Saturday, March 26, 2011

The playbook will launch Android applications

As rumors indicated, the playbook will be able to launch applications for Android and those for BlackBerry smartphones. The operation is not as simple as expected, but the idea is interesting and will allow RIM to provide a tablet with a good repository for launch. If RIM talk about Android and BlackBerry compatibility (for Java), this is not entirely the case, in that the tablet does not run applications directly.

Resident Evil: Capcom plans HD-editions

Sony makes it including "God of War" and "Sly Raccoon," Ubisoft constricted "Tomb Raider" - and "Prince of Persia" packages. Capcom is now on the new editions-train: The Japanese manufacturer is the "Resident Evil" series before. In the "Revival Selection Capcom brings the fourth series of the Dreamcast and spin-off" Resident Evil - Code: Veronica "in high definition graphics on the market again.

GeForce GTX 590: alert the driver

Yesterday NVIDIA released the GeForce driver 267.85 devoted exclusively to the newly GeForce GTX 590. This new version, in addition to enabling support for Quad-SLI, it solves a serious problem of failure that plagues release 267.52 and 267.71 previously uploaded online and in the packet drivers GTX 590 retail.

As ascertained by us and other sites in case of overclocking and overvolt Protection System OCP (Over Current Protection), which on this model is enabled globally and not only on so-called power-virus applications, does not intervene properly and this causes a Section VRM overheating and subsequent failure of the board.

Fight Night Champion: Wild Blow success of fast-track

The creators of "Fight Night Champion" been busy: several dozen original Boxer rise in sports game with you in the ring. Very laudable, but the success (Xbox 360) or the trophy (PS3) "industry" is the amount an ordeal. to defeat the entire elite boxers in the quick battle is a lengthy process. Too expensive for the average Joe gamer? No: With a little trick it will work in fast-forward.

In the gallery tells the editor how to speed things up. The effort is worthwhile: it waving 100 gamer points or a gold trophy.

Asus GTX 590: The most powerful Nvidia graphics with dual core.

The new Asus GTX 590 graphics card is more powerful than Nvidia has created to date, we have two GF 110, also incorporates High Voltage Asus Tweak, DirectX 11 and the ability to deliver 3D content. Equipped with two cores GF110, Asus GTX 590 is presented as the top model in the range based on FERMI, has 3GB of memory and a Dual Interface to 384Bits, which makes the GTX 590 offers a high bandwidth and interconnectivity with other components of our system.

Apple loses a father of Mac OS X

Bertrand Serlet, who is considered the father of Mac OS X announced his departure from Apple. Is this the end of an era for the Mac? Bertrand Serlet started working with Steve Jobs 22 years ago when the co-founder of Apple created NeXT. Mr. Serlet was working on NeXTSTEP which later became Mac OS X. Since 2003 he was senior vice president of software development at Apple Mac.

His departure gave rise to many interpretations. The most pessimistic see it as a symbol of the stalling of the Apple Mac, overshadowed by the runaway success of devices running IOS (Mac only represents 20% of sales from Apple). The departure of Mr. Serlet be related to the willingness of Apple to progressively converge Mac OS and IOS, a movement that has already begun with the arrival of the Mac App Store that will continue with the next version of Mac OS X Lion, which borrows many elements to IOS.

Intel claims that Itanium is healthy - HP also

Intel has denied claims that Oracle explained yesterday (see "Death of Itanium is near") that the foundry would stop the Itanium. It recalled its roadmap and promised that we would know more next IDF. The press release we received contained about Paul Otellini himself who took the pen to remember that the chips already announced, namely, Poulson and Kittson (see "8 cores in an Itanium) are being developed and their output is a certainty.