Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five models of AMD APU A-Series (Llano) in July

The menu of AMD for 2011 includes several new solutions that will be released between the second and fourth quarter. The first models of APU desktop part of the "A-series" with a TDP of 65W or 100W known by the codename of Llano, will arrive in July. According to the reported x-bit labs, the manufacturer will release first quad-core models and 4 dual-core followed a short distance from a model dual-core low-end.

MSI notebooks and CR640 CX640

MSI updates the family of C Series notebooks conn two new models designated as CR640 CX640 and Sandy Bridge based on Intel Core CPU with the latest technology and Turbo Boost 2.0. The newcomers are offered as perfect solutions for all purposes, from business to leisure, with an elegant design. The two MSI CX640 and have a CR640 chassis with brushed aluminum black or silver, the power button has been set side and location of the boxes has been edited better.

System Cleaner:Expert System Optimize

"System Optimize Expert" cleans up the Windows registry. This provides more security and makes the computer more quickly also. The software scans this, the entire registry for any system errors, and so-called junk files and removes them. With System Optimize Expert you also have faster access to certain Windows settings that optimize your system as well.

The free version allows the deletion of five entries.

Preview: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the blocks

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow is not of royal soldiers still stop by the undead. His three Disney films bestowed billion-dollar revenue and actor Johnny Depp definitely made an international star. Just in time for the fourth film, he is being honored with their own Lego game whose action extends over all four pirate movies.

The game starts with the known from the first film scene in the smithy of Port Royal, where Jack and Will Turner pull together effort. They must work together to repair a mechanism to escape from the building. After his arrest, free Jacks Will out of jail by a dog with a bone to bring to excavate the cell key.

OCZ Acquires Indilinx Co., Ltd to improve its technology SSD

OCZ announced the signing of definitive agreement to acquire the company Indilinx Co., Ltd, which until now was a fabless provider's own drivers and software flash SSD. Indilinx headquarters is located in South Korea, and currently sells its line of drivers flash SSD manufacturers and Tier 1 OEM for use in a wide range of products in many markets, including integrated systems, and notebooks and complete.