Thursday, March 3, 2011

VIA Eden Unveils X2 Dual-Core

A few months after announcing its X2 Nano, VIA has launched the Eden X2, its second dual-core processor. Etched in 40 nm, 64-bit processor is relatively energy efficient and requires only passive cooling. It is therefore intended for the embedded market and the industrial market. Alas, VIA does not give many technical details regarding its latest ...

Just do we know that it integrates a hardware AES encryption engine and it supports virtualization instructions. Pin to pin compatible with the current processors (VIA Eden, VIA C7 or Nano), Eden X2 is formatted NanoBGA2. It should be available in the second quarter of 2011.

Of USB 3.0 enclosures for Corsair Obsidian

The owners of a housing 700D and 800D Obsidian Series will be happy: Corsair will offer a kit to upgrade to these packages to support USB 3.0. The front panel in question, replacing the original one, includes a FireWire port, two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and audio connectors, and the necessary wiring.

Only small downside: price. Corsair bill because the "upgrade" to 14.99 dollars, probably as a hundred euros available in our region ...

An FPGA and Cortex A9 in the same chip

You need a chip based on FPGA for specific uses, but you also want a fixed performance? Possible. Xilinx, a leading worldwide FPGAs, just give information about its forthcoming chips. Family Zynq-7000, which will offer different types of FPGA interconnect - with the possibility of integrating PCI Express - Xilinx integrate what called a PPE, aka Extensible Processing Platform.

The idea is simple: the integration of ARM SoC in FPGA with an ARM CPU, a memory controller and all that is needed to launch applications ARM. The advantage is obvious: use a recent ARM chip for controlling a base system and perform simple calculations while deporting certain uses on the FPGA.

Deepcool fan shows his range of organic at CeBIT

Deepcool, a global manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for computers, will present at CeBIT its new range of PC fans that stand out for their design and environmental protection. Among the products include models for CPU cooling, Fiend Shark 400 XT and XT Icematrix. "As information technology becomes more powerful and sophisticated, an increasing need for efficient cooling systems.

In addition, we must pay special attention to the design and respect the environment and products that can be seen on our stand and prove it, "says Aileen Liu, Director of Marketing Deepcool Industries Co. Ltd. in Beijing. At CeBIT, the company also announced the search for new European partners in order to increase their presence throughout the continent.

CeBIT 2011: Vivanco Bazoo Merlin TC: mouse gesture control

Instead of mechanical components has an ergonomic mouse over a large area sensor. He recognizes gestures that you run with one or two fingers on the surface. You can browse and scroll through pages and enlarge documents or individual picture elements. The signal transmission to the computer via 2.4-gigahertz radio link and mini-USB receiver with a maximum range of five meters.

The Bazoo Merlin TC is "Windows Vista", "Windows 7" and "Mac OS X compatible.

Sparkle: a long GTX 570 Single-Slot

The manufacturer benefits from the Sparkle CeBIT to present a model of GeForce GTX 570 rather original format as single slot: the SXX5701280D53DS. Particularly long, so this graphics chipset embeds GF110 clocked at 752 MHz with 480-CUDA cores running at 1504 MHz. 1280 MB of GDDR5 memory on board and are two power connectors PCI-Express 6-pin are present.

Compatible with 3-way SLI, the GeForce GTX 570 has finally DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Expected by the end of the month, the GTX 570 "slim" does not yet have prices.

Unigine Corp. has released version 2.5 of the benchmark Heaven 3D

Unigine Corp. has released version 2.5 of the benchmark Heaven 3D graphics engine based on the top owner (Unigine ™ engine) and can exploit both DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0. Unigine Heaven 2.5 changelog: Improved support of GPUs - Added Various indirect support of occlusion (SSDO) to simulate real-time global stability illumination - Improved During the multi-hour running - Fixed Windows GUI launcher compatibility issues - Improved the quality of ambient occlusion - Fixed less content glitches - Added manual - Improved an installer for a user. In addition to the Windows version free (Basic), Unigine Corp.

[CeBIT] show the prototype of the Scythe Mugen cooler 3

Scythe is a long time working on the third generation heat sink for CPU Muger. The new prototype shown at CeBIT, while respecting the principle of operation of the previous models, is based on a tower structure unpublished. The radiators are independent this time, not 6 and 4 are crossed by a greater number of heatpipes (3 per heatsink, 6 in total).

The Japanese manufacturer is always striving to balance between optimal distribution of heat and lowering of the aerodynamic resistance to air flow fan, fan in this case has a diameter of 120mm and operates between 200 and 1600rpm. Scythe Mugen confirmed that 3 will be also available in a full-copper "but in both cases did not provide information on the date of submission of the PEL and the price of finished product marketing.

Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda XT with three terabytes of memory

Old systems without BIOS support the new firmware interface "UEFI" and old as "Windows XP" need to operate with capacities from 2.1 terabytes usually additional driver software. The XT Seagate Barracuda however, can be easily integrated into an existing system. Use the DiscWizard software, the configuration of the hardware.

Subsequently, access to the entire capacity of the drive is possible. The three-terabyte hard drive features 64 memory buffer and reaches a maximum speed of 7,200 revolutions per second. The connection is via an S-ATA interface. Information on price and availability are currently not available.

AMD's new Catalyst driver for CAP3 11.2

AMD has released the third update of the package's ZIP code (Catalyst Application Profiles) 2.11 dedicated to the release of Catalyst drivers. Profiles apply to the Single-Card or Crossfire configurations and improve the gaming experience with the latest headlines or forthcoming. These are the new features: Catalyst 2.11 CAP3Dexter - Resolves Negative CrossFire scaling Runaway - CrossFire scaling Resolves Negative Entropy - Improves performance and quality CrossFire Crasher - Forced on Anti-Aliasing through the Catalyst Control Center Has Been disabledDirt 3 - Improves performance CrossFire.

New controller for SSDs home Transcend

Transcend has announced an upgrade of its entire line of solid state drives (SSD) 2.5 "will now include a controller faster than before thanks to which they are guaranteed the highest performance. The new controllers were also matched 64MB of DDR2 cache to achieve sequential read and write speeds up to 260MB/se 240MB / s read and write speeds and random respectively equal to 40MB 27MB / s.

The new Transcend SSD 2.5''fully support the TRIM command, used by modern operating systems over time to maintain write performance and reduce the consumption of the memory cells. Covered under warranty for two years, the new SSDs are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

First impression: Tablet PC: Apple iPad 2: Faster, leaner, more versatile

IPad 2 has a clocked with a Gigahertz "A5 SOC processor (developed by Apple) with two computing cores. The manufacturer promises a substantially improved operating speed, in graphic applications sometimes even up to nine times more power than the first iPad. At the first practice test is then clear: start much faster and applications such as video editing go with the new iMovie and complex 3D Racing pleasantly smooth.

He moves from Windows 1.0 to ... Windows 7

Since early versions of Windows, it is possible to update its system to one of the following versions. But what happens if you install Windows 1.0 and then we want to upgrade to Windows 7? Well there is one person who has asked this question. And who has tried. Of course, she went through a virtual machine, which is obviously more convenient than finding a computer that supports Windows 1.0 and Windows 7, but the effort is interesting.

New operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iOS 3.4 takes the browser "Safari" on the go. Made possible by a new "Nitro" said JavaScript engine. Also new is the "iTunes Home Sharing is. It allows you, music and videos from your PC to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to stream via WiFi. Apple donated iOS 4.3 Even an improved AirPlay, which you transferred some movies and photos from the Internet to the media box Apple TV connected thereto and a flat screen TV.

Faster, leaner, more versatile: Apple presents iPad 2

First of all: The big surprise was the presentation of the iPad 2 off. Rather, the second generation is a logical development, given the competition never sleeps and also offers powerful alternatives. IPad 2 has a clocked with a Gigahertz "A5 SOC processor (developed by Apple) with two computing cores.

The manufacturer promises a substantially improved operating speed, in graphic applications sometimes even up to nine times more power than the first iPad. In the display, nothing has changed: Apple installed a 9.7-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels at 132 ppi (pixels per inch).

Action Game for PC: Home Front: Metro 2033 as a gift for Games Pre-Load

The Action Game "Home Front" in fact appears only on 15 March 2011. Those who preordered the title from THQ-Games load shoots, but now: For sets of online games distribution "for free on top of pre-orders. The three-handed after the purchase is now available for download. The trip to the post-apocalyptic Moscow is a good pastime () to free the U.S.

from the North Korean invaders. If you plan to intervene on "Home Front", which is worth even more: Games Load supply you from the start with a 870 Express shotgun, the ability of quick repair and the SCAR-L rifle. The competition has to earn these privileges only with difficulty.

A 100% copper heatsink, or almost

Duracool the Chinese manufacturer has just unveiled a new CPU coolers, the Fiend Shark XT. Showing the dimensions of 157 x 156 x 131 mm, it is composed of a 140 mm fan (700 to 1200 revolutions per minute, for noise between 18.2 dB and 24.9 dB) and All copper radiators, connected to a base by six heat pipes also copper.

The use of this metal also explains the rather impressive weight of this cooler: 1.837 kg on the scales! Compatible processors on Socket AM2 and LGA 775/1366/115x / 3, the fiend Sharl XT has unfortunately not yet prices. It also remains to know the date of availability for Europe.

Bulldozer AM3: false hopes

Two of our German colleagues had been told at CeBit that future AMD Bulldozer could be compatible with current socket AM3 motherboards. This information was contradicted by AMD. John Fruehe, marketing manager for AMD's server products, reiterated that the company had said in August 2010: The Bulldozer general public will not be compatible with socket AM3.

The sockets are physically different (942-pin socket AM3 +, 941 of socket AM3), a BIOS update will therefore not change. For cons, the Bulldozer for servers will actually be compatible with current platforms, G34 and C32. In addition, some motherboard manufacturers such Asrock decided to launch cards AM3 + using the current generation AMD chipset (Round 8) instead of the 9 series chipsets are expected along the Bulldozer.

Electronic Address Book: Software Tip of the Day: Efficient Address Book Free 1.67

"Efficient Address Book Free is a free program that lets you manage your contact information. Creating multiple address books is possible. How to use Efficient Address Book Free with friends and colleagues without losing the overview. They have names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, an individual notes.

If desired, save a photo of the person. In the details you enter the birth date, the program reminds you.

Microsoft SideWinder devices terminates

Microsoft has decided to stop selling products SideWinder. That's what our colleagues relate VR-Zone who say that unlike 2003, when Redmond had stopped selling the devices for player before restarting the line in 2007, this decision would be final. Microsoft has decided to pull the plug because of ever tougher competition from Razor, SteelSeries and Logitech, to name a few.

It must also be said that the firm has not really made a priority. Since the revival of the brand in 2007, the manufacturer has released four mice and two keyboards. SideWinder X8 mouse has already disappeared from the site of the firm.

LG: LCD screen 23 "Super 3D

LG takes advantage of the CeBIT to discuss her D2342P, an LCD 23-inch diagonal that the manufacturer does not hesitate to call "Super 3D. Capable of displaying full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this display uses LED backlight technology in fact supposed to get RPF 3D viewing experience equivalent to that found in 3D theaters.

With a TN panel with a response time GTG 5 ms, the D2342P displays a brightness of 250 cd / m² (125 cd / m² in 3D mode) and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 5,000,000: 1. VGA inputs, DVI and HDMI are available. Comes with two pairs of polarized glasses and a software for converting 2D content into 3D photo or video, the LCD screen should be available by the end of the month at a tariff of 299 euros.

ASUS at CeBIT 2011 its latest technological

In perfect sync with the theme "Live and work in the cloud" that presides over the 2011 edition of CeBIT, ASUS is present in this fair with an offer that includes four tablet computers with a new motion-sensing technology called WAVI Xtion (pronounced " wei-bi-axion "), its new K-series of notebooks and a wide range of gaming products.

ASUS tablet developments consist of four models that cover all the needs of different types of users: the Eee Slate EP121 12 ", Eee Memo Pad 7" (pronounced "my-mo"), the Eee Slider Pad -equipped with a keyboard that slides out from the bottom of the device, and the Eee Transformer Pad, which incorporates the possibility of adding a keyboard docking extending their autonomy.

Free pass through Orange Mobile for 3G

Phew, Free Mobile may well offer access to its national 3G (future) customers at the launch of its mobile phone deals. Iliad, its parent company, has just announced via a press release signed an agreement with Orange roaming 2G to 3G expanded. While SFR and Bouygues have always denied any agreement with Free Mobile on 3G is finally Orange has decided to sign with the fourth French mobile operator.

Sony Opens PlayStation Move

Sony just announced Move. Me, a tool to exploit the capabilities of its PlayStation Move. Remember that the Move is a Playstation controller, whose movements are monitored by gyroscopes and PlayStation Eye webcam. For researchers, students and enthusiasts, said the statement, it is possible to use the new controller from Sony as computer peripheral.

It will still go through a PlayStation 3. The data is sent to the console, then transmitted to the computer. Sony is considering the development of projects related to medicine and rehabilitation of patients or give experience to students working on developing video games. Move. I will be available for download on the PlayStation Network this spring.