Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ausser begin making monthly drawings of components.

From AUSSA we communicate this new initiative we hope you enjoy it. As many of you know, always with the idea to improve and be competitive at the moment AUSSA offer to Forero HardZone ADSLZONE and offer in terms of labor in our performances. This bid is quantitative and therefore not accessible to all our productions.

In this regard, we believe that this new initiative can benefit many more customers. Never forgetting the identity and how they are delivering good results, such as being one of the most competitive online stores in terms of domestic prices, without compromising one iota the quality of our service and our performances, as well as our RMA policy.

All central parts of our identity, and which continue to keep forever. Ausser continue to offer transportation discounts listed on the web, "Connections between 600 and 800 € -> 25% discount on the postage. "Connections between 800 and 1000 € -> 50% discount on the postage-assemblies exceeding 1000 € -> totally free postage but also because of the publication of this press release, we will replace our offer in workmanship for great giveaways.

The first two drawings consist Avermedia tuner card and a Logitech MX518 mouse (both drawn separately), do not want to miss this opportunity to thank Avermedia commercial department, which, completely selfless, we have given these first two cards for that draw. Promise also face interesting surprises in the future.

Bases of the draw: "The draw will be exclusively for those customers who are registered in ADSLZONE or HardZone readers and show your drawing code provided by the forum moderators or requested to e jdusera @ hardzone. is. "Only be eligible for the draw, customers who purchase a complete assembly in Aussa, regardless of value.

"Each client is assigned a number from 0 to 9 at the time of purchase. Once you have completed the ten numbers, names were published on websites and HardZone ADSLZONE and indicates a date of the draw of the ONCE. The number of member, that matches the last digit (units) of this sweepstakes will be the winner and receive the gift at the address provided at no cost to him.

Once the cycle from 0 to 9, started another which is governed by the same rules. "Customers will always know in advance of your purchase that product Aussa be drawn. "The gift to give, and its value can vary, but are trying to keep a criterion-No changes to other components or money, of course, the nickname chosen by the individual client to access the prize, and the code it will be posted on the forum post made for them to avoid any suspicion.

"In those drawings in which, the award requires assembly Aussa undertakes to collect, assemble and forward the pc with the present assembly, without cost to the customer if the customer so requests. For any questions on the basis of the drawing, you can get in touch with us via e-consultation @ ausser.


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