Monday, April 18, 2011

Open Source Software: Oracle is a fee-based version of OpenOffice

The explanation of Oracle. Members of the OpenOffice community they wanted to remain in their work to ensure the success of the OpenOffice programs. Even with the further spread of the OpenOffice file format "odt" will help the company. Faced with a broad user base sees the company coordinating the project, however, be better served by an organization that is composed of a heterogeneous development team.

A housing for warriors in Aerocool

Aerocool manufacturer will soon bring to market a new package for gamers and features a design ... except, that is almost frightening: the X-Warrior. Showing the dimensions of 488 x 187 x 520 mm, the X-Warrior has a steel frame 0.5 mm SECC. It has three bays at 5.25 inches, four locations and a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch.

Of pass partitions are present on the back, while the conventional USB 2.0 and audio connectors are placed on top of the box. Note also the presence of two 120 mm fans, respectively placed at the front and rear of the X-Warrior. Operating at 1500 revolutions per minute, they are "responsible" for achieving noise 26.67 dB (A).

Wacom announces a stylus for touch pads

On the touch pads, a defect is frequently ascended the lack of stylus. It is generally related to the technology used: capacitive screens placed in front of the stage with the iPhone and now the iPad, are not suited to this type of devices. To simplify, capacitive screens are in the form of a fine grid or passes a small current.

When you spend a finger on the grid in question, the conductivity of the latter changes the charge at a point x and it is therefore possible to determine the position of the finger. The operation involves two things: a minimum contact area (6 mm in general) and the use of a conductive component.

Last Light: Back in the Post Apocalypse

The gloomy scenario of the "Metro" novels of Dmtri Glukhovski seems to provide plenty of room for interesting stories. Publisher THQ is planning one, according to the story after the video game adaptation of "Metro 2033" weiterzuerzählen virtual. As the business side, reports the manufacturer secured the rights to the websites, www metrolast and Already on the E3 2010 THQ told Vice President Danny Bilson, that is a sequel to the horror-action game working - at that time still under the name ".

Ready motherboard EVGA FTW P67, 6 PCIe slots for Sandy Bridge

In announcing the sale of the B3 revision of your motherboard P67 SLI, EVGA has confirmed that it had also completed the design of waiting version FTW (again for Sandy Bridge CPU). A sample of this solution was spotted for the first time during the month of December last year (when he was in rev. 2.0) and immediately hit the attention to detail power connector to 24-pin in a horizontal position.

Online encyclopedia: Wikipedia may soon be a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Sebastian Sooth set by the Friends Wikimedia up for the online encyclopedia. In his opinion, the online encyclopedia is "". This is an important criterion for reaching the UNESCO Prize. It is still unclear whether the club meets the other conditions that are necessary for recognition. Wikimedia wants to make very intensively for a job, but so far has been addressed only on an informal level.

Software Tip of the Day: Earth Alerts

With "Earth Alerts" You hear about all the natural disasters. The free software accesses international reports of severe weather warnings and other problems. You determine which locations on Earth Alerts notify you. In addition to volcanic eruptions and floods can tsunamis, forest fires and hurricanes Show.

Earth Alerts also provides satellite images, webcam images and messages.

Rumors on the new PC operating system: Windows 8 USB stick version?

Microsoft reportedly missed the next-generation PC operating system a feature called "Portable Workspace Creator", copies of Windows 8 on a memory stick. Thus, the system could then operate on each computer to which you connect the USB memory, an installation would not be necessary. Practically, even if your computer does not boots up: plug in USB stick and load it on Windows 8 for troubleshooting.

Tablet PC failure: RIM reaps negative criticism for the Playbook

RIM has forgotten technology from the perspective of American journalists to equip the device with the essential programs. Their own e-mail software does not like a calendar application, a video chat program, a notebook or a GPS app. On the part of the hardware equipment, the experts miss an independent network connection.

Reason: Without a Blackberry smartphone as can the playbook not connect to the Internet. The manufacturer now wants to upgrade the equipment of the first generation in the summer via a software update functionality. to more models with different network modules are also be available soon, including an LTE-enabled version.

Big-Tower Case Xigmatek Elysium, where size matters

Xigmatek has launched the new format Big-Tower chassis Elysium. This is the largest homes ever built by Taiwanese manufacturer, with its large size (230x620x660mm) and rich in features. L 'Elysium is able to accommodate mainboards HPTX format (like EVGA Classified SR-2), configuration of multi-GPUs oversized video cards (like the Radeon HD 6990) and a liquid cooling system complete with multiple radiators.

Flip4New: Used Navi and charged with new device

Flirting with a new navigation model, you should not discard your old device easily. Let the value of the well-traveled companions deduct the new purchase: With online purchasing portal Flip4New you sell your old equipment using market-based prices and decide then whether to invest the price obtained directly into a navigation device, or prefer a cash payment via wire transfer you want.

Flip4New may not find that on the maximum price as it would be possible for example in an auction, but the system is stress free and simple to use. On the website of Flip4New select the category "Navigation" from. Then you pick out your model and answer questions with a few clicks on the condition and extent of the accessory.

3.9 billion transistors on a chip

Altera, a specialist in FPGA - programmable chips - has announced that the next chip in the range, the Stratix V, will contain 3.9 billion transistors. The range, which comprises several chips, will be etched into 28 nm "HP" (High Performance) by TSMC and is designed for data transfers. Altera designed the chip market dedicated to high-speed transfers, such as Ethernet cards 100 gigabits per second, management systems based on fiber optics, high-end video systems, etc..

Samsung wants two cores at 2 GHz in 2012

Samsung hopes - in 2012 - to produce smartphones with processors clocked at 2 GHz, with two cores. Frequency than others, like Texas Instruments or Qualcomm should also be achieved. This is obviously ARM processors, the architecture in vogue, and it is a priori the ARM Cortex A15 to reach this frequency in the Korean company.

The company says - Intel appreciated - it is easier to reach 4 GHz with a single core as 2 GHz with two cores, but that Samsung has chosen the "difficulty" because the dual core processors are effective multitasking with smartphones . And the company also says only 2 GHz, a smartphone will be closer to today's PCs.

Elysium: the housing size XXL Xigmatek

Xigmatek the manufacturer has announced the launch of Elysium, a tower chassis, showing the dimensions of 230 x 618 x 663 mm with a weight of 15.50 kg on the scale. With a steel chassis, this unit accepts XXL format ITX motherboard, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX, ATX-XL or HPTX. Two colors are provided (black or silver).

Twelve 5.25-inch bays are available, along with eight locations in 3.5 inch format. The classic USB 3.0 connectors (x2), USB 2.0 (x2), eSATA and audio are in turn placed on top of the box, next to a dock hot-swap HDD / SSD (2, 5 or 3.5 inches). Cooling side we have allowed two 120 mm fans for the front, a 140-mm rear and 200 mm on the side, places for additional fans of 120 mm, 140 mm and 80 mm being also available.

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10s to 299 €

The manufacturer ViewSonic has launched a few days in Europe ViewPad his 10s, a touch pad 10 inches, an embedded SoC Tegra2 NVIDIA (composed of two cores Cortex-A9 to 1 GHz) running Android 2.2. Showing the dimensions of 276 x 179 x 15 mm and weighs 730 grams, this tablet has a screen of 1024 x 600 pixels, with an LED backlight.

There is also 512MB of DDR2 memory, a storage space of 512 MB flash (only), a microSD card reader and 802.11g wireless controllers, Bluetooth and 3G (optional). A webcam 1.3 MPixel front, two built-in speakers of 1.5 W, an accelerometer, a USB 2.0 port and HDMI output complete the package.

Gigabyte Launches First Intel Z68

As has been done before, Gigabyte surprised everyone with the launch of an Intel chipset motherboard with Z68 before the chipset itself has been officially released, the GA-Z68X-UD7-B3. The proof is that the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 has been seen and photographed in Taiwan, where it has been put up for sale at a price of 287 €.

The GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 series belongs to the Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 with features such as 2 ounces of copper in the PCB, solid state capacitors made in Japan. Voltage regulation includes 24 stages, hybrid EFI BIOS, support for tri-SLI and CrossFireX (the motherboard has 4 PCIe 16x slots), 10 SATA ports (4 of them 6Gbps SATA), 4 USB 3.0, gigabit ethernet connections and 2 7.1 sound.

Asus U36S: Sandy's Bridge ultrafine

Asus will soon launch on the market a successor to the current U36Jc. U36S baptized, this 13.3-inch laptop has a hull made of aluminum alloy and magnesium-based platform on Sandy Bridge. Rather late, the U36S measures only 19 mm thick. In addition to the i5-2520M processor, this notebook has a hard disk with a capacity of up to 750 GB, a memory card reader, a multi-touch touchpad and Gigabit Ethernet controllers and WiFi.

The Asus Eee Pad Slider choose the Atom Z670

The press kit available online by Intel to promote its Atom processors Oak Trail a surprise: we saw a tablet Asus Eee Slider Pad, equipped with an Atom Z670. Now that tablet is only for now in a version based on a two Nvidia Tegra SoC. Error of Intel? The hypothesis is feasible. Since the discovery of this "mistake" by our colleagues Lilliputing, Intel has also removed the technical details of the Eee Pad Slider site.

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-B3-UD7 already on sale

So it should not officially make its appearance before the beginning of May, the Z68 chipset from Intel is already present on the shelves of some shops in Taiwan. It is possible to find the GA-Z68X UD7-B3-Gigabyte model ATX format with four DDR3 slots and a power stage to 24 phases. This motherboard also has four PCI-Express 16x (compatible 3-way SLI and CrossFireX), ten SATA ports (four in 6 Gbps SATA) controllers and USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet (x2) and 7.1 audio.

Point of View GeForce GTX 590 BEAST: the fastest to date

Point of View with its partner TGT are ready to launch its fastest graphics card to date, the PoV GeForce GTX590 BEAST-TGT. This "beast" is ready (and indeed, required) liquid cooling, and comes with a factory overclock end. This is a chart with two GPU running at 691 Mhz (607Mhz compared to baseline), and its core CUDA to 1382 MHz (compared to reference 1215Mhz).

The memory runs at a speed of 927.5 MHz (3710 MHz effective) compared to 853.5 Mhz (3414 Mhz effective) reference. For the cooling of such a beast has chosen a copper plate that covers the entire PCB manufactured by Aqua Computer. This plate cools all heat-producing components, including the two GPUs, memory, bridge chip, and VRM.


Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the MSI E350IA-E45, a motherboard in Mini-ITX platform based on AMD's Fusion. We thus find an APU Zacate E-350, a chipset and two DDR3 slots M1-1066, for a maximum of 8 GB of memory. The graphic part is entrusted to the Radeon HD 6310 integrated, while 7.1 audio controller, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gbps are present.


Femtocell test: improving cellular reception

New Windows 8 weekend

Over the weekend, screenshots have to know more about the new boot mode of Windows 8 and its cloud services and its new task manager. The Hybrid Boot is a boot mode supposed to accelerate the startup time for a machine with an emphasis on hibernation in the extinction of the device. Thus, when the user decides to turn his system, Windows activates a special standby mode which allows you to quickly recover its data when power is restored.

MacBook Air faster than others

Some MacBook Air now come with SSDs faster than those used originally, the X-Blade Toshiba scabies. They have faster speeds and NCQ support, unlike the early models. The new SSDs have been discovered by members of the MacRumors forum and our colleagues from AnandTech have decided to run some tests published last Friday.

Specifically, Apple is now shipping two models of MacBook Air. Some come with the TS128C, the SSD from Toshiba. Other models have SSD SM128C and it is impossible to guarantee their origin, they are probably manufactured by Samsung. The differences between the two rates is significant. The TS128C has an average speed of reading 209 MB / s to 175.6 MB / s.