Sunday, April 3, 2011

TDJ: Arctic Freezer 13

Our fellow Cowcotland recently launched a test of Arctic Freezer 13, a heat sink for processors on Socket AM2 and 775/115x/1366 / 3. Showing the dimensions of 123 x 130 x 96 mm Weight 800 grams up on the scale, the Freezer 13 is composed of an aluminum radiator crossed by 4 copper heat pipes of 6 mm, a copper base and 92 mm fan.


The Sunday Quiz (S02E01)

And here's season 2 of our quizzes Sunday, after 10 episodes in Season 1. We will start strong, the goal is to try to guess what is the picture (yes, nothing changes). You have 24 hours to find the right answer, and another shot - easier - will then be posted on the Facebook page of Tom's Hardware. At the end of the season, we offer a small gift.

The scale? 2 points for the first who answers correctly in comments, 1 point for others.

The new AMD FX could release on June 11

According to information leaked, AMD will be ready to launch its new FX processors (called Bulldozer) from June 11 this year and will feature 8, 6 and 4 cores. The new processors for the platform AM3 + could be ready for release as of June 11 this year. We have already confirmed the backward compatibility of these new AM3 processors to the platform through a BIOS upgrade (this was stated by ASUS, and corroborated by MSI at CeBIT this year), but despite that manufacturers are already starting production of AM3 + plates.

Acer H274H: a 27-inch LED € 300

Acer has announced the market launch of a new European model of 27-inch LCD screen: The H274H. With a system of LED backlighting, full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a slab - probably TN - with a response time of 5 ms. Viewing angles according to the manufacturer reach 178 ° horizontal and 170 ° vertical, while the dynamic contrast ratio rises to 100 million: 1 (sic).

The brightness reached for its 300 cd / m². VGA inputs, DVI and HDMI are available while the foot allows adjustment in tilt from -5 ° to +15 °. Two-year warranty, the Acer H274H is finally displayed a suggested retail price of 299 euros. Hope, therefore, once available in mass, this 27-inch LCD screen will be offered at a price a little lower ...