Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wii's successor: U Wii: Nintendo's new console

Nintendo at E3 2011, a new console presents was well known. The big questions were still remained: What does the new games home of Mario, Zelda and Co., what is the name of the Wii's successor, and which innovative ideas will surprise the Nintendo gamer community? At least on some of the questions, the Japanese company was in the E3 press conference a response.

"We are you" - these two words of the head of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime breaks during the E3 press conference called off the new Nintendo console, and answered it, at least one of the questions provided in advance of the games fair for all sorts of rumors. U Wii is the successor to the Wii and should satisfy, according to Nintendo, both the mass market and hardcore fans.

Different technical specifications for the GTX 560 OEM customers Ti

The OEM version of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti has different specifications than the retail model. The card is not based on the core GF114 but on a limited version of the GF110. Nvidia has disabled 5 of the 16 cluster architecture present full-GF110, leaving only 352 CUDA enabled Cores, and has used the MC bus of the GTX 570 with 320-bit address data.

The clock frequencies are set 732/1464/3800MHz (GPU / SPs / Mem). In summary, the GTX 560 OEM Ti is slightly less performance of the GTX 560 Ti "retail", while consuming more (vs 210W. 180W), but can handle a bandwidth GDDR5 VRAM and quantity of higher (1.25 or 2.5GB). The latter factor is counting on more of the promotional marketing OEM absolute performance.

Role-playing game for Xbox 360: Fable - The Journey: Kinect offshoot presented

"Fable - The Journey" - before the press conference that title already circulated through the network. Fans of the series hoping for a new offshoot series and the creator of role-playing saga Peter Molyneux it did not take to announce the title in person at the stage of the Microsoft press conference.

It was followed by a "Fable" type safe Render Trailer, full of atmosphere, located in the known world Albion - a good sign. In the subsequent game presentation was that the game focuses primarily Kinect. In "The Journey" and follow with your character a precalculated path. Mobs will do with the spells your hero - and you create with the movements of your hands and arms.

A 3D display "PlayStation" for the players

Sony has just introduced the CECH-ZED1 a screen "PlayStation". Scheduled for fall 2011 at $ 500, this 24-inch screen is dedicated to the Sony console. Sony limit the diagonal, but offers attractive benefits: it works in 1920 x 1080 with a PVA panel - as in many Sony televisions - and a 5000:1 contrast announced.

The camera angles are very wide (normal PVA) with 176 ° in each direction and the response time is 4 ms. For lighting, it is a system "Edge LED" that is used: LEDs placed on the sides of the screen light up the slab. Interestingly, the screen will be compatible with the 3D terrain and will be delivered with a pair of active glasses, which can offer the 3D 1920 x 1080 on each eye.

Back on the Computex: MSI

The news was rather rich computer these days, different manufacturers present at Computex advantage of this event to showcase their latest products, technologies and innovations. Now that the show closed its doors, we'll be back a little more detail on the different stands of manufacturers, starting with MSI (because it has to start somewhere).

As for graphics cards, MSI N580GTX exposing his Lightning Xtreme Edition, a GeForce GTX 580 overclocked and factory equipped with a fan that changes color depending on the temperature of the card. The same fan also works upside down for 30 seconds when starting the system to prevent dust from accumulating in the cooler.

GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards for AMD

The manufacturer GigaByte show its new 900 series motherboards with socket AM3 + and support for AMD's new FX processors up to eight cores. Key Features of the Series 900. Support AMD FX. The Gigabyte 900 series integrates the new socket AM3 + supports the upcoming AMD FX series processors, the first processors aimed at mainstream market with up to 8 native cores.

Multi-GPU support the latest technology. The 900 series chipsets from AMD, with up to 42 lanes PCI Express generation 2.0, are also the first modes include 4-way AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI. This means that with the Gigabyte 900 series can run the latest games with higher frame rates and resolution possible, without sacrificing the ultimate in multi-display settings such as AMD and NVIDIA 3D VISION Eyefinity.

E3 2011, eyes on Battlefield 3

The presentation of EA's E3 was seen as the long-awaited flagship Battlefield 3. The American publisher showed the first video on the game's multiplayer mode (note that PC will support up to 64 players at once), along with a new trailer on the features of the Frostbite game engine 2.0 (DX11 rendering, animation system, ANT, destruction system Destruction 3.0, HD audio playback, etc..) and a spectacular live demo of the single player campaign featuring the tanks.

Super Mario World 3: The rumor at E3 2011

Currently circulating on the internet to the next branch of the "Super Mario" series. An anonymous user who obviously has access to an E3-2011-PR of Nintendo heats up, the rumor mill to properly: The title appears likely for the successor to the Wii console. The game action takes place is obviously in an open world.

So it is not, as in many previous "Super Mario" titles to play through the stages of the level. The graphic is room for speculation: We are talking about a wealth of visual gimmicks, such as foliage, which flies around in the wind. The textures seem to be very detailed - though the charm to retain the legendary plumber series.

A USB 3.0 based ... SandForce

Super Talent offers an interesting USB: USB 3.0, it will use a controller type SandForce. It is quite logical: USB flash drives are - by definition - of SSDs, and the difference in performance between a conventional SSD and a USB key is usually due to one problem: price. With the miniaturization of components, the arrival of 25-nm MLC memory and USB 3.0, it is now possible to offer USB flash drives with similar performance SSDs in a relatively compact format, even if this USB key type are not the champions at this level.

iOS 5 means leaving the tractor

Apple introduced iOS 5 and released a beta version for developers. Steve Jobs announced that this new version brought more than 200 new features and API 1500. As PD G liked to recall, this is primarily an operating system that "works with icloud in the Post PC revolution." In short, we move gradually towards a use that no longer requires a computer.

(See "icloud: online storage according to Apple). iOS 5 brings a new notification system. Instead of having a framework that appears in the middle of the screen and that disturbs the current activity, a bar is shown at the top of the screen to warn the user. It is also possible to read all the notifications at once by sliding his finger up and down.

The Radeon HD 6870 X2 PowerColor at $ 449

The manufacturer PowerColor has taken advantage of Computex to expose its Radeon HD 6870 X2, a graphics card that should come compete with the GeForce GTX 580 from NVIDIA. This graphics card, rather imposing, carries two GPUs clocked at 900 MHz Barts (a total of 2240 stream processors) and 2 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a bus 2 x 256-bit.

Equipped with DVI (x2), HDMI and DisplayPort mini (x2), the Radeon HD 6870 X2 is also equipped with a dual-slot cooling consists of an aluminum radiator crossed by several copper heat pipes and two fans. Finally, note the presence of two power connectors PCI-Express 8-pin. Expected by the end of the month, the Radeon HD 6870 X2 PowerColor should be offered at a recommended retail price of 449 dollars.

Halo 4: The return of Master Chief

2001 Microsoft sent the iconic protagonist Master Chief in "Halo - Combat Evolved" first on his mission. This put the group is not only the foundation for one of the most successful first-person shooter series, but also helped developer Bungie to cult status. 2010 then the shock to a lot of "Halo" fans: Bungie's exclusive partnership with Microsoft ended and moved to publisher Activision.

The rights to the "Halo" series, would remain with Microsoft, which was entrusted the in-house development team 343 Industries with the development of the series. At the press conference during E3 2011, the software giant now makes public the first fruits of this work and are working on "Halo 4" known.

Kingston HyperX unveils SSDs in collaboration with SandForce

Kingston Technology has just announced its collaboration with SandForce for the construction of the new SSD controller with Kingston HyperX SandForce SF-2281 with SATA 3.0 (6Gb / s) and capacity of 120GB and 240GB. Thanks to the controller and used the Intel 25nm NAND memory chip (P / E 5K), these discs can reach theoretical speeds exceptional, with a bandwidth of read and write data at 525 and 480MB/se a number of I / O second (IOPS) is equal to 40,000 and 60,000 respectively (for the 240GB model).

ASUS Announces ROG Matrix graphics card GTX 580 Platinum

Asus has officially unveiled its extreme interpretation of the video card GeForce GTX 580 GPU-based GF110. This is the ROG Matrix GTX 580 Platinum card, which implements technical solutions aimed at specific position in the niche category for overclocking enthusiasts and gamers the most demanding. In detail, these are the major innovations: TweakIt: A system that allows you to instantly adjust the power supply using the buttons "+" and "-" buttons on the custom PCB.

EVGA is preparing a dual-socket motherboard x79

During Computex 2011, EVGA has revealed some details about the new products that will soon be available on the market. Among the most interesting is a motherboard x79, unfortunately not yet available even in the form of samples, which will arrive in time for the official launch of Intel's planned for the autumn.

In this second model will follow a dual-socket with the same chipset and Classified called to replace the SR-2. According to reports techreport. com also is building a new EVGA graphics card chip GeForce GTX 570. This is the Classified version that uses a 10-layer PCB with a circuitry of power to six stages and a double power connector 6 +8 pin (instead of 6 +6 pin).

Game exhibition in Los Angeles: Sony brings life into the game

The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena is a historic building. In the multipurpose hall opened in 1959, 1960, for example, a meeting of the Democratic Party of the USA took place - on the sent to John F. Kennedy in the race for the presidency. Between 1960 and 1967, all bore the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA games.

And in 1984 the building belonged to the venues of the Olympic Summer Games. Now Sony wants to write history in the hall - at the start of E3 2011, the Japanese invite the press conference in the multi-purpose arena. But first U.S. chief Jack Tretton takes a look back at the events that Sony not only enormous cost money but also reputation.

SSD in all forms Sandisk

The manufacturer SanDisk has recently announced several new products based on flash memory, especially for SSD ultraportable, pills and other mobile devices. Available in sizes SATA "half-slim, and MSAT MSAT Mini, the U100 has a 6 Gbps SATA interface. Capable of reaching maximum speeds of around 450 MB / s sequential read and 340 MB / s sequential write, this SSD is available in capacities ranging from 8 GB to 256 GB rates for these different versions are not yet known.

G. Skill: Pheonix II in the pro version

After presenting his Phoenix II SSD in March, at CeBIT, the manufacturer took advantage of Computex to unveil version "Pro" of the same SSD. Based on the same controller (one SandForce SF-2281), the latter uses NAND flash memory chips etched into 25 nm and has a SATA 6 Gbps. Compared to the classic version, the pro model performs better in random writes (up to 60,000 IOPS).

Read and sequential write, the Phoenix II Pro reached speeds of around 550 Mb / s and 510 Mb / s. Available in 120 GB and 240 GB SSD that has not yet prices.

icloud: online storage according to Apple

One of the highly anticipated announcements of WWDC 2011 was icloud, the online storage service to the firm that works on all apple products Mac OS X and IOS. Steve Jobs has explained that "icloud kept your important information and your content up to date on all your devices. The MobileMe service replaces complementing its functionality.

It is also compatible with Windows Vista and 7 and Outlook 2007 or 2010. MobileMe users will use the old service until June 30, 2012. After that date, Apple's servers disconnect. He extended subscriptions of users who will all expire at that time. It is of course possible to pass before icloud.

Procyon 1.5: New card reader and front USB

Procyon 1.5 is the name of the brand new accessory Revoltec, this is a card reader 30 in 1, also has an additional USB 2.0 port. This is a very complete accessory which combines in a single product several very interesting and practical features. With this front, the towers of the desktops will gain a memory card reader 30 in 1 3.5 "and an additional USB 2.0 port.

It supports the following storage card formats: CF (Type I, II, Ultra, Ultra DMA, Extreme), Micro Drive / SD, SDHC, miniSD, mini SDHC / MMC4.0, MMC Plus, MMC Mobile, RS -MMC / microSD, microSDHC, T-Flash / MS, MS Pro Duo, MS, MS MagicGate, MS Pro MagicGate, MS Duo MagicGate / XD and Memory Stick Micro (M2).

Amazon's Cloud used to spread malware

A researcher at Kaspersky Lab has discovered the presence of a tool hosted on servers in the Amazon Cloud to deliver a malware that steal banking information from infected users. Cloud public infrastructure and power they offer at a lower cost (a few cents to 2.5 per hour) are more often pointed to by observers of security.

Between demonstrations of cracking passwords (using algorithms such "brute force" hosted by Amazon Web Services and EC2) and mid-April attacks that have knelt the Sony Playstation Network (attack launched from servers Amazon EC2 cloud "Elastic Compute Cloud"), we must recognize that the fears are justified specialists.

The drivers and firmware of the week

Like every week, here's our heading containing the various drivers and firmware that manufacturers have posted in recent days. Graphics drivers, or network storage, Windows or Linux: everyone will be served! Version 275.33 WHQL certified drivers for NVIDIA GeForce. This pack supports unified GeForce series 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 chipsets and ION.

Available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit). Interface Intel management engine (version WHQL certified) for chipsets B65, H61, H67, P67, Q67 and Z68. Works with Windows XP and newer (32 and 64 bit). Software eCAFÉ Sync version for laptops Hercules eCAFÉ EX HD eCAFÉ Slim HD.

TDJ: SilverStone Grandia GD06

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Grandia GD06 SilverStone, a box room, with a steel chassis and an aluminum facade and showing dimensions of 440 x 150 x 340 mm with a weight of 5, 4 kg. The GD06 has a 5.25 inch bay as well as locations for a disk drive (or SSD) 2.5 inch and four 3.5-inch format.

The classic USB 3.0 connectors (x2) and audio are placed before the breakdown of the case being assigned to three 120 mm fans running at 1200 rpm. Verdict?

The icloud Apple should be paying and announced Monday

To mark the opening of the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) this Monday, June 6 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs is expected to launch not only iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion but also his musical cloud called icloud The new service ... " Apple in the cloud "has a musical vocation. The idea is to provide an online storage space and a "player" with HTML 5 which the user can not only read their music from any computer or mobile device, but can also organize your tracks and create their selections .

Micron starts to PCIe SSD for enterprise

A press release on the site of Micron says it launches on the market for PCI-Express SSD for data center and web servers with the new product family RealSSD P320h. The cards use SLC flash modules etched into 34 nm. Capacities vary between 350 GB and 700 GB Micron says it designed the controller reaches 750,000 IOPS read and write IOPS 341,000 for larger models and 298,000 IOPS for the smallest.