Sunday, March 20, 2011

Xeon X5698: the first Intel CPU at 4.4 GHz

The youngest do not remember maybe not, but the fastest processor that Intel has never marketed is still ... Pentium 4, versions of which 570 and 670 reached 3.8 GHz. By comparison the fastest Core i7 culminate today at 3.4 GHz and 3.8 GHz do not climb to a temporary maximum of Turbo. This fact, however long that Intel chips (and AMD) are able to exceed these limits, usually through a simple overclock.

The Sunday Quiz (9)

This week in the Quiz on Sunday, you are given an image and you must try to find what is and what it does. Today, something a little more difficult than for the first quiz, then hopefully. For this ninth quizzes, small change: we will also play on Facebook. The scoring is the same, and you have the right to play 11 hours between Sunday and Monday, 11 hours, but the answer will be given on Tuesday: Another photo of the same object will be available on Facebook.

Asus Introduces GTX550 and Ultimate versions Ti DirectCue TOP

Asus has announced the inclusion in its list of graphics cards models DirectCue Ultimate Ti GTX550 and GTX550 TOP DirectCue Ti, which incorporate the accelerated clock factory at 1015Mhz and 975Mhz respectively, and lower the temperature by 20% due to thermal design DirectCue. The new Asus graphics cores have top-end NVIDIA accelerated to 1015Mhz and 975Mhz, well above the reference design speeds (900Mhz).

Foxconn might open a factory in Brazil

Foxconn is about to build a new plant in Brazil dedicated largely to the manufacture of components for Apple products. Plants that it would join the foundry owns in the city of Jundiai and is intended to HP and Sony. It reports the Brazilian daily Redebomdia claiming that Foxconn is preparing to open its third plant by 2013 after receiving several million dollars of investment.

This information has not been confirmed by Apple or Foxconn. It is therefore appropriate to step back, but it is nevertheless not impossible. Foxconn is already well established in this city and could enjoy the favors of the administration for a third plant Apple or not. We also know that a Brazilian millionaire has already launched appeals in Cupertino and if the two events are probably not related, they show the willingness to host the firm's products in that territory.