Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AMD is demonstrating its APU Llano

AMD took advantage of CeBIT opens its doors today in Hanover to post a new video on his Youtube account. It reveals an APU Llano A8-3510MX in action, a model incorporating a quad-core chipset Radeon HD 6620M integrated. In a multitasking environment (3D rendering, video display, calculations ...), this processor is opposed to a Core i7-2630QM clocked at 2 GHz and an integrated HD 3000 chipset.

Plextor M2S SSDs coming soon

Unveiled last month, the M2S Plextor should not delay making its appearance on the shelves of European shops (in Germany and Austria in the first place). Available in capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, 2.5-inch SSD should be offered to respective rates of 169.90 EUR 299.90 euros and 589 euros (MSRP).

The M2S is to recall a DSS based on a Marvell controller 88SS9174, carrying 128 MB of DDR memory as cache memory chips and NAND flash MLC. With 6 Gbps SATA interface, it is capable of reaching speeds of around 480 MB / s read and 330 MB / s write, read in its 256 GB 128 GB model does as 420 MB / s read and 210 MB / s write while the 64 GB culminates at "only" 370 MB / s read and 110MB / s write.

SFR does not always receive Free Mobile

The newspaper Les Echos has recently conducted an interview with Jean-Bernard Lévy, Vivendi chief executive who is also the parent company of SFR. We learn from the other mobile operator is still refusing to host on its network Free Mobile, explaining he had "no reason to invest in hosting a competitor.

It's just a matter of principle. " While waiting to launch its own 3G network, Free Mobile will yet have to find an agreement, in a (friendly) or another, with one of the operators with such infrastructures (ie Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom ). And if they are forced by ARCEP to negotiate with the new kid in terms of 2G, they are not at all for 3G.

Updated charts Tom's Hardware

As is regularly the case, we have to update some of our "charts" or comparative. The purpose of this section is to recall giving you access a nod to all the performance results of a maximum on different applications (optional). All major components are well represented. Today, these are the categories high-end graphics cards, desktop processors, memory cards Compact Flash and USB hosting of new products such as UPA AMD E-350, the PQI CompactFlash 600X 64 GB or the Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 128GB ...

OCZ introduces technological innovations for SSD at CeBIT

OCZ will focus on expanding the range of the SSD market by presenting at this year's CeBIT held in Hannover, Germany. The latest OCZ products and technologies will be presented at the event in Hall 17, booth D31. "The CeBIT is an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative SSD, designed for both conventional user to corporate applications," said Alex Mei, CMO, OCZ.

"From the management of critical data to mobile computing, OCZ continues to redefine the performance, reliability and energy efficiency of storage devices, and our continued presence at CeBIT demonstrates our focus and commitment to the European market." With this leading edge technology SATA 6Gbps, the newly unveiled OCZ SSD Vertex 3 Series will be presented live, showing industry-leading speeds and higher data control for all file types and sizes.

The Bulldozer would be compatible AMD AM3

In August, AMD had poured cold water on his fans by announcing that its Bulldozer CPU are not compatible with current socket AM3 motherboards. Our colleagues, however, hardware-info heard in the halls of CeBIT that it is possible to install a bulldozer on a AM3 motherboard after a simple BIOS update.

AMD's partners said they would already have some cards that work with a bulldozer with a proper BIOS. The AM3 + remains essential to get the best out of his bulldozer through faster interfaces. It seems that AMD will end up at the launch of its new platform in the same situation as at the launch of the Socket AM2 +.

Compact Digital Cameras: New super-zoom models from Olympus

In the four-inch narrow body of the SZ-30MR a wide-angle lens comes with a 24-fold magnification used, the zoom size 25 to 600 mm equivalent in small picture format. The abbreviation "MR" in the model designation stands for "Multi Recording: According to the manufacturer, the SZ-30MR the world's first camera that takes videos and photos simultaneously.

The simultaneous recording of two videos with different pictures is possible with the SZ-30MR. For high-quality material is a CMOS image sensor with 16 and make an HD video resolution of 1080. A 16-megapixel sensor and a 1080p video mode are also on the EZ-20 for equipment. With a wide angle lens with 12.5-fold, it covers a focal range from 24-300 millimeters.

Sports game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Top Spin 4: Preview tiebreak with Federer, Nadal & Co.

Take-Two's "Top Spin" for Sega's "Virtua Tennis" - the battle of the tennis player has a little bit of Rafael Nadal against Roger Federer when the two meet on the field sizes, small things between victory and defeat. For fans, it is a question of faith. In the spring of 2011, it is a showdown of the Games counterparties on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

On 18 March 2011 will show "Top Spin 4", Virtua Tennis 4 "follows on 29 April 2011. The early form of Take-Two-protege check PS3 and Xbox 360 owners on the basis of which is available immediately from the PlayStation Store or on the Xbox Live Marketplace for download. The trial version throws you directly into cold water: Roger Federer, Rafael needle, Ana Ivanovic, Serena Williams and other well-known tennis players to challenge for a tie-break at a Grand Slam tournament.

Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Battlefield 3

Long talked publisher Electronic Arts and developer Studio Dice on "Battle Field 3" covered. It is now clear: In you access to arms. And not only multi-player mode. For the third branch also introduces a solo campaign. You are going to request the co-op mode with a friend. For the online mode, the developers promise the return of well-known series of virtues: To make as uncertain in fighter jets or the sky falling on the PC in multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.

A tablet PC also by Olivetti

The baby of the tablet market is tempting indeed to all, including the Italian company Olivetti has recently announced the arrival del'OliPad, NVIDIA Tegra platform-based solution is dual-core processors with multi-touch screen 10-inch, HDMI and USB ports , memory card reader ee Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.

The operating system used by the name of Android. The device will have an attractive price of around € 400 and will be available starting March 7. The company, now owned by Telecom Italy, will use its own channels for distribution of this carrier and will offer access to a dedicated app store and a full range of accessories such as docking station, keyboard and mouse.

Interactive 3D world for PS3: PlayStation Home: Sony is planning game offensive

The displacements of the start date of "Home" were just as epic as the announcements. The 3D virtual world to become the hub of the Playstation 3 universe. Great surprise, the users in December 2008 when the last went online: Many features promised there was no sign. "Home" was nice, technically impressive - but largely useless.

Despite several smaller droplets update has not changed to this day not much. Accordingly, the program enjoys many gamblers only a minor role. first time brings no visible changes for "Home" users. Still plugged behind the update of the perhaps most important advance of the 3D world since the launch: Sony provides third-party developers with a tool to publish to multiplayer games with better graphics and physics effects than previously within "Home".

DeepCool Fiend Shark XT sink "horizontal" all copper

As highlighted in our review, heat sinks are horizontal radiator with a huge comeback. At CeBIT in Hannover, the Taiwanese DeepCool announced an evolution of these solutions can cool the CPU without problems top of the range both Intel and AMD. This is the model Fiend XT Shark, made entirely of copper sink that adopts a structure with 6 mini-heatsinks independent horizontal, 6 heatpipes and 140mm fan support.

Press Conference in San Francisco: Tonight: Apple will introduce the iPad 2

IPad 2 has all likelihood, two cameras (digital camera and webcam) and a slimmer body than its predecessor. It is unclear whether the second-generation Apple Tablet features a high-resolution retinal screen or whether to maintain the current resolution of 1024x768 pixels. There is speculation that could iPad 2 is a slot for memory cards have, a USB interface is rather unlikely.

According to press reports, Apple has now stopped the extradition of the iPad to the trade. An indication that the two will iPad shortly after today's press conference. It is clear that the appliance meets tough competition: On the "" in Barcelona (. Ran from 14th-17th February) showed several companies (including Samsung and Motorola) new Tablet PCs, with the genus of such optimized Google operating system "Android 3.0 run - and probably do not need to hide from the Apple Tablet.

Scythe Gentle Typhoon High RPM: when maximum performance is required

Scythe has announced the launch of three new high-speed versions of its popular Gentle Typhoon, which will be available in 3,000, 4,250 and 5,400 RPM. These case fans High speed air flow generating incredible, with values of 141, 197 and 255 cubic meters per hour (83.0 / 116.5 / 150.1 CFM). In direct comparison with fans of similar characteristics, the High RPM Typhoon Gently achieve the same results with a significantly lower noise level.

No DX11 for Crysis 2, at least at the beginning?

Yesterday we reported this news with the release of the multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 also on PC platform. The demo lets you play two maps: "Skyline" and "Pier 17" in two different modes: Team Instant Action "and" Crash Site "but only supports DirectX 9 and has severe limitations on the graphics settings.

The site says that the launch Sweclockers, March 25, Crysis DX9 rendering provides for only two and a patch, released at a later time, will enable support for DirectX 11 when you use the Windows 7 or Vista ( compatible). Pending a direct confirmation from EA we must admit that in fact the shadow of the console port of Crytek's new title hangs on like never before.

Kinect Microsoft sells beyond expectations

iSuppli has issued a report that sales of Kinect, the well-known accessory for the Xbox 360, were well above expectations for Microsoft 2010. The Redmond company had initially expected sales for a total of 5 million units while, according to data from iSuppli itself, were handed over eight million pieces of retailers with a total of 6.3 million sold to consumers at the end of 2010.

The direct competitor Move Playstation 3, again given the data at the end of 2010, reported sales to the end user for a total of 5.23 million units including all forms of sale (standalone and bundled with starter-kit console).

CeBIT 2011: Tablet PC Archos 7 V2

The Archos 7 V2 is a technically upgraded version of the "Archos 7". The Tablet PC is designed specifically for home use. The device has a seven-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Connect to the Internet, it takes over WLAN. Apps download on the Archos's own App Store, according to the provider there are currently over 20,000 apps ready for retrieval.

The built-in Media Player are videos in HD quality (720p) again. The Archos 7 V2 has a microSDHC slot and a USB port, eight gigabytes of internal memory is large.