Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fable - The Journey: New information from the series creator

"Fable - The Journey" - before the press conference, the title already haunted by the network. Fans of the series hoping for a new offshoot series and the creator of role-playing saga Peter Molyneux it did not take to announce the title in person at the stage of the Microsoft press conference. It was followed by a "Fable" type safe Render Trailer, full of atmosphere, located in the known world Albion - a good sign.

In the subsequent game presentation was that the game focuses primarily Kinect. In "The Journey" and follow with your character a precalculated path. Mobs will do with the spells your hero - and you create with the movements of your hands and arms. The whole thing had a very rudimentary and not as a typical representative of the cult series.

Peter Molyneux is a great effort, the messed-E3 presentation of "Fable - The Journey" to make up. He stressed that the Kinect game is not like running on rails, but also offers the familiar "Fable" freedom. They travel the country in a coach that you can control freely through body movements by Albion.

It should - as Molyneux announced to the business side - be able to leave their means of transport at any time. Details on getting around on foot was not mentioned by the cult developers. At least in the fighting so far shown the game took control of the movements. This was not yet final.

According to Peter Molyneux we wanted to focus on the E3 demo on the magic system. The story of "Fable - The Journey" after the events of "Fable 3". The famous predecessors from the blind seer asks you for help because the evil of part 3 is not completely defeated. Albion suspended again in danger.

To make matters worse Theresa loses the ability to predict the future. Thus begins a wild chase through the fantasy world.

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