Thursday, April 7, 2011

Virtu software comes with maps and H67 Z68

LucidLogix recently announced that its software would be delivered Virtu some motherboards with Intel chipset-based H67 and Z68. This technology will pass on the fly from the GPU to IGP of any additional graphics card, the screen remains in all cases connected to the graphics output on the motherboard.

Currently, Virtu allows you to use the power of a dedicated graphics card if necessary, while taking advantage of technology built into Quick Sync Sandy Bridge processors. Downside, the step of copying the graphics rendering in the frame buffer of the IGP, before displaying on the screen, is slightly lower performance of the dedicated graphics card.

MAGE HD 2.0 released for iPad

The most important innovation: IMAGE HD 2.0 provides these services to regain access to - that was unfortunately not the first version. Including improvements learned to navigate and view the PDF output. Also new is the sound output. To introduce the revised version of the initial download of IMAGE HD 2.0 is free for a short time to get to know the product is a use included seven days.

Asus: Five fuel-efficient AMD Netbooks

The "Eee PC 1015B" is available in two technically different versions in black, red, white and blue. The cheaper model for 259 € contains the AMD processor "C30" at 1.2 GHz and an integrated graphics chip (Radeon HD 6250). For 40 € extra charge there is the dual-core variant of "C50" (a gigahertz clock).

Both netbooks come with an anti-reflective 10.1-inch display (1024x600 pixels). Their mobile data is available on the 250-gigabyte hard disk space. On board are 3.0 and 2.0, n WLAN, card reader, HDMI and a network jack. The "Eee PC 1215B" series consists of three. In the price range € 349-399 there are two models with almost identical features (AMD-"C50" processor, 12.1-inch display, HD 6250 graphics, wireless-n).

The online service Flip4New buys your old console made by Sega, Microsoft, Sony or Ninten

With a few clicks you get rid of your dust collector simply and easily online - and also matching accessories such as controllers, steering wheel and Co. takes the online service also to your games and pay for every individual in a market-based pricing - at least 50 cents, even under defective games.

Nostalgeek: when 16 KB of RAM worth $ 485

A few weeks ago we were talking about hard disks, worth a small fortune a few years ago. And for the memory? And although it was also very expensive ... Like last time, here are some vintage commercials ... With Mostek, we had memories ... 1 KB. Not bad for its time, even if the contents of this news should not go into this chip.

With the ZX80, star of that time, the RAM was only 1 kb at the base. And extension at 16 kb, a capacity to correct the early 80s, was worth nearly $ 500. Marvel at its size. At Thinker Toys, it is appreciated when the memory goes to 2 cents per byte. $ 650 for 32 KB of memory and $ 300 for 16 kb.

Zotac GTX580 AMP2: 3GB VRAM, 3-slot cooling, and factory OC

Zotac has announced version AMP2! Edition of the GeForce GTX 580. The board uses the NVIDIA reference PCB but instead of the 12 video GDDR5 memory chips from 1024Mbit (128MB) density single chip using 12 GDDR5 Dual density: 2048Mbit (256MB). This change brings the total amount of VRAM on-board in 3072 MB against the GTX 580 1536MB classic.

It is not the first time that we find a similar amount of video memory on a GTX580, Palit and Gainward have previously had done the same thing. The customization continues with a heat sink made of Korean Zalman VF3000, a solution which takes up nearly three PCI slots on the motherboard.

Gigabyte confirmation launch date of AMD Bulldozer

Gigabyte has let slip some news regarding the upcoming AMD Bulldozer in the FX family. In a slide in circulation within the company but somehow recovered from the German site ATI-forum. de, it is stated that the date of announcement of the new processors was set for June 7. In the slide there is an indication of three different CPU AMD FX models with 4, 6 and 8, respectively, indicated by the initials core FX-4200, FX-6200 and FX-8200.

New systems to pump liquid from Asetek ChillControl

Asetek has just announced the new pump Kühler H2O 620 for liquid systems that offer users a choice between two methods of control of the radiator fan, thanks to technology, Liquid Temperature Fan Control: Automatic • for people who love the system "Plug and Play "• Interactive for those who prefer to monitor the temperature of the liquid and optimize your hardware.

Pumps with fan control also include a USB interface to the application Asetek ChillControl that allows you to define the velocity curves to suit your needs and monitor the coolant temperature, fan speed and pump noise. "Water has thermal capacity to 4000 times Greater than air, "said Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek.

Vertex 2: After the 25 nm and 34 nm, 32 nm

This morning we reported qu'OCZ would indicate the memory used on some models of Vertex 2, adding a ".25" or ".34" depending on the type of memory. But if there is nothing to indicate what memory is it? And although there are now three possibilities. Indeed, OCZ uses memory in 34 nm IMFT, memory IMFT in 25 nm, which is slower but less expensive, but also, and again, Hynix memory in 32 nm.

And this memory is - according to preliminary tests - slower than 25 nm in IMFT. With compressible data, which allows the controller SandForce give the best of himself, the 34 nm memory reaches 215 MB / s and the other two about 221 Mb / s, which seems interesting. With more conventional data, the controller can not (re) compress the game is changing: the first tests provide a write speed of 136 Mb / s in 34 nm, 118 Mb / s in 25 nm and only 95 MB / s in 32 nm.

Gigabyte AM3 + Series "Black Socket": Support for new AM3 +.

Gigabyte announced the introduction of a new line of motherboards "Black Socket" in total will be 16 models presented to provide support for the next generation of AMD 32nm AM3 + based on the current generation of motherboards for AMD 800 Series / 700. To ensure that users of motherboards are able to reap the full performance improvements that future AMD AM3 + can offer, the manufacturer Gigabyte has equipped its entire line of plates AM3 + with a new socket black, thus facilitating plate recognition AM3 + processors.

The Galaxy II S goes to 1.2 GHz

Samsung just went quietly frequency S Galaxy II, its next smartphone "flagship" of 1 GHz to 1.2 GHz. According to several sources, only the version Exynos "the phone will reach this frequency, the version Tegra 2" should work to stay at 1 GHz. Recall that the S Galaxy II is planned in two versions, while keeping the same name.

This method, already used on the Nexus S, allows Samsung to avoid supply problems if a chip has become complicated to obtain. The company typically uses for its geographic segmentation devices: the Nexus S exists for example with a screen SuperLCD in Europe and AMOLED United States. In the case of the Galaxy II S, the processor will change: some have a Tegra 2 and other Exynos a Samsung.

Commodore 64 (bit): Sometimes

In August 2010, we learned that the Commodore 64 would return. And now, preorders are open. Commodore 64 "2011" has not 64 KB of RAM but 64-bit processor, a 1.8 GHz Atom D525. The machine supports DDR2 memory, integrated video chip "ION Next Gen", a GeForce 210 interfaced with PCI-Express 1x, and offers SATA, USB 2.0, HDMI and even a Blu- ray in the high-end version.

A version of "barebones" void, $ 250 is sold as several complete configurations exist: the first - with 160 GB disk and 2 GB of RAM - worth $ 600. For $ 700, you win a DVD drawer, Wi-Fi and a disk of 250 gigabyte model for $ 800 has 4 GB, 500 GB hard drive and a DVD slot-in and $ 900 , you win a Blu-ray and 1TB of hard drive.

TDJ: Silentium T11, Sandy Bridge overclocked

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Arctic Cooling Silentium T11, a housing tower format means showing the dimensions of 490 x 190 x 430 mm Weight 8 kg. With a steel chassis, this unit is primarily quiet operation. It has 4 bays 5.25 inches and comes with two 120 mm fans. Verdict? For their part, our colleagues at the Counter of the Hardware just published a dossier on overclocking Sandy Bridge processors from Intel.

Seagate GoFlex Slim: "the world's thinnest"

Seagate has announced the launch of "external hard drive the world's thinnest", the GoFlex Slim. And it is true that this 2.5-inch external hard drive is particularly fine as he is only 9 mm thick. To design this GoFlex Slim, the manufacturer has used a hard drive Momentus Thin 7 mm thick with a single platform, where the conventional 2.5-inch hard drives are 9.5 mm thick.

At 7,200 rpm, this drive embeds 16 MB cache and displays a storage capacity of 320 GB With a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (via an adapter detachable GoFlex), the Slim GoFlex poster rates ranging from 55 MB / s and 115 Mb / s. USB 2.0, flow logically fall to 30 MB / s. Unfortunately, since with thinness is paid a fee of 99.99 dollars, the cost GoFlex Slim far as GoFlex a "classic" (14 mm) 500 GB ...

The Eee PC from Asus Fusion for sale

Unveiled earlier this year at CES, the first two netbooks Asus Eee PC-based Fusion platform Brazos, the 1015B and 1215B, have just been launched on the market. Featuring a 10.1 inch screen with backlight LED capable of displaying a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the Eee PC 1015B Aboard an APU so single-core C-30 clocked at 1.2 GHz.

There is also a chipset Radeon HD 6250 (integrated APU), 1 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard disk controllers and audio WiFi 802.11n, are naturally present as well as a reader SDHC / MMC 0.3 megapixel webcam and that, all running Windows 7 starter. A 6-cell battery allows a maximum range of 8.5 hours completes the picture.

Europe wants to legislate on RFID

RFID chips are becoming more common card for public transport with badges for the buildings through passports. And the European Commission cares. In fact, RFID chips may contain data (very) private and - changes in technology helping - it is possible to read some chips at high distances with cheap hardware.

The European Commission wants two things: that companies evaluate the risks to privacy and that consumers have a choice. For the first point is an assessment (PIA Privacy Impact Assessment) that is requested. It is, in simple terms, to verify that the data stored in the RFID chips are compliant with European legislation on the protection of privacy.

Team Group: LV Xtreem DDR3 to 2133 MHz

The manufacturer's catalog Team Group expands with the arrival of new dual and triple channel kits of DDR3 memory in its range Xtreem LV. An operating voltage of 1.65 V, the memory modules of 2 GB and 4 GB of DDR3-1600 and DDR3-2133 up these kits use a PCB to 8 layers. The modules clocked at 1600 MHz 6-8-8-24 timings of support, while those operating at 2133 MHz show timings of 9-11-9-27.

An aluminum radiator is responsible for his side to dissipate the heat generated by the memory chips. The kits Xtreen LV 4 GB and 6 GB of DDR3-1600, and 4 GB and 8 GB of DDR3-2133 are already available for Team Group. Currently, the kit 4GB of DDR3-1600 is available at a price of 200 euros.

OCZ shows the memory used in its Vertex

There was much talk of "Case OCZ" with the passage of 25 nm memory of some vertex 2, which has led to a loss of performance and capacity on certain references. Obviously, the manufacturer seems to have realized it was a mistake and should release some new models with the type of memory clear. The company will therefore offer OCZSSD2-2VTX200G.25, OCZSSD2 2VTX160G.25-and-OCZSSD2 2VTX80G.25, SSDs use memory in 25 nm and with 200, 160 and 80 GB capacity.

A GTX 580 AMP2! with 3 GB from Zotac

The manufacturer Zotac has added a new model GeForce factory overclocked to its catalog yet already complete: the GTX 580 AMP2! Edition. This graphics card chipset embeds therefore clocked at 815 MHz, 772 MHz only cons for the reference model. The 512 CUDA cores running at 1630 MHz, while the 3 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1025 MHz on a 384-bit bus.

Equipped with DVI (x2) and HDMI, GeForce GTX 580 AMP2! Edition 3-way SLI compatible, 3D Surround Vision, PhysX and CUDA course. She also enjoys an impressive cooling system VF3000 composed of an aluminum radiator crossed by 5 copper heat pipes, the whole being surmounted by two 92mm fans.

Radeon HD 5830 and 5850 to € 89/119

While everyone's eyes turned to Radeon HD 6000, the manufacturer Sapphire has announced the launch of new models of Radeon HD 5830 and 5850, called "Xtreme" for the occasion. Embedding 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1000MHz on a 256-bit bus, these video cards support the technology and have EyeFinity DVI, HDMI 1.3a and DisplayPort.

They also benefit from the cooling system used by the Radeon HD 6800. The most interesting detail of these "new old" Radeon, who still have their say, is to be sought in their prices: Sapphire announced in effect a tariff of 89 euros including tax for the Radeon HD 5830 Xtreme, while the Radeon HD 5850 Xtreme is displayed at 119 euros.

A USB 3.0 64 GB at Green House

In addition to its N PicoDrive 64 GB USB 2.0, Green House manufacturer recently announced the launch of the F3 PicoDrive, a USB key this time with USB 3.0. Offered in capacities of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, this key displays the dimensions of 73 x 20 x 9 mm and a weight of 13.5 grams. The flow rates indicated by the manufacturer reach 120 MB / s read and 80MB / s write by using a quad-channel interface.

Intel Xeon E7: A new family of server processors.

Intel announces the launch of its new Intel Xeon processor for servers E7, consists of 18 new processors for servers in two, four and eight sockets, which can expand to up to 256 sockets servers. The new Intel Xeon E7 are based on manufacturing technology of 32 nanometers (nm), these new processors allow companies to manage large volumes of data, providing greater efficiency, new security features, reliability and performance.

AMD Launches Radeon HD 6450 at $ 55

While AMD's OEM partners could benefit from the month of February, the Radeon HD 6450 finally arrives on the retail market. Aimed at the entry level market, this graphics card based on a chipset Caicos etched into 40 nm should be enjoyed by HTPC enthusiasts, especially with its recommended retail price of $ 55.

Low-profile format, the Radeon HD 6450 features a GPU clocked at 750 MHz and boasts 160 stream processors and 8 texture units. It also has 512 MB of GDDR5 memory running at 900 MHz on a 64-bit bus. Of VGA, DVI and HDMI 1.4 are also available. Version "core" of the Radeon HD 6450 has a TDP of 27 watts and has a cooling system "active", although relatively compact.

MSI: Sandy Bridge in 14 and 15.6 inches

The manufacturer MSI has added two models of notebook "Sandy Bridge" in his catalog already given: the FX420 and FX620DX. The first is a model 14-inch (1366 x 768 pixels) with LED backlighting, while the second has a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches (1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 pixels). Both are designed around an Intel platform Huron River.

The processor then loads FX420 i5-2410M (2.3 GHz), Radeon HD 6470M along with 1 GB of memory and a hard disk with a maximum capacity of 750 GB There is also a DVD writer (or reader Blu-ray), Gigabit Ethernet controllers, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1, webcam and a 720p and a memory card reader.

TDJ: alims 400 to 600 watts

The Playbook RIM late because of Apple

According to the manufacturers of touch screens, RIM has postponed the launch of its playbook shelf due to monopolization of the production of slab by Apple. Financial reports RIM suggest that the firm had originally planned release in March. The official date has yet been set for April 19 recently for marketing in North America at a price of $ 500, the playbook was assembled by Quanta.

According to DigiTimes, Apple plays the strategy that leads the field of NAND passing of very large orders for its screens (see "The NAND out of stock due to Apple"). He took advantage of favorable prices and thus undermines its competitors. Nonetheless, it appears that manufacturers are beginning to fill orders from other brands.

Android applications in C #

Novell has released Mono 1.0 for Android, which allows to use C # to develop code that is then translated and compiled to look like a native application. The Mono project is open source and this new version completes the offer of a publisher who had already released a similar tool for IOS (see ". Net to write an iPhone application").

These tools are designed to allow the use of. NET is a platform for execution of C #. The goal is to open the world of mobile applications to more developers. In the case of IOS, the applications meet the requirements of Apple and can be distributed on the App Store. Mono for Android makes it possible to easily port an application to the platform iOS Google as the developer uses.

A 4-Gigabit Mobile DRAM

Elpida announced today that it had developed modules LPDDR2 mobile etched into 30 nm and a capacity of 4 Gb. They require a voltage of 1.2 V and a flow rate of 1066 Mbit / s. The new modules consume 30% less energy than older models LPDDR2 2 Gb etched in 40 nm (see "The first 2 GB DDR2 Mobile"). Elpida also inaugurated a new packaging with a thickness of 0.8 mm consisting of two modules of 4 Gbit assembled on each other.

Cloud in Toyota

Microsoft and Toyota have announced a partnership to use the Windows Azure Cloud platforms Redmond in hybrid and electric cars the Japanese manufacturer. The two companies would invest $ 12 million (approx. EUR 8.5 million) in the Japanese subsidiary Toyota Media Service. They hope to commercialize the entire platform in 2015, but the first fruits should appear within a year or two.

The information we have today are obviously very vague, but the companies are talking about a technology solution that combines mobile communications and GPS systems and power management. Imagine a car that accesses the Cloud connected user where would its multimedia files, diary, and other important information.

The EU wants an end to licensing of telecom operators

The European Union and the United States have adopted 10 principles designed to "promote the development of international networks and services based on ICT and [to] enable all providers of these services to participate in tenders in equal conditions of competition that local providers. "One of the principles announced the end of expensive licenses for telecom network operators.

According to the EU, in effect compulsory licensing in a number of countries promote local businesses. The EU would prefer to replace them with a simplified approval would facilitate the entry of foreign firms in domestic markets. The simplified procedures for such approval are not detailed.

Flexible, effective and extremely sensitive: Nikon's new SLR camera D5100

The camera is distinguished according to the manufacturer by a particularly large response range. Shooting to ISO 25600 are possible with the D5100. In a special night-vision mode, the sensitivity of the 16.2-megapixel image sensor is again up to ISO 102 400 expandable. To protect the heart of the camera from dust deposits, it is with the Nikon "Air Flow System": it derives the air flow of the mirror blow through channels on the bottom, capturing to re-suspended dust particles.