to the Wall Street Journal that believes that it could be a video surveillance system the largest in the world.

New CPU Intel Celeron M 857

Intel said after the news a few weeks ago, a new piece to their puzzle of mobile CPUs. The Celeron M is a model 857 ultra-low voltage (ULV) at low cost for the OEM market that will be used only for the realization of ultra-portable notebooks. The new CPU is built with 32 nm manufacturing process, uses dual-core architecture without HyperThreading and works at a frequency of 1.20 GHz has 2 MB of shared L3 cache, memory controller and dual-channel DDR3 integrated graphics .

Apple's servers hacked by Anonymous

The Anonymous group of hackers said on his Twitter account he had penetrated the Apple servers. According to information published by the group Pastebin, the 27 user names and password hashes from a server used for surveys. Data from clients of the firm are not affected by this attack, which remains limited in scope.

It is the site abs. apple. com which was hit. It seems that the hashes are not too difficult to decipher. We do not know the details of the attack, but the procedure is similar to the activities of former members who joined Lulzec Anonymous and were fond of SQL injections. For the record, so they had corrupted the PBS site for publishing a false report on the appearances of rapper Tupac Sakura and stole information from users of the Sony sites.