Monday, May 16, 2011

HP believes memristors sell in 2013

Researchers at the University of Santa Barbara in partnership with scientists from HP, published a study of atomic phenomena, heat and chemicals that occur within a memristor in titanium oxide. This research is so promising that HP envisions a marketing first memristors in 2013. The memristors are approached to replace DRAM and even Flash.

The paper was published today in the journal Nanotechnology. It is available this month on the Internet. It provides details on the yet unknown changes in strength of this component. The memristors represent the fourth passive component electrical capacitors, resistors and coils. Broadly, they have several levels of electrical resistance.

ASRock Z68 range lands

Intel who formalized its chipset Z68, it is logical that the manufacturer ASRock turn formalizes its new range of motherboards based on this chipset. Three models are thus far, at least initially: the Z68 and Z68 Extreme4 Pro3 ATX format, and the Z68 Pro3-M Micro ATX. However, we already had a glimpse of these three cards a few days ago.

Designed for Sandy Bridge processors, these motherboards have four connectors DDR3-2133, carry a UEFI BIOS and benefit from technologies of Virtu LucidLogix and Intel Smart Response. Z68 chipset that supports integrated graphics heart Sandy Bridge, VGA, DVI and HDMI are present, the Z68 and Z68 Extreme4 Pro3-M is also equipped with a DisplayPort output.

Cloud featuring the Microsoft Tech Ed

Like last year, the Microsoft Tech Ed North America (high mass Microsoft for CIOs and administrators) that opens today in Atlanta (until May 19) will mainly centralized on the Cloud and Windows Azure. Steve Ballmer had found a magic formula last year to summarize Microsoft's position against the Cloud: 'We Are All In.

" A reference to poker and a game of words that summed up the switch made in recent years by the Redmond giant: "We're betting the future of our company on the Cloud. 90% of our developers are working on projects in one way or another are related to the cloud, "he added. The Microsoft TechEd 2011 which opens tonight in Atlanta will be another opportunity for Microsoft to evangelize his vision of cloud and offers Windows Azure.

The Quick Sync Video of Ivy Bridge is 4x faster

According to Fudzilla, the first tests of the Ivy Bridge show that the Quick Sync Video can be up to four times faster than present in the Sandy Brige. Intel has launched a test under Cyberlink Media Espresso 6 to convert an MPEG-2 1080p in an MPEG-4 640x360 for digital music player. If this gain is confirmed and if it applies to all operations supported by Quick Sync, it would be a major feat for the company that took the market for graphics chips for PCs by surprise with its video engine.

iPad alternatives have not known enough, Nvidia's CEO: Android is why the tablets do not sell well

It was true that the Android-based tablet computer is good in itself, Huang said in an interview with the IT portal. It lacks, however, on a crisp and marketing of attractive Apps. This, they argued that the Android Tablets are currently still too expensive. One should therefore not be surprised if Motorola could, for example, in April 2011 to sell the Tablet PC "Xoom" just 250,000 shares.

For comparison: The first sale weekend Apple sold by iPad 2 over one million units. However, Huang said further that there be reported as positive. Just the fact that improved the hardware of the Android Tablet PCs continuously, and the operating system comes in quick succession in the new versions on the market shows that it offers attractive alternatives iPad.

HP uses your Wi-Fi for its new Mobile Mouse

HP has announced a new lineup of wireless accessories in which there is a mouse whose peculiarity is that it is compatible with the HP Link-5 with both Wi-Fi networks. The new HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is the first mouse that connects quickly and easily to your PC without using any USB dongle but passing through the receiver integrated Wi-Fi.

Safety is ensured by the fact that the first time, you must pair the device to your PC, and then immediately reconnect the mouse to work without any interference with other wireless accessories. The Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse HP also offers up to nine months of battery life almost doubles the autonomy of the Bluetooth mouse, five customizable buttons, 4-way scroll wheel, rubber side sections for a better grip and range of operation up to 9 meters from the PC.

Pending a further review of the GeForce GTX 590

The GeForce GTX 590 graphics cards have been well received both by the press from both enthusiast users if it were not for a "small" problem that has seen them go up in smoke during the sessions of the relevant maximum or benchmark a slight overclock. NVIDIA had found a way to resolve the matter through an adjustment introduced a new version of the driver but perhaps it was only a palliative.

Tom's Guide: What version of Android phone?

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware recently published a dossier giving an update on the versions of Android devices available for the main market. Android is far from a unified platform, and many versions of the Google OS coexist on the market. Our colleagues have thus identified major Android phones in circulation in each time specifying what version of the operating system they were delivered, and updates provided by their manufacturers.

Silverstone TJ11 announces new box

Silverstone already has his new box named TJ11, has great design features and new fans Air Penetrator. The TJ11 offers new high-end performance thanks to its design without rivets, which makes it removable for easy installation of components. Its power and flexibility are the maximum that can be found on the market, making it the ideal choice to create a gaming PC.

Your choices are endless such as cooling capacity can be used as the TJ11 server or even set up a liquid cooling without any problem. The interior of the box has been divided into several compartments. Thus, users may have distinct components and the various systems and areas. As the fan (extra large for the tenth expansion slot) that includes two fans AP181 Air Penetrator to help cooling, also reserving space for a translucent air duct and a liquid cooling system in the lower compartment can accommodate older radiators available, including 560 Black Ice SR1 Hardware Labs (4 140mm).

The Gigabyte Radeon 6770 passive on sale

Currently displayed on pre-order in some European boutiques, the GV-R677SL-1GD Gigabyte has just made its appearance on the shelves in Japan. An embedded graphics chipset Juniper clocked at 850 MHz and features 800 stream processors and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1200 MHz on a 128-bit bus, the Radeon HD 6770 boasts an imposing radiator as a cooling system .

Without fan, this Radeon HD 6770 is perfectly silent. CrossFireX compatible, the GV-R677SL-1GD also has DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. The Radeon HD 6770 is currently posted at 15 000 yen, the equivalent of 130 euros.

Nokia would sell its branch "phones" to Microsoft

By dint of access to prototype phones before anyone else and publish proprietary information (he had announced early in the marriage between Nokia and Microsoft, the abandonment of the mark OVI, etc..), The Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin made his name. Then, when the same blogger that the Finnish giant slide is negotiating with his new best friend to sell its "phones", we take the information with caution, but interest.

A8-3530MX the fastest AMD mobile Llano

We had already seen enough detailed characteristics with the range of AMD Fusion Llano desktop, here is the tower of chips for laptops. According to our colleagues Donanimhaber, the fastest mobile processors from AMD is called A8-3530MX. Its core x86 architecture-based K10.5 very close to that of current Phenom and Athlon is running at 1.9 GHz but could rise to 2.6 GHz Turbo.

Quad core, It has 4 MB of L2 cache and incorporate a GPU Radeon HD 6620G with 400 stream processors at 444 MHz. On paper, the power of this GPU will be very close to a Radeon HD 6530M (400 shader, 500 MHz). The memory bus of the GPU would also be 128 bits wide, and was shipping the UVD video engine 3.0.

The Tegra 2 boosted revenues NVIDIA

NVIDIA has released its results for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2012, a period that ended last May 1. Its turnover reached $ 962 million, an increase of 8.4% from the previous quarter but a slight decrease of 4% over last year. Earnings reached for his $ 135.2 million, or 0.22 dollars per share.

Revenues generated by the department "GPU" grew by 3.8%, while the branches and Tesla MCP significantly decreased. The job market is relatively stable, while the consumer market has surged, reaching $ 122.6 million in revenues, largely due to two Tegra chips found in many smartphones and tablets.

Archos up 30.4 million euros

Archos announced this morning that it had successfully raised new funds beyond his expectations. The group received 2.8 times more applications for subscription of shares that are available. In total, Archos will issue 4, 68 million new shares and increase its capital by 30.4 million euros. The company said that this money coming in will allow it to proceed to the prepayment of a 5 million euro at an annual interest rate of 20%.

The X1 Lenovo adopts a novel battery

On 17 May, Lenovo will market a new ultraportable computer, the X1. This competitor of the MacBook Air and other Samsung Series 9 looks attractive and innovative. Lenovo did not try to beat Apple and Samsung on the thickness: the X1 is 21.5 mm max. But it has other nice features. These include the battery, based on a new technology that offered by Lenovo capacity three times greater than conventional notebook batteries and could be recharged to 80% in just 30 minutes! The X1 is also robust, Lenovo announced a military certification, a 13.3 "1366 x 768 pixels displaying protected by a glass window made of the famous" Gorilla Glass ", Corning and a backlit keyboard tight splash.

The GeForce GTX 560 almost sold

So it should be officially launched tomorrow, the GeForce GTX 560 has already appeared on the shelves of some e-shops. This is an opportunity to discover the final characteristics of this product, as well as models of some manufacturers such as MSI or Palit. Confirming our earlier reports, the GeForce GTX 560 graphics chipset embeds a clocked at 810 MHz with 336 CUDA cores running at 1620 MHz.

4G licenses will cost over 2.5 billion euros

In an interview with Le Figaro, Eric Besson, Minister of Industry and the Digital Economy, a detailed timetable for licensing of 4G phones. He also gave the reserve price set by the government: 2.5 billion euros in total. The first stage of the licensing 4G will be the official call for applications for the auction, to be published in the first days of June.

"Nominations will take place in September. Frequencies in the 2.6GHz band will be awarded in October, those of the 800 MHz band in November. December 1, operators will own the spectrum obtained. In total the government wants to recover more than $ 2.5 billion auction: $ 1.8 billion for the 800 MHz and 700 million for the 2.6 GHz.

SandForce of SF-2281 for Corsair Force 3

Corsair has unveiled its SSDs Force 3, models 2.5-inch conventional boarding of MLC NAND flash memory and controller based on a SandForce SF-2281. Equipped with a SATA 6 Gbps, these SSDs are available in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB and 240 GB are, according to the manufacturer, can expect speeds of around 550 MB / s read and 520 MB / s write, while reading performance 4Kb reached 85,000 IOPS.

640 GB leather-wrapped

The Mobile Drive XXS Freecom Leather is for those who complain that technology products are mostly made of plastic or metal. This external hard drive dons black leather with orange stitching. This fit of nostalgia, however, did not prevent him from adding a Freecom USB 3.0 transfers of security as fast as the mechanical 2.5 "internally permit.

The Mobile Drive XXS Leather measuring 11.3 cm x 8.6 cm x 1.2 cm, weighs 140 grams and is available in three versions: 320 GB (89 €), 500 GB (109 €), 640 GB (149 €).

HP x2301: 23 "finesse

The manufacturer HP has introduced the x2301, an LCD 23-inch diagonal enjoying a LED backlight and has a particularly fine design (9.8 mm thick maximum). Equipped with a TN panel capable of displaying full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the x2301 displays a response time of 3 ms (gray to gray), a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 (8000000: 1 dynamic) and brightness up to 250 cd / m².

He obviously has VGA inputs, DVI and HDMI. Due on June 10, the x2301 should be offered at a recommended retail price of 279.99 dollars.

BEEWI BBH-100: Our analysis.

We started the week in HardZone offering our particular analysis of a peripheral: it is the Bluetooth headset BEEWI BBH-100, we offer a range of up to 25 hours and can sound without wires. We hope you enjoy it. Bluetooth Headset Review BEEWI BBH-100.

TDJ: Zalman Z9 More

Our fellow Cowcotland recently launched a test Z9 More Zalman, a housing-round average for the market entry-level "premium." Showing the dimensions of 207 x 464 x 504 mm Weight 7.2 kg on the scale, the Z9 Plus has three bays in the format 5.25 inch, 3.5-inch six sites (one external) and a slot 2 , 5 inches.

Four 120 mm fans are otherwise present. Verdict?

Recover gold and silver processors

No 3D transistors for TSMC until 2015

An official indicated that TSMC's 28 nm knew that a very promising start. He also responded to the announcement of Intel for the manufacture of bulk FinFET saying it would not produce 3D transistors in 20 nm. According to the roadmap of the founder, chips etched into 20 nm should be marketed in the second half of 2012.

Meanwhile he is preparing to move to 28 nm and welcomes the many designs submitted. It is three times higher than it was when TSMC will launch its 40 nm. Specifically, TSMC would currently 89 tapeout. Tapeout is the name of the last stage of the development of an integrated circuit. The manufacturer sends the design to the smelter and the masks that will be adjusted to optimize the chip manufacturing.

Sony: Data disaster pushes sales

Business with consoles and games are booming in all product categories, but Sony fall in sales well below the competition, reports the Wall Street Journal. For weeks the Playstation Network is turned off, which makes online gaming impossible with the PS3. The online role-playing games from Sony Online Entertainment and the film are Qriocity service since hacker attack offline.

The sales figures in April suggested that customers resorted slowly in recent weeks to alternatives, the newspaper said. Despite the sharp rise in demand for the business and the Sony Playstation 3 moved significantly less than at rivals such as the Microsoft and the Xbox 360 In April, Sony sold 204,000 PlayStation 3 consoles compared to 180,000 in the previous year.