Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Samsung wants to burn ARM chips in 20 nm

Samsung in partnership with ARM, has announced its success in burning a SoC (chip all-in-one) in 20 nm, a first. Cortex is an M0, an entry level chip, which was engraved, and Samsung says that the passage in 20 nm requires new approaches, but this unique technology is interesting for the future, especially for chips designed to consume very much like the ARM SoC.

Currently, the majority of ARM SoC working 65 nm or 4x nm (40 nm or 45 depending on depth) and chips in 32 nm and 28 nm are expected at the end of year, with mass availability during the year 2012. In all cases (32, 28 and 20 nm) transistors are high technology-K metal-gate that are used on 22 nm "3D" is reserved for Intel x86 chip company, Intel offers rarely to other manufacturers to use its facilities.

SandForce in the MSAT: 16 to 120 GB

At Computex, the SSD-based SandForce in MSAT had been presented. RunCore, atypical solutions specialist, proposes a complete range of SSD in this format, with a capacity ranging from 16 to 120 GB The MSAT, remember, is a physical format that transmits a signal to a SATA connector identical to that used in the cards Mini Card.

SSD in MSAT thus resembles a Wi-Fi card for laptop - for example - but instead of transmitting the PCI-Express and USB 2.0, SATA is working. Standardized, the MSAT is particularly used in the Chromebook Samsung and some Intel to integrate SSD as "cache." RunCore proposes a complete range.

AMD Launches Radeon 6990M

After NVIDIA GTX 580M and is AMD's turn to propose a GPU for portable high-end Radeon HD 6990M chip. This new chip is in fact (simplifying) a Radeon HD 6870 slow: moving from 900 / 2 100 MHz on the desktop version to 715 / 1 800 MHz here. The chip embeds 1120 calculation units (224 vec5) against 960 (192) on the old high-end HD 6970M.

The texturing power also increases, with 56 units against 48, and the frequency increases from 680 MHz to 715 MHz. The rest of the GDDR5 memory, but AMD recommends 2 GB instead of 1 GB on the old range. The chip, about 20% faster than the 6970M is expected to arrive quickly at Alienware and Clevo.

Windows 8 might play Xbox 360 games

According to information collected by Insiders in May, eight would have a Windows emulator that can play Xbox 360 games. The news has just been taken over by other Teknylate citing sources close to the case and was taken over by Gamespot. Steve Ballmer promised an operating system for gamers. Technically, the Xbox 360 games use the DirectX API and the creation of an emulator is possible, especially if the publisher is Microsoft, which designed the console and the SDK.

Sony Vaio VPCF22S8E / B

Six working memory and the Intel Core i7 processor 2630QM (Sandy Bridge, 4x2, 0 GHz) provide a very fast working speed, even with strenuous tasks such as editing video, the notebook was no nakedness. The Nvidia GeForce GTGT540M provides for graphically complex games do not have enough power: He calculated an average of only 16 frames per second.

The 16.4-inch screen (41.60 centimeters) of the Sony notebooks is by Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) is ideal for movies. Since it is fitting that Sony has equipped the Vaio a Blu-ray drive. Sony updates the Vaio notebook with one VGA, HDMI, FireWire, microphone and headphone jack.

Toshiba and SanDisk are opening a new plant

Toshiba and SanDisk announced the opening of the Fab 5 using 300 mm wafers. It was built in a year, production has just started and the first chips should be delivered in August. The plant was later updated to burn in 19 nm, the statement said. The Fab 5 is located in Mie Prefecture in Japan.

The two companies say that the plant includes new measures against earthquakes. It should also consume 12% less CO2 than the Fab 4 with the use of LED and many energy saving measures. The Fab 5 has an area of 187,000 m2 over five floors. The construction of the Fab 5 was initially delayed due to the financial crisis of 2009, but once work began, schedules were met.

400 million licenses of Windows 7 in the wild

Steve Ballmer announced at the presentation he gave at the Worldwide Partner Conference that Microsoft had sold 400 million licenses of Windows 7 and Office 2010 licenses 100 million. These are impressive results that reflect strong sales. While society is often criticized for his absence on the market shelves and remains in the shadow of Apple media since its market capitalization peaked, Redmond bombarded the press of numbers and said that Windows 7 is the operating system that has sold best in the history of computing.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2: New Trailer

The adventures of the boy with the distinctive glasses are well known and utilized in any form. Clear as daylight, that the last part of the series on his way to the PC and the console is. What awaits the player? In a video from Electronic Arts is the playable characters that support the Harry Potter for the final battle at Hogwarts.

Apart from the protagonists take Ron, Hermione, Neville, Seamus, Molly, and Professor McGonagall in the adventure. Together they stand against Lord Voldemort's dark forces.

AMD unveils the Radeon HD 6990M mobile GPU

AMD today announced the new AMD Radeon HD 6990M mobile GPU solution for users who wish to obtain high performance with games and 3D applications. The manufacturer claims that the graphics chip can provide a level of at least 25% greater performance than any other notebook GPUs previously announced, in addition can be used in a CrossFireX configuration.

The Radeon HD 6990M architecture uses AMD's TeraScale 2 unified shader with 1120 stream processors, 56 texture units, 128 Z / Stencil ROP, 32 ROP Color and GDDR5 memory interface type. Like all Radeon HD 6900M series GPU, the newcomer also supports DirectX 11, AMD Eyefinity to drive multiple displays simultaneously, AMD's GPGPU applications and then app for AMD UVD HD3D and 3.

Cooler Scythe Socket FM1, compatible with the AM3 +

Despite the different number of pins, sockets and FM1 AM3 + (recently introduced by AMD for APU-A series and FX-series CPUs future) offer backward compatibility with current sinks through the hole for mounting the same basket. Japan's Scythe has provided a list of their heat sinks are fitted with the universal mounting system and therefore also compatible with AMD's new socket AM3 + and FM1.

Western Digital changed its line of external hard drive My Book Studio

Western Digital has slightly modified its range of My Book external hard drives designed for users of Studio MAC is now quieter and more efficient. Among the features of the review of Western Digital My Book Stuido is expanding its capacity to 3TB, improving their sound and a better energy efficiency.

This range of external hard drives is designed for Mac users, with the FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0. It has an aluminum housing which helps chilling, besides a hard drive features Western Digital Caviar Green WD GreenPower technology.

Shuttle H7 5800G

The manufacturer Shuttle has unveiled two new mini PC as he knows them so well: the 5800G Pro H7 (oriented "gamers") and H7 Pro 5800P (oriented workstation). Both are based on an XPC box displays the dimensions of 190 x 208 x 326 mm and a platform for Intel LGA 1366. The H7 5800G Pro embeds so a Core i7-950, i7-975 and i7-980X EE depending on the version (a liquid cooling kit IC E is optional), up to 16 GB of RAM and a maximum of 2 hard drives (or SSD and HDD).

The acquisition of Nortel's patents approved

U.S. and Canadian judges yesterday approved the acquisition of Nortel's 6000 patent by a group including Apple, Microsoft and RIM, for $ 4.5 billion. This is an amount three times larger than the estimates of analysts according to Reuters who reports the news. In January 2009, Canada's Nortel Networks has filed for bankruptcy and filed for bankruptcy.

North American judges have so over the business and oversee the liquidation of its assets. Nortel telecommunications technologies had very important and Google caused a stir when it first announced its intention to redeem $ 900 million. A consortium to address the search engine was immediately created.

Silverstone TS04: external enclosure for storage devices with USB 3.0

Silverstone already has its storage drive cage 2.5 "SATA, either hard disks or SSD, has USB 3.0, aluminum housing and a sleek black. Silverstone The manufacturer now has its case to hard drives or SSD 2.5 "SATA to USB 3.0 connectivity, this is the Silverstone TS04 which is finished in black aluminum.

Hard disks can be placed without screws and hot, making them easier to use. It has dimensions of 136 x 84.5 x 16.3 mm and weighing just 60 grams.