Friday, July 22, 2011

HD and 3D screen 4.5 "

Hitachi Displays has introduced a 4.5-inch screen designed for small mobile devices or smartphones. It has impressive features. It has a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) and the IPS uses a new manufacturing method that achieves a brightness of 400 cd/m2 470 cd/m2 2D and 3D. Indeed, his playing lens can project a stereoscopic image in contrast to a parallax barrier, it does not decrease the brightness.

PSU Corsair TX Series semi-modular version

Corsair has announced the TX line of power "M". These are TX range of the modified V2 with a semi-modular design to allow the user to use only the cables PCIe, SATA and Molex are really needed. Four models available with power ratings from 550 to 850 watts and single-rail circuitry, all equipped with 80 PLUS Bronze (minimum efficiency of 85%) and cooled by a single 140mm quiet fan.

The 550W and 650W version have 2 PCIe 6 +2 pin connectors, 6 Molex and 6 SATA, while the 750W and 850W models have 4-pin connectors PCIe 6 +2, 8 Molex and SATA 8. Prices are in U.S. dollars, amounted to $ 109 for Corsair TX550M, $ 129 for TX650M, for $ 149 and $ 169 for TX750M TX850M.

AMD's Radeon saddled benefits

AMD has posted mixed financial results for the second quarter of 2011. While the challenger to Intel's success in selling a record number of CPU, its sales and earnings are down from last year. Blame it on the graphics division, which displays an operating loss. The turnover of the branch CPU is stable over the year (1.207 billion dollars against 1.212 billion in the second quarter of 2010) and operating profit was up ($ 142 million against 128 million last year ).

EVGA shows a prototype motherboard LGA2011

EVGA has shown some images of a single-socket LGA2011 board waiting for the "monstrous" dual-socket model promised some time ago. Card, which will position itself under the wing of the SR-2 systems, we do not know much but we can get pictures from carving out some interesting information. Around the socket LGA2011 were placed two pairs of memory slots and the power circuitry has been designed with driver-MOSFET and high-capacity capacitors.

Zotac GeForce GTX 480 AMP! High-end graphics card for DirectX 11 games

Class: 1.5 Thanks to memory (Type: GDDR5) and 480 processor cores (stream processors) offers the GeForce GTX 480 AMP! enough reserves for current and upcoming games cracker. The Zotac graphics card uses a 756-megahertz chip and 950 MHz memory clock. These are the highest performance levels, which provide not only for many frames per second, but also heat up the graphics chip properly.

To avoid the heat death comes, a powerful built Zotac heatsink with two axial fans. The cooling solution occupies three slots - one large enclosure is a must. Also requires two additional power connectors. The package includes a driver CD, two adapters (mini-to-HDMI and DVI to VGA), power cable and instructions.

Gigabyte: a 1.8-inch external hard drive 160 GB

The 1.8-inch hard drives are not dead! If they are only rarely used in music players and the majority of ultraportables pass SSD, 1.8-inch models are always of interest to external hard drives: they are compact and offer a correct capacity now. Gigabyte with its A2 Tiny, has understood: it has a compact hard drive - 80 grams, 78 x 59 x 13 mm - which offers greater capacity than USB, 160 GB We are here far from a , 5 To the best 2.5-inch, but the size is not the same.

Strategy game for PC Heroes of Might and Magic 6: A true collector's item for fans

The strategy game "Heroes of Might and Magic" is one of the classics of the genre and offers many distinctive characters. One of them Ubisoft brings the virtual world to reality: Archangel Michael appears to publication of the sixth "Heroes of Might and Magic" adventure and living rooms in fan makes sure looks good.

This collector's item is limited to 500 copies and features a certificate of authenticity.

Corsair Dominator GT Limited Edition: 2133MHz at 1.5V Guaranteed

Corsair has launched a new kit of RAM 8GB 2X4GB Dominator series belonging to the GT, guaranteed to work at 2133MHz under a voltage of 1.5V. The limited edition kit Corsair Dominator GT (CMT8GX3M2A2133C9) has the traditional sink in this series, the DHX in red and cooler air AirFlow 2 GTL. Corsair guarantees that these RAM modules can operate at a speed of 2133MHz with a voltage of 1.5V and CL9 latencies, 11-9.

The Bulldozer FX launched on September 19?

Good example of viral marketing: AMD has released a short film on YouTube featuring "FX" a hero saving the world from bad guys very naughty. If you look carefully you will discover in this video one time half hidden "mber 19th." By imagining that Bulldozer will be launched on September 19, there is only one step.

But one can also read "November 19th". We let you choose the hypothesis that seems most likely ...

AMD at Comic-Con 2011 to promote Bulldozer

These days AMD is present at Comic-Con 2011, the international exhibition dedicated to comics and digital entertainment that is held every year in San Diego, to promote a friendly FX-series CPUs based on the Bulldozer architecture, expected to debut in the coming months. AMD filed a 13-page digital comic book titled "Operation Scorpius: Legend of the FX", also available on the official website at this address, accompanied by a cartoon-style cinematic trailer.

3D Star Fox 64 Nintendo calls the release date

Nintendo makes it official: On 9 September 2011 will show "Star Fox 64 3D". Thus, the company donated the traditional series finally have a new offshoot. On the 3DS is the remake of the N64 version "Lylat Wars" benefit most from the 3D effect. In story mode, the player assumes the role of the wily pilot Fox McCloud.

He tries to keep his home planet of Corneria and the entire Lylat solar system from the onslaught of villains Andross and his creatures. With the help of motion sensors in the 3DS navigated his ship through the player tendencies of the handheld. If you like, controls "Star Fox 64 3D" in the conventional manner with the Slidepad.