Monday, April 11, 2011

SilverStone Raven RV03 new box

Silverstone returns to the fray with the third generation of its exotic Raven box. The new Raven RV03 follows the line taken by the first design model rotated 90 ° from conventional banks. Silverstone surprised everyone with his first box Raven, in which the motherboard is mountain 90 º rotated HACA down, ie with the rear end up (the area where the outputs of the graphics cards and USB connections, network, sound, etc).

Larrabee recycled into the game cloud

Interestingly, Gamasutra has recently been testing a solution of game "cloud" based on Larrabee, or at least the chip that is derived from its efforts on Intel "GPU". The originality of this demonstration is that the game was a version of "Ray Tracing" Wolfenstein (in its iteration 2009). The principle is simple: a computer "server" computes the data and sends it to a machine "client", which displays it.

N560GTX-Ti Hawk, MSI strikes again in band performance

At the recent Hawk R6870 video card, GPU-based solution XT AMD Bart that had the task of bringing in band performance cooling system Twin Frozr III and some extreme overclocking features implemented by the top models and N580GTX R6970 Lightning, alongside the MSI GF114 nVidia GPU-based version. This is the N560GTX-Ti Hawk, extreme evolution of the Twin Frozr N560GTX-Ti II / OC previously tested by us at this address.

Dungeon Siege 3 late, we think Steam alleviate lattes

Square Enix announced it will delay the release of about one month of the third chapter in the saga of Action / RPG: Dungeon Siege. Previously planned for May 27, Dungeon Siege III is June 17. The title, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, will be available in sizes PC, PS3 and X360. To ease the wait for PC users, Steam has launched a new offering: "those who reserve a copy of Dungeon Siege III on Valve's digital distribution platform will receive a free first two chapters of the series." The two games will be downloadable and playable immediately after confirmation of the pre-order.

GPU-Z 0.5.3 with support for the Radeon HD 6790

It has released version 0.5.3 of the known diagnostic tool GPU-Z. The main innovation of this release include support to the Radeon HD 6790 video card recently introduced by AMD. Here is the complete list of changes: Added support for AMD Radeon HD 6790, FirePro V5800Added 555m support for GeForce GT, GTX 540M, G315M, Quadro FX 600, FX 2800M, Quadro, GeForce GTX 590 4000Fixed release dateAdded support for voltage controllers VT1556, uP6266, uP6218Added VDDCI measurement based on ATI CHL8228 cardsAdded capability to show sensors in TechPowerUp OSD ServerFixed Several resource leaks and crashes.

Toshiba 42VL863 and 42VL863: HDTV with 3D passive

Toshiba has recently launched new HD TV Series VL863 with passive polarized 3D support. This technology is widely used in cinemas, has several advantages such as, for example, the extreme simplicity and lightness of glasses that do not contain electronics and batteries to operate. With these TVs, Toshiba will provide 4 pairs of RealD production.

In addition, passive technology offers another big advantage: the reduction of the effects of crosstalk and flickering that instead of facing the active glasses. The panels are used for the VL863 series Full HD LED-backlit Edge, refresh rate of 200 Hz and technique of motion compensation of 400 Hz Available in 42 and 47 inches diagonally, provide a DVB-T and DVB-T HD as well as being compatible with the Wi-Fi networks (when you buy an optional adapter).

MSI Unveils N560GTX-Ti Hawk

MSI has announced the launch of the Hawk N560GTX-Ti, Ti GeForce GTX 560 customized by the manufacturer. With a PCB owner and a power supply stage at 8 phase one, the GTX 560 Ti uses components of the Military Class II and a Cooling System Twin Frozr III. The GPU is clocked at 950 MHz (against 822 MHz for the reference model) while the 384 CUDA cores running at 1900 MHz.

The GB of GDDR5 memory operating on him at a frequency of 1050 MHz on a 256-bit interface. Compatible with 2-way SLI, this N560GTX-Ti Hawk has finally DVI (x2) and mini HDMI, all at a TDP of 180W. Already available for pre-order, the N560GTX-Ti Hawk MSI is displayed at a rate of 234 euros.

A smartphone running Symbian and Windows 7

Fujitsu will be released this year a smartphone atypical, the LOOX F-07C. This smartphone features a 4-inch screen 1024 x 600 (which is pretty impressive) would work as ... Windows 7 and Symbian. No Phone Windows 7 but Windows 7, the same as our PC. The text proposes two operating systems, one for office machines and other smartphones.

Recall that Symbian, used primarily by Nokia, is losing momentum and that the Finnish company chose its attention to Windows 7 Phone for its future smartphones ... Windows 7 requires the hardware platform is not an ARM SoC but original Intel CPU, Atom. The model is not known but it is a priori version of "SoC" of the latter, OakTrail platform.

Gigabyte unveils new wireless laser mouse ECO600

Gigabyte has unveiled its latest peripheral, wireless laser mouse ECO600. The ECO600 is powered by two AA batteries and can operate up to 12 months without changing batteries. Nano connects to a USB receiver under a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Uses a laser sensor with adjustable resolution by a shortcut button 800, 1200 and 1600 dpi.

Has been optimized for right, and has two programmable buttons (4 and 5 button) on the left side thereof. Both sides have been coated with rubber to improve grip. The mouse has dimensions of 124.5 x 77.6 x 41.8 nn and weighs 106g (without batteries). The nano USB receiver can be stored inside the mouse to prevent loss when not connected.

4G License: Free wants a postponement of the timetable

Echoes of our colleagues have purchased a letter written by Xavier Niel, who needs no introduction, the Minister of Industry Eric Besson in which he expresses his fear "of attending a preemption of spectrum by operators richest . The CEO of Iliad criticizes the licensing procedure provided by ARCEP and the government based as before on auction.

The frequency bands not allocated (one to 2.6 GHz and the other around 800 MHz, following the cessation of analogue television) would be a priori divided into four lots (two 10 MHz, two 5 MHz) awarded to the highest bidder. The government would provide many a clause preventing a single operator to carry more than 60% of the spectrum, but nothing more.

Facebook's servers are "open"

Facebook has just announced an interesting initiative: Open Compute Project. The idea is to show that the strategy "server" of the company is effectively using non-standard solutions. In fact, Facebook does not - how to Google - the standard server, but built a new range of products to host their website, one of the worlds most visited.

Facebook's solution is unusual and thought for a site like this, with a sizable cost optimization. First point, the servers are "1.5 U" through the antrum and classical 1U 2U of "blades". Second, the server power itself is 450 W, 12 V works internally and is connected to two power sources: an AC, classical, the other continuously.

Tom's Guide: High-tech, who killed who?

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware just published a dossier on modern technological objects and products and technologies they have replaced older. The phone booth at the Sony Walkman through the walrus or the phone book, find a selection of devices and objects that have marked the last decades before leaving their place to modern ...

Matrox offers products Thunderbolt

Matrox has just announced that its range of products to become compatible MX02 nursing Thunderbolt, Intel's technology is currently only used in the MacBook Pro from Apple. Thunderbolt is a new bus that can carry 4 PCI-Express (10 gigabits / s) in a conventional copper cable, using a Mini DisplayPort connector.

The technology has potential, but there is currently no device available. Matrox will therefore propose a connection Thunderbolt MX02 its family, either directly in the box to prospective buyers or as an option for those who already have an MX02 device. The devices are dedicated to video processing packages that combine maps / O chips that speed with encoding and decoding of H.264.

A Blu-ray external Asus 12x

Unveiled at CeBIT, the Blu-ray external BW-12D1-U Asus prepares to make its appearance on the market. Capable of burning Blu-ray compatible blank at a maximum speed of 12x, this drive embarks 4 MB buffer and has a USB 3.0 interface. It supports the Blu-ray and 3D is compatible with Dolby EX and DTS-HD 5.1.

The BW-12D1-U is also capable of burning BD-R DL discs at 8x speed, BD-R LTH at 6x, BD-RE 2x, DVD + /-R 16x, DVD-R / + R DL and DVD + RW 8x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD-RAM 5x, CD-R 40x and CD-RW at 24x. Comes with software Power2Go 7, PowerBackup 2.5 and 5 InstantBurn Cyberlink, the BW-12D1-U is posted for preorder at a price of 152 euros.

The socket is shown in the Llano FM1

While deliveries to the various partners Llano APU from AMD have recently started a first picture of the socket FM1 dedicated to this processor has just made its appearance on the canvas. It reveals in particular the location of notches. The lucky forumer site Zol. com. cn, to whom we owe this picture, also spent his Llano "Engineering Sample" on the chopping block CPU-Z.

With four cores clocked at 2.4 GHz, the APU has 1 MB of L2 cache but no L3 cache. Come on, more than a few weeks to wait ...

Windows 7 finally over XP!

Windows 7 has passed a symbolic milestone: its market share surpassed that of Windows XP in the United States. But because the ancestor of resistance: Windows XP represents 46.8% market share globally. These statistics are from StatCounter, which analyzes the configurations connecting to a wide range of 3 million websites.

They show a linear rate of increase for 7 at the expense of Vista and XP. Some countries have even adopted the latest Windows faster than the U.S.. In Germany for example, 7 XP surpassed last January. In France, the rupture occurred in March. Statcounter curves do not show any acceleration by cons 7 following the release of SP1 in February.

Apple is recruiting a specialist bike

Apple has just hired Kevin Kenney, an engineer who formerly worked in the field ... cycling. Indeed, the engineer worked so far in a company that built bicycle frames made of carbon fiber. We immediately understand the interest for Apple, Sony might follow (especially) in the world of laptops in carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is a composite material which has the advantage of being very strong and lightweight, making it attractive for notebooks. Apple uses for over 10 years of metal for the hull and machinery of its carbon fiber could reach the titanium and aluminum in computers Kale. Still some flaws: the carbon fiber has poor resistance to impact, is difficult to recycle - and it is a workhorse for Apple aluminum - and the electrical conductivity of the material can be problematic, as on aluminum hulls.

Western Digital offers Go Free

A nice surprise for the buyer of a Western Digital hard drive 500 GB Scoprio Blue: opening the box he discovered a 640 GB model with a note explaining that the manufacturer had received 140 GB free! This story is currently isolated and we do not know what drives Western Digital has so much bounty. Technically, nothing prevents it: the hard drive makers use the trays with a total capacity often broader than advertised on the box, the difference being created by the firmware of the disk.

AMD Socket FM1, first pictures leaked

As we have seen in Zol. com. cn have already leaked the first photos of the new AMD socket FM1, which is the basis for AMD's new processors codenamed "Llano", which form part of the APU (Accelerated Processor Units) for embedded systems. With this new socket, AMD hopes to compete with Intel's socket LGA1155/1156 market personal computers have integrated graphics.

The Llano APU integrates a quad-core x86-64 with DirectX11 integrated graphics AMD Radeon HD 6000 series (with 400 + stream processors), a dual DDR3 memory controller and a PCI-Express 2.0 hub. Only to see it, the socket FM1 appears smaller than the AM3 +. Clearly, the version used CPU-Z in the following screenshot does not support 100% APU cores, but reveals some information.

Symbian exposes its source code

Nokia has released the source code for Symbian, but said that his project is not open source. It is governed by a special license that allows employees of the firm to benefit under certain restrictions. The Finnish press has sown confusion by speaking of the project "open and direct," which was originally interpreted to mean that Symbian became open source.

The manufacturer has now clarified by explaining that Symbian was using a model "open and straightforward", but it was not open source. Specifically, to get the source code for Symbian, you must be a "collaborator", that is to say, submit an application and be approved. The goal is not to open Nokia Symbian community but to facilitate the work of his "Japanese OEMs and the small community of staff development platform with which we are already working." The announcement precedes a major conference around Symbian to be held tomorrow, which demonstrates the commitment from Nokia to maintain its project despite its partnership with Microsoft (see "Microsoft gives $ 1 billion to Nokia")

AMD looks to Android

AMD is trying to recruit new developers who will work on drivers for the operating system from Google. MSI should have a shelf Honeycomb Brazos. Acer is expected to follow suit in the near future. So we imagine it will be important for the firm to have graphics drivers optimized for Android. Remember, the Brazos is the first platform of the firm Fusion.

They integrate processors Ontario (Series C) and Zacate (Series E). They have also, on the same die, a chipset and Mobility Radeon HD 6xxx are etched into 40 nm. AMD will not be easy since it will face the Oak Trail Intel Atom platform which has already attracted Lenovo. Fujitsu, Samsung and many others.