Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AMD leaves the basic architecture of VLIW

It ended the first day of 'AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2011. THE most important conference on the stage has seen Michael Mantor - AMD Senior Fellow Architect - Houston and Mike - AMD Fellow Architect - speak of the future architecture of AMD GPUs. What AMD has not shown the full details of a particular generation of graphics chips, but a preview of the architectural features behind these solutions.

Fitness Evolved 2012: First details

"Fitness Evolved 2012" is like the previous full-on physical exercise with Microsoft Kinect camera: In all manner of sporting disciplines such as martial arts, dance or training boot camp Ubisoft will miss the game a better operation. In the field of motion capture - the so-called tracking - announces the manufacturer to make improvements.

This will be done incorrectly performed exercises in a response and appropriate advice and tips on proper execution. A new game mode is also on board: players now virtually jogging through the streets of New York, London or Paris. So that you can use your easy-fated training presentation with your friends, share your successes achieved via Facebook.

Catalyst 11.6: AMD enables Steady Video

AMD has just put online version of June's unified graphics drivers Catalyst. Logically numbered 11.6, these new drivers are compatible with the Radeon HD 2400 and newer, as well as chipsets Radeon 3000 and newer, GG and FireStream cards from 9170 to 9350. As usual, this new version of Catalyst brings new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Note, for example, improved performance in CRYSYS, F1 2010, Far Cry 2 or HAWX and with the engine Unigine. Steady Video functionality aimed at stabilizing real-time video, for example when they are filmed by a camera is also enabled in the Catalyst 11.6. In short, to know all the news of these drivers, just read the release notes.

Snapdragon: Krait, Adreno, 4G, future start

This morning, Qualcomm presented in detail the range 2011 with interesting information: the Snapdragon "2" was delivered last week to manufacturers for integration into smartphones late 2011. So back on the chips of the American manufacturer. Snapdragon is the first QSD8250, released in 2009. This smart all-in-One (SoC) integrates a CPU Scorpion - an ARM-compatible core that lies between the Cortex A8 and Cortex A9 in performance - GPU Adreno 200 (from the purchase of the mobile range of ATi ) and - notably - a GPS receiver and a modem.

Patriot DDR3 for the players in AMD

The Patriot manufacturer has unveiled several new DDR3 memory kits designed for AMD platforms, and especially to future configurations based on AMD and 9-Series processor Bulldozer. However, nothing prohibits the use on other platforms compatible with DDR3 memory. Gamer baptized 2 Series AMD Black Edition, these kits include dual-channel memory modules of 2 GB or 4 GB running as the case at 1333 MHz (with 7-7-7-20 latencies or 9-9-9 - 24) or 1600 MHz (with 8-9-8-24 or 9-9-9-24 timings), all with voltages between 1.5 V and 1.65 V-1, 7S.

Elpida: 2 Gb DDR2 mobile 40 nm HKMG

Elpida announced the development of chips with 2 GB of memory LPDDR2 (DDR2 Mobile), etched in 40 nm technology and benefiting from HKMG (high-k metal gate). Using this technology allows the manufacturer said increased operating frequencies and reduced power consumption, a particularly important point when it comes to memory for mobile devices.

The manufacturer hopes to produce the first copies of these chips 2Gb memory LPDDR2 by the end of its fiscal year (before March 31, 2012). Etching processes in 30 nm and 25 nm Elpida should then also benefit from technology HKMG.

GigaByte Intel SSD series includes a 311 in five plates Z68

Gigabyte announces that include an Intel SSD series belonging to 311 in five models of its motherboards equipped with the Intel Z68. Including the SSD will have a size of 20GB and will take advantage of technologies SLC (single level cell) and Intel MSAT Response SMART technology, which works by intelligent caching based on blocks of frequently used applications to improve system performance and responsiveness.

New speculation around the Apple Tablet:: iPad 3 has high-resolution retinal display

Recently, the iPad 2 in the trade. Compared to the first generation the display resolution of the Tablet PCs was unchanged. Apparently, Apple wants change but on the iPad third with a size of 1536 x 2048 pixels - the resolution is twice as high as the current iPad. This suggests that the third version of the Tablet PCs is equipped with a so-called retinal display - just like the iPhone and iPod touch, 4.

Webian Shell: Mozilla browser operating system

Webian Shell is a browser that replaces the the. Because users often need only to access the Internet without disturbing Windows interface, says developer Ben Francis. The solution in his opinion: "Webian Shell", the browser as operating system and desktop replacement. It is based on the Mozilla Project "chromeless" and uses the Web technologies HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Version 0.1 gives a first impression of the browser, even if not yet to see much. In addition to a black surface, there is a time display and an address line, the input of websites does not work. Later versions will support widgets that offer a zoom function and allow access to the hardware settings of the machine.

Patriot Memory DDR3 G2 AMD Edition, ready for Bulldozer

The American Patriot Memory has announced a comprehensive set of DDR3 memory specifications for socket AM3 platforms +, to match the new generation of AMD Bulldozer in the series. The kits are composed of two modules G2 series and have clock speeds ranging from 1333 MHz to 1600 MHz with 7-7-7-20 latencies access to 9-9-9-24 and voltage vDIMM > 1.5v.

The capacities ranging from 4GB (2x2GB) up to 8 GB (2x4GB). General details: New Patriot Memory G2 Series AMD Edition memory kits Designed for AMD's next-gen 9-series Speed: 1333-1600 MHz CAS Latency: Low latencies and enhanced Capacities available: 4GB (2x2GB) & 8GB (2x4GB) Available in June Lifetime warranty "AMD has done an outstanding job catering to the do-it-yourself crowd and the next-gen 9-series platform Should be no different.

Samsung-Chrome Book: Fast Internet notebook preorder

Is used the "Intel Atom N570 (Dual Core) 1.66 GHz, two memory and 16 gigabytes. The power is thus at the level of current netbooks. There are two USB ports, a mini-VGA port, a card reader and an HD webcam. The display measures 12.1 "(1280x800 pixels). The battery life is Samsung with 8.5 hours. Samsung offers two models of Chrome Book Series 5: one with and one with Wi-Fi and UMTS.

The Chrome Google Books to use the operating system "OS Chrome", the browser contains the Google ". Other programs are available via the cloud, migrate data also in the Internet space. To work with the Chrome Book can, internet is always advantageous features such as word processing are also available offline.

AMD shows Trinity: APU with Bulldozer CPU and iGPU Cayman

During the AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2011, the house of Sunnyvale has shown for the first time a notebook equipped with APU Trinity. Trinity will, during 2012, the place of APU Llano - officially unveiled in recent days - and it will be much more powerful while sharing the same 32-nanometer production process.

Trinity are integrated into a CPU-based architecture and a bulldozer iGPU Cayman-based architecture. To be more precise the graphics will benefit from an iGPU with power similar to the Radeon HD 6850 (core Barts), but with an internal organization of the ALU-type VLIW4 (core Cayman). It 'important to note that the notebook was working perfectly shown.

4G licenses: auctions are open

ARCEP announced that the auction for 4G licenses were open. The? Yes, because there are two bands, one around 2.6 GHz, the other closer to 800 MHz. The first allows a wide bandwidth - there are 70 MHz to share - the second has the advantage of covering a larger distance and thus would cover the campaigns, even if it offers "only" 30 MHz.

For the 2.6 GHz band, 70 MHz will be divided into lots of 5 MHz with a minimum of 10 MHz per operator and a maximum of 30 MHz, to avoid competitive imbalances. Four licenses will be awarded by auction, for a period of 20 years. The availability of frequencies depends on the region: no earlier than October 1, 2011, no later than 1 March 2014, with a coverage requirement of 75% of the territory in 12 years.

AMD Fusion: The folder Llano

Xbox Live built into Windows 8

Mike Delman, a Microsoft executive, has confirmed in an interview with the Seattle Times that Windows Live is built into Windows 8 and serve as a center of entertainment to users. He says Xbox Live to Windows 7 Phone was so successful that the firm has decided to extend the platform to the PC. It is not known if Redmond has also released a version for Windows 7, but we imagine that the publisher will seek to make its platform available to as many people as possible.

1015BX Eee PC: netbook from Asus Brazos

The manufacturer Asus has recently unveiled its Eee PC 1015BX, a model with a 10.1-inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, and based on an AMD platform Brazos. Available in three colors (black, white or red), the Eee PC 1015BX also benefits from a LED backlight. This netbook so Aboard an APU C-50 (comprising a core x86 processor running at 1.2 GHz and a Radeon HD 6250), 1 or 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive can also be found Ethernet controllers 10 / 100Mbps, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as HDMI and USB 3.0.

New world record SuperPi 32M with G. Skill DDR3 memories

During the first day of Computex 2011, the three famous overclocker Shamino, Young Pro Fredyama and broke the world record SuperPi 32M using memories G. Skill DDR3 G. Booth Skill. Achieved the incredible time of 5 minutes and 33,172 seconds in SuperPi 32M calculation, with a speed of 2340Mhz DDR3 memory with latencies CL6-9-6-25 Q1.

This is the fastest world record to date using the Intel LGA platform 1155. This amazing score was achieved thanks to the latest hardware, reports G. Skill DDR3 2400MHz CL8 (2x2GB) PI, motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus Extreme IV and an Intel Core i7 overclocked 2600K above 6GHz.

100 years of IBM's cheese cutting die in graphene

On 16 June 1911, Charles Flint Ranlett four companies merged to form Computing Tabulating-Recording Company, or CTR, which will be renamed International Business Machines or IBM in 1924. CTR was started in New York with 1,300 employees. He sold the machines to cut meat and cheese counters and Industrial famous punch cards, a piece of hard paper that contains a binary code represented by the presence or absence of perforation.

What will happen in Mac OS X Leo [SHIFT]

Expected this summer, Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" is the next version of Apple's flagship OS and is currently being tested. This file is an updated version which featured the DP1 (Developer Preview 1), we indeed have been riding since the Developer Preview 4, shown on June 6 at the keynote on icloud. The news will appear in the text.