Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mainboards with AMD Bulldozer: those of ASUS and MSI

The approach of the announcement of new AMD Bulldozer is creating some turmoil among the motherboard manufacturers that are beginning to not only disseminate information on new models but also those with Socket AM3 +, long on the market, which will be compatible as a result An update of the bios. ASUS confirms that the following models will be compatible with future AMD CPU after you have downloaded and installed the latest BIOS version from the website www.asus. en:

 - Chipset AMD 890FX/SB850: Extreme IV Crosshair, Crosshair Formula IV, M4A89TD PRO/USB3, M4A89TD PRO - AMD Chipset 890GX/SB850: M4A89GTD PRO/USB3, M4A89GTD PRO, ASUS has also announced that it is being developed new motherboards for AMD-based 8-series + and AM3 chipset 880G, 760G and 870.

Here is the list of all the models to be introduced: - AMD 880G Chipset: M5A88-V EVO, EVO M-M5A88, M5A88-M - AMD 870 Chipset: M5A87 - AMD 760G Chipset: M5A78L, M5A78L LE, M5A78L- M/USB3, M5A78L-M PLUS, M5A78L-M LE, M-LX M5A78L The list includes MSI instead of 3 models fully compatible after updating the bios (who buy motherboards after this announcement will have the upgraded product): - Chipset AMD 890FX/SB850: 890FXA-GD70, GD65-890FXA - Chipset AMD 890GX/SB850: 890GXM-G65

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