Wednesday, March 9, 2011

USB 3.0 controller faster Renesas

The manufacturer Renesas Electronics has announced two new SuperSpeed USB controllers, and the μPD720201 μPD720202. These two USB 3.0 controllers third generation are supposed to be both faster and more energy efficient than current models. In practice, these two chips would improve by 40% write performance, as they consume 90% less power (4.5 mW) when inactive.

The icing on the cake, and μPD720201 μPD720202 are more compact (about 50%) than current controllers. Mass production of these controllers USB 3.0 is expected to begin in September 2011, which means they could be present on future motherboards Intel LGA 2011.

Drivers not to use with Firefox 4

Firefox 4 will use our PC graphics cards to accelerate rendering. But Firefox is also interested in 4 drivers and the acceleration will depend on the graphics card and its drivers. The browser contains a blacklist of drivers and graphics cards, which will help block some configurations to avoid bugs.

On Windows, you have an Intel graphics card, Nvidia or ATi. Maps of other manufacturers (SiS, Via, Matrox, etc..) Are not supported. With an NVIDIA, it takes at least the drivers 257.21 from June 2010 to the video acceleration. Moreover, in DirectX 9 cards, the GeForce 6200 TurboCache does not support acceleration.

Iliad: record sales recruitment but at half mast

The Iliad, the parent of Free, has just published its results for the year 2010. Confirming the profitability of its growth model, Iliad has exceeded expectations of analysts by posting a turnover for the first time crossed the 2 billion euros (+4.3%) and net profit amounting to 313.1 million euros (+78%).

As for new subscribers, however, that Iliad has recruited 78,000 subscribers throughout the year, of which only 6000 was the last quarter. Perhaps future subscribers they expected the arrival of the Freebox Revolution? Still, at December 31, 2010, Iliad had 4.534 million broadband subscribers (Free and Alice combined), against 4.456 million a year earlier.

Kingston launches portable memory modules for faster

Kingston has announced the launch of the new memory kits HyperX DDR3 SO-DIMM 4 and 8GB of 1600Mhz and CL9 latencies. These new dual-channel models are "Plug and Play" and presumed to be the fastest memory modules on the market. They are specially designed for laptops and mobile platforms based on the second generation of Intel Core Mobile processors, code-named "Huron River." "The latest HyperX SO-DIMM kits are perfect to optimize the performance of portable PCs, mini-ITX motherboards and mobile systems, replacing the standard memory modules for high speed and capacity." Says Stephane Rizzetto, director of Product Development Kingston DRAM for EMEA, "With its Plug & Play functionality, users can optimize system performance quickly and effortlessly, it is not necessary to adjust the BIOS or load overclocking profiles."

The notebook is a success Barbie

The Samsung x180 "Barbie" is successful, and Mattel and Samsung even expose this machine recently in Seoul, Korea. The x180 is a notebook with a 11.6-inch screen 1366 x 768 and an Intel Core 330UM i3, which operates at 1.2 GHz. Announced with a high autonomy of 8.2 hours, the machine displays a Barbie on the case and is better equipped than the basic version: 3 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, a GeForce 310M - without it know the amount of dedicated memory - Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0.

Copy and paste from Windows 7 Phone on the web

A few days before the official release of the next version of Windows 7 Phone aka Nodo, the files are already walking around on the canvas. Indeed, the update in question is proposed for the HTC HD7 "Schubert" and can switch the phone into the new system version. Beware, the file is valid only for HTC HD7 naked versions operators and other smartphones can not receive this update.

Updating Nodo should improve the speed of launching applications, but mostly provide support for copy / paste, not in the current version of Windows Phone 7. Multitasking is projected to occur later. Nodo should be officially deployed by Microsoft in the coming days, hoping that the quacks of the update "pre-Nodo" does not occur: part of Smartphone Samsung Phone with Windows 7 was blocked by the update and it took a week for Microsoft to offer a software update fixed.

Radeon HD 6990: the proposals of the AMD partners

Today AMD has officially launched the Radeon HD 6990 card, which ranks as the top new product range on a higher level than the Radeon currently commercially available. Known under the code name of Antilles, the Radeon HD 6990 graphics processor has two Cayman developed at 40 nanometers (a total of 3072 Stream Processors Integrated) supported by 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory.

AMD fixed the dates of sale of Zambezi and Llano

AMD has set the dates for the commercialization of new series of desktop and mobile processors x86, code names and Zambezi Llano. The former are mainly intended for high-end systems, will be indicated with the letters FX commercially and will be based on the new micro-architecture Bulldozer. They will arrive in the second half of June, precisely during the week of 20th of this month.

The latter, instead, will be called A-series and will head to an architecture that integrates two or four-core Phenom CPU II and a DirectX 11 graphics core. These APUs will come on the market in the seventh of July 4. In both cases, AMD uses a 32nm manufacturing process, like that used by Intel's Sandy Bridge.

AMD Thames and Lombok GPUs arrive Southern Islands

At the launch of the Radeon HD 6990, AMD has just put online a new beta "early preview" of its Catalyst graphics drivers unified. Stamped 11.4, these drivers hide some interesting information about the future range of GPU's manufacturer, now known as the "Southern Islands". It reveals in fact references to two graphics chipsets baptized Thames and Lombok.

Several versions of these chips are planned: XT / GL, Pro, LE, and even a version AIO (All In One?) Of Lombok. Alas, the exact characteristics of these GPUs are currently unknown. Wait and see ...

The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi: 450 €

The Galaxy Tab tablet flagship of Samsung, will go to Wi-Fi version 3G/Wi-Fi proposed by operators, is attractive but has a big price problem: started at 700 € 16 GB version, it has calmed the ardor of many buyers. This new model, which is content with Wi-Fi is less expensive, offers the Amazon pre-order for 450 €.

For specifications, is the classic 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600, Android 2.2, Hummingbird Samsung processor and 16 GB of internal memory. Two video sensors are present, a 3-megapixel and a 1.3-megapixel camera, and the tablet is Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth. Good idea, it offers a microSD card reader.

A 64 GB iPhone 4 in flight

A 64 GB iPhone 4 is doing its appearance on the canvas. It comes from Foxconn factories which produced a very small amount, probably as prototypes for research and development department of Apple. This is probably a copy of test ordered by Apple to try a new memory. IPhone Go is expected in May 1964 without surprise.

After two years without increased capacity, it is time for Apple to satisfy the most demanding customers, especially if he wants to end the iPod Classic. A video on YouTube shows the device in operation. This is a classic 4 iPhone without major changes. The only noticeable external difference is the absence of silver ring around the rear sensor.

CoolerMaster presented at CeBIT 2011 its project A-L2

Cooler Master has presented at CeBIT 2011 held in Germany for his project A-L2, which represents the return of Cooler Master to the world of liquid cooling. The particular component is named Jenway, and it is a patented block dissipation with a pump of 400 L / h. To improve ease of use and installation, Cooler Master has integrated all components (radiator, piping, storage and dissipation block) in a single system.

NVIDIA is working on the next consoles

NVIDIA has made an astonishing statement in its Analyst Day, held yesterday. It says its technology-Stereo 3D will be among the next consoles. It is unusual for the manufacturer to disclose plans too vague and too important. The firm declined to comment further. We do not know what the consoles in question, but the integration of 3D-Stereo mean that the console has not only an NVIDIA chip, but it requires the use shutter glasses sold by the firm or another compatible model.

TDJ: AMD Radeon HD 6990

Our fellow Revioo just put online a test of any new Radeon HD 6990, a dual-GPU graphics card based on chipsets "Caribbean" clocked at 830 MHz or 880 MHz when overclocked. There is also 4 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1250 MHz. Consumption, operating temperatures, noise and of course performance: what to expect from this graphics card?

Mac OS X Lion preview

Expected this summer, Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" is the next version of Apple's flagship OS and is currently being tested. We offer an overview of some of the most notable changes in images.

Ventura Microsoft Zune would succeed at it?

While many of the rumored death of the Zune seems to be abandoned by Microsoft, offers of employment for a project "Ventura" could mark a new milestone in the strategy's multimedia editor. The firm is seeking developers Steve Ballmer for a service "discovery and consumption of music and videos". This is very similar to the Zune online service that already exists.

It is difficult today to say whether Ventura will replace or complement the Zune service. One thing is for sure, Microsoft needs a new strategy to overcome the lethargy in which it is currently submerged. The fact that Microsoft requires that candidates have experience with Microsoft Azure suggests that the publisher wants to take advantage of cloud.

Apple A5 CPU manufactured by TSMC

A5 found in the iPad 2 would be engraved by TSMC instead of Samsung, which manufactures the A4, due to the use of a finer manufacturing process (40 nm for the new processor against 45 nm for the former). A5 found in the iPad 2 would be engraved by TSMC instead of Samsung, which manufactures the A4, due to the use of a finer manufacturing process (40 nm for the new processor against 45 nm for the former).

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 equip screens IPS

The notebooks are almost all equipped with screens TN LCD panel technology because it is the least expensive and one that consumes less energy. In return it suffers from poor viewing angles. Lenovo offers fortunately IPS screens on its ThinkPad X220. So the X220 could quickly become machines of choice for those who need high accuracy in the reproduction of colors on the screen, graphic designers and photographers in mind.

Acer Aspire Predator update systems with models G3600

The Acer Predator line of desktop systems have always been geared towards gamers and demanding users: the new, referred to as G3600, continues exactly in the same direction, and introduces the family of the second generation of Intel Core processors combined with powerful graphics cards with support Microsoft DirectX 11 API.

The manufacturer recommends that match these systems, a 3D display Acer GN245HQ and a pair of glasses NVIDIA 3D Vision for lots of fun in 3 dimensions. In addition, the Aspire Predator G3600 systems are also available with Blu-ray Disc can also be used for watching movies in high definition 3D.