Monday, February 14, 2011

Arctic Freezer 13 PRO, tower heatsink that cools everything

The only drawback to a heatsink tower (tower) with respect to a classical solution is due to the horizontal position of the fan that cools the motherboard components that are located near the processor socket. Arctic has solved this "problem" with the Freezer 13 Pro heatsink. This is an evolution of the freezer 13 to which was added a special system called Cross-Blow.

The system consists of a mini-turbine fan 50 mm diameter (700 - 2700 RPM), positioned above the base, which generates a stream of air at 360 ° entrusting the Northbridge heatsinks, the MOSFET power circuitry and system memory. Compared with the previous model also increases the overall size (134 x 96 x 159 mm), together with the weight (1.05Kg), and changes the main cooling fan that goes from 92mm to 120mm in diameter (300 to 1350 RPM).

The radiator is made with thin aluminum fins and is connected to the base with 4 U-shaped copper heatpipes. Pre-applied on the basis of copper in contact with the IHS of the processor are the MX-2 thermal paste. According to the Swiss manufacturer Freezer 13 PRO is capable of cooling overclocked processors with TDP up to 300W.

The heatsink is compatible with AMD and Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 754/939/AM2 (+) / AM3. The marketing price of 47.90 Euro is indicated and the guarantee of 6 years.

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