Friday, June 17, 2011

Inno 3D Launches iChill for CPU

Inno3D manufacturer has launched three models of cooling system for CPUs: iChill the X5, and XXX iChill iChill Storm. These coolers are compatible with the CPU on socket AM2 and LGA 775/115x / 3. Round format, the X5 shows the dimensions of 158 x 124 x 82 mm. It consists of an aluminum radiator crossed by five copper heat pipes, a copper base and a 120mm fan running at a speed between 800 and 1500 revolutions per minute (for noise ranging from 15 to 29 dBA).

A Dungeon Siege 3: Return of the cult series

Anjali does not believe her eyes: the meeting house of the once glorious and respected 10th Legion is on fire. The brutal warlord Kassynder Jeynes has let burn down the building to seize power in the kingdom Ehb itself. Before Anjali gets a chance to digest this shock, they must fight against Jeynes soldiers.

With a rotation step she takes the first two opponents by the legs, while rain down arrows of the archers on them. No problem for the preppy fighter: Anjali turns into a creature of fire and kill the archers with fire spells. Casually she resumes her human form, to collecting coins along with weapons and sets out to search for survivors.

The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: A timeless masterpiece!

A classic is back. The pioneering adventure game "The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time," you get now for the 3DS. Nintendo released the video for it up to date, without departing from the original style. The control of the developers adjust to the new device. On the game itself, nothing changes. They still lead hero Link through an epic adventure where he must save his homeland and Princess Zelda from Ganondorf, the servant of evil.

Tablet PC: Asus Eee Pad Transformer

The ten-sized Tablet PC is first due to its low weight of only 680 grams. Responsible for the materials used are: The Eee Pad Transformer has a plastic shell and the (1280x800 pixels), Asus has waived thick glass. Behind the wheel, a dual-core processor sit with a Nvidia Tegra 2 gigahertz and a gigabyte of memory and gigabytes of disk or memory.

On board are Group-owned Wave SharePoint user interface, a front camera for video telephony (1.2 megapixels), a camera on the back (five megapixels) and an HDMI interface. Added and wireless connections. His name has the transformer no accident: as an accessory (or in a set with the transformer) is a docking station with an integrated keyboard and Multitouchpad available - so you turn the tablet in seconds into a fully fledged netbook.

Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo console is not a DVD player

While Microsoft and Sony argue about being the center of the home entertainment system, Nintendo goes a different strategy. The head of the Japanese company, Satoru Iwata, now that the Wii does not play U still. "We believe that enough people already have a device that has this technology. The additional costs incurred by patent payments count, not "So Nintendo is consistently pursuing the path that the company goes after the change of their consoles to optical storage media.

Available lSDK Kinect Beta for Windows

Microsoft has released the beta version of the software development kit (SDK) for Windows Kinect. The kit allows you to build applications in a PC Windows 7 Ambiante able to exploit the new interface device of the Xbox 360. Includes device drivers, APIs for accessing the speech recognition system and gestures, all the documents / material required for installation and is available for C + +, C # and Visual Basic developers (Visual Studio 2010 ).

Samsung increasing its range of LCD monitors

Samsung has just added four new lines of LCD displays to its already full catalog: the 200 Series, 450 Series, 650 Series and 850 Series. For businesses, these screens all have a LED backlight. Have a TN panel, a design finesse and touch buttons, the 200 Series models should be available in both 19-inch (1440 x 900 pixels) and 21.5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels).

The 450 Series also have a TN panel and touch buttons, but can also be adjusted in height, tilt and rotation, should be offered in 19 inch versions (1280 x 1024 or 1440 x 900 pixels), 21 , 5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels), 22 inch (1680 x 1050 pixels) and 24 inches (1920 x 1080 and 1920 x 1200 pixels).

The WebGL would be a security hole on its own

On May 9, Context, a company specializing in computer security, published a note on its website detailing various vulnerabilities found in WebGL. They help to plant a remote machine or making screenshots without the knowledge of the user. Despite the efforts of Khronos, the publisher of WebGL is an opinion that is increasingly shared.

Chrome and Firefox integrates the API by default. It can be enabled in Safari, but requires a manipulation of the user. It seems that most of these problems are inherent in WebGL itself. This is not a bad integration of browser vendors, but the API that would be too permissive. A video posted on the company's website shows the operation of two security vulnerabilities.

Scythe announces an enhanced version of its USB Foot Switch II

Scythe is pleased to announce an enhanced version of its USB Foot Switch. These special input devices have been improved according to comments that the manufacturer has collected from users who bought the first version. The main improvement is the reduction of noise emitted by stepping on buttons, for it has been necessary to completely rebuild the mechanism of action.

Therefore, the new USB Foot Switch II is no longer based on a mechanical drive mechanism, now has an optical tracking. In addition, to further reduce the noise emitted, have been rubber components inside the chassis. Has also increased the response time by lowering the pedal from 8mm to 5mm only.

Bonus (continued): Other babes at Computex

With the last part of our retrospective on the babes at Computex (see first part), we can finally move on to the most important event of the year: the election of Miss Computex 2011! Who would you prefer?

A new ReRAM by Globafoundries

Researchers from the Universities of Singapore and Nanyang NUS (National University of Singapore), the scientific agency of Singapore, Peking University, Soitec Globalfoundries and presented a new ReRAM (also called RRAM) at the conference that took VLSI held this week. Each memory cell consists of a nickel layer, a hafnium oxide, aluminum oxide and a polysilicon electrode.

She has the distinction can be made with common materials and the production lines today. An electrode made of silicon, instead of the conventional platinum model presented so far, can greatly reduce costs. The ReRAM or Resistive RAM uses electrical resistance to characterize a bit. Low resistance will be a 1 or a 0 and a high electrical resistance will mean the opposite.

NEC EX231Wp, a 23-inch PVA panel

NEC has announced the launch of on U.S. soil MultiSync EX231Wp, an LCD with a PVA panel 23-inch diagonal and a LED backlight. Featuring a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this LCD relatively thin (14.6 mm) has a response time of 25 ms, a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 (25000: 1 dynamic) and a brightness of 250 cd / m².

The viewing angles horizontally and vertically in turn reach 178 degrees. DVI and DisplayPort inputs are present, and a USB port. Note also the existence of sensors and light to optimize the use of the screen. The EX231Wp is finally adjustable, rotating as well as height of 110 mm. Guaranteed three years, the MultiSync EX231Wp is expected at a rate of 319 dollars.

Rearrangements in Globalfoundries

Globalfoundries reported during a conference call that he was looking for a new PD G, while it plans to invest the $ 6 billion (approx. EUR 4 billion) in its German plants , Singapore and New York by the end of 2012. This is a pivotal time for the founder. The former president, Doug Grose is stepping down, but it remains within the company as a consultant.

Globalfoundries gave no specific reason, but it is very likely that the mission of Mr. Grose is nearing completion and that the firm is now seeking a leader in the long term. For the record, when the investment company from ATIC of Abu Dhabi joined AMD in 2008 to form Globalfoundries, Mr.