Monday, February 28, 2011

Strategy game for PC: Shogun 2: Total War - Pictures from the feudal Japan

In 2000, the development studio Creative Assembly invited with "Shogun - Total War, the conquest of feudal Japan. In the period of Warring States (15th-16th centuries) it was your mission to wipe out as the leader of one of the feuding clans, the opposing leaders. Successful strategists prevailed at the end as Shogun over a united country.

Now publisher Sega has announced the return of the "Total War" series to its historical roots. With "Shogun 2 - Total War" live through a second time the rise of clan leaders from the simple to the ruler of Japan. Thus almost the similarities end with the first part. For the second trip to feudal Japan Creative Assembly promises several new features.

So shall the motivation of your troops get an even more important. Not only that, keep your generals before a battle an inspiring speech on the battlefield are, according to developer information specific buildings such as temples or shrines - to strengthen the morale of your men - once ingested.

Reverse applies: Destroy the temple of your opponent, you weaken their morale. Another new feature are the heroes. According to the developers of these units are characterized by particular fighting force, smash, thanks to which the lone enemy troops completely. Creative Assembly promises a revised siege system.

In "Shogun 2 - Total War" it is no longer enough to occupy the central place of the enemy bastion. Depending on the configuration to get it on your way to the Holy of Holies with up to five protected mounting rings and many cases do. In "Shogun 2" are fighting took place on the water. These skirmishes take you to the coast, as at the time of the Warring usual.

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