Sunday, May 1, 2011

Striker Aerocool X: New housing now available.

AeroCool presents its new box specially designed for gamers, is compatible with ATX motherboard formats and Mini-ATX design features a bold combination of red and black. After his tower format looks semi-rugged and striking design, with details in the form of X, find an interior compatible with ATX and Micro ATX and a cooling system consisting of two 120mm fans situated in the rear and sides and a 140mm located at the top.

Alpenföhn presents Peter sink for graphics

Alpenföhn brand launches its second graphics card cooler, the great Peter. With 12 heatpipes and the ability to host 2 or 4 140mm fans 120mm, this powerful sink aims to tame the more eaters cards watts. Alpenföhn belonging to EKL refrigeration specialist, having launched the Heidi sink again loading with Pedro (Peter).

Peter sink features 1 6mm copper heatpipes, which collect heat from its base and divided by the 91 aluminum fins that compose it. Copper parts (base and heat pipes) have a nickel bath to protect against corrosion. The set has some measures x44x100 253.8 (length, width and height respectively), totaling 590 grams.

NVIDIA confirmed officially support SLI for AMD

NVIDIA has officially confirmed what we reported several weeks ago with this indiscretion is the producer said, through the blog of Tom Peterson, Director of Technical Marketing at NVIDIA have made available for the SLI chipset and AMD CPU: After All, We Want to make sure gamers can benefit from the new competitive landscape CPU and NVIDIA SLI ENSURE They Have - The Highest performance, most stable multi-GPU solution - to game on! According To Steam, 93% of all multi-GPU systems in use today use SLI.

Available with Ubuntu 4.11 Unity and some problems

Yesterday was made available a new Linux distribution Ubuntu 4.11 "Natty Narwhal" pointing to the new Unity graphical desktop instead of GNOME (currently it is still possible, during installation, choose one of two). The choice of Canonical has been dictated by the simplicity and intuitive user interface Unity born to be primarily used on devices with touch screens and small, and have been using the Ubuntu Remix.